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  • Surya Anthracite Pouf - Ivory and Slate
    Surya Anthracite Pouf - Ivory and Slate
    Eclectic and gorgeous, the Anthracite Pouf gives a worldly flair to any den or guest room. Detailed texturing makes for an intriguing cushion that makes for great extra floor seating. Throw a pair of these bulky and fun poufs in the kids room or give one to your favorite small pampered pet. H:13" W:24" D:24".
  • Cyan Woven Sienna Stool
    Cyan Woven Sienna Stool
    Rest upon it a tray of biscuits and jam for afternoon snacking, an offering of hors d'oeuvres for cherished guests, a casually tossed throw ready to chase away the chill of evening. The Woven Sienna Stool boasts a luxurious Espresso finish that beautifully complements neutral color palettes or adds a touch of contrast to bold interiors. H:19" Diameter:14.5".
  • Surya Herringbone Pouf - Coral and Ivory
    Surya Herringbone Pouf - Coral and Ivory
    The color of sun-warmed brick, the delicate zigzags knit into the chic coral and ivory Herringbone Pouf bring sophistication and fun to your room's look. Design familiar from upscale outdoorsmen's articles brings a countryside elegance to your home in a new style of decorative accent that can be used as additional seating or cushions. H:13" Diameter:24".
  • Redford House Arden Side Table - White
    Redford House Arden Side Table - White
    A repeating silhouette and a tapering scale make the Arden Side Table an eye-catching addition to a room, especially when paired with dark walls or rich upholsteries - and the fresh, snow-white finish on this wood table helps it to stand out, functional sculpture in your space. Use it as a bedside table or to complement a classic reading chair. H:22" W:18" D:22. Each piece is made to order.
  • Surya Tropics Pouf - Emerald and Kelly Green
    Surya Tropics Pouf - Emerald and Kelly Green
    Neat and tailored yet rich with natural, crafted texture, this Jute Pouf in Emerald/Kelly Green is a smart, sophisticated choice for a casual seat next to your coffee table or for brief perching on the deck to watch the sun go down. Its braided natural jute is tinted in an exquisite, transitional light green color lent depth by the natural golden undertones of this upscale fiber. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • Redford House Swedish Cane Side Chair - Robins Egg Blue
    Redford House Swedish Cane Side Chair - Robins Egg Blue
    Vivid and elegant with a refined cane seat, the Swedish Cane Side Chair in Robin's Egg Blue easily incorporates into traditional or eclectic décor themes, its classic detailing a charming reminder of heirloom furnishings even as its bright color gives a cheerful character to the space. Use it to create a chic monochrome blue theme or to add punch to your palette. H:40" W:20.5" D:19". Seat H:18". Each piece is made to order.
  • Surya Tropics Pouf - Grey
    Surya Tropics Pouf - Grey
    Neat and tailored yet rich with natural, crafted texture, this Jute Pouf in Grey is a smart, sophisticated choice for a casual seat next to your coffee table or for brief perching on the deck to watch the sun go down. Its braided natural jute is tinted in an exquisite, transitional grey color lent depth by the natural golden undertones of this upscale fiber. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • CFC Reclaimed Lumber Montova Side Table - Grey Wash Wax
    CFC Reclaimed Lumber Montova Side Table - Grey Wash Wax
    Four closely-bunched pillar legs form the base of the Reclaimed Lumber Montova Side Table in Grey Wash Wax, a subtle and expressive example of the transitional decorative possibilities that prevail when neo-Classical motifs lend their serene dimension to the character of repurposed wood. The resulting table makes a sleek nightstand or a sophisticated surface for your living space. H:28" Diameter:24".
  • Surya Trellis Pattern Pouf - Cobalt
    Surya Trellis Pattern Pouf - Cobalt
    Ideal for making a space more versatile for casual gatherings, this bold-colored soft furnishing rests stably on its square base; its strong geometrics and eye-catching colors lend a sophisticated vibe to the room you accent with its loose shape. H:13" Diameter:24".
  • Zentique Andre Iron Cabinet
    Zentique Andre Iron Cabinet
    Rounded rivets circled by patina give texture to the eight drawers of the Andre Iron Cabinet, while stenciled white numbers give them contrast. With a robust charm that adds industry's impact to the home office, artist's studio, or children's bedroom, this metal chest is an achievement in heavy-duty hardware styled for transitional appeal to the eye. H:36" W:16" D:11.5".
  • Zentique Iron Stool
    Zentique Iron Stool
    An unadorned angular hourglass spotted with rust-colored patina, the Iron Stool has a geometry relieved only by the curved lips of each conical form. Pair with a baroque writing table to achieve the perfect incongruity of eclecticism or add to a minimalist interior where the uniquely industrial richness of the corroded metal can be appreciated for the artful finish it is. H:20" W:16" D:16". Some assembly may be required.
  • Currey and Company Brighstone Occasional Table
    Currey and Company Brighstone Occasional Table
    A breathtaking example of the powerful enchantment held in natural forms, the Brighstone Occasional Table is asymmetrical and organic, but the realism of its faux bois bark texture and the charcoal depths of its rustic metal finish are at home in traditional spaces as well as up-to-the-moment rooms. A small glass top reinforces the artful woodland fantasy. H:31" W:21" D:18".
  • Surya Cotton Velvet Pouf - Gold
    Surya Cotton Velvet Pouf - Gold
    Soft and dreamy to the touch with a stunning matte gold tone that captures the eye. Bring the Cotton Velvet Pouf into your home and showcase a timelessness in fabric and decor in a fun, multi use shape. Change the look of any space with minimal effort by updating with a pouf. H:13" Diameter:24".
  • Surya Cotton Velvet Pouf - Teal
    Surya Cotton Velvet Pouf - Teal
    Soft and dreamy to the touch with a stunning matte teal tone that captures the eye. Bring the Cotton Velvet Pouf into your home and showcase a timelessness in fabric and decor in a fun, multi use shape. Change the look of any space with minimal effort by updating with a pouf. H:13" Diameter:24".
  • Surya Cotton Crochet Pouf - Tangerine
    Surya Cotton Crochet Pouf - Tangerine
    Ropy crochet in cotton yarn means that the bun-shaped simplicity of the Tangerine Cotton Crochet Pouf has a three-dimensional, touchable visual interest. Colored a juicy citrus hue that makes it vibrant in transitional interiors where orange is experiencing a revival, this versatile multi-purpose furnishing offers a timelessly casual and invitingly thoughtful look. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • Palecek Branson Accent Table
    Palecek Branson Accent Table
    A column of geometric reinforcement and smooth studs, finished in a chic deep pewter, provides a surface for a drink or a tray, while the grain of warm wood at the top provides an unexpected note of the natural to the Branson Accent Table. Add structure to a softly-appointed room or complement angular décor with this dramatic occasional table. H:23.25"Diameter:15.75".
