Whether it’s a classic crystal designer necklace or a long chain accentuated by a stunning piece, big, bold charms and pendants are getting lots of attention these days. They make sprucing up an otherwise simple outfit a snap. Just accessorize and go. Shop dazzling charms and pendants for your existing wardrobe, from vintage-inspired pendants that make a statement to demure classics you’ll hang onto forever. Completing your ensemble is easy when you have the right jewels at your disposal.

Want something that’s truly a head-turner? Start looking at customized, monogrammed diamond bar pendants. Order one with your initials on it and wear it everywhere you go. Or if you prefer something a little more delicate, then check out Kate Spade’s Gramercy Locket, which is part locket and part pendant. The multi-functional pendant is a stand-out, while the long drop chain is thin and subtle.

You can also add to your current collection of necklaces by stocking up on interchangeable charms. Shop for shapes that speak to you, from loveable hearts to vintage keys and even infinity pendants. Once you have the memento you like, you can slip them onto a long chain for an instant win.
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