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  • Pantone Classic Art - Black
    Pantone Classic Art - Black
    This Classic Art by Pantone features the iconic colour of Black that has been meticulously silkscreened onto high quality canvas, stretched and ready to hang. A wonderful gift idea for any occasion, this Classic Art looks absolutely stunning by itself or displayed alongside others. Many different colours are available from this Pantone range and it comes with its own certificate and unique serial number for you to register your one-of-a-kind artwork online. There is also a wide selection of other Pantone home accessories available.Today the Pantone name is known worldwide as the standard language for accurate colour communication.Key features: * Pantone - world renowned authority on colour * Classic Art - Black * Material: high quality canvas * Dimensions: 25x30x4cm * Colour: Black * Silkscreen artwork printed onto canvas * Stretched and ready to hang * Each has a unique serial number to be registered online * Includes its own authenticity certificate * Looks fabulous on
  • Pantone 666 Flowerpot - L
    Pantone 666 Flowerpot - L
    With pastel hues being all the rage this season, this stunning Lilac coloured plant pot from the Pantone Universe collection is a welcomed addition to any home or garden. The rippled effect outer shell is made even more apparent with the signature pantone colour card effect. Use to store your favourite plants or even use as a decorative feature by mixing and matching different sizes and colours of pots.
  • Pantone Cool Gray 3 Flowerpot - L
    Pantone Cool Gray 3 Flowerpot - L
    Having a designer home doesn't mean that you have to keep everything indoors! Suitable for inside or out these Pantone Universe Plant pots are the ideal solution for complementing your shrubs and plants. The stunning rippled shape plant pot is painted with a earthy grey tone, with the Pantone Reference as Cool Gray 3. Mix and match sizes and colour tones to create a designer look.
  • Pantone 15-0341 Flowerpot - Parrot Green
    Pantone 15-0341 Flowerpot - Parrot Green
    Inject bold colour tones into your home with vibrant accessories for a real designer look. Add this stunning Pantone Flowerpot in this bold Parrot Green hue for a real contemporary feel. The rippled effect plant pot from the Pantone Universe collection is beautifully painted in the style of the classic Pantone Colour Card. Mix and match colours and sizes to bring depth to your scheme.
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