  • Zodax Wrought Iron Twig Side Table with Glass Top
    Zodax Wrought Iron Twig Side Table with Glass Top
    Upward reaches of iron branches delicately holding up a spherical glass pane is what makes the Wrought Iron Twig Side Table so wonderfully whimsical. Set on your patio for drinks or indoors in a guest bathroom. H:25" Diameter:14.5".
  • Arteriors Haven Accent Table
    Arteriors Haven Accent Table
    Alongside a favorite chaise, it may hold a treasured tome and a cup of tea. Beside a bed, it's the perfect spot for a petite vase holding a posy of summer blooms. Wherever it is that you place the Haven Accent Table, it is certain to warm the surroundings with its lustrous finish and alluring form. The hand-formed and gently rounded base sits atop a tapered neck; the burnt brass finish imparts a touch of glam to your transitional appointments. H:20.5" Diameter:14". Primary Material: Iron Finish: Burnt Brass.
  • Bliss Studio Battista Accent Table - 24"
    Bliss Studio Battista Accent Table - 24"
    Worn gold leaf around the rim of the Battista Accent Table suggests a baroque history salvaged for transitional glory. This low side table, ideal for a cozy low-slung armchair or for holding a sleek lamp beside a bed, contributes richness and depth to minimalist settings but holds its own in more detailed rooms with the complexity and interest of its finishes. H:24" W:13" D:13".
  • Uttermost Pegaso Bench
    Uttermost Pegaso Bench
    A bench that is most definitely not banal. Eschewing the expected dark wood finish, the Pegaso Bench boasts a charming weathered turquoise finish and an interlaced white rope seat that impart a certain joie de vivre to your transitional decor. Crafted of solid wood. H:42" W:19" D:18".
  • Uttermost Quito Teak Stool
    Uttermost Quito Teak Stool
    A bowed seat and utterly simple trestle legs make the Quito Teak Stool a tribute to simple construction, thoughtful craftsmanship, and minimalist practicality – all in the light warmth of unfinished solid teak. Bring out the beauties of jewel-toned surroundings or contribute to an air of the authentic in your home when this handsome wood stool stands in a corner. H:19.6" W:18.5" D:11".
  • Palecek Spa Hassock Table
    Palecek Spa Hassock Table
    Blocky weave in hand-braided seagrass covers the Spa Hassock Table, upholstering all but the base of this natural-feeling yet polished piece. A low furnishing that functions as a footstool, seat, or side table, this cube exhibits the lasting appeal of textured fibers and the soft golden-straw color that naturally informs the beauty of this seaside material. H:18" W:18" D:18".
  • Uttermost Avner Cube Table
    Uttermost Avner Cube Table
    From square one, it's a perfect blend of beauty and versatility. The Avner Cube Table is fashioned almost entirely of sustainable, plantation-grown mango wood with a waxed driftwood finish. The reversible lift-off top conceals the contents within but can also be used as a stylish serving tray. H:20" W:23" D:23".
  • Currey and Company Utopia Occasional Table
    Currey and Company Utopia Occasional Table
    Organic perfection meets graceful utility in the Utopia Occasional Table, a sculptural surface that seems to anticipate the needs of those who entertain widely or live graciously. Modeled after the taro plant, this table sets its two "elephant's ear" leaves parallel to the ground, offering a convenient surface for small objects and a supple counterpoint to furniture lines. H:26.25" W:22" D:13".
  • Cyan Quartz Table Accent - Large
    Cyan Quartz Table Accent - Large
    Like a shard of white moonlight illuming the night sky, the Quartz Table Accent - Large is dramatic in form and enchants with its beauty. The asymmetrical crystal rests atop a simple, square black platform, finished in matte black, that allows the natural splendor of the piece to remain the focal point. H:6.75" W:6" D:5.25".
  • Currey and Company Hanbury Occasional Table
    Currey and Company Hanbury Occasional Table
    With a Faux Bois finish that imitates the intricate beauty of natural wood, the Hanbury Occasional Table is supported by three legs in the shape of tree branches; the tabletop suggests a freshly hewn section of tree trunk. Covered in concrete, the steel framework takes on the form of a distinctive sculptural work. H:25" Diameter:22".
  • Currey and Company Waldo Drinks Table
    Currey and Company Waldo Drinks Table
    Place upon it a cool cocktail, a favorite libation, a cup of cheer that warms and welcomes. The Waldo Drinks Table presents a most distinctive design that reimagines the occasional table. The table features an exquisite Cloudy Sky finish and clear glass rectangular top. H:21" W:20" D:20".
  • Surya Jute Pouf - Teal
    Surya Jute Pouf - Teal
    Neat and tailored yet rich with natural, crafted texture, the Jute Pouf in Teal is a smart, sophisticated choice for a casual seat next to your coffee table or for brief perching on the deck to watch the sun go down. Its braided natural jute is tinted in an exquisite, translucent seaglass color lent depth by the natural golden undertones of this upscale fiber. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • Cyan Sirah Side Table
    Cyan Sirah Side Table
    Old-world liveliness of design makes the Sirah Side Table much more than a cylindrical stand for a lamp. An artwork in its own right, this beautifully-carved wooden accent table is made from an intricate continuous panel of open geometric latticework. Its craftsman impressions evoke fantasies that effortlessly stray from Carthage to the Black Forest. H:23.75" Diameter:18".
  • Uttermost Angelic Shelves - Set of 2
    Uttermost Angelic Shelves - Set of 2
    Elaborate carvings are starkly shadowed by the charcoal distressing of the Angelic Shelves' white finish. Offered as a complementary pair, these wall bracket shelves are ideal for small art objects or air plants, lending architectural legitimacy and romantic sculptural impact to interiors with European inspirations. Use them to flank a mirror or window for the most traditional grace. H:42.5" W:11.75" D:4.75.
  • Currey and Company Redgrove Side Table
    Currey and Company Redgrove Side Table
    To say that it's a most unique table is not going out on a limb. Whether indoors or out, the Redgrove Side Table imparts an organic beauty that is at once rustic yet chic, unusual yet familiar. Crafted of concrete over steel for a sculpted look, the table reimagines this furniture staple as both playful and practical. H:22" Diameter:18".
