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Sunday Riley
  • Sunday Riley
  • Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color - Bare Honey
    Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color - Bare Honey
    Signature technology! Advanced color molecules offer creamy, long-lasting, vibrant wear for up to 4 hours. Rich, full coverage lip color enhances the condition and appearance of the lips while Vitamin C and Shea Butter help lips maintain youthful volume, fight fine lines, and give continuous hydration. Paraben free. Available in Bare Honey
  • Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color
    Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color
    Texan beauty buff Sunday Riley draws upon her background as a chemist to perfect her anti-aging skincare products. She combines biotechnology with time-tested skin secrets learned from her Native American grandmother to create each rejuvenating formula. With a single swipe, this show-stopping lip color lasts up to four hours, thanks to an advanced pigment delivery system. Sunday: a brilliant poppy-inflected red Bare Honey: an opaque mauve Duchess: pink with a suggestion of plum Key ingredients: castor oil, shea butter, oxokerite, beeswax, candelila wax, carnauba wax, sunflower oil, titanium dioxide. USA.
  • Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color, Marie Antoinette 1 ea
    Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color, Marie Antoinette 1 ea
    Modern Lip Color uses a highly advanced pigment delivery system, which uniquely attaches high impact pigments to soothing base molecules, giving you a true one-swipe color application and 4 hours of vibrant, extended wear. Vitamin C increases collagen levels and gives anti-oxidant protection to maintain youthful plumpness and repair the effects of UV exposure and other environmental damage, while 10% shea butter continuously hydrates the lips. Lips are nourished and show-stopping while providing extended wear. Paraben free. The next generation of lip color has landed.
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