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  • notNeutral Ribbon Highball Set - Set of 4
    notNeutral Ribbon Highball Set - Set of 4
    Coordinates with other notNeutral products. Dishwasher safe. Designer: notNeutral. Manufacturer: Rios Clementi Hale Studios. NotNeutral Glassware is created in a variety of styles to go perfectly on any dining room table. notNeutral Barware is created with the same innovative style as the notNeutral Glassware, a style that adds style to any setting or occasion. NotNeutral believes your own individual style and choices should be reflected in the items in your home. notNeutral Barware and notNeutral Glassware are both designed in the way that describes their name, not neutral. You'll no longer have simple and basic glassware on your table or in your bar. NotNeutral Glassware will have your guests feeling like royalty when they sip out of these beauties. notNeutral Ribbon Highball Glass Set-Set of 4 is etched glassware that coordinates with the notNeutral dinnerware. NotNeutral barware comes in two special designs, ribbon and links. notNeutral Glassware in the links design features many etched links similar to the links of the bicycle chain while the ribbon design is many sizes of ribbons etched in the glass. NotNeutral Ribbon Highball Glass Set-Set of 4 come boxed in a bold and colorful box all set for gift giving. You'll love giving these beautiful glasses as a gift as much as you'll enjoy receiving them. It's not surprising that the notNeutral Glassware and notNeutral Barware are found on many gift registries. NotNeutral Ribbon Highball Glass Set-Set of 4 are 13-ounce glasses with a modern silhouette that makes them perfect for your favorite drink. The elegant etched design is elegant and sophisticated when empty and enhanced when the glass is full. Keywords: notNeutral Ribbon Highball Glass Set - Set of 4, notNeutral Barware, notNeutral Glassware.
  • notNeutral Season Throw Pillows
    notNeutral Season Throw Pillows
    Season Throw Pillows by notNeutral. An award-winning contemporary design firm recognized for its clean conceptual design and bold direction. NotNeutral pillows exhibit simple, fun designs in fresh color combinations. Add a bright, playful accent to any space with these delightful pillows. Materials: Silk-screened front. 100% Cotton. Feather down insert. Dimensions: 14 x 18".
  • notNeutral Ribbon Carafe
    notNeutral Ribbon Carafe
    32 ounces. Dishwasher safe. Made in the USA. Designer: notNeutral. NotNeutral Barware sets are exactly what you need to start your bar set or put the final touches on an already started barware collection. notNeutral Barware is more than just a few decorative glasses, as notNeutral realized when they created their notNeutral Carafes. NotNeutral has made bold patterns and colors their trademark in their collections, patterns which you'll love in their barware pieces. notNeutral Carafes are the perfect solution to those special parties or events where you need your beverages to stay cold or hot. Whether it's iced tea, hot coffee or milk, notNeutral Carafes will get the job done for you. Regardless of how long your party lasts, you'll never have the worry about your cold beverages getting warm or your hot beverages becoming cold when you choose notNeutral Carafes. NotNeutral Carafes, such as the notNeutral Ribbon Carafe, are a popular commodity in homes as well as businesses. notNeutral Carafes are available in your choose of Links, Ribbon or Letters pattern, each which are etched to coordinate with the same notNeutral Barware collections. NotNeutral Ribbon Carafe is part of the beautiful and popular ribbon notNeutral Barware collection, which includes a variety of different size glasses. The design of many ribbon shapes is etched into the glass of the notNeutral Ribbon Carafe. NotNeutral Ribbon Carafe also coordinates with the matching Martini, DOF, Cordial and Champagne glass sets. They also coordinate with the notNeutral dinnerware. These notNeutral Carafes are boxed in a bold and colorful box all ready for gift giving. NotNeutral Ribbon Carafe is large enough for a bottle wine, pitcher of martinis or your favorite drink. As elegant and beautiful as this notNeutral Barware is when empty, the design is even more enhanced when full. Keywords: notNeutral Ribbon Carafe, notNeutral Carafes, notNeutral Barware.
  • notNeutral Apples Throw Pillows
    notNeutral Apples Throw Pillows
    The offerings from notNeutral are, as it says on the box, not neutral. Their bold, graphic look is excellent for anywhere you want to add some uncommon interest to your decorating, from the nursery to the living room to the dining room. The Throw pillow collection from notNeutral adds color and pattern in a fun, easy way. Use it as boudoir pillow to give your bed a modern twist. Zipper closure, dry clean. 18 x 14".
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