  • Arteriors Jacob Cocktail Table
    Arteriors Jacob Cocktail Table
    Define a central point in your living space, directing conversation and inviting interaction, with the distinction and solidity of a drum-shaped coffee table. The Jacob Cocktail Table is made from softly distressed wood slats which curve gently from its narrower footprint to its top. Lightly washed in a matte medium wood tone, the surface is refreshingly organic yet smoothly formed. H:12" Diameter:35.5".
  • Redford House Elizabeth Side Table - Lavender
    Redford House Elizabeth Side Table - Lavender
    Supple cabriole legs give a mildly curvaceous outline to this chic European-style side table, painted a fresh and surprisingly sophisticated shade of lavender. Lend feminine appeal to your setting with its slightly sensuous shape, or bring an unexpected pastel hue into your palette for quiet energy and a distinctly old-world air with a youthful appeal. H:28" W:28" D:20". Each piece is made to order.
  • Currey and Company Axiom Drinks Table
    Currey and Company Axiom Drinks Table
    Faceted outlines employ geometric planes of negative space to give the Axiom Drinks Table its architectural yet airy feel. Finished in aged iron with a mirrored top flecked by antiquing, this piece coordinates with complex finishes while presenting a triumphant balance of contemporary forms, making it a transitional showpiece with a functional presence. H:24.25" W:18.5" D:18.5".
  • Uttermost Matty Polygon Table
    Uttermost Matty Polygon Table
    Reflect the glory of a prized rug or counteract staid architecture when you include the Matty Polygon Table in your room's design. A truly unconventional choice for a night table, this surface comes into its own when its mirrored facets fracture the image of a forceful yet balanced living-room look. Black edges highlighted with red rust add a note of age to this practical sculpture. H:22" W:31.75" D:31.75".
  • Zentique Abott Night Stand
    Zentique Abott Night Stand
    Naturally-toned, toolmarked wood and chestnut leather handles spread warmth through a room from this compact, solidly-built side table, the Abott Night Stand. Topped with an eclectic lamp and a bedside carafe, it makes a guest room welcoming, while its three drawers offer ample convenient storage for a rustically-appointed master suite. H:27" W:20" D:19.5".
  • Palecek Woven Rattan Black And White Hourglass Stool / Table
    Palecek Woven Rattan Black And White Hourglass Stool / Table
    Hand-woven rattan in a timelessly edgy, slightly Southwestern graphic diamond design finds a place in every home, its pattern geometric and high-contrast yet neutral for a bold and tailored feel. The Woven Rattan Black and White Hourglass Stool and Table adds statement depth to your palette, creating a visually prominent note in a bedroom or on a deck. H:18" Diameter:15.25". Rattan over cast frame.
  • Surya Boho Strip Pouf
    Surya Boho Strip Pouf
    Colorful stripes offer invigorating seating where you can ponder something inspiring in comfort. The Boho Strip Pouf, a cubic soft furniture piece in a range of warm colors including deep red and on-trend orange, has a fuzzy, comfortingly classic feel, but its wool color is both durable and made to embrace the current love of color in transitional décor. H:18" W:18" D:18.
  • Zentique Galdy Stool
    Zentique Galdy Stool
    Inspired by the richness of antique piercework in floral motifs that are found across cultures in the most elegantly carved and festive furnishings, the Galdy Stool is a striking element of visual depth that speaks to a designer's investment in detail. The piercework apron and beaded legs of this birch stool draw the eye to follow the adornment of its simple frame. H:22" W:17" D:17". H:22" Diameter:17".
  • John-Richard Marble Top Accent Table
    John-Richard Marble Top Accent Table
    Just big enough for serving a few drinks or displaying a personal treasure, the Marble Top Accent Table is a showpiece in its own right. Its round top, made from creamy white stone, floats in the grasp of a rough, geometric nickel-finished frame. Geometric projections climb the three tapering straight legs of this lavish yet edgy element of design. H:28" Diameter:15".
  • Uttermost Kavita Accent Chair
    Uttermost Kavita Accent Chair
    It recalls the fine parlors of European gentry where graceful furnishings invited an afternoon respite, a calm interlude come evening. The Kavita Accent Chair surrounds you with a rich putty-hued velvet that covers the curved seat, rolled arms, and plump, supportive back. H:36" W:35" D:28".
  • Surya Crochet Jute Pouf - Light Grey
    Surya Crochet Jute Pouf - Light Grey
    A silvery tint like the shimmer on green water runs through the braids and twists that texture the Crochet Jute Pouf in Light Grey, a fiber furnishing perfect for spaces that merge indoors and out as well as for creating a welcoming, well-styled feel in a bedroom. The tactile surface of this rounded stool offers depth for illustrating the interest of your space. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • Uttermost Tyrah Accent Chair
    Uttermost Tyrah Accent Chair
    Expertly upholstered and hand-trimmed with plush velvet welting and brass tacks, the Tyrah Accent Chair has an unconventional shape that nevertheless pays homage to furniture-making tradition. With a padded and piped top rail and a frame carved from natural, subtly-glazed solid oak, this chair is both comfortable and classic while incorporating formal variations of design. H:36" W:22" D:26.75".
  • Arteriors Malika Accent Table
    Arteriors Malika Accent Table
    A removable tray top with high sides enhances the utility of the Malika Accent Table, a stainless steel occasional surface with light lines and brass plating polished to a brilliant sheen. Adding brightness to your space with its metallic glory, the tray is perfect for serving or for topping off an ottoman, while the simple lines of the base contrast with cozy seating pieces. H:18.5" Diameter:14".
  • Noir Cadby Stool
    Noir Cadby Stool
    Bringing a salvaged tone to a sleek bar or continuing the character of a room suffused with distressed finishes, the Cadby Stool occupies enough floor space to look and feel stable, but its sleek metal frame is architectural rather than bulky. A reclaimed oak wood seat incorporates knots, cracks, and nail holes into the interest of this striking furniture piece. H:27.5" W:24" D:24".
  • Uttermost Laurens Accent Chair
    Uttermost Laurens Accent Chair
    Woven asphalt upholstery is a stark, smart addition to this tailored side chair, its neat effect contrasting with the warmth of antique brass accents and coordinating them with the grey-weathered hardwood frame. With its turned legs and low stretchers, the Laurens Accent Chair feels both artisanal and grounded, making it a superb choice for transitional dining and living rooms. H:38" W:19" D:23.25".
