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  • RMK Christmas Kit 2015
    RMK Christmas Kit 2015
    RMK Christmas Kit 2015. Includes: Christmas Make-up Palette. Mini Lip Jelly Gloss EX-01. Mini Nail Colour EX-41 Ruby Red. RMK Illlistrated Stickers x 2. Jewelerry Box: Height 8cm x Width 12.8cm x Depth 8.3cm. Exclusive for Christmas 2015, RMK's Make-up Kit is loaded with bold yet elegant colours. Eyeshadows inspired by sapphires and emeralds, cheek colour the hue of pink diamonds, lip gloss and a nail colour as rich as red rubies. Perfect your festive look with make-up that adorns the skin with glimmering jewel tones. This Limited Edition compact features exclusive illustrations by IRMA.
  • RMK Translucent face powder
    RMK Translucent face powder
    RMK Translucent face powder. SPF 14 PA++ 8g. A setting powder from RMK with oil-controlling properties to eliminate unwanted shine, keeping your fresh, evenly-applied foundation to last for hours. With the W Snow Leaf Powder technology and soft focusing acrylic powder, they work together to deliver a gliding soft focus veil over the skin, creating light optimizing properties to filter for a flawless translucent touch. Also its rich blend of moisturising ingredients work to plump up your skin from within for the perfect texture and glow to last.
  • RMK Refreshing gel
    RMK Refreshing gel
    RMK Refreshing Gel. How to use: Apply in the evening. Live the dream of fresh healthy skin, with a radiant complexion that just glows. RMK's Refreshing Gel is stored with an abundance of vital moisturising agents and begins its soothing summery work on your skin in the very moment of application. As you sleep it cossets your skin like a face mask, thoroughly hydrating from the lowest level right up to the skin's outer barrier, its cornified layer, tightening the pores to achieve a surface sheen, as it restores and retains essential moisture. Sleep your way to beautiful skin - fresh, supple and translucent.
  • RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact
    RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact
    RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact. Concealer - SPF 28 PA++ 4.7g. The RMK signature base make item: Super Basic Concealer Pact comes with two concealers in different tones and the Super Basic Powder in one single compact. The creamy textured concealer glides onto the skin surface with better adherence. Blend the two creamy shades to match your skin tone, and then the powder to fix the concealer for a lasting, translucent base make with natural contour. ??????????????
  • RMK Liquid Foundation
    RMK Liquid Foundation
    RMK Liquid Foundation 30ml. SPF14 PA++ An essential addition to your make-up bag, the RMK Liquid Foundation creates the brand’s signature natural complexion. The light fluid texture spreads easily over your skin creating a seamless balance of coverage and translucency, whilst the waterproof formulation protects against perspiration and water for long-lasting perfection.
  • RMK Creamy Foundation
    RMK Creamy Foundation
    RMK Creamy Foundation. 30g. SPF15 PA++ This Creamy Foundation from RMK glides over your skin, creating a natural dewy finish with exquisite balance between coverage and translucency. It hydrates your skin with its high water-retention oil formula, and the stretch powder particles fit your skin surface perfectly to create a fresh finish that lasts for hours.
  • RMK Powder Foundation EX
    RMK Powder Foundation EX
    RMK Powder Foundation EX. 11g. SPF 24 PA++ RMK's signature natural complexion is now delivered to you in a powder foundation. ?The unique two-textured powder composition delivers a pearlescent sheen on top of a matte coat to achieve a flawless, translucent finish.
  • RMK Recovery Gel
    RMK Recovery Gel
    RMK Recovery Gel. Use before sleep, after your skincare routine. Apply a drop sized amount to the face and massage until capsules are completely dissolved. Gently wrap your face with your palms for deeper penetration. 40g This overnight treatment from RMK delivers continuous nourishment as you sleep, working to recharge the skin with moisture and repair damaged cells. Its sealing effect wraps your skin with deep regenerative and moisturising properties, ensuring you wake up to a glowing complexion.
  • RMK Ingenious cream and powder eyes
    RMK Ingenious cream and powder eyes
    RMK Ingenious cream and powder eyes. Comes with a retractable brush. RMK's velvety cream base fits to skin and is water resistant, keeping the colour smudge free throughout the day. By layering the tonal eyeshadow powder on top, you can achieve the gradation and depth of the tone to a professional finish. Infused light reflecting particles create a mix of colour and light for the perfect statement eyes.
  • RMK Eye balm 12.5g
    RMK Eye balm 12.5g
    RMK Eye Balm. 12.5g. RMK Eye Balm is richly blended with premium botanical oils of Baobab Oil and Argan Oil to drench the delicate eye area with rich moisture and replenish key signs of ageing. The gliding balm melts onto the skin to deliver superior penetration, drenching the skin and sealing the moisture to prevent evaporation, instantly plumping up the skin from within. To further enhance the effects of the balm, we recommend a simple massage ritual with the spatula on application to promote blood circulation, reduce the puffiness underneath the eyes, and will instantly uplift the complexion of the dark circle. Scented with a soothing floral citrus aroma.
  • RMK Concentrate Cream
    RMK Concentrate Cream
    RMK Concentrate Cream. 30g This intensive Concentrate Cream from RMK works to replenish and repair your skin for a firm, glowing complexion. The rich texture glides smoothly and blends perfectly into the skin, whilst its sweet cassis scent calms the senses.
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