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  • Driade - Nemo Chair
    Driade - Nemo Chair
    The Nemo chair with the characteristic face-form was designed by the architect and designer Fabio Novembre for the Driade Store collection. Human shapes have always been a huge influence for the Milan designer, and the unmistakable main inspiration at the Nemo Chair. Visually the Nemo Chair reminds of the classic Venetian theater masks. The high backrest and the deep seating shell make Nemo an ideal retirement place and promise quietness and relaxation. There are “eyes” in the backrest so that the user can still be a part of its environment, even if he is hiding. The Nemo Chair is produced by the Italian manufacturer Driade as part of its Store collection. The material of the chair is polyethylene. The firm-standing variant is extremely robust and therefore adapted for the indoor and outdoor use. Moreover Nemo is available in a swiveling version. This one should only be used inside. Driade offers both variants of the chair in further colours.
  • Driade - MT1 Armchair
    Driade - MT1 Armchair
    Since 2005 the MT series of the Driade Store collection exists. The whole seating furniture series MT from the Israel-Britain designer Ron Arad consists of an armchair (MT1), a swinging chair (MT3) and a sofa (MT2). MT1 is an armchair out of a monoblock of rotation plastic (polyethylene). The comfortable chair furthermore is sand-white outside and orange inside. Because of the used plastic material it is adapted for indoor and outdoor use equally.
  • Driade - Toy Armlehnstuhl
    Driade - Toy Armlehnstuhl
    Toy is produced by Driade since 1999. The designed Philippe Starck designed Toy as a vividly coloured and stackable (max. 14 Chairs) armchair that is equally adapted to indoor and outdoor areas thanks to its plastic material. Toy consists of a polypropylene mono block and it is available in eight different colours. Additionally there are extractable covers available. These ones are made out of 100% sanforised cotton and possess an integrated, removable seat cushion. Also a self-extinguishing version in a grey GFR colour is available. The covers are also available in yellow, blue and green-grey beside the standard white.
  • Driade Store - Lord Yo
    Driade Store - Lord Yo
    Since 1994 Driade produces the Armchair Lord Yo designed by Stardesigner Philippe Starck. Lord Yo does not only convince in his optic, but offers much of sitting comfort too. The popular Armchair is besides that stackable (max. Pieces) and of his plastic material also in outside sections applicable: Perfect for pavement cafés, visitor terace or in the domestic garden. The rack consists of aluminium, the legs are special-anodized. The frame is manufactured in stained-finish pression die-casting. The polypropylene seat shell is available in ivory, apricot, red, white or blue grey. Also a self-extinguishing version in grey GFR is available. W 64cm, D 66cm, H 94,5cm, seat height: 45Cm and armchair height 70,5cm. Additionally there are peelable covers available. These conist of 100% preshrunk cotton and disposes of integrated, detachable chair cushion. The covers are avaiable in white, orange, blue, green-grey and waffelpiquet.
  • Driade Pip-e Armchair
    Driade Pip-e Armchair
    Designer: Philippe Starck. Manufacturer: Driade. Back Height: 83 cm. Seat Height: 47 cm. Width: 54.5 cm. Depth: 52.5 cm. Finish: Grey, White, Yellow or Orange. Material: Polypropylene Monobloc. Order Quantity: Multiples of 2. Origin: Made In Italy.
  • Driade - Costes Armchair
    Driade - Costes Armchair
    The Costes Armchair is one of the most popular designs of the designer Philippe Starck. Starck designed the three-legged armchair for the interior decoration of the famous Parisian "CafésCostes". Since 1985 Driade produces the Costes Chair, which is still very popular. The base of the Costes Armchair is made of black painted steel tube. The back rest is made of bented plywood with a mahogany inlay or optional made of ebon coloured oak wood available. The seating cushion os made of polyurethane foam and is delivered with an attached cover made of black leather. The Costes Armchair should only be used in the inside.
  • Driade - Soft Egg Chair
    Driade - Soft Egg Chair
    This egg is soft and (admittedly) not really an egg. Philippe Starck, the “Popstar” among the contemporaneous designers, surely cared about the name. His egg was made in one cast. Instead of egg-shells, here polypropylene is the used material. And for the comfortable part, like the egg itself lies in the shell, “soft” is responsible, like the name explains. White and ivory come fair close to what the chair represents. Soft Egg from Driade is not only a visual highlight and extremely comfortable, but it is also flexible and practical: It can find usage at inside and outside areas, and if necessary, several soft eggs can be stacked over another. The Soft Egg Chair does prove again why Driade explains sophisticated living for more than 40 years now. Because the Italians experiment themselves in aesthetics and the results are unsurpassed. A wide sound spectrum, versatile accents, the possibility of inserting dissonances that although improve the whole harmony: Because typical Driade elements do finally make the difference in the (only at first sigh simple) living micro-cosmos also elevating the Soft Egg Chair from its competitors. More details: Measurements: Width: 60,5 Cm, Tiefe: 57,5 Cm, Höhe: 74 Cm. Sitzhöhe: 43,5 Cm. In- und Outdoor geeignet. Auf Anfrage ist der Soft Egg Stuhl auch in weiteren Farben erhältlich.