  • HomArt Preston Tin and Glass Vitrine - Large - Burned Antique
    HomArt Preston Tin and Glass Vitrine - Large - Burned Antique
    Sharp, attractive, and versatile the Preston Vitrine flaunts a black burnt-wax finished base topped with an open-topped leaded glass enclosure and a lie-flat handle. Used as a fine-looking display piece, a fetching hurricane, or a melding of the both, the buttoned-up Preston will unquestionably impress. H:14" W:12" D:8.25".
  • Palecek Crossings Side Chair - Antique Oak
    Palecek Crossings Side Chair - Antique Oak
    A seating choice with a natural palette and an antique presence, the Crossings Side Chair in Antique Oak is timeless. Regardless of the style of your patio table (or writing desk), this chair looks appropriate in front of it, and the bentwood back and caned seat provide a craftsman sensibility, an aged counterpoint to fresh decorative schemes. H:35" W:19.5" D:21.5". Seat H:18".
  • Currey and Company Dartmoor Drinks Table's
    Currey and Company Dartmoor Drinks Table's
    A sophisticated, more slender version of the Hanbury Occasional Table. The Dartmoor Drinks Table is supported by three legs in the shape of tree branches; the tabletop suggests a freshly hewn section of tree trunk. Covered in concrete, the steel framework takes on the form of a distinctive sculptural work. Ideally scaled for placement of libations, confections, or personal items kept close at hand. H:26" Diameter:12".
  • Bliss Studio Swiss Mountain Chair III
    Bliss Studio Swiss Mountain Chair III
    Straight legs, a simple seat, and a cutout back with an unusual silhouette define the look of the Swiss Mountain Chair III, a designer transitional side chair with Northern European influences which are as evident in its shape as they are in the warm, light golden rubbed wood finish. Pair with strong colors for a progressive yet tradition-honoring home ambiance. H:31.25" W:16" D:14".
  • Bliss Studio Swiss Mountain Chair II
    Bliss Studio Swiss Mountain Chair II
    Providing a hint of country nostalgia with a heart cutout in the back, the Swiss Mountain Chair II is anything but saccharine, as its strong tapered legs and no-nonsense seat give this handsome wooden chair a practical farmhouse look. The light gold of the wood and the simplicity of the outline pair effortlessly with pared-down dining and living spaces. H:36.75" W:18" D:14.25".
  • Bliss Studio Swiss Mountain Chair I
    Bliss Studio Swiss Mountain Chair I
    A complex scrollwork back contrasts with the simplicity of the Swiss Mountain Chair I's slightly splayed, smoothly tapered legs and straightforward lines. The result is a harmonious and historic seating option that contrasts beautifully with a darker wood table or a colored wall, but also creates a sun-drenched palette when composed alongside other pale woods and tints. H:36" W:18" D:14.5".
  • Frog Hill Designs Brighton Pillow
    Frog Hill Designs Brighton Pillow
    Simple, elegant and versatile - the Brighton Pillow can go anywhere. Whether it be bedroom, bench, living room sofa or chair, this is a pillow that works wonderfully with transitional styling. Soothing hues of cream and sea foam in pleasing oval patterns give the Brighton its serene aesthetic. Comfy cotton works well with every decor. H:18" W:18". Cotton. Dry clean only.
  • Surya Square Ottoman - Coral and Beige
    Surya Square Ottoman - Coral and Beige
    Place upon it a tray of biscuits and jam for an evening snack by the fire, or invite one of your cherished guests to enjoy the casual comfort of upholstered seating while engaging in conversation and conviviality. The Square Ottoman - Coral and Beige boasts a generously proportioned top fashioned from 100 percent wool and solid wood turned legs. H:18" W:32" D:32".
  • Cyan Jules Nesting Tables
    Cyan Jules Nesting Tables
    Deep, rich tones drawn from the antique office and the vintage collegiate library lend a tone of upper-end distinction to this sleekly-designed trio of surfaces, the Jules Nesting Tables. The set of three occasional tables is made from walnut-finished wood and graphite-finished metal in a handsome duet which mingles casual and formal impressions for your uptown home. H:30" W:27.75" D:14.25.
  • Palecek Regis Crocodile Side Table
    Palecek Regis Crocodile Side Table
    The soft metallic finish of a stamped leather top and the whitewashed charcoal of a painted hardwood frame combine into a layered depth of complex textures that maintains a monochrome appeal. Worked into realistic scales, the Regis Crocodile Side Table's upholstery brings the couture danger of reptile leather to a practical, spacious surface. H:24" Diameter:23".
  • Palecek Panamawood Side Chair
    Palecek Panamawood Side Chair
    Two-tone rope weave, made from twisted fibers in an open grid pattern for an airy presence, composes the comfortable seat and back of the Panamawood Side Chair. Superb for a traditional dining room or for assembling guests in a garden room for iced tea and talk, the chair offers the richness of a darkly-stained hardwood frame to your look. H:34" W:18.25" D:22.75". Seat H:18.5".
  • Currey and Company Delano Corner Table
    Currey and Company Delano Corner Table
    Outlined in gold leaf, the trio of triangular glass shelves that comprise the Delano Corner Table make space for your treasures within a column of geometric interest. Though it's airy and spacious in feel, this table offers ample display room – enough for a few off-center treasures if your style is minimalist or for a beautifully-composed vignette if your preference tends to the more eclectic. H:28" W:15" D:15".
  • Arteriors Ora Stool
    Arteriors Ora Stool
    With the feel of an artifact rather than a furnishing, but providing beautiful functionality to your space, the Ora Stool contributes a mythic effect to neo-Classical or Tuscan rooms – and in any theme, suggests the air a faraway find crafted generations ago. The oversized wooden owl is as much a sculpture as a seat or occasional table, making it perfect for small bedrooms and spacious living rooms alike. H:19.5" W:13.5" D:9.5".
  • Bliss Studio Stag Leg Accent Table - 21"
    Bliss Studio Stag Leg Accent Table - 21"
    Painted in a snowy-fresh whitewash that unifies it with clean lacquered looks as well as more salvaged aesthetics, the Stag Leg Accent Table is sturdy, but the supple natural bends in its animal legs keep the look light and expressive. A richly-carved apron draped in acanthus leaves suggests an architectural gallery, conveying dimensional classicism. H:21" W:15" D:10.5".
