• Stelton Circle Mug Set Of 2
    Stelton Circle Mug Set Of 2
    Stelton's circle mug is a beautiful two tone stoneware mug featuring a surprising organic design, and a smart circle which creates the handle. Hold the handle and drink your beverage in the traditional way or wrap your hands around the mug to warm them on cold winter days. The Circle mug is designed as a cylinder with a twist, is ideal for your favourite beverage, and is available in colours inspired by the Nordic skies and coastlines. Choose your favourite colour or combine to create a wealth of colours for your table. Each mug has white glazed inner and coloured glaze on the outside. Microwave safe. Capacity 3 dcl.
  • Stelton Bread Bag, Large 2 Colour
    Stelton Bread Bag, Large 2 Colour
    Beautiful spring mornings call for warm baked bread, freshly squeezed juice and hot rich brewed coffee. Make breakfast even more delightful to wake up to with Stelton's award-winning, rustic bread bags designed by Klaus Rath. The bags are available in attractive new spring pastels or rich blues. Each bread bag offers a wealth of functionality, you can fold it into a beautiful, unconventional bread basket in different sizes, or close it up with its sewn-in magnets and take it along on a picnic to the beach or mountains to enjoy fresh crusty bread. The bag is made of certified, 100% organic Duck cotton of the highest quality and can be washed at 40°C.
  • Stelton Open Box - Kontra Vacuum Beverage Jug
    Stelton Open Box - Kontra Vacuum Beverage Jug
    This is an OPEN BOX Item. Item is in like-new condition but box has been opened. Returns are not accepted on open box items. Elegant and organic forms are at the heart of the new thermo jug, Kontra. The jug’s sculptural and organic forms are reminiscent of 1950’s design, while a sharp edge and the glossy surface signify development. A complete and uninterrupted path extends from the jug’s spout to the handle, down through the jug’s body and back up to the spout. Kontra features a harmonic design where the handle is a natural part of the jug’s form. The jug can be poured with just one hand - simple click on the top activates the open/close function. The organic and sculptural look also makes the jug a work of art in itself. Holds 1 liter.
  • Stelton - Reflection Candleholder
    Stelton - Reflection Candleholder
    The Reflection candleholders by Stelton introduce festively ambience into the own four walls in only an instant, since they spread their shine wherever they are. The designers duo Halskov & Dalsgaard created the slim, organic and nearly feminine reflection candlestick for Stelton. The polished surface of the candleholder reflects the light ensuring magic shimmers. The combination of several equal Reflection candleholders creates a classic atmosphere, while the combination of different sizes and materials ensure a modern, soft look. All the arrangements have the sea of light in common, which makes them unique. The candleholders of the Reflection series by Stelton are available in two sizes and three colours (copper, brass and stainless steel, polished).
  • Stelton - Aura Wall Candleholder
    Stelton - Aura Wall Candleholder
    The Aura wall candleholder by Stelton combines comfort with nostalgia. Aura is a modern re-interpretation of the combination of mirror and candleholder of ancient times with its organic and harmonic shape. At that time the reflections of the light were used to brighten the room. The Aura wall candleholder reflects the warm light of the candle into the room and spreads therewith pleasant comfort. The polished frame of the Stelton candleholder spreads moody and warm light in every place it is. Stelton produces the HolmbäckNordentoft designed Aura wall candleholder out of polished stainless steel – durable and suiting nearly every style.
  • Stelton - Embrace Bread Bowl
    Stelton - Embrace Bread Bowl
    A new bread basket optimally fulfills the popular Embrace series. A practical cotton bag belongs to the bread basket, which avoids falling crumbles. The basket itself is made out of stainless steel and has the famous classic, organic form of the Embrace series – an elegant and decorative fulfill on the served table. The Embrace bread basket by Stelton of course offers further usage possibilities such as fruits basket or vegetables bowl – this ensures a beautiful contrast of colours together with the stainless steel frame.
