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  • Jean-Marie Massaud Achille Armchair
    Jean-Marie Massaud Achille Armchair
    One of the most sensitive advocates of organic design, Jean-Marie Massaud is uniquely able to reduce his forms to the most essential lines, creating objects that blur the line between sculpture and functional objects. Infusing his design principles to a family of seating for the home and office, Jean-Marie Massaud's Achille armchair exemplifies the designer's ability to create modern, sinuous forms which are undeniably contemporary and timeless. Completely upholstered, the chair is visually stunning and available in a broad range of vibrant colors. The metal-tube frame is covered in foam and rubber which adds to the overall softness of the design. The upholstery is completely removable.
  • Junya Ishigami Family Chairs
    Junya Ishigami Family Chairs
    A collection of five steel chairs with a remarkable optical effect, young Japanese designer Junya Ishigami's Family Chairs are light, harmonious and functional. Each chair in the series features a distorted shape which could be read as a result of being placed under a magnifying lens. Influenced by a family gathered around a table, with each person having their own unique characteristics yet having the some basic unity, Ishigami's chairs have individual personalities created with the same elements.
  • Naoto Fukasawa Hiroshima Armchair
    Naoto Fukasawa Hiroshima Armchair
    A harmonious blend of tradition and craft, Naoto Fukasawa's Hiroshima Armchair exhibits an honesty of materials and subtle warmth while utilizing advanced technology and hand craftsmanship within the production process. With perfectly seemed joints, the armchair appears to be hand-carved from a solid block of wood. Unaltered, the texture and color of the beech and oak wood gives the chair a feeling of freshness while recalling the traditional Japanese wooden chairs of the past. Following Maruni's tradition of industrializing Japanese craft-work for over 80 years, the Hiroshima Armchair's production combines advanced technology with hand craft.
  • Piergiorgio Cazzaniga M1 Chair
    Piergiorgio Cazzaniga M1 Chair
    Ecologically advanced, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga's M1 uses a process of of co-injection molding of partially recycled and mass pigmented material to create its shell. The clear lines and slender form make for a visually impactful chair that is equally at home in residential and commercial environments. Available in white or black, the lean seat profile continues down the stainless steel sled base. When not in use, M1 can be stacked and placed out of the way. Furthering the chair's eco-friendliness, M1 is fully recyclable.
  • Konstantin Grcic 360 Degree Chair
    Konstantin Grcic 360 Degree Chair
    Neither a chair or stool, Konstantin Grcic's 360° Chair is a radically designed seat that falls somewhere in between the two common archetypes. With its name implying its 360-degree swivel, the chair's unique form of the seat is designed to be used in a variety of ways and may be sat on in any direction. Grcic's bold approach tackles the challenge of creating a highly mobile seat; not intended to be used in a static environment, the 360° chair encourages dynamic seating for short term positions that require considerable movement.
  • Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Papyrus Armchair
    Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Papyrus Armchair
    Inspired by the linear, well-defined structure of vintage chairs, the Bouroullec brothers' Papyrus armchair combines a translucent structure with a very fine vertical ridged pattern that covers the outer surface of the rounded backrest. The Bouroullec's soft, enveloping design melds simplicity and refinement with grace and memory, forming a modern and reduced version of the archetypal antique chair. The highly resilient material allows the chair to be used in a wide variety of settings, from residential to contract and indoors and out.
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