  • Cyan Portman End Tables
    Cyan Portman End Tables
    An end table need not be endlessly mundane: The Portman End Tables eschew the standard form and materials so often displayed in occasional furnishings. The tables feature an interlacing mesh pattern in deep graphite, lending the pieces an unexpected exotic aesthetic. Ideally scaled to hold a cup of tea, a favorite read, or a bowl of nibbles kept near, the tables boast a striking beauty in and of themselves. H:20" W:19.5".
  • Palecek Tortola Coffee Table
    Palecek Tortola Coffee Table
    A richly-hued herringbone top of responsibly-farmed hardwood pays homage to traditional carpentry in the Tortola Coffee Table, a practically-designed, beautifully-built furniture solution perfect for those who entertain – or find the joy in rearranging a room. A rattan undershelf adds further texture to this rectangular wheeled coffee table's versatile look. H:19" W:42" D:28".
  • Surya Square Ottoman - Ivory and Olive
    Surya Square Ottoman - Ivory and Olive
    Place upon it a tray of biscuits and jam for an evening snack by the fire, or invite one of your cherished guests to enjoy the casual comfort of upholstered seating while engaging in conversation and conviviality. The Square Ottoman - Ivory and Olive boasts a generously proportioned square top fashioned from 100 percent wool and solid wood turned legs. H:18" W:32" D:32".
  • Surya Zig Zag Pouf - Sunflower
    Surya Zig Zag Pouf - Sunflower
    Pale harvest colors of ivory and gold give a sun-warmed subtlety to the vivid pattern of the Zig Zag Sunflower Pouf. A soft furnishing with a comforting yet upscale presence, this piece mingles the casual and the thoughtful when you make it a part of your bedroom, garden room, or studio. Its delicately muted yet happy hues are at home in every season. H:18" W:18" D:18.
  • Surya Crochet Pouf - Teal
    Surya Crochet Pouf - Teal
    Weighty cables of heavy yarn ridge and texture the surface of the Teal Crochet Pouf, making this sturdy, floor-hugging round furniture piece a tactile experience for the eye and for the hand. Whether as a seat or a footstool, this attractive pouf's sea urchin-inspired shape is a chic offering in a cool, bold color that's high-style, yet not too reserved. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • Currey and Company Dandy Drinks Table
    Currey and Company Dandy Drinks Table
    Drawing upon the glamour of soirées where the beau monde and glitterati gather, the Dandy Drinks Table is the perfect platform for beauty and practicality. Finished in Contemporary Gold Leaf and featuring a black marble top, the table is a resting place for libations, confections, or for keeping personal items close at hand. H:28" Diameter:13".
  • Zentique Audrey Stool
    Zentique Audrey Stool
    Over-upholstered with neatly-tucked corners and secured with bronze nailhead trim, the Audrey Stool provides a comfortable, practical seat before a low vanity and a relaxed element of occasional furnishing for the adaptable home. Its elaborately turned legs and stretchers show the soft glow of oak in a serene composition of classic carpentry. H:20.5" W:26" D:20".
  • Two's Company Orange Cote d'Azure Phone Table
    Two's Company Orange Cote d'Azure Phone Table
    A vivid, vibrant alternative to a traditional bar cart, the Orange Cote d'Azure Phone Table glides on nickel-plated wheels to bring its high-sided top tray and convenient undershelf to the spaces where you need an extra surface. The structure is entirely covered in faux crocodile leather dyed a zesty, saturated orange, unifying the structure of tapered legs and bordered top. H: 24" W: 18.5" D: 11.75".
  • Cyan Ethan Tray Table
    Cyan Ethan Tray Table
    With its built-in wine bottle rack and glass holders, the Ethan Tray Table is a space-saving solution for lofts and smaller dining rooms, but wine enthusiasts and those who appreciate campaign-furniture inspirations and innovative design will love this cleverly-made surface in larger homes, too. Three raised sides and narrow X legs make serving easy from this side table. H:33.5" W:14.25".
  • Arteriors Nigel Side Table
    Arteriors Nigel Side Table
    Slightly tapered to draw the eye upwards and lend visual stability while subtly maximizing the appearance of floor space, the brass drum base of the Nigel Side Table doesn't block the light, but filters and reflects it with the rich brass finish. Further richened by a thick polished glass top, this occasional table blends the aesthetics of vintage lofts and transitional living spaces. H:28.5" Diameter:25".
  • Surya Circle Strand Pouf - Cobalt
    Surya Circle Strand Pouf - Cobalt
    Joined dots of dark blue march across the loosely cubic surface of the Circle Strand Pouf, a casual furnishing with a global energy and a muted palette. Made in India with a sturdy, textural cotton cover, this print pouf offers a charming air of spontaneity when used as a vanity stool or a fireside seat, and it turns a favorite armchair into a stylish recliner. H:20" W:20" D:20".
  • Cyan Cotswold Console
    Cyan Cotswold Console
    Drawing upon the distressed detailing of artifacts found in the antique shoppes of Europe, the Cotwold Console Table is refined without being overly pretentious. The soft white finish of the gently curved legs stand in warm contrast to the natural wood top. A lovely addition to a hall, grand foyer, or an eclectic great room that pairs old and new. H:31.5" W:15.75".
  • Uttermost Schafer Ottoman
    Uttermost Schafer Ottoman
    A place for guests to perch. A resting site for a cup of hot tea and your favorite tome. A welcome spot for slippered feet come day's end. The Schafer Ottoman is a blend of beauty and practicality that presents the essence of bench-made quality tastefully exposed. Tailored in soft, neutral linen, this solid hardwood accent piece features traditional upholsterer's tacks on the exposed tan burlap. A unique stand-alone piece, the ottoman is a complement to the Schafer Armchair. H:19.25" W:30.7" W:19".
  • Redford House Clover Side Table - Robins Egg Blue
    Redford House Clover Side Table - Robins Egg Blue
    Appealingly complex outlines join with slender uprights and subtle curves to give the Clover Side Table in Robin's Egg Blue a dramatic yet charming presence. With inspiration drawn from Black Forest-style originals, but a refreshing attention to clean lines and geometric motifs, this brightly-colored accent table lends liveliness to your surroundings. H:29" W:28" D:20". Each piece is made to order.
  • Uttermost Chalina Armchair
    Uttermost Chalina Armchair
    Ordinary takes a back seat with the Chalina Armchair. At once whimsical and beautiful, the chair boasts a dark chocolate and milky white velvet outer surround, a linen box cushion, and tufted inside back. The gently curved wood frame is solid mahogany. H:60" W:33" D:32".
