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  • Momocreatura - Snake Ring Sapphire Eyes Silver
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    Momocreatura - Snake Ring Sapphire Eyes Silver
    An enchanted snake to wind around your finger and complete your outfit with quirky elegance. The tiny precious stone eyes add an intriguing and luxurious touch. This ring looks super cool stacked with other rings, or worn on its own for a more delicate finish. Sterling silver with Sapphire Avoid wearing your jewellery in a situations where it may be damaged easily, e.g when doing manual jobs, or sport. Remove items before sleeping and washing. Avoid contact with household chemicals perfumes and hairsprays. When not wearing your jewellery, keep it in a safe place. Replace in box or pouch, and separate from other items which may knock or scratch it. You can clean your jewellery at home with a very soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth after wards. Regularly clean your fine jewellery with a jewellery cloth. Semi Precious Stones and Diamonds Diamonds are hard enough to scratch other surfaces. Please take care to store fine jewellery with diamonds separately from other pieces. Semi precious stones can be lightly cleaned with a soft dry cloth. When wearing these items avoid chemicals such as deodorants, hairsprays and perfumes. Try to keep out of direct sunlight. Prongs and clasps can become worn with time, or by accidentally knocking them. Please examine pieces regularly to avoid loss of stones in these instances Oxidised or blackened silver Momocreatura oxidizes sterling silver by hand, making each and every piece unique. Oxidising is a coating that wears off through time. To preserve the original appearance, follow the same care as above Jewellery Care section. Some fading is normal though darkened areas should remain in crevices embracing the original antiqued appearance.
  • Momocreatura - Hanged Rabbit Pendant Oxidised
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    Momocreatura - Hanged Rabbit Pendant Oxidised
    A pendant that will get people talking! An intricately hand-carved bunny hangs tortured from a tiny knotted rope wrapped around its' neck. Display him from his chain around your neck and let your companions decide if he was innocent or not. Oxidised sterling silver.
  • Momocreatura - Queen Skull Ring
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    Momocreatura - Queen Skull Ring
    A twisted band features a chilling, yet delicate and almost charming skull wearing a tiny, intricately carved crown! Witty and unusual, this piece looks great layered with other rings, or on its own to add a stylish edge to your outfit. Oxidised sterling silver.
  • Momocreatura - Hand-Cuffed Bear Necklace Silver
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    Momocreatura - Hand-Cuffed Bear Necklace Silver
    This necklace is one of momocreatura’s signature pieces. It’s popular with both men and women. The handmade cuffs are attached onto a hand-carved casted bear. You can even see his teeth. The clasp is made of twisted wires. Oxidised sterling silver.
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