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  • Patagonia Barely Bikini Underwear
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    Patagonia Barely Bikini Underwear
    From now on, going commando will just mean dressing up in fatigues for Halloween. You have a new pair of underwear you won't even feel or see through your yoga pants--the Patagonia Women's Barely Bikini Underwear. Patagonia's super soft wicking material, seamless construction, and single-ply elastic binding makes for a pair of drawers you can forget you're wearing. A lacy texture makes you look like a girl, even if you're wearing camo green face paint.
  • Patagonia Barely Bikini Underwear
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    Patagonia Barely Bikini Underwear
    This femininely styled bikini underwear is made of a soft, stretchy blend in a seamless, quick-drying weave.
  • Patagonia Barely Thong Underwear
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    Patagonia Barely Thong Underwear
    Made of a soft, stretchy blend, this femininely styled thong underwear ensures a seamless look under formfitting yoga pants and tights.
  • Patagonia Active Hipster Briefs
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    Patagonia Active Hipster Briefs
    This low-riding hipster underwear is made of soft, lightweight, recycled polyester blended with spandex for stretchy comfort.
  • Patagonia Barely Hipster Briefs
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    Patagonia Barely Hipster Briefs
    Seamless, stretchy and soft, Barely Hipster underwear dries quickly and stays put so you can enjoy your travels.
  • Patagonia Serenity Tight
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    Patagonia Serenity Tight
    In the soft, stretchy Patagonia Women's Serenity Tight, you'll have no trouble contorting your body up rock walls or folding into Pigeon Pose. Soothing organic cotton blended with shape-maintaining spandex wraps your thighs and hips while allowing unhindered mobility. The flat, wide waistband easily slides under a harness or slim-fitting yoga tank.
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