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  • notNeutral Eccentric Green/Sable Rug
    notNeutral Eccentric Green/Sable Rug
    The initial inspiration for this pattern was drawn from traditional symbolism of circular forms representing the cycle of life and eternity. The designers were also attracted to concentric and repetitive patterns found in nature like growth rings and water ripples. Ultimately, as was their inclination, they were most intrigued by the irregularities in the pattern, the coincidences and overlaps that occur when there is a shift in the norm. Features: 100% wool area rug. Hand-tufted. All notNeutral rugs are GoodWeave certified. Dimensions: 96" round, 46 lbs.
  • notNeutral MENO Black Small Latte Cups Set of 2
    notNeutral MENO Black Small Latte Cups Set of 2
    LINO cups minus the handle, MENO is now available in a hand-dipped, matte black finish… Enticing to the eye and hand. The rich, non-reflective, dark glaze on these cups draws attention to its graceful form and is soft to the touch. Meticulously designed and tested, the MENO cups achieve a seamless marriage of form and function. The contour of the interior provides optimal fluid dynamics for the perfect pour, while the wide mouth accommodates the drinker’s nose to take in the aroma. The base is thick to retain heat, while the rim has an elegant mouth feel. The minimal profile of MENO is comfortable to grip and rests easily in the palms of the hands. This union of great design and great function is now available to the coffee enthusiast packaged as convenient gift sets. In this gift box: Set of (2) black small latte cups and saucers. Material: fine porcelain, dishwasher safe. Volume: 8 oz. Size: cup 2.75” H x 4” W; saucer 6.25” Diameter.
  • notNeutral LINO Pulled Plate Large
    notNeutral LINO Pulled Plate Large
    Designed as part of the LINO collection, these plates share the subtle ergonomic and biomorphic quality of the cups. This plate is the perfect companion for serving a meal with any of the LINO coffee cups. The oblong shape is sized to accommodate your favorite breakfast omelette or lunch salad, sandwich. Unlike a conventional plate, one side of this plate is pulled and extends fluidly from its base so that it may be picked up or set down with ease. Visually, the elegantly pulled rim echoes the iconic handles on the LINO cups and completes the table setting for your coffee service. Material: fine porcelain, dishwasher safe. 11.5”L x 8”W.
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