  • Stelton - Embrace Lantern
    Stelton - Embrace Lantern
    The lantern appears in the known, organic appearance by the design ream Halskov & Dalsgaard out of the Embrace collection by Stelton. The elegant votive candles holder by Stelton is made of glass and stainless steel. The materials ensure wonderful reflexions of the light in Embrace. The candlelight is even more special inside of the steel band by night, offering shiny light effects. The contrast of transparent glass and glossy metal reminds us in Embrace of ice crystals, which isn’t only pretty during winter months. The Ebrace votive candles holder by Stelton is suitable to be used inside and outside. The harmonic and natural shapes make the lantern perfectly suitable to the other products of the Embrace collection by Stelton.
  • Stelton Embrace Basket
    Stelton Embrace Basket
    The fruit bowl is a new product in the Embrace series, which is characterized by the elegant, light and organic form. The Embrace fruit bowl, which is made of stainless steel, has a tight, decorative expression, and it creates a nice contrast when it is full of fresh fruit. The Embrace fruit bowl may be used together with the Stelton bread bag, which fits perfectly into the bowl. In detail: Type : Basket. Colour : Polished steel. Material : Stainless Steel. Dimensions : Ø 23 cm x H 17 cm.
  • Stelton - Circle Mug
    Stelton - Circle Mug
    Here's your new mug experience: With the new Circle Mug by Stelton, you will get a cool mug with an organic design that will surprise you. The stylish handle makes up a smart circle that enables you to hold the mug as usual, while also providing a good grip if you’re the type of person who enjoys warming your hands on your mug. Perfectly simple design with a twist – and the cylindrical shape is a nice match with the EM77 vacuum jug. Choose the same colour as your vacuum jug or combine a wealth of colours for your table. More details: Two-coloured stoneware mug in simple design. White interior, coloured glaze on the outside. Special handle allows two different ways of holding the cup. Microwave and dishwasher safe. A good match for the EM77 vacuum jug and press coffee maker.
  • Stelton - Papilio Uno Block Candleholder
    Stelton - Papilio Uno Block Candleholder
    The time offer magical metals for homes – complete them with copper. The elegant block candleholder Papilio Uno by Stelton has organic shapes, contrasting the polished surface. This is Danish Modern 2.0. Let the Papilio Uno block candleholder with the sculptural design by Klaus Rath be the ingredient for a comfortable hour, and decide about the size of the candle according to your taste. Enjoy how the elegant blank metal, which surrounds the block candle, offers a warm glow and plays with the flame. Stelton manufactures the Papilio Uni block candleholder in different editions. The edition out of copper coated stainless steel has a thin clear lacquer, so that there is no patina: The Papilio Uno will keep its gloss for a long time.
  • Stelton - Kontra Vacuum Jug
    Stelton - Kontra Vacuum Jug
    Elegant, organic forms are the core of the insulating jugs „Kontra“. The sculptural and organic shapes lead our imagination into the shaping methods of the 50s, -while a shape border and the glossy stainless steel surface are an expression of its development – a new Era of modern Danish design. A clever and uninterrupted pattern goes from the pourer if the flask over the handle, down over its body and back to the pourer. Kontra has a harmonic shaping and the handle enters the whole image as a part of the jug. The content can be poured into a cup with only one hand, since a bit of pressure on the lid activates the innovative opening-/ closing function of the jug. The organic and sculptural expression makes it an artwork, with its roots in functionalism up to an actualized edition of Danish modern design.
  • Stelton Bread Bag Bread basket
    Stelton Bread Bag Bread basket
    The combination of a consistent design, exciting colours and lots of applications has made this bread bag a bestseller. With the launch of Stelton's new spring collection you will have more exciting colours to choose from. Fold the bread bag to an untraditional breadbasket in different sizes or take it on tour. The bread bag has been furnished with magnets in order that it can be closed and used for the storage of bread in the kitchen or in the picnic basket. In detail: Type : Bread basket. Colour : Tomato. Material : 100% organic cotton. Dimensions : Ø 23 cm x H 23 cm. Characteristics : Preservation of the fresh bread thanks to four magnets which close the basket of 2 sides - Removable and washable in 40°C - The colors of the basket correspond to those of the isothermal jug Classic designed by Erik Magnussen.
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