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  • Necklaces
Rosita Bonita
  • Rosita Bonita
  • She Sells Seashells Necklace White, Pink & Red
    She Sells Seashells Necklace White, Pink & Red
    Five elegant twister shells are interspersed with 6 mussel shells. These nautical shapes are cut from smooth coloured leathers, embossed with golden metallic foil, & hung from gold plated belcher chain, with little golden shell charms This piece is reversible, One side is in pure white, the other in coral pink & red.
  • grotto necklace coral/green & gold
    grotto necklace coral/green & gold
    A pretty Fan Clam Shell is flanked by a pair of seahorses, from original Rosita Bonita illustrations. All cut from smooth green & coral leather & embossed with shiny metallic, before being constructed in to this Grotto necklace, with fine glistening gold plated trace chain. This piece is REVERSABLE!
  • toledo shield stud necklet
    toledo shield stud necklet
    a dainty row of 9 tiny leather shields, embossed with a simple floral design in shiny gold foil, hang from a gold figaro chain.
  • Empress Fan Necklace
    Empress Fan Necklace
    7 small leather fans, embossed with a delicate golden floral design, form a striking collar piece, hung from gold plated figaro chain & adorned with a shimmying chain tassel
  • Winged Horseshoe Necklace
    Winged Horseshoe Necklace
    A dazzling gold foil-embossed horseshoe flies on an outspread pair of screen-printed slate grey & golden leather wings, backed with firm saddlery leather & hung of a pale gold-plated chain, assembled by hand from beautiful belcher & bar chains. All lovingly handmade in London from Original Rosita Bonita Illustrations.
  • Golden Winged Scarab necklace
    Golden Winged Scarab necklace
    An articulated sacred winged scarab rolls up the morning sun. All realised in hand embossed leather, with a double harness chain & fringed tail in gold & silver plated metal.
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