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  • 10-c. Popcorn Maker
    10-c. Popcorn Maker
    Features and Benefits: Classic-style popcorn maker. 500-watt power. Kettle holds 4 ounces of kernels to pop up to 10 cups in 3 minutes! Large vents for steam release maintain popcorn freshness. Nonstick aluminum kettle is removable for easy cleaning. Removable doors for easy cleaning. Tilt access door for easy serving. Popcorn scoop, oil measuring spoon and kernel measuring cup included. Limited five-year motor warranty. Material: Stainless Steel. Origin: China. Size/Capacity: 10-c. Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warrant on Motor.
  • Double Belgian Waffle Maker
    Double Belgian Waffle Maker
    Serve your family their favorite waffles twice as fast with this Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker. A must-have for Sunday morning brunches, this waffle maker turns out two 1-inch-thick Belgian-style waffles with a crispy outside and a soft and delectable inside. Whether your bunch prefers classic Belgian waffles, pomegranate oatmeal waffles or pumpkin spice waffles with butternut-bacon syrup, this easy-to-use waffle maker gets waffles to the table fast. Its nonstick interior allows for easy release of your waffles and fast clean-up, and an innovative rotary feature ensures even baking on both sides of each waffle. LED indicator lights let you know when the waffle maker is hot enough to begin making your waffles, and an audio alert sounds when the waffles are ready. Best Used For: We love the creativity this waffle maker inspires for making restaurant-style waffles at home, including cheddar and prosciutto waffles topped with caramel and apple slices or cornbread waffles smothered in chili. They're also great served with just a dusting of powdered sugar, and the classic dish of Belgian waffles topped with strawberries and homemade whipped cream is also a good choice. Features: Makes two 1-inch-thick Belgian waffles at once. Rotary feature allows for even baking on both sides. 1,400-watt unit with two LED ready-indicator lights. Audio alert when waffles are ready. Control knob for browning. Nonstick interior for easy release of waffles. Comes with 1-year warranty from Waring for quality assurance. Height: 10.38-in. Origin: China. Volts/Watts: 1400 Watts. Warranty: Limited 1 Year Product Warranty. Weight: 13-lbs. Width: 16.75-in.
  • Brushed Stainless 40-oz. Professional Bar Blender
    Brushed Stainless 40-oz. Professional Bar Blender
    The Waring 40-oz. Brushed Stainless Professional Bar Blender can mix up a margarita or emulsify (combine) liquid ingredients for soup quickly and efficiently. The high-speed blades on this blender move at much higher speeds than an average blender, allowing you to liquefy, puree, and blend food and drinks with smoother consistencies. Gone are the days of stopping your blender to add more ingredients, because this machine features a handy opening in the lid so that you can add ingredients while the blades are moving. Two speed settings allow everything from basic ice crushing to emulsifying more complex sauces and soup bases at the higher speed. The toggle switch makes it easy to switch the 120-volt motor from high to low for excellent results with cream-based soups. The base is an easy-to-clean brushed stainless steel in a classic bar design, and the clear glass blending jar holds up to 5 cups and fits snugly in the base without wiggling. The heatproof container can handle even the hottest of steamed vegetables for liquefying into a protein smoothie. And you’ll never need to search for the missing pieces to your blender because this machine features an attached blade for quick setup. Features: Made in the U.S.A. Patented whirling vortex action. 5-year motor warranty. Cleaning & Care: Handwashing recommended. Dimensions: 7 x 15-in. Ice Crushing Capability: Yes. Jar Capacity: 40-oz. Material: Metal base. Origin: USA. Special Features: Blade is fixed onto the jar and is not removable. Speeds: Two Speed, Patented Whirling Vortex Action. Type of Control: Toggle Switch. Type of Jar: Glass. Volts/Watts: 120-volts/ 390 watts. Warranty: 5-year motor. Weight: 10-lbs.
  • Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker
    Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker
    Make every breakfast a gourmet's delight with the Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker. This round Belgian waffle maker makes restaurant-style waffles that are perfectly brown and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. A flip of the wrist is all it takes to rotate the unit so that your waffle cooks evenly on both sides. Use the conveniently located knob to choose from six browning options for custom waffles your family will love. This 1000-watt brushed stainless steel unit has two blue indicator lights that alert you when the unit is ready to use and when your waffle is done. If you appreciate a clean kitchen, you'll love the stainless steel drip tray that keeps the inevitable spills contained. Best Used For: Add some fun to your weekday breakfast or or spice up a Sunday brunch with this round Belgian waffle maker. Top your waffle with fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream, or serve with butter, syrup and a side of fried chicken for a traditional Southern treat. Turn waffles into a tasty dessert with a sprinkling of confectioner's sugar and a scoop of vanilla bean gelato. Features: Extra-deep compartment makes 1-inch-thick, restaurant-style Belgian waffles. Six browning settings offer custom results. Blue LED lights indicate when the Waring Pro Belgian waffle maker is ready to use and when the waffles are done. Powerful 1000 watt-unit delivers exception results every time. Stainless steel drip tray keeps work area neat and mess free. Origin: China. Volts/Watts: 1000 watts.
  • Black and Stainless Steel Portable Double Electric Burner
    Black and Stainless Steel Portable Double Electric Burner
    The Waring Portable Double Electric Burner is a great alternative to standard cooktops. We appreciate how the portable burner allows you to choose between a larger high-powered cooking surface or a smaller surface so that you can save on resources while still ensuring even and efficient cooking. The cast-iron material used for each of the heated plates on the burner set works especially quickly and retains its heat for quite some time, further increasing the overall efficiency of the unit. Easy-to-read knobs allow you to quickly and easily adjust the temperature setting on each of the plates, making it easy to cook with the ideal temperature every time. The durable stainless-steel construction protects the portable burner as you travel, allowing you to pack it along for office potlucks and other community dining events. The electric burner set has nonslip rubber feet to help keep it in place during use, and indicator lights let you know when the unit is powered on and has reached the correct temperature. Each burner comes with a limited one-year warranty. Features: Durable stainless steel housing resists wear. Two different plate sizes for greater versatilityCast-iron plates heat quickly and distribute heat evenlyKnobs provide simple thermostat adjustmentIndicator lights let you know at a glance if the unit is onRubber feet prevent slips and anchor the burner in placeLimited 1-year warranty Depth: 11-in. Height: 3-in. Material: Brushed Stainless Steel Housing. Origin: China. Volts/Watts: 1300 Watts Large Plate & 500 Watts Small Plate. Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty. Width: 19-in.
  • Copper 40-oz. Professional Bar Blender
    Copper 40-oz. Professional Bar Blender
    Whether you're blending a pitcher of banana and strawberry smoothies for the kids or mojitos, daiquiris or margaritas for the adults, this Waring 40-oz. Professional Bar Blender aims to please. It features a giant 40-ounce glass pitcher that resists shattering, cracking and chips and lasts through rigorous longterm use in your busy kitchen or home bar. The pitcher is clear and has graduated markings in both U.S. and metric units on the side, making it easy to load ingredients for blending, and its large handle lets you carry it out to the patio to refill guests' glasses. Its powerful professional-grade motor pulverizes ice for frosty drinks, and it features two-speed functionality so you can use it in a wide array of applications. An opening in the pitcher's lid lets you add ingredients during use without the splatter and mess of taking the lid off, and the pitcher is dishwasher safe for quick and efficient clean-up. Best Used For: Although the ice-crushing capabilities of this blender make it perfect for creating frosty drinks, we love it for blending soups, dips and sauces too. Features: Professional-grade motor for long-lasting use. Waterfall base for a sleek lookTwo-speed functionality for ease of useComes with big 40-ounce pitcherCrushes ice effortlesslyPitcher features both metric and U.S. measurementsOpening in top lets you add ingredients while in use Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts. Dimensions: 7 x 15-in. Jar Capacity: 40-oz. Material: Heavy Duty Metal Base with Copper-plated Finish. Origin: USA. Special Features: Patented Whirling Vortex Action. Speeds: 2-speed. Volts/Watts: 350 Watts. Warranty: 5-yr Limited Motor, 1-yr Limited Appliance.
