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  • Vipp 1 Bath Hooks (Set of 2)
    Vipp 1 Bath Hooks (Set of 2)
    The Vipp story began in 1939 when Holger Nielsen designed and manufactured a garbage bin for his wife’s hair salon. Nielsen’s keen sense of aesthetics and quality were quickly recognized and requests for these eminently useful Bins began pouring in. Since then, the business has expanded to include a wide assortment of equally well-designed items for the home and bath. These Bath Hooks (2008) come in a set of two and are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, offering an elegant spot to hang towels and bathrobes. Indented hook is lined in non-slip rubber to keep hanging items from falling. Set includes mounting hardware (though hardware needs may vary depending on wall material). Coordinates with other Vipp Bath Hardware, including the Shower Shelf, Towel Bar and Toilet Paper Holder.
  • Vipp Soap Dish
    Vipp Soap Dish
    Inner dish features rubber grooves to keep soap separate from water and residue. Rubber base ensures better grip and protection of surfaces. The design makes disassembling and cleaning easy.
  • Vipp Toothbrush Holder
    Vipp Toothbrush Holder
    The Vipp toothbrush holder features two separate inner sections for easy storing of multiple items, and rubber base for optimum grip and stability. Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Stainless steel, powder-coated steel and rubber. 4.3" X 3.5" Rubber parts are dishwasher safe. Stainless steel should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning agents.
  • Vipp Toothbrush Holder, White
    Vipp Toothbrush Holder, White
    Give your bathroom a stylish upgrade with this classy and sleek Vipp Toothbrush Holder. This holder is designed with two rubber inner sections that separate the toothbrush and toothpaste. A non-skid rubber base protects your surfaces.
  • Vipp Soap Dish
    Vipp Soap Dish
    Give your bathroom a stylish upgrade with this classy Vipp Soap Dish. The rounded contour of this soap dish adds elegant shape to your bathroom décor. A rubber base protects surfaces, while the rubber grooved insert ensures that the soap is kept dry.
  • Vipp Soap Dispenser
    Vipp Soap Dispenser
    Give your bathroom a stylish upgrade with this classy and sleek specially manufactured Vipp Soap Dispenser. The pump is sturdy and has a rubber bottom that protects the surface of which it sits on.
  • Vipp 5 Soap Bowl
    Vipp 5 Soap Bowl
    The Vipp 5 Soap Bowl enlarges the bathroom series of Vipp. The soap bowl fulfils the 70-year old Vipp-tradition of a good handmade design and long durability, for the hand and for the eye: Design and longevity at the same time. The function is the most important design motif, out of which details like the soft rubber corners occur, that protect tiles and surfaces. The soap bowl has an integrated rubber-grid, which helps the soap to stay dry. All rubber parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Vipp 1 Towel Hooks
    Vipp 1 Towel Hooks
    The Vipp 1 Towel Hook shows the best handicraft in best completion. Like all the other products of the Vipp Accessories, towel hooks are made of massive stainless steel and rubber. Besides the quality of the production, the Towel Hooks persuade through perfect functionality: At the hooks are rummer coated dents. This way the towel cannot glide from the hook and fall on the floor. The appearance of the hooks are especially plain, so that the wall hooks can be put in every bathroom and can be combined with other products of the Vipp bathing room series. Actually, it took more than two years to design and produce the bathroom series. The materials steel and rubber are basics for the series. Same is considered for the firm horizontal lines and the soft curves, just like the soap dispenser and the original-pedal bin from 1939. Just like for the other Vipp-products, the material quality of the new bathroom series is absolutely unbeatable. Only first class steel and rubber are used for the production, that's what makes up the long life. The series is produced in Denmark just like the pedal bin.
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