  • Driade Bo Chair
    Driade Bo Chair
    Since 2002 produced Driade the stackable chair Bo after the design of Philippe Starck. The chair is made of a monobloc of polypropylene, through which it can be also used for the outside. The Bo Chair is stackable, and you pile up 8 chairs on each other. More details: The Bo Chair is also availble in different colours.
  • Driade - Pip-e Armchair
    Driade - Pip-e Armchair
    Out of the feather from the StarDesigner Philippe Starck came the design for the PIP-e Armchair. Since 2008 Driade produces the elegant and stackable plastic chair. PIP-e consists of polypropylene (monoblock) and is available in the colours white, yellow, orange and grey. Because of the plastic material the chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The maximal stacking height is 4 chairs.
  • Driade - Clover armchair
    Driade - Clover armchair
    Another highlight among organic seating furniture has been created by the famous designer Ron Arad: Clover. Since 2007 Driade produces the sinuous and clover-shaped armchair from one monobloc of white polyethylene. Clover can be used in- or outside due to the synthetic material. Whether at the poolside, on the patio, in the hall or living room: Clover is definitely an eye-catcher.
  • Driade - Miss Lacy Chair
    Driade - Miss Lacy Chair
    The Miss Lacy chair was shaped by the star designer Philippe Starck for the Italian manufacturer Driade in the year 2007. Miss Lacy has her characteristic appearance because of the interwoven flowers pattern in the round seat. The Miss Lacy chair carries the unmistakable handwriting of its creator Philippe Starck. As also the Lago and Out / In chairs for Driade, the Miss Lacy chair combines a round and full body with slum legs. The steel seat from Miss Lacy was covered with a romantic, appealing flowers pattern by Philippe Starck. The sitting shell from Miss Lacy consists of stainless steel. The flowers pattern is cut out of the seat by Driade. The legs of the chair also consist of stainless steel. Miss Lacy is only suitable for the indoor use because of the material.
  • Driade - Lago Chair
    Driade - Lago Chair
    The Chair Lago has been designed by Philippe Starck for the Italian manufacturer Driade in the year 2005. The large body of the chair is carried by a frame with four filigree legs. The round seat finishes in a straight backrest. The Lago Chair wears the unmistakable handwriting of its creator Philippe Starck. As also the Out / In chair for Driade and numerous other classic designs, Lago combines a round and filled body with slim legs. The organic look is fulfilled by the glossy surface and the bright colours. The sitting shell of the Lago Chair consists of hard-polyurethane. Four legs out of aluminium that are kept in the same colour as the chair ensure the safe stand. The Armchair is only suitable for the indoor use. Driade offers the Lago lacquered in the colours red, black, white, golden and silver. Moreover the chair is available leather-coated.
  • Driade Store - Meridiana Armchair
    Driade Store - Meridiana Armchair
    Since 2004 the armchair Meridiana is part of the Driade Store collection. With Meridiana, the designer Christophe Pillet created an armrest- and office chair that unifies seat comfort, innovative materials and organic design. Beside the here offered standard variants, also a height adjustable office chair, as well as an outdoor adapted edition of Meridiana are available. The Meridiana Armchair frame is made out of chromed steel. The seating area is out of polycarbonate and available in five colours: Smoke (G7), red (R1), white (B1), light blue (P2).
  • Driade - Out / In High Chair
    Driade - Out / In High Chair
    The high chair Out / In was designed by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for the Italian manufacturer Driade in 2009. Starck and Quitllet are famous for their exceptional designs and the usage of the most modern materials. Also the high chair Out / In is an instant eye-catcher with its unusual look. Seat and frame of the Out / In high chair are organically appealing through the curved shape. The high backrest breaks through those forms and ensures the unusual and abstract appearance of the chair. The design, optically as well as functionally, seamlessly connects to the numerous classics from Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet. Thanks to the weatherproof material, the chair is suitable for the indoor and outdoor use. The Italian manufacturer Driade produces the Out / In high stool as part of its Driade Store collection out of the robust plastic polyethylene. The high chair is available lacquered in white, anthracite-black and silver. The Out / In design from Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet ornaments a sofa and a chair besides the high chair.
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