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  • Swarovski
  • Swarovski Bee Cuff
    Swarovski Bee Cuff
    Go for the wow factor with this eye-catching crystallized cuff. Embellished with vibrant pink and blue crystals, it radiates futuristic glamour. The inside is lined with black fabric, making it very flexible and easy to wear.
  • Swarovski Flamingo Charm
    Swarovski Flamingo Charm
    This cute flamingo adds a playful and exotic touch to your charm jewelry! It is carefully crafted in palladium-plated metal with sparkling Indian Pink crystal Pointiage® and pink epoxy. Combine it with other cute characters for a cool summer look.
  • Swarovski Pink Baguette Bead
    Swarovski Pink Baguette Bead
    Brighten your bracelet with alternating Rose and Light Rose crystal baguettes set in a sterling silver band. Everyone deserves a little indulgence!
  • Swarovski Seahorse Charm
    Swarovski Seahorse Charm
    Add a playful touch to your charm jewelry with this cute seahorse in palladium-plated metal. It sparkles in Light Rose and Crystal Aurora Boreale Pointiage® and pink epoxy. Add the Flamingo, Crab, and Gecko charms for a cute summer look.
  • Swarovski October Light Rose Flicker Bead
    Swarovski October Light Rose Flicker Bead
    Simple and sleek, the Flicker birthstone series can stand alone or be worked into any bracelet. Choose from crystal colors symbolizing the 12 months to represent yours or a loved one's birthday.
  • Swarovski Pink Loose Pavé Bead
    Swarovski Pink Loose Pavé Bead
    A random mix of different crystal colors creates fascinating contrasts and layers within this bead. The unique design features moving, bezel-set crystals, offering a very refined sparkle! It is available in black and white, pink, blue, green, and purple.
  • Swarovski Pink Brilliance Bead
    Swarovski Pink Brilliance Bead
    The name says it all. This shiny sterling silver bead displays a gradation of brilliant color, from Light Rose to Rose to Fuchsia crystal. Simply stunning.
  • Swarovski Pink Sparkly Heart Bead
    Swarovski Pink Sparkly Heart Bead
    Romantic and elegant, this heart sparkles brilliantly. Placed in the center of the sterling silver bead is a heart-shaped Light Rose crystal, elegantly framed in Rose crystal pavé.
  • Swarovski Pink Inner Heart Bead
    Swarovski Pink Inner Heart Bead
    True love isn't hard to find! Fuchsia, Light Rose and Rose crystals fill the center of this sterling silver heart-shaped bead. Combine it with other beads to make your own beloved creation.
  • Swarovski Alana Heart Charm
    Swarovski Alana Heart Charm
    A charm that says a thousand words! This romantic rhodium-plated design sparkles in a refined gradation of pink crystals set in Pointiage®. The delicate silhouette perfectly matches Swarovski’s popular Alana Pendant.
  • Swarovski Pink Jeweled Lock
    Swarovski Pink Jeweled Lock
    The sterling silver jeweled lock is a fashionable way to keep your beads secure. Available in Light Rose, Aquamarine, Amethyst and clear crystal, you can choose your favorite color.
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