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  • Unearthen Silver Mota Bracelet
    Unearthen Silver Mota Bracelet
    Staring at this cuff just consumed me. The small quartz crystal spheres float inside the cages of the skinny and raised cuff so with every movement they catch the same reflection as the next but in a different place on the ball. Makes total sense after a while. And it has a small rattle which is a cute bonus. Oxidized silver plated. Measures 5" around on the inner edge and opening is 1 1/4". Made in the USA.
  • Unearthen Lapis Trans Cuff
    Unearthen Lapis Trans Cuff
    Continuous and open at the bottom edge for an easy on and off, but gently adjustable so you can have this sit exactly where you would like. Organic, hand carved and cast cuff with 2 tusks of celestial blue Lapis Lazuli symbolizing wisdom and truth, spirit and vision. Silver plated brass. Made in the USA.
  • Unearthen Sphere Cuff
    Unearthen Sphere Cuff
    Made in the United States. 18 karat gold vermeil over Sterling Silver. Crystal Quartz. Sphere measures 20mm.
  • Unearthen Gold Lapis Cuff
    Unearthen Gold Lapis Cuff
    2 banded cuff in 18K gold vermeil with 3 pyramids. One bigger in the centre of lapis lazuli, measuring 1" sq. and high, and then 2 smaller clear quartz pyramids on the sides measuring 1/2"sq. and high. Packaged in a small leather medicine pouch. Made in the USA.
  • Unearthen Turquoise Silver Prism Cuff
    Unearthen Turquoise Silver Prism Cuff
    Oxidized silver cast, double braided band with 2 prism cut turquoise stones at the band ends. Prism measures 1/2" high and cuff is 6" around and opening is easily gently adjusted. Turquoise is said to bring strength and protection from harm but is also the symbol of friendship. Go on, be a friend to yourself. Made in the USA.
  • Unearthen Phynix Lepidocrocite Cuff
    Unearthen Phynix Lepidocrocite Cuff
    Too good to be real. Double rows of the heavier white bronze curb chain, plated in oxidized silver and set firmly with a 1" lepidicrocite raw cut stone in organic prongs at the centre. Sits 1 1/2" wide and almost 1" high from the wrist. Easy on and off and can be squeezed gently to fit tighter where you feel best. Made in the USA. Lepidocrocite is a stone that often occurs in quartz, and is said to calm hyperactivity and deepen intuition.
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