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  • Swedese - Libri Shelf
    Swedese - Libri Shelf
    The Libri shelf by the designer Michael Bihain offers practical storage room and uncountable possibilities of mounting it. Libri emerged with five boards in an inclined exterior construction. This is how Libri is leaned at walls with its shelves still straight. With this principle, Libri breaks the usual look of a bookshelf, since it isn’t massive or common regarding its appearance. Libri thereby unifies apparent elegance with practical utility. The usage possibilities of Libri are practically unlimited: Libri can be used as single shelf or fill a hole wall together with further shelves. Two shelves can moreover be mounted back to back – holding each other finding a place in the middle of a room, e. g. as room divider. Libri has adjustable feet, making it possible to change the height of the shelf according to individual demands.
  • Swedese Libri Shelves by Michael Bihain
    Swedese Libri Shelves by Michael Bihain
    Libri leans against the wall. These striking and highly versatile units can be used singly or in configurations as a modular system. As well as adding units side by side, they can be fixed back to back as freestanding shelves. They also work really well as an alternative to bedside tables. The Libri shelf has adjustable legs. Fixings are supplied which can be used to join more than one unit and to secure to a wall if required (for childrens safety), however they will stand firmly without them. Available in black or white stained Ash wood. Dimensions: W38cm x D29.5cm x H227cm.
  • Swedese Ivy Shelving by Thomas Bernstrand
    Swedese Ivy Shelving by Thomas Bernstrand
    Unique, stackable shelving solution. Materials: Solid ash wood in white or black lazur finish or s olid pine wood in natural lacquer. Dimensions: Each individual unit measures: Height 34cm x Depth 30cm x Width 88cm.
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