• GUFRAM Pratone Lounge Chair
    GUFRAM Pratone Lounge Chair
    Height: 170cm Width: 140cm Depth: 95cm. Weight: 30kg. Limited edition of only 250 pieces. Designed by Ceretti Derosso Rossi. Made in Italy.
  • Markamoderna Altamira Lounge Chair
    Markamoderna Altamira Lounge Chair
    Lounge chair. Bent perforated sheet metal. Lightweight, minimalist. Designed by Javier Cristiani. All stainless steel construction. Powder coat base and polyurethane finish. Show Additional Info
  • Vitra - Miniature Selene Chair
    Vitra - Miniature Selene Chair
    A number of spectacular designs ushered in the heyday of plastic furniture in the 1960s. In comparison to the designs of contemporaries, who turned to Pop Art for inspiration, the furniture and lighting objects created by Milanese architect Vico Magistretti are notable for their restrained formal idiom. Magistretti’s stackable one-piece plastic chair »Selene« was commissioned by Ernesto Gismondi, the owner of the company Artemide. Its most remarkable feature is the design of the legs: The S-shaped curves increase tensile strength while permitting an unusually slim and elegant silhouette. Polyurethame cast resin, scale: 1:6, 87 X 126 x 79 mm.
  • Cappellini Statuette Lounge Chair
    Cappellini Statuette Lounge Chair
    Design Lloyd Schwan, 1995. Polish lacquered fiberglass, steel, beech. Made in Italy by Cappellini. A statue in disguise as a chair. A beautifully elegant seat with arms stretched out to be used as a surface to set small objects. The Statuette lounge chair features a beech wood reinforced fiberglass structure with a metal base lacquered in natural aluminum. The seat structure is available polish-lacquered in your choice of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, white or black. Lloyd Schwan has been the first American designer since the sixties to elevate his name to the highest level in the New York design world. Famous for his exuberant use of colors, when it wasn't just a trend, he introduced for the first time in Milan his fun and functional objects, paving the way for the birth of widespread publicly available American design furnishings. With his work, high level items abandon art galleries and limited editions to become affordable to common people. 41.75" w | 23.75" d | 39.25" h | seat: 17" h.
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