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  • Caronni + Bonanomi Sail TV Stand with Shelf
    Caronni + Bonanomi Sail TV Stand with Shelf
    Offering a solution for the clutter that typically surrounds televisions, Caronni + Bonanomi’s Sail TV Stand with Shelf is essential and light. Without the distraction of cables and mounting hardware, Sail lets the images from the television be the protagonists. And, when everything is turned off, it is a sophisticated and graphic design. The same vertical support that offers cable management also offers one of the system’s most unique features: it allows the television to be turned at and angle with ease. Furthermore, the mounting hardware for the TV is hidden behind panels for a clean aesthetic. This also allows the product to be placed away from the wall, because all sides are beautifully finished. Monodirectional casters in the base add to the stand's ease of mobility. The Sail TV Stand is not only perfect for domestic spaces, but is an ideal solution for the office, meeting rooms and video conferences.
  • Serax Maison Night Bottle
    Serax Maison Night Bottle
    The Night Bottle is ideal for a bedside table and a thoughtful addition to a guest room. The cylindrical bottle is topped by a drinking glass, which doubles as a carafe cover when not in use. Manufactured by Serax, a Belgium based design company producing innovative and affordable decorative pieces. The Night Bottle is the perfect bedroom accessory to keep a drink close at hand.
  • XLBoom Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet
    XLBoom Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet
    Give your keys an easy to access home in the entryway with XLBoom’s Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet. For added convenience, the painted MDF case features a mirror on the door, giving you the opportunity to take one final look before you leave the house. Open the hinged door to reveal ample amounts of hooks to keep all the keys you need handy. Never lose your keys again thanks to this easy to install, convenient accessory.
  • SmithMatthias Tilt Oak Shelf for Ladder
    SmithMatthias Tilt Oak Shelf for Ladder
    The Tilt Oak Shelf works with SmithMatthias' Tilt Oak Ladder to add more effectiveness to the unique storage piece. By accessorizing the beautifully detailed timber ladder with the Tilt Shelf a functional surface is added. Produced by Discipline, an Italian design brand whose identity is marked by the exclusive use of natural materials, the Tilt Oak Shelf is perfect to hold utensils and spices in the kitchen, to function as a towel rack in the bathroom, or to be used as a pen or stationary holder in the office.
  • Konstantin Grcic Jet Mirror Cabinet
    Konstantin Grcic Jet Mirror Cabinet
    With its unique swiveling design, Konstantin Grcic’s Jet Mirror Cabinet provides maximum storage without sacrificing space. The pure proportions and minimal design combine in this attractive solution for the bathroom. Available as a single or double mirrored unit, Jet may be combined in unique ways to create an architectural element for the wall. The lower part of the unit conceals a mechanism that enables the mirror to rotate, allowing easy access to the storage container behind. The MDF frame is finished in matte white lacquer and is complete with 4 anodized aluminum shelves within the cabinet.
  • Doshi Levien Kali Mirror Cabinet
    Doshi Levien Kali Mirror Cabinet
    A compliment to the intelligently conceived Kali bathroom collection by London-based design-duo Doshi Levien, the Mirror Cabinet features glass cantilevered shelves that host other accessories from the line. Innovative in its design and functionality, four glass shelves pass through the side walls of the molded cabinet offering internal and external storage. The shelf heights are fixed at levels that allow for a variety of product sizes to be stored. By rotating the cabinet 180 degrees, you can choose between left or right hand door openings which allows for double cabinets to be installed. The Kali product range is designed to integrate with the cabinet: the magnifying mirror clips on to the glass shelves while the boxes are proportioned to fit on the shelves inside and out. There is even an optional shaving socket and light. Identified by its clean lines and high gloss surfaces, the soft form of the mirror cabinet recalls a plurality of global culture characteristic of the designer's work.
  • Shay Alkalay Pivot Cabinet
    Shay Alkalay Pivot Cabinet
    An ingenious approach to cabinet design, Shay Alkalay's Pivot is ideally suited to store small objects and everyday necessities ensuring they are always in the correct place. Supported by two tall legs, the cabinet is secured to the wall and, as the name suggests, features two hinged drawers which pivot outward. Unlike conventional cabinets, Pivot allows both drawers to be opened and fully accessible at the same time. Perfectly suited for the home's entryway, the cabinet is available in a lacquered finish or in solid oak or American walnut. The cleverly designed Pivot was recognized in 2008 by the Dutch Design Awards where it was award "best residential product 2008".
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