• Teroforma Ava Carafe & Stopper
    Teroforma Ava Carafe & Stopper
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    Crafted of mouthblown crystal, the Avva Carafe is designed with complementary angles and a beechwood stopper that doubles as a small bowl for drink garnishes, ice or whisky stones. 8.5" height (with stopper) 32 fl oz. Non-lead crystal. Available in Charcoal Grey
  • Set of 2 Chevron Cocktail Trays design by Teroforma
    Set of 2 Chevron Cocktail Trays design by Teroforma
    For the Chevron Trays Teroforma combines the strength of geometric graphics with earthy neutrals set off by intense blues applied to a set of 2 cocktail trays that are as useful as they are fun to use. Produced by Formpress in Sweden using high-quality sheets of laminated Swedish birch wood, the tray set features a large and small option so you are ready to serve just a few drinks or a whole room.
  • Whiskey for Two design by Teroforma
    Whiskey for Two design by Teroforma
    Whiskey for Two design by Teroforma.
  • TEROFORMA Whisky Lover set
    TEROFORMA Whisky Lover set
    Teroforma Whisky Lover set in black. Two tumblers, six whisky stones. Tumbler height 6.4cm. Stone height 1.9cm.
  • Teroforma Whiskey Lover Black Gift Set
    Teroforma Whiskey Lover Black Gift Set
    Avid whiskey drinker Andrew Hellman was fed up with diluted spirits when he came across a set of stones in his grandfather’s liquor cabinet. After some research, he found that chilled stones is an old Scandinavian trick to chill drinks without ice. Made from traditionally milled Vermont soapstone, these non-absorbent Teroforma Whisky Stones come straight out of the freezer to chill your drink while keeping it flavorful and potent. Complete with two crystal tumblers , this gift set delivers whiskey on the rocks, as nature intended. Set includes: 6 polished soapstone cubes. 0.875” each. 2 lead-free smokey crystal tumblers. Capacity: 8 oz. Height: 2.5”. Stones are milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the U.S. To use: Add 3 chilled stones to your drink, let stand for 5 minutes, and enjoy. Brand: Teroforma. Finish: Polished. Material: Natural Soapstone. Color: Black.
  • Teroforma Whiskey Stones - Set of 9
    Teroforma Whiskey Stones - Set of 9
    Made in Vermont from natural soapstone, Teroforma’s Whisky Stones are flavourless, non-porous cubes that will chill your drink without watering it down. Store in the freezer for a minimum of four hours, then rinse and air dry after each use.
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