  • Zentique Paol Stool
    Zentique Paol Stool
    Though the basic form of the Paol Stool is that of a classic, tufted ottoman, the detailing of this piece has a more defined antique styling that visually connects it to traditional furniture pieces. With a footed lower frame in grey oak providing a little elevation and a hint of distinction, the linen piece is further ornamented by nickel nailheads and drop handles drawn from classic traveler aesthetics. H:18.5" W:17" D:17".
  • Zentique Beatrice Stool
    Zentique Beatrice Stool
    High arms and a sweeping curved outline make the Beatrice Stool a divinely elegant place to take a seat. Beautiful as a bench beneath a narrow window where its volute arms frame the space, it also makes a stunning vanity stool when eclectic classicism is a goal of the design. The linen-colored birch frame joins at a carved flower medallion, a feminine and elegant detail. H:26" W:28.25" D:15.5". Seat H:17".
  • Zentique Cathy Chair
    Zentique Cathy Chair
    Understated and stylized, the shell motifs carved into the Cathy Chair's cabriole legs and stately frame provide tone-on-tone interest, creating a mood of opulence pared to its bones for a sleek neutral-hued dining room or living space. Made from solid birch, this chair features an upholstered back and seat to provide a clean, smooth look to the planes of your home's appointments. H:40.5" W:21" D:21". Seat H:19.5".
  • Zentique Annette Chair - Antique White
    Zentique Annette Chair - Antique White
    Subtle detailing worked into the sturdy yet supple frame of the Annette Chair in Antique White brings an understated charm to this traditional side chair. A graceful addition to your seating arrangements with a caned back and tufted seat cushion, this pale and elegant chair is flawless at the dining table and intriguing in the living room. H:36" W:21" D:20". Seat :21".
  • Zentique Annette Chair - Distressed Blue
    Zentique Annette Chair - Distressed Blue
    A deep navy base coat flecked with worn shadows of color and highlighted with rubbed white brings out the botanical details delicately carved into the Distressed Blue Annette Chair's curvaceous frame. Cabriole legs and floral medallions in low relief define the look of this piece, a chic celebration of classic furnishing styles and the transitional taste for layered, tactile finishes. H:36" W:21" D:20". Seat :21".
  • Cyan Kirby Tables
    Cyan Kirby Tables
    Neatly nested against the wall, the Kirby Tables make a layered pedestal for a vase or artwork you prize and want to showcase; pulled out to serve as drink tables when you entertain, they turn any seating area into a thoughtfully-curated space for conversation and enjoyment. A rich combination of walnut stain and graphite metal finish ground the timeless sensibility. H:28.5" W:13.5" D:13.5".
  • Zentique Vita Stool
    Zentique Vita Stool
    Compass-rose cornerstones and fluted legs suggest a Classical revival geometry in the Vita Stool, but its neat oval shape and sinuous stretchers bring an intimacy to this Regency-inspired seat. Counter the angularity of staid architecture, fill a nook in an attic, or creating a tempting and opulent vignette in your bedroom with this elegant four-legged stool. H:20.5" W:31.5" D:24".
  • Surya Cotton Velvet Pouf - Charcoal
    Surya Cotton Velvet Pouf - Charcoal
    Pieced, piped, and plush for a deliciously textural feel, the relaxed yet tailored Cotton Velvet Pouf in Charcoal offers both a sleek sheen and three-dimensional geometric detailing for floor seating in the highest of styles. Its distinctive deep grey color and soft hand convey luxury and sophistication, while its low silhouette has a rich, global feel. H:13" W:24" D:24".
  • Bliss Studio Battista Accent Table - 29"
    Bliss Studio Battista Accent Table - 29"
    Balanced in proportion and completed with a complex, sophisticated rubbed finish highlighted by antique gold leaf, the Battista Accent Table occupies limited floor space but offers high visual impact in a transitional room. Topped with a sleek lamp or a salvaged treasure, its old-world appearance permits evocative styling of your home's furnishings. H:29" W:16" D:16".
  • Surya Linen Pouf - Light Grey
    Surya Linen Pouf - Light Grey
    Create studied subtlety in your space with the Linen Pouf in Light Grey, a solid-colored, wonderfully textured soft furnishing sewn from pure linen. The blocky piecing and sharp piped edges offer a hint of dressmaker detail without excess, while the natural texture of the genuine linen cover contributes to a pleasing depth in the palette and look of your room. H:13" W:24" D:24".
  • Cyan Shanghai Dragon Stool
    Cyan Shanghai Dragon Stool
    Large motifs give unexpected character and drama to this high-end take on the enduringly popular ceramic garden stool, the Shanghai Dragon Stool. Added to a sleek vanity, it brings eclecticism and character to a pale, polished room or a moody neutral interior. The creamy glaze which highlights its bands of studded texture and dragon-occupied cloudscapes provides light-colored depth. H:17.5" Diameter:13".
  • Cyan Summer Swirl Stool
    Cyan Summer Swirl Stool
    A large-scale turned silhouette allows the grain of the Summer Swirl Stool to shine clearly in its satin-finished fawn and golden hues. This beautiful wooden stool in its authentic color can sit before a writing table, a dressing table, or a dining table, or it makes a dramatic little drink table or sculptural pedestal when you're not using the piece for transitional occasional seating. H:18" Diameter:13.5".
  • Cyan Boyce Table
    Cyan Boyce Table
    Black is not the absence of color; in this case, it is the presence of perfection. Fashioned in a rich ebony color that appears both unexpected and exotic, the Boyce Table boasts an ample tabletop display area as well as generous storage space inside. The simple squared legs complement the modernity of the piece. H:27.75" W:40" D:17.75".
  • Palecek Holden Side Table
    Palecek Holden Side Table
    Express confidence in your use of space and create a well-ordered sense of thoughtful design in a room with the Holden Side Table. Perfect for balancing the breadth of a bed when used as an open nightstand, elegant for continuing the polished feel of light-colored flooring or furniture, this table is elevated by strikingly geometric cabriole legs. H:24" W:24" D:24".
  • Zentique Gosia Arm Chair
    Zentique Gosia Arm Chair
    The urn-shaped details of the Gosia Arm Chair's wooden arm supports style this piece with a neo-Classical flair, but other elements of design are pure country-estate romance. The caned half-back and the turned wrapping detail on the curved forelegs are among the many pleasing details of this memorable wooden armchair; tailored cushions add comfort. H:34" W:21" D:22". Seat H:18.5".