  • Brushed Stainless and Black 32-oz. Health Juice Extractor
    Brushed Stainless and Black 32-oz. Health Juice Extractor
    The Waring 32-oz. Brushed Stainless Juice Extractor delivers exceptional performance in a beautiful package. The brushed stainless steel and black exterior gives this juicer a decidedly modern look that will complement your stainless appliances. With its 32-ounce capacity, this juicer makes enough juice for four 8-ounce servings in just minutes. If you're making the juice just for yourself, you can refrigerate the extra servings to enjoy throughout the day. The juicer's extra-wide feed tube allows you to insert large pieces of your favorite fruits and vegetables. You'll save time in the morning since you won't have to spend much time chopping apples, carrots, beets and other produce into small pieces. The integrated pulp collector stores the pulp from your fruits and vegetables. When it's full, simply empty it into your trash or compost collector. There's very little mess involved. Operating this juicer couldn't be easier: just use the toggle switch to turn it on or off. The juicer dispenses your freshly made juice right into the stainless steel juice cup. When it's time for a cleaning, the black, removable components slide right off for a good soak in warm soapy water. Just fit them back into the base to make your next batch of juice. Waring offers a 5-year warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the entire unit. Features: Modern design with a brushed stainless steel finish. Convenient 32-ounce capacity. Extra-wide feed tube allows you to insert large pieces of fruits and vegetables. Dispenses juice right into a measuring cup. Pulp collector stores pulp for easy disposal. Capacity: 32-oz. Cleaning & Care: Handwash removable parts with mild cleanser. Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 12.5-in. Material: Brushed stainless steel housing. Origin: China. Special Features: Die cast base, 3.5-in. feed tube, safety interlock. Volts/Watts: 400 watts. 120 volts. Warranty: 5-year limited motor; 1-year limited appliance.
  • Waffle/Omelet Maker
    Waffle/Omelet Maker
    Cut breakfast preparation time in half with the Waring Pro ® Breakfast Express ® Waffle/Omelet Maker. We love this nifty gadget for rushed mornings. One half is a waffle maker and the other half prepares omelets, so you can create an entire breakfast quickly and efficiently. Just add your waffle batter to the waffle-making side, close the lid and flip the entire top to access the omelet pan. Not only is this waffle/omelet maker convenient, it's also versatile--the flat omelet pan can be used to cook frittatas, pancakes, fried eggs and other breakfast foods. You can choose how you'd like your food to be done with the convenient browning knob, and the waffle maker will alert you when it's ready with LED lights and audible beeps. A high-quality nonstick coating on all cooking surfaces makes the Waring waffle maker easy to clean, saving time even after breakfast is over. It also saves space thanks to its compact design and cord keeper. The Waring waffle maker is covered by a one-year warranty. Features: Waring waffle/omelet maker cooks two dishes at once. Nonstick surface for easy cleaning. Waring Pro waffle maker notifies you when unit is ready and cooking is complete. Compact design to minimize counter space needed. One-year warranty. Cleaning & Care: Handwash. Height: 9.5-in. Origin: China. Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty. Weight: 10.6-lbs. Width: 9.75-in.
  • 7.5-in. Professional Food Slicer
    7.5-in. Professional Food Slicer
    Use the Waring 7.5-in. Professional Food Slicer to slice ingredients for deli-quality sandwiches or catering-style party platters right from your own kitchen. It effortlessly adjusts from 1/32 inch to 1/2 inch to produce paper-thin slices of meat or cheese and thick slices of your favorite loaf. The premium coated stainless steel blade on this Waring Professional food slicer is serrated and corrosion resistant, and it's exceptionally well suited for chilled meats, firm cheeses and crusty breads like baguettes and Italian breads. Waring kept safety top of mind and built in a bevy of safety features, including a durable food guide that offers protection for you hands and four suction cup feet that keep the slicer secure on your counter when in use. A 130-watt motor, die-cast aluminum housing and one-year limited warranty make this Waring food slicer a product that is sure to last. Best Used For: Use this Waring food slicer when slicing home-cooked turkey or roast beef to make sandwiches for the kids, or slice a variety of meats and cheese when hosting a cold buffet for friends. Go a little fancy and make paper-thin slices of prosciutto to wrap around steamed asparagus, or slice ripe tomatoes and Italian salami to add to a tasty muffaletta. Features: Serrated stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant. Adjustable thickness, from 1/32 to 1/2 inch. Suction cup feet and food guide for safety. 130 watts of power. Limited one-year warranty. Cleaning & Care: Handwash. Depth: 9.25-in. Dimensions: 7.5-in. stainless steel slicing blade. Height: 10.25-in. Material: Stainless steel. Origin: China. Special Features: Blade has serrated edge. Volts/Watts: 120 volts, 130 watts. Warranty: 1-year limited. Weight: 13-lbs. Width: 14-in.
