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  • Tripp NYC The Medieval Lace-Up Pant
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    Tripp NYC The Medieval Lace-Up Pant
    Shop the Pre-Black Friday Sale! 30% off select black styles.
    Your pant game is about to be SO strong. These black beauties by Tripp NYC feature lace-up detailing at front and back, silver hardware, zip/button closures at front, and belt loops. Unlined. All they need is a white tee and killer heels. Cotton/Spandex. Runs true to size. Hand wash cold. Imported.
  • Tripp NYC Jailbreak Mini Skirt
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    Tripp NYC Jailbreak Mini Skirt
    Tripp NYC Jailbreak Mini Skirt, no one can keep a bad girl down. Your look will be on lockdown when you’re wearing this micro pleated mini, with a set of handcuffs on the front attached to an eyelet strap that wraps all the way around the top. With an easy access rear zipper closure all made outta a slightly stretch material that will told everything where it should be, breaking the rules has never been so much fun.
  • Tripp NYC Lace It Up Halter Top
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    Tripp NYC Lace It Up Halter Top
    Tripp NYC Lace It Up Halter Top, is perfect for when ya crave that slut aesthetic. This corset inspired halter top is sure to get ya all tied up, in the best way possible. Featurin’ side and back lacing for a superr seXXXy look and a dope [censored] [censored] adjustable halter neck with compression ring details. With an exposed front zipper closure, yer gonna have so much fun undressing. This BB is gonna bring all the boys to the yard.
  • Tripp NYC Zip It Skirt
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    Tripp NYC Zip It Skirt
    Tripp NYC Zip It Skirt, get ready to zip through the night, and leave everyone dead in yer wake. This super sexXxy mini skirt features a high waisted fit that makes all yer curves pop perfectly, especially with it’s slightly stretch fabric that helps hold it all in where it belongs. With two zipper pocked on each hip to hold yer most prized possessions, and extra zipper detailing to make it a little more metal, this little number might just be the last thing they see as ya knock ‘em all dead.
  • Tripp NYC Z-Cut Leggings
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    Tripp NYC Z-Cut Leggings
    Tripp NYC Z-Cut Leggings cuz we wanna climb those legz, girl! These leggings feature a zig zagging faux leather design on the front that give us a glimpse of those sexxy stems. Slightly high waisted for a classik look, these bbs are made with a silky soft stretch material that’ll make ya forget yer wearin’ anything at all!
  • Tripp NYC D-Ring Moto Jacket
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    Tripp NYC D-Ring Moto Jacket
    Tripp NYC D-Ring Moto Jacket cuz we want the D! This sikk jacket features a slim cut moto-style shape with an asymmetrical zipper, two side front zippers, sleeve zippers, waist buckles and several D rings hanging from the lapel and back seams. This bb takes the classic moto style and adds even more edge, so grab it before it’z gone!
  • Tripp NYC Slash Sleeve Hoodie
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    Tripp NYC Slash Sleeve Hoodie
    Tripp NYC Slash Sleeve Hoodie we want you to bits n’ pieces, BBcakes. How much more [censored] can ya get when yer wrapped around this sik hoodie. Featurin’ all over v-cut outs that travel up and down yer arms, this sweater knows how to show off yer best assets in the sexxxiest frames. With contrasting veggie leather fabric on yer elbows, and a draped hood this BB breathes to be different. With a relaxed and lean fit that drapes on you perfectly, this softtt, front zip hoodie has pockets right on the front, we are hoping more than to cross paths with you.
  • Tripp NYC Go Go Moto Jacket
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    Tripp NYC Go Go Moto Jacket
    Tripp NYC Go Go Moto Jacket, cuz ya make us go crazy with yer style BB! This super sikk moto jacket is gonna get some engines revving. Featurin’ a comfy oversized relaXXXed fit with classick moto details like exposed zippers and a logo snap lapel collar. With a super durable canvas, multiple pockets and longer hemline this [censored] BB is gonna have ya covered in the most epic way. Now go, go get into something dangerous┗(°.°)┓
  • Tripp N.Y.C. Viscious Jumper
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    Tripp N.Y.C. Viscious Jumper
    Tripp N.Y.C. Viscious Jumper torn n' tattered is gonna end up with you bein' really flattered. This pullover has some serious attitude with it's uber distressed details throughout, giving it that favorite worn sweater look. The placement patches of single string detailing shows that you really care about how torn up ya look. Woven outta snuggle soft yarn, with banded sleeves, hem, and collar for an extra classic grunge look, cuz you know you like it ruff.
  • Tripp NYC What The Punk Top
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    Tripp NYC What The Punk Top
    Tripp NYC What The Punk Top yer different from the rest. And everyone is trying to figure out yer deal, especially when yer wearing this sik top. Featurin’ distressed detailing all over, this BB makes the worn-in look nothing but [censored]. With cut outs at the top for a cool off the shoulder hang, and D-rings with a hook on the sleeves so you can adjust yer look, this BB is especially fer our misfit dolls. Super softt and lightweight, this long sleeve has a relaxxxed fit that drapes right over yer bitz and has an extended hem, no one gets you but we think this BB totally understands you.
  • Tripp NYC Big O Ring Dress
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    Tripp NYC Big O Ring Dress
    Tripp NYC Pucker Knit O Ring Dress, Pretty Woman... walking down the street. Daang Goodman created the original dress for our fav. cult classic movie, Pretty Woman, and this limited reissue of the dress celebrates 25 years of working women everywhere. We luv this textured and puckered knit mini dress which comes equipped with a deep scoop neck, sex kitten cut out waistline and a silver O-ring detail in the front and back. Talk about the ultimate Pretty Woman mini!
  • Tripp NYC Spiked Out Bustier Dress
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    Tripp NYC Spiked Out Bustier Dress
    Tripp NYC Spiked Out Bustier Dress, cuz yer kickin’ [censored] and takin’ names. This [censored] seXXXy bustier dress has us feelin’ the vixen vibez. Featurin’ a superr [censored] vegan leather bustier embellished with spikes, front and back cut-outs for a killer look and a stretchy snug fitting skirt with an exposed back zipper. Adjustable straps with front and back hook and eye closures provide the perfect balance of fit and control. This BB is gonna have ya lookin’ va-va voom.
  • Tripp NYC Da Realest Moto Jacket
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    Tripp NYC Da Realest Moto Jacket
    Tripp NYC Da Realest Moto Jacket there’s no need to play pretend when it comes to you, BBcakes. Real is yer only mode especially with this sikk moto jacket that knows nothin’ but being a [censored]. This edgy jacket has a relaxxxed fit fer the HBICs only. With an allover veggie fabric that shines every which way you turn, this BB has matching matte, exposed zippers going in every direction. With an oversized notched collar and asymmetrical zip front, belted waist, and a snap-on patch pocket, there’s no frontin’ when it comes with you.
  • Tripp N.Y.C. I'm Into Suspenders Dress
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    Tripp N.Y.C. I'm Into Suspenders Dress
    Tripp N.Y.C. I'm Into Suspenders Dress pull yerself up by yer dress straps and conquer yer world doll. This strappy short dress has the perf balance of soft n’ tuff for the rebellious doll in all of us. An open skirt features bold box pleats with faux leather detail for some added flair when ya twirl around. The bodice features two veggie leather straps that run across yer tummy and drape on yer lower back for a sexy surprise. And to hold it all together two built-in suspender straps attach to the front to keep yer goodiez safe n’ sound. And for a quick escape the back zip makes it a breeze. Yer gonna look tough as nails, but who knows, you might be gettin’ nailed in this bb.

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