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  • LINO Coffee Mug Gift Set of 4
    LINO Coffee Mug Gift Set of 4
    When you've found the right coffee mug for you one that sits just right in the palm of your hand, nestling the warmth of that first precious, life-giving cup against your skin, gently wafting that irresistible scent into the air it's probably worth investing in a set of four. We're way into the way the sleek, ergonomic design of the LINO by notNeutral. The thick base keeps warm drinks hot, and the handle is specially designed to keep hands comfortable. Care : Dishwasher and microwave-safe. Brand : notNeutral Material : Porcelain Color : White Measurements : L 16” W 5” H 5” Weight : 4 lbs
  • LINO Mugs + GINO Dripper Set
    LINO Mugs + GINO Dripper Set
    Peanut butter and jelly, smoke and mirrors, the LINO mug and GINO dripper . .we’re way into perfect pairs. This combo of simple glass dripper and sleek coffee mug makes an individual cup of coffee. The dripper has a double wall that keeps every cup just the right temperature and helps the dripper withstand high heat. It was designed to rest atop one of two GINO mugs, allowing the hot coffee to pour seamlessly into an ergonomic cup that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The mug has a thick base to keep coffee warm well after its brew time. Care : Dishwasher and microwave-safe. Brand : notNeutral Material : Porcelain, Borosilicate Color : Clear, White Measurements :
  • notNeutral Season Throw Pillows
    notNeutral Season Throw Pillows
    Season Throw Pillows by notNeutral. An award-winning contemporary design firm recognized for its clean conceptual design and bold direction. NotNeutral pillows exhibit simple, fun designs in fresh color combinations. Add a bright, playful accent to any space with these delightful pillows. Materials: Silk-screened front. 100% Cotton. Feather down insert. Dimensions: 14 x 18".
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