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  • Ryu
  • Romantic Heroine Jacket
    Romantic Heroine Jacket
    Alas,"" cried the gauzy cotton jacket. ""If only I had someone to love me, to rescue me from the mundane that is my life."" Then, in stepped you, lady in shining skirt, V-neck tank, and straw-trimmed wedges, ready to save the poor, lost garment. ""Do not fear, I will help you!"" you exclaimed, whisking in, scooping up the blazer from its hanger home, and tying its silver-tipped drawstring ends in a bow around your form. ""I will love you, dear Ryu piece,"" you cooed, gently stroking its lace- and chiffon-trimmed ruffle, the one that swayed down the front and around the hem. ""Thank you,"" sighed the jacket. ""In return for your kindness, I will make you the most stylish lady in the world!
The End