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  • Stelton Reflection Candleholder
    Stelton Reflection Candleholder
    "The warmth of flickering candlelight meets elegant, organic design in the Stelton Reflection Candleholder. it is made out of steel in a soft matte black finish that enhances its fluid, feminine curves. Use singly or in groupings to enhance a modern tablescape. All in all, a beautiful gift--for yourself as well as others."
  • Stelton Open Box - Kontra Vacuum Beverage Jug
    Stelton Open Box - Kontra Vacuum Beverage Jug
    This is an OPEN BOX Item. Item is in like-new condition but box has been opened. Returns are not accepted on open box items. Elegant and organic forms are at the heart of the new thermo jug, Kontra. The jug’s sculptural and organic forms are reminiscent of 1950’s design, while a sharp edge and the glossy surface signify development. A complete and uninterrupted path extends from the jug’s spout to the handle, down through the jug’s body and back up to the spout. Kontra features a harmonic design where the handle is a natural part of the jug’s form. The jug can be poured with just one hand - simple click on the top activates the open/close function. The organic and sculptural look also makes the jug a work of art in itself. Holds 1 liter.
  • Stelton Kontra Vacuum Jug
    Stelton Kontra Vacuum Jug
    Design by Troels Seidenfaden, 2012.By Stelton.Sweeping lines and elegant form are the focus of this new Kontra Vacuum Jug design. The thermo jug's organic shape is reminiscent of the curving designs of the 1950s, but has an added edge from the polished stainless steel surface. The Kontra Vacuum Jug also boasts a visually pleasing design where the handle is a natural part of the jug's body. A complete path extends from the jug's spout to the handle, down through the jug's body and back up to the spout, creating fluid, uninterrupted lines. While it can give the impression of a piece of art, the Kontra Vacuum Jug is functional and easy-to-use. A simple click on the top controls the open/close function of the spout, allowing for single hand pouring.
  • Stelton Embrace Fruit Bowl
    Stelton Embrace Fruit Bowl
    Design by Halskov & Dalsgaard, 2009/2012.By Stelton.The Embrace Fruit Bowl is a member of Stelton's Embrace series, which is characterized by the elegant, light and organic form language. The Embrace Fruit Bowl, which is made of stainless steel, has a tight, decorative expression, and creates a visual contrast when it is full of fresh fruit.
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