  • Convection Toaster Oven
    Convection Toaster Oven
    Bring the full functionality of your oven to your countertop with this Waring Convection Toaster Oven that lets you toast six slices of bread at once, or bake a 12-inch pizza without heating up your conventional oven. This 1,500-watt toaster oven offers a lot of power for its 0.6-cubic-foot size, including room enough to roast a chicken, a few pounds of ribs, a pork tenderloin or bake a small batch of muffins, cupcakes or cookies. It's also just the thing for baking potatoes or putting a sandwich under the broiler for a just-toasted finish. A 60-minute timer makes timing your food easy, whether you're heating up a toaster pastry for breakfast or reheating last night's dinner for lunch. For added functionality, it comes with an oven rack and baking pan, and the included crumb tray makes for fast clean-up after use. Best Used For: We love the functional ease of this toaster oven for melting cheese to top French onion soup, baking stuffing while a turkey roasts in the oven, toasting nuts and defrosting frozen foods. Features: 0.6-cubic feet of toasting space. Bakes with regular or convection powerBroils and toasts for added functionalityComes with oven rack, baking pan and crumb tray60-minute timer for enhanced usabilityEasy-to-use design with control knobsClear front lets you watch food bake Capacity: .6 cubic ft capacity. Height: 12.75-in. Origin: China. Programmable: 60-min Timer. Volts/Watts: 1500 Watts. Weight: 22.80-lbs. Width: 21.25-in.
  • Chrome 48-oz. Blender
    Chrome 48-oz. Blender
    The Waring 48-oz. Blender features a 500-watt motor designed to last through countless uses. We enjoy the simple two-speed operation that makes it easy to choose just the right settings for your blending needs. This blender comes with a BPA-free carafe that holds up to 48-ounces of ingredients and has both metric and English measurement markings, making it easy to add the right quantities. The tight-fitting lid helps prevent spills and holds up to 2 ounces of mixed materials or raw ingredients, so you can measure smaller ingredient amounts for your recipes. Made of durable polycarbonate material, this blender's carafe resists scratching and is long-lasting. Each blender also has stainless steel blades that can handle quick chopping, and the removable assembly makes cleanup simple. The heavy-duty motor comes with a limited five-year warranty that ensures continued operation and freedom from defects. Best Used For: We enjoy using the blender to quickly and smoothly integrate ingredients. Mix batter for cakes and cookies quickly and easily, or create delicious smoothies from fresh fruit for a healthy treat. The blender is also a great choice for preparing salsa and dips. Features: Elegant waterfall base. Heavy-duty motor design is long-lasting and powerfulSimple two-speed toggle operationCarafe is BPA-free for added peace of mindPolycarbonate container resists scratchesHolds up to 48 ounces of dry or liquid ingredientsContainer and lid make measuring materials easyLimited five-year warranty on motor Height: 13.63-in. Length: 9.75-in. Origin: USA with parts made. Speeds: 2-Speed. Volts/Watts: 500 Watts. Weight: 7-in. Width: 8-in.
  • Brushed Chrome 48-oz. Blender
    Brushed Chrome 48-oz. Blender
    Waring Pro® brings a new level of professional performance to home blending with our premium Bar Blenders, Food & Beverage Blenders and Specialty Blenders. Whip up delicious drinks, soups, sauces, smoothies and more - even crush ice - it's all fast and easy with Waring Pro® Blenders. Features and Benefits: Classic waterfall base. Commercially rated heavy-duty motor. 500 peak watts. Large 48-ounce copolyester, BPA-free carafe with English and metric graduations. Simple 2-speed operation. Limited Five Year Motor Warranty. Made in USA with US and foreign parts. Input watts. Height: 13.63-in. Length: 9.75-in. Origin: USA with parts made. Speeds: 2-Speed. Volts/Watts: 500 Watts. Weight: 7-in. Width: 8-in.
