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  • Skagerak Pantry Caddy
    Skagerak Pantry Caddy
    The multi-purpose Pantry Caddy from Skagerak will be as much a versatile addition as it will a stylish one. The caddy is made from teak wood and comes with a curved stainless steel handle for lifting. The main body of the caddy features a simple and sophisticated hollow square pattern. This accessory can be used to carry grill accessories such as oils, sauces and condiments as you head outdoors to the barbecue. It can also be used for storing things in the bathroom such as soaps and shampoos. Contemporary and elegant, the Pantry Caddy from Skagerak will make a welcome addition to your accessories.
  • Skagerak Pilot Coat Hanger
    Skagerak Pilot Coat Hanger
    The Pilot coat hanger is the ultimate hanger. It is elegant and streamlines formed. Practical is over all, the additional hook at the hanger that can be used to hang of scarves, neck clothes and bags. The Pilot coat hanger was designed by Nina Tolstrup. The coat hanger is available in teak-wood and oak-wood. Not at last because of the material, the Pilot coat hanger is an optimal fulfill for the Cutter wardrobe series by Skagerak.
  • Skagerak - Georg Hanger with leather
    Skagerak - Georg Hanger with leather
    Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm designed the Georg hanger for Skagerak. The daughter of a Danish and a Swedish clearly represents her Scandinavian influences: Noble minimalism and the natural materials wood, wool and leather decide the design of the Skagerak Georg collection. The Skagerak Georg hangers are reduced to the essential: The double hanger is made of two hangers that are connected with a leather strap. One hanger is made of two pieces of wood, resulting in an iconic-simple hanger-form. The Skagerak Georg clothes hangers are hanged with a leather strap, which is wrapped around the wardrobe tube – this means that the hangers won’t fall down. Skagerak produces the Georg collection out of FSC-certified oak wood, which comes from verified sustainable foresting.
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