• Iittala Birds By Toikka Red Cardinal
    Iittala Birds By Toikka Red Cardinal
    These delightful glass birds are individually mouth-blown glass creations. Like the natural birds they represent, each one is unique. It.
  • Iittala Origo Tumbler - Orange
    Iittala Origo Tumbler - Orange
    These striped patterns provide a colourful accent to any kind of setting. An eye-catching decor with defined structure and rhythm brightens up any occasion. Origo is easily combinable with other Iittala tableware because of its wide spectrum of colours. Its simple form is a perfect example of lasting design.
  • Toikka Red Cardinal By Iittala
    Toikka Red Cardinal By Iittala
    iittala was the first company to commercialize glass birds, with over 400 birds being created during the past three decades. The success is based on the skills of famed Finnish glass artist Oiva Toikka, a unique Nuutajärvi glass factory, and expert glass blowers. Each bird is mouth blown in a factory located in the 200 year old glass-making village of Nuutajärvi, Finland. The creation of just one bird demands the greatest of technical talents and artistic insight from the glass blowers - as each bird is unique with its own distinctive color variations. Toikka's birds are highly sought after as gifts and cherished as collector's pieces. Each bird is signed "O. Toikka Nuutajärvi" as proof of authenticity.
  • Iittala Art Glass, Toikka Birds Kuulas White
    Iittala Art Glass, Toikka Birds Kuulas White
    This one-of-a-kind bird combines clear and white glass for a sculpture that exemplifies superlative craftsmanship. First hatched in 1972 by artist Oiva Toikka, the fanciful Birds collection captures the nuances of each creature in beautiful mouth-blown glass.
  • Iittala Vitriini Boxes 108 x 108 mm
    Iittala Vitriini Boxes 108 x 108 mm
    Everybody has things laying around which seem to be "homeless". Iittala's Vitriini Boxes offer a very good solution for the storing of those things - presenting them very good. The Vitriini Boxes were designed by the glass designer Anu Penttinen, which became famous through the Penttinen Birds by Iittala and who is expertly with the use of colours. So a colourful collection of small storing boxes was created, in which glass, wood and aluminium were used. The Vitriini Boxes can be used for of keys, paper-clips, buttons, yewelry or other small accessories. Also the boxes are beautiful collecting objects and a gorgeous gift idea. The whole collection includes 19 objects in two different sizes, which can be combined with each other and offer with that a hundret combination possibilities.
  • Iittala Origo Mug
    Iittala Origo Mug
    A feast for your eyes. Energizing meals and snacks from morning to night. A mug and choice of plates and bowls, use them for diner or breakfast (cereal, cafe' Latte, sushi, dips, deserts, salads) ...Two colour strips combinations. All parts are oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Designed in 1999 by Alfredo Häberli, and winner of 3 world renowned design awards. Be happy, plates, bowls and mugs in a stackable starter set which can be used with each other or separately. In detail: Type : Mug - Cup. Colour : Orange. Material : Porcelain. Dimensions : Diam 8 cm - Height 9 cm. Characteristics : For microwave and dishwasher.
  • Iittala - Kastehelmi Bowls 0.23 l
    Iittala - Kastehelmi Bowls 0.23 l
    Oiva Toikka created a legend with his Kastehelmi series out of the year 1964. Thanks to Iittala, the design classics come to life again now. The bowls out of the Kastehelmi series by Iittala have the characteristic drops on the surface, as all the Kastehelmi designs by Oiva Toikka. These drops perfectly emphasize the vivid, reflecting beauty of the glasses. The Kastehelmi bowls are great to touch and moreover look fantastic by their embossing. Oiva Toikka tried to find a method of hiding the seams at pressed glasses in the 60s. This is how he had the idea of placing small glass drops on the seams. His experiment developed to a completely new design which has been re-edited by Iittala now. The Kastehelmi bowls are enrichment for your furnishing at any time and every event.
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