  • Studio A Punch Pedestal
    Studio A Punch Pedestal
    Glam is taken to new heights with the Punch Pedestal. Glimmering German silver (also known as White Metal) lends the piece a textural refinement that beautifies contemporary and transitional interiors. The hand-hammered grid pattern is at once sophisticated yet subtle, creating a striking presentation when paired with a favorite sculpture, a fine porcelain vase, or a treasured objet d'art. H:41.5" W:12" D:12".
  • Surya Lemon Stripe Pouf
    Surya Lemon Stripe Pouf
    Sunny white and yellow stripes warm up your space with both a hint of cheerful color and a pattern that provides comfortable chic with its simplicity. The wide bands of color on the Lemon Stripe Pouf provide a geometry to complement the unadorned, soft-cornered cube of this furnishing, while its 100% cotton upholstery offers a durable surface. H:18" W:18" D:18.
  • Palecek Lyon Square Back Suede/Shagreen Arm Chair
    Palecek Lyon Square Back Suede/Shagreen Arm Chair
    An unusual combination of high-end leather textures takes the Lyon Square Back Arm Chair's look from the range to the uptown in one glance – without compromising its coordinated look. Pewter nailheads over welted trim unify the pairing of suede and faux shagreen in a handsome smoked-brown color scheme that continues through the hardwood frame. H:38.5" W:23" D:25".
  • Surya Ivory Linen Armchair
    Surya Ivory Linen Armchair
    The expected takes a back seat when you place the Ivory Linen Armchair at your dining room table. Or present its simple sophistication amidst the eclectic appointments of your great room, library, or reading nook. Fashioned from 100 percent Natural Linen, the chair invites relaxed repose in the setting of your choice. H:110" W:60" D:58".
  • Arteriors Bellamy Round Side Table
    Arteriors Bellamy Round Side Table
    Though the silhouette of the Bellamy Round Side Table is arrestingly simple, one-of-a-kind interest enters through the irregularities and patina of the cast aluminum, which has not been polished so that the inherent imperfections of the process contribute to the appeal. Balance a detailed bed or complement a clean-lined sofa with this accent table. H:26.5" Diameter:23.5".
  • Bliss Studio Bamboo Tripod Table - Nickel Legs
    Bliss Studio Bamboo Tripod Table - Nickel Legs
    French campaign furniture has experienced a dramatic designer revival as its style points of portability and accessible luxury have transitioned into a world of consciously-planned, directed lines and top-of-the-line materials. The Bamboo Tripod Table with Nickel Legs invites metallic shimmer into this aesthetic while adding rhythm with a sought-after styling of faux bamboo. H:23" Diameter:18.5".
  • Bliss Studio Bamboo Tripod Table - Brass Legs
    Bliss Studio Bamboo Tripod Table - Brass Legs
    The visual repetition of subtle turns and swellings in the Bamboo Tripod Table's reed-shaped legs collaborates with the warmth of the brass finish to suggest a subtle tropical heat, granting increased life to the coolly-polished stone top of this campaign-style side table. Lighten the look of a bedroom by using it as a nightstand or give diagonal interest to a living space with this glamorous table. H:23" Diameter:18.5".
  • Cyan Miss Sweets Chair
    Cyan Miss Sweets Chair
    Dimensional, velvety textures give a tactile coziness to the elegant frame of the Miss Sweets Chair, a neutral-hued seating piece with understated feminine details that make it as suited for service in a mid-century reading nook as it is for a traditional bedroom's vanity table. The upward flare of the silhouette brings statement geometry to the simple but well-padded form. H:32" W:27.5" D:27.5".
  • Cyan Abelard Side Table
    Cyan Abelard Side Table
    Cabriole legs and a wide undershelf occupy relatively limited space, but introduce maximized possibility for both decorative carpentry and useful storage and display. This single-drawer round side table makes a charming addition to the end of a loveseat and provides a counterpoint to the angles of a bed. The Abelard Side Table is an excellent choice for smaller rooms with traditional styling. H:24.5" W:20".
  • Currey and Company Balboa Chest
    Currey and Company Balboa Chest
    Deep chestnut reds and subtle touches of moss mingle over the dark natural woods of the Balboa Chest, a storage piece which combines a pared-down, geometric outline with the richness and visual potency of mixed tones. The versatile aesthetic is made more refined by straight, sleek legs, fulfilling the fundamental points of several interior styles. H:32" W:31" D:18".
  • Cyan Cunningham Console
    Cyan Cunningham Console
    Industrial details meet elegant, traditional lines in the Cunningham Console, a timeless wall table in rustic iron and distressed wood. A top that appears scarred by lengthy use contributes to the heirloom tone set by the tall profile and elegant feet of the base, while an elongated set of x-stretchers just above the floor draws attention to the thoughtful detailing. H:31.75" W:42.5" D:12".
  • Surya Jute Pouf - Navy
    Surya Jute Pouf - Navy
    Coiled and braided fibers make a tactile addition to your home's look in the Navy Jute Pouf. A comfortable, curvaceous beehive shape with tight walls and intriguing fiber texture is the perfect antidote to too-consistent shapes, balancing vertical lines and horizontal corners, while the deep ocean color is ideal for seaside and inland homes alike. H:14" Diameter:20".
  • Cyan Twigs Side Table
    Cyan Twigs Side Table
    There is an airy, open feel about the Twigs Side Table, much like that which is found in a woodland clearing where sun-speckled trees form a verdant canopy. Boasting an antique silver finish, the table features a simple round top ideally sized for libations, a collection of antique tomes, or framed photographs. H:24.75" Diameter:22".
  • Arteriors Tennyson Stool - Brown
    Arteriors Tennyson Stool - Brown
    Riveting, Striking and seductive, the Tennyson Stool has an allure all its own. Place one in your walk in closet, or perhaps in your living area for maximum adoration. This fully upholstered stool in rich brown boasts classic curves with its x-bench design and is accentuated with nickel studs that bring this small but mighty stool to life. H:21.5" W:22" D:18".
  • Cyan Brandy Table
    Cyan Brandy Table
    Playing with expectations for perspective and solidity, the Brandy Table pairs a heavy top with a delicate base, putting a daring new spin on that furnishing basic, the drum-shaped occasional table. This graceful yet decisive piece uses gold leaf and black finishes, handsomely paired to emphasize a traditional richness in the surface's unconventional design. H:22.5" Diameter:18".
