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  • RMK Ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner
    RMK Ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner
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    RMK Ingenious Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner. With smooth and smudge-proof application, this essential waterproof eyeliner from RMK is a must-have for every make-up bag. The unique formula blends different waxes and compounds to maintain consistency and create eye-enhancing looks.
  • RMK Matte Shiny eye pencil
    RMK Matte Shiny eye pencil
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    RMK Matte Shiny Eye Pencil. The limited-edition eyeliner pencil from RMK offers two exceptional features: at one end it has a matte crayon, at the other a felted applicator for a bright shining finish. Use the bold crayon to shape a smooth line that defines the eye with precision, and then apply a layer of powder using the felted tip. The result is: the matte liner accentuates your eyes while the scintillating pure silver powder produces a luxuriant sheen. With six shades of colour you can create eyes that dazzle with drama, mystery and allure.
  • RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner
    RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner
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    RMK Ingenious Gel Eyeliner. 01 Black. This waterproof Ingenious Gel Eyeliner from RMK creates defining lines and vibrant colouration, bringing your eye make-up to life. Its smooth gel base allows for an easy-glide texture that is long lasting and smudge free.
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