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  • Established & Sons - WrongWoods Chest of Drawers
    Established & Sons - WrongWoods Chest of Drawers
    WrongWoods achieved to make an exciting design-highlight out of a simple piece of furniture, where classic traditional forms decide the shape. Sebastian Wrong kept to the shaping of the 1950s for the construction of the chest of drawers and translated it into contemporaneous design. Also the artist Richard Woods orientates to ancient forms and patters, taking a classic wooden grain as template to design an abstract wood-print. This printing brings modernity and exciting contrasts into the game. Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong came together in 2007, starting a cooperation called “WrongWoods” creating unmistakable pieces of furniture. Established & Sons distributes the products series which also includes the unique chest of drawers by the artists-duo. The chest of drawers is made out of printed plywood.
  • Zanotta - Adhoc Chest
    Zanotta - Adhoc Chest
    The Adhoc chest is part of the Adhoc furniture series that has been designed by the Design Studio Bruno Fattorini & Partners in the year 2011 for the Italian manufacturer Zanotta. The chest consists of several elements; the 741/7 edition possesses three large drawers. The furniture of the Adhoc series was designed with the aim of creating a flexible furnishing series out of industrial friendly material. Inside of the series there are numerous elements available which can be combined with each other. Zanotta manufactures the Adhoc furniture out of white steel panel. They also spread an elegant industrial charm visually with their clear edges and forms. The design possibilities with Adhoc are practically unlimited. With all the robust material, the graphic design and the simple colours, the furniture suit in practically every surrounding. They are seamless and unobtrusively inserted in existing furnishings, but can also become the focus of a home. The Adhoc chest by Zanotta is also available in further editions, among others with open or large drawer elements.
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