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Yves Saint Laurent
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Pure Chromatics eye palette
    YVES SAINT LAURENT Pure Chromatics eye palette
    Use dry Applied dry to the eyelid, Pure Chromatics eye shadows melt into the skin, creating a soft and silky halo around the eyes. Color stays perfectly uniform, revealing all its radiant intensity. Use with water Applied with water, the color is even more intense. Blending with the nacres and pigments, water increases their chromatic power. It transforms the satiny powder into an unctuous cream with an intense metallic finish. A new generation of powders created by an innovative process, patented by Yves Saint Laurent. A magical meeting of colour and water. A single and unique element at the service of colour: pure water becomes a colour catalyst, intensifying the chromatic power of the nacres and pigments. Pure Chromatics eye shadows can be used wet or dry to give each color depth and unequalled purity.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Les Experts Powder Brush
    Yves Saint Laurent Les Experts Powder Brush
    Sleek and elegant, this YSL powder brush invites women to the art of blending and shading. Perfectly controlled make-up application is made possible by its exceptionally soft, hand-shaped bristles and the handsome, ergonomic shape of the long black wooden handles. Its centre of gravity, carefully studied, allows balance and precision.
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