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  • Radius Design - City Wardrobe
    Radius Design - City Wardrobe
    The City Wardrobe from Radius Design is the daily confession to your favorite metropolis, whether it is in front of your door or far away! Precisely lasered arrangements of landmarks and architectural buildings create world near flairs in the corridor. Responsible for the design of the City Wardrobe are Michael Rösing and the Radius Team. Every wardrobe possesses 19 fix hooks for the suspension of coats, scarves, hats and other clothes. The City Wardrobes are also available with further skylines auch as Frankfurt, Hamburg Donau, Munich or Stuttgart.
  • Radius Design - Booksbaum II Shelf
    Radius Design - Booksbaum II Shelf
    The Booksbaum by Radius Design is the special book shelf. Present your books appealingly and delighting – normal bookshelves usually lose at this point. Booksbaum – the book shelf by Radius Design. Your books seem to float on air as if kept by an invisible hand. By the invisible, thin boards, the illusion becomes perfect, since they disappear under the content. Also the practical usage is great: The titles are also better and fast readable by the horizontal assortment of the books. The Booksbaum by Radius Design is available in many sizes: Besides two heights (170cm and 90cm) it is also available in a one-line (Booksbaum I) or two-line (Booksbaum II) edition. Thanks to its different colours (black, white, silver), the Radius Booksbaum can be adapted to nearby every surrounding. Besides the Booksbaum, the Radius design company also presents a CD-Tree that also shelters CDs elegantly.
  • Radius Design - Wardrobe Radius 1
    Radius Design - Wardrobe Radius 1
    Slim and nuanced, thereby resistant, elegant and aesthetic – that is how the wardrobe “Radius 1” by the Radius Design company is presented. The slim and free-standing wardrobe-stand Radius 1 offers a lot of space and offers storage room. Just thank to its filigree and weightless design, it is a real working animal: The Radius 1 can furthermore be stored space saving. And since it is made out of stabile steel-tube, it is resistant by ip to 80 kg – enough for 30 coats and jackets. The Radius 1 wardrobe by Radius design can be assembled easy and fast. It consists of powder-coated steel and bribes with its pragmatic design. The by Andrei Munteanu designed Radius 1 wardrobe is ideally made as main wardrobe or also as fast-placed guests wardrobe.
  • Radius Design - Trophy
    Radius Design - Trophy
    The first impress is deciding... The attractive wardrobe by Radius Design ensures attention, is practical for clothes and also offers a loosely small-talk theme if necessary. For this trophy you don’t need a gun license and even the deer is happy that it’s not him, but this portrait that is stick to the wall. The wall wardrobe “trophy” provides an animal-like reception for you and your guests and is so impressive because of its simple and functional design. A freidnly reception in houses, appartments, offices or practices makes up the first impress at home.
  • Radius Design - wardrobe "Z"
    Radius Design - wardrobe "Z"
    The first impress is deciding… A friendly reception in the house, apartment, office or practice means the first plus-points. The attractive wardrobes by the designer Andreas Zellmann for Radius Design ensure attention, are practicable for every clothes-type and also ensure some small-talk in some cases.
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