  • Cast-Iron Grill
    Cast-Iron Grill
    Get the flavor of delicious grilled foods without having to step outside to your backyard barbecue with this Waring Cast-Iron Grill. We love the large cooking surface that lets you cook juicy steaks and shrimp simultaneously, and it can accommodate up to six thick burger patties at a time. A stainless steel drip tray locks into place to catch fats while you cook for tasty and healthy meals, and you can control the heat for searing or grilling using the three temperature settings for flawless results. An included splash guard prevents messes on your kitchen counters and is collapsible for convenient storage. You'll love the even heat distribution that comes from the removable cast-iron cooking surface that ensures each burger, steak and chicken breast is cooked thoroughly. This grill is ideal for use in apartments or homes without an outdoor barbecue area, and it offers year-round grilling access during cold winter months. If you love the taste of foods fresh off the grill, this tool is a great addition to your kitchen for convenient grilling no matter the season. Best Used For: Use this grill to make fresh grilled vegetables, shrimp and steak skewers or barbecued chicken. The large cooking surface makes this grill ideal for cooking succulent racks of baby back ribs or thick porterhouse steaks. Features: Three temperature settings for added convenience. Cast-iron grilling surface provides even heat distribution. Stainless steel drip tray with interlocking feature safely catches fats and drippings. Depth: 13-in. Height: 4.5-in. Material: Cast Iron. Origin: China. Warranty: Limited One Year Product Warranty. Weight: 21.40-lbs. Width: 23-in.
  • Digital Convection Oven
    Digital Convection Oven
    Enjoy the power of convection cooking right on your countertop with this Waring Digital Convection Oven that is sufficiently sized for baking a whole pizza or six toaster pastries. This handy little oven features a brushed stainless-steel housing that is easy to clean, and it does many of the same jobs you normally delegate to your regular-sized oven, including baking, broiling and toasting, without using as much energy and heating up the entire kitchen. It has a 0.6-cubic-foot capacity and a powerful 1,500-watt motor, so it can bake a variety of foods without using a lot of energy. Its compact design sits neatly on your countertop, and it's equipped with a clear window in the front that lets you easily see inside to monitor the progress of your food as it bakes. A 120-minute on-board timer lets you set it and forget it without worry, and its bread crumb tray collects stray crumbs for fast clean-up. Best Used For: We appreciate the versatility of this convection oven for baking and broiling, and we give it top marks for defrosting frozen foods, melting chocolate and making spanakopita. Features: 1,500-watt motor for lasting efficiency. 0.6-cubic-foot interior for baking pizza and other foodsBakes, broils and toasts with minimal power usage120-minute timer for added ease of useBrushed stainless steel finish for durabilityComes with crumb tray for easy cleanup Capacity: .6 cubic ft capacity. Height: 12-in. Origin: China. Programmable: 120-min Timer. Volts/Watts: 1500 Watts. Weight: 21.60-lbs. Width: 22-in.
  • 2.5-gal. Turkey Fryer
    2.5-gal. Turkey Fryer
    The Waring 2.5-gal Turkey Fryer lets you fry and steam like a professional chef. This spacious fryer can accommodate chickens or turkeys up to 18 pounds, and it includes an aluminum basket so you can deep-fry smaller foods as well. The enclosed heating element delivers 1,800 watts of heating power, which allows you to cook a whole turkey at just 3.5 minutes per pound. It has a variety of features, including a vented lid that allows unwanted steam to escape, a 2.5-gallon reservoir, a built-in timer and indicator lights that let you know when the unit is powered on and when the oil has reached the right temperature for frying. A handy steamer function lets you cook up flavorful and healthy steamed foods, making this fryer an extremely versatile kitchen appliance. Best Used For: Fry whole chickens or turkeys up to 18 pounds. Use the fryer basket to deep-fry chicken wings, onion rings or tempura shrimp. The steamer function is ideal for steaming healthy vegetables, dumplings or potatoes, and it is spacious enough for you to create a New England clambake right in the comfort of your kitchen. Features: Can fry turkeys up to 18 pounds at just 3.5 minutes per pound. Enclosed heating element puts out 1,800 watts of power. Stainless steel reservoir has a 2.5-gallon capacity. Includes an aluminum frying basket for cooking smaller items. Stainless steel vented lid allows steam to escape. Built-in 120-minute timer. Indicator lights let you know when the unit is powered on and ready to cook. Rotisserie function uses 33 percent less oil. Steamer function produces healthy steamed foods. Includes handy meat thermometer. Limited five-year motor warranty. Capacity: 2.5-gal. Cleaning & Care: Handwash. Height: 19.75-in. Length: 19.5-in. Material: Stainless Steel. Origin: China. Warranty: Limited Five Year Motor Warranty. Weight: 23.2-lbs. Width: 23-in.
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