  • Surya Olive and Taupe Geo Floral Pouf
    Surya Olive and Taupe Geo Floral Pouf
    Neutral palettes leaning toward grey take on sophistication and depth of mood in the Olive and Taupe Geo Floral Pouf, a handsome global ottoman style with a neat piped edge that gives distinction to its large-scale print. Enjoy casual furnishings with rich, interesting detail when you select this pouf to fill a corner or provide comfortable extra seating space. H:18" W:18" D:18.
  • Uttermost Teraj Sofa
    Uttermost Teraj Sofa
    It inspires reveries of soirées high in the Hollywood Hills, where the beau monde meet amidst a backdrop of glittering stars and ink-black night. A dense, plush buff white velvet covers the graceful curves and deep channel back of the Teraj Sofa. The slightly splayed pitch of the sofa's form offers relaxed comfort. H:30" W:67" D:34".
  • Bliss Studio Dublin Bench
    Bliss Studio Dublin Bench
    A dramatic choice for enhancing the utility of a bedroom while giving direction and dimension to the space at the foot of a bed, the Dublin Bench is an inviting combination of flawless upholstery with patina metal that evidences the work of an expert craftsman. A narrow twisted bar stretcher combines with the flat, extended legs for a rhythmic contrast. H:20" W:34.5" D:21".
  • Bliss Studio Stag Leg Accent Table - 30"
    Bliss Studio Stag Leg Accent Table - 30"
    A tall accent table well-suited to holding a tray of drinks or displaying an elegant treasure, the Stag Leg Accent Table combines whimsy and formality into a breathtaking transitional take on past centuries' hunting-lodge antiques. Top with a mirrored coffer for an individual interest in the master bath or drape with a colored scarf for an eclectic feel in a guest room. H:30" W:19.5" D:12".
  • Bliss Studio Lana Bench
    Bliss Studio Lana Bench
    Delicate gold-leafed metal work provides an airy yet sturdy aesthetic to this bench, a piece made to complement polished floors and upscale color palettes. With pale upholstery and sleek lines, this upscale transitional bench is well-suited to active spaces of your home, where it adds a tone of inviting serenity and is easily styled to coordinate with the seasons. H:21" W:54" D:17".
  • Palecek Shell Tile Round Stool
    Palecek Shell Tile Round Stool
    Graphic and glowing with natural earth tones, the Shell Tile Round Stool is a drum-shaped low occasional table or ottoman assembled from pieces of mother of pearl, black lip shell, and pen shell in a random arrangement. This technique produces an exquisite pattern that's slightly unpredictable and entirely suited for a glamorous uptown home. H:18" Diameter:17".
  • Cyan Twisted Love Table
    Cyan Twisted Love Table
    A bare beauty like that of birch branches in a winter woodland suffuses the Twisted Love Table. Silver Leaf bestows a soft shimmer to the intertwined branch base, further lightening the already airy aesthetic. A simple glass round tabletop allows the focus to remain on the enchanting table base. H:22.25" W:18".
  • Surya Zig Zag Pouf - Aqua
    Surya Zig Zag Pouf - Aqua
    Stripes of muted turquoise form low, bold chevrons across the woven wool cover of the Aqua Zig Zag Pouf, a handsome addition to any corner or seating area. A classic occasional furnishing with an updated presence, this highlight of your home décor is upholstered in a large-scale pattern that keeps the eye moving through an upscale room. H:18" W:18" D:18.
  • Cyan Ms. Ta-da Chair
    Cyan Ms. Ta-da Chair
    The conventional and the expected take a back seat in the Ms. Ta-da Chair. With a style that calls to mind the form of a flower, the chair boasts a center seat surrounded by an outward curving back and sides. The marvelously soft seating boasts a refined gray coloration that allows for ease in blending with either vibrant or understated decor palettes. H:29" W:29.5".
  • Palecek Vine Hourglass Side Table
    Palecek Vine Hourglass Side Table
    Bundled core rattan, the forest of slender sticks finished with an espresso wash over their natural golden tones, gives an intriguingly haphazard appearance to the stylish Vine Hourglass Side Table. This dense collection of cylindrical fibers influences your décor to lean toward the imported and the slightly wild, making it an edgier companion to imported leathers or to more sedate wicker. H:22" W:18.5" D:18".
  • Surya Linen Pouf - Sky Blue
    Surya Linen Pouf - Sky Blue
    The practical sensibility of the Sky Blue Linen Pouf uses geometric lines and precise seams to let the texture of the pure genuine linen shine through the soft, escapist appeal of its delicate blue tint. The result is a soft furnishing ideal for casual seating and for lounging on a sun porch, its sophisticated look conveyed by the depth of real linen fibers. H:13" W:24" D:24".
  • Uttermost Reinhold Accent Chest
    Uttermost Reinhold Accent Chest
    The highly decorative but conceptually simple adornment of brass trim nails on the Reinhold Accent Chest gives a faintly lacy effect, but it never strays from sensible solidity – making this the ideal storage piece and surface for heirloom-inspired spaces or for rooms with a global theme. Wrapped in linen, the chest brings curvature to your room with a bowed front. H:35" W:36" D:18".
  • Cyan Livingston Nesting Tables - Set of 3
    Cyan Livingston Nesting Tables - Set of 3
    Filling a furniture niche essential to those who entertain, the Livingston Nesting Tables are a space-saving trio of occasional tables that stack neatly into the space of one. They vary from the standard expression of this novel design, however, because their detailing is so rich and their colors so pure, a combination of antique silver and gloss black highlighting expressive traditional carvings on the legs. H:24.25" W:12.5".
  • Cyan Marcella Tray Table
    Cyan Marcella Tray Table
    A tray table needn't serve up the expected: The Marcella Tray Table boasts a lively cyan color that lends the piece a certain joie de vivre. A cutout handle allows for ease in removing the inset, round circular tray, ensuring that your guests are served effortlessly as well as stylishly. H:21" Diameter:12".
  • Palecek Knox Stool
    Palecek Knox Stool
    Tansu styling and salvaged wood are treated to a high gloss that emphasizes their characteristics in the Knox Stool, a high-impact piece with many layers of paint - black, whitewash, and caramel - mimicking a found finish and its mottled palette. Distinctive dimension makes this piece perfect for adding strong individual elements to the design of a smaller room. H:18.5" W:16.5" D:10.5".