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  • Pablo Designs Circa Wall Sconce
    Pablo Designs Circa Wall Sconce
    Circa’s revolutionary flat-panel LED light source combines seamless movement with warm and balanced illumination for any environment and every task. With its 45° shade tilt and 360° shade rotation, Circa redefines the ambient lighting category. Available in table, floor, wall and pendant models. Designed by Pablo Studio in 2013. FEATURES. 360° shade rotation. 45° shade tilt 4-stage dim control. USB charging port (Circa Table, Floor and Wall) Glare-free illumination. Ships flat-packed. SPECIFICATIONS. Voltage: 120/220V 60Hz. Power Consumption: 11W. Color temperature: 2700K. Luminosity: 380 Lumens. Luminaire efficacy: 35 Lumens/Watt • Color Rendition Index: 85 CRI. 50K hour lifespan. Cord length: 8’ (244cm) Global multi-plug adapter available
  • Pablo Designs Link Led Wall Lamp
    Pablo Designs Link Led Wall Lamp
    Design Pablo Pardo, 2008. Aluminum body and mount, polycarbonate lens. Made by Pablo Designs. Designed by Peter Stathis in collaboration with Pablo Studio, Link modernizes the classic pantograph task lamp. This new articulation reduces the mechanical complexity of its 1937 referent and incorporates today's most advanced, energy efficient LED technology. While honoring the pantograph concept, its design eliminates visible springs and wires in favor of a consolidated form in which shade and handle are fused together as one. In this way, Link seamlessly balances performance and style to meet the focused lighting needs of any space. Its wide range of models includes both small and medium lamp bodies that can be fitted over table, floor, clamp, and wall-mounted base options for residential, office and hospitality settings. Link is practical and fun, striking a clever balance between performance and style. Fusing a dual-purposed shade and handle, Link combines hight-output LEDs with an integrated hi-low switch strategically placed for single-handed use. Link offers 360º rotation at base, 180º front to back head tilt and full-range height adjustability. It is 97% recyclable and the LED's last for 50K hours or 25 years of daily use. Offered in a wide range of versatile colors making the Link Family ideal for home and contract applications. Link small wall lamp: 26" h | shade: 8.5" w | base: 2" d | cord: 8' L. includes 7W LED array, 3000K, 305 lumen (44 lumens/watt) | assembly required | UL, CE certified. Link medium wall lamp: 33" h | shade: 8.5" w | base: 2" d | cord: 8' L. includes 7W LED array, 3000K, 305 lumen (44 lumens/watt) | assembly required | UL, CE certified.
  • Pablo Designs Circa Led Wall Light
    Pablo Designs Circa Led Wall Light
    Design Pablo Studio, 2012. ABS shade & base, polycarbonate lens, aluminum stem, fabric cord, steel. Made by Pablo Designs. In designing Circa, the Pablo Studio designers wanted to create a product that was revolutionary yet familiar. They not only created a new lamp, but also a new archetype for indoor lighting - one that blurs the boundary between the utilitarian work lamp and traditional shaded lamp. Circa's defining feature is a flat-panel LED disc that moves fluidly above its axis point. This mobility allows the lamp to assume an infinite number of positions while functioning as a task lamp that provides balanced, ambient light. Circa also supports a user's mobile devices by integrating a USB charging port on the table, floor and wall models. Circa wall lamp features an ABS shade & wall-mount cover with polycarbonate lens assembly and aluminum stem. It offers 360º shade rotation with a 45º shade tilt and 4-stage dim control and lasts 50K hours or 25 years of daily use. Circa wall 12: shade 12" dia. | 16" d from wall | 10.5" h | cord: 8' L. Circa wall 16: shade 16" dia. | 18" d from wall | 10.5" h | cord: 8' L. Includes 11W, 2700K, 380 lumen LED flat-panel | assembly required.
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