French fashion design house Yves Saint Laurent (more recently just referred to as Saint Laurent) is known for producing classically beautiful luxury pieces, including sharp coats and blazers, impeccable handbags both big and small and absolutely beautiful footwear splashed with all sorts of gorgeous details.

Incorporating Yves Saint Laurent clothing into your wardrobe will give it an immediate high-end upgrade. Shop for vintage wide-leg trousers in all sorts of prints, or button-front blouses punctuated with standout architectural hardware.

Complete the look by adding a pair of shoes or accessories. Slick patent leather pumps and mary janes will give you that traditional vibe, and sky-high strappy pumps will carry out a look that’s truly impeccable. You may also want to pick up a handbag by the designer as well. For a truly dressy occasion, browse through stunning clutch bags in lovely textures or look for something with a long gold chain strap that you can carry on your shoulder. You can also pick up leather duffle bags in a variety of shades if you need more storage.
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