• Peugeot Angulo Decanter
    Peugeot Angulo Decanter
    This hand-blown crystal decanter adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Featuring a unique, angular shape, the Angulo decanter is the perfect vessel for both young and mature wines. For mature reds that require little aeration, stand decanter on its base with the included crystal stopper inserted. For younger wines that require more aeration to awaken their aromas, place decanter on its side with the stopper removed for maximum oxygen exposure. Accommodates a standard 750 mL wine bottle. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Material: Lead crystal. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 7½" x 5" x 12¾" Capacity: 25.3 oz. Made in France.
  • Peugeot Angulo Decanter - Crystal - 12.75\"/26 oz.
    Peugeot Angulo Decanter - Crystal - 12.75\"/26 oz.
    Peugeot Angulo Decanter - Crystal - 12.75/26 oz. - PW230203 Elegance at its best. Made of hand-blown lead crystal, this decanter is used to decant young red wines with developing aromas. The decanter is designed to allow for greater exposure of air, thus helping an immature wine to 'breathe' and release more flavour and aroma than simply letting the wine rest in the bottle. Capacity is suitable for a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Gift boxed. SKU: PW230203 Size: 12.75/32cm. MPN:PW230203. Standard; U.S.A;
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