Turn on the lights with stylish light fixtures for your home! Shop sparkling chandeliers, pretty table lamps, sleek floor lamps and all the lighting you need to make your nest glow. Not only do lights serve an important function but with so many gorgeous options you can choose ones that will truly enhance your home ambiance. Whether you want lighting fixtures to seamlessly blend into your home decor or you pick stand-out pieces that feature cool architectural detail, Polyvore has a great selection of lighting for every mood. Create a cozy reading nook with an angled floor lamp, beautify hallways with lovely wall sconces and make a dramatic statement with artistic pendant lights in your kitchen and dining room.

From modern to classic to rustic styles and more, discover new favorite designs and brighten your home with lamps that are just right!
  • Cyan Androneda Lamp
    Cyan Androneda Lamp
    Brightly reflective brass introduces an uptown glow to your space, its glossy metallic surface repeating the light of the bulb when the Androneda Lamp is illuminated and providing a vivid highlight when it isn't. The bottle-shaped base is complemented by a proportional tapered drum shade and sits on a clear block for high-end emphasis on form.
  • Cyan Chemile Desk Lamp
    Cyan Chemile Desk Lamp
    A gracefully curved arm directs the spotlight of the Chemile Desk Lamp over your work, while the handsome brushed pewter finish makes this transitional task light an accent easy to incorporate into today's high-end palettes. This lamp is handsomely appropriate whether you use it on a work surface or make the unusual choice to place it by a reading chair or at the bedside.
  • Rablabs Luz Nightlight - Smoke
    Rablabs Luz Nightlight - Smoke
    Bring a soft glow to a neutral-colored room without compromising its glamorous look. The Luz Nightlight in Smoke is made from a polished slice of agate, its shape governed by the natural edge of the stone when it was mined and cut for a one-of-a-kind accessory that's beautiful by day as well as after dark. Natural ripples in the stone add character to the light. H:4" W:3.25" D:1.75".
  • Rablabs Luz Nightlight - Fuschia
    Rablabs Luz Nightlight - Fuschia
    Illuminate a hallway with hot-colored light to guide guests or children down the path after dark – or install the Luz Fuchsia Nightlight beneath a console to flood the undershelf with a vivid glow. This high-end nightlight is made from authentic agate with a natural edge and shape, providing one-of-a-kind detail to your home as it lights up the darkness. H:4" W:3.25" D:1.75".
  • Bliss Studio Pierre Magnol Sconce
    Bliss Studio Pierre Magnol Sconce
    A candle rests cradled by the petals of a lotus in the Pierre Magnol Sconce, while the plate which secures this high-end candleholder to the wall is a luxurious overscale rendering of a single leaf. The unabashed play with scale in this sculptural wall piece, all bathed in gold leaf for an unmistakable glamor, makes this piece perfect above a mantelpiece or opposite a doorway. H:16" W:6" D:6".
  • Two's Company Stacked Urchin Lamp with Linen Shade
    Two's Company Stacked Urchin Lamp with Linen Shade
    Inspired by the delight that comes with a beachcombing find, the Stacked Urchin Lamp with Linen Shade calls to mind glimmering days passed seaside, when the tide carried gifts of nature gently toward the shore. The soft cream coloration of the lamp base is complemented by a round shade in a warm earthen tone that suggests sun-warmed sand. H:20" Diameter:13.75". Resin/Linen. Requires a 60 watt bulb.
  • Currey and Company Darjeeling Pendant
    Currey and Company Darjeeling Pendant
    A wide shade that emphasizes stability is accented with teatime details that put a room's focus on vintage charm. Ideal for the kitchen but not out of place in your sitting room, reading nook, or bedroom, the delightful Darjeeling Pendant has found-object appeal mingled with the high quality of a designer hanging light. Antique brass's rich sheen finishes the piece. H:14" W:11" D:7".
  • Cyan Celia One Light Pendant
    Cyan Celia One Light Pendant
    Age-flecked deep copper enrobes the sleek tulip shape of the Celia One Light Pendant's shade, giving a handsome significance and a subtle heat to the hanging light's look. Paired with a matching satin-finish canopy, the glass bell's slightly flared lip suggests a formality that's intriguingly in contrast with the deeply appealing imperfections of the metallic gloss.
  • Global Views Iceberg Lagoon Lamp
    Global Views Iceberg Lagoon Lamp
    How illuminating: Owing to the hand-done process that forms the ethereal blue details of this intriguing lamp, no two are alike. The Iceberg Lagoon Lamp features layers of colored glass, is handblown into a mold, and completed with a sandblasted finish that's wonderfully smooth to the touch. Takes a type A, 60 watt bulb. H:18.75" Diameter:8". Holds a 60 watt bulb.
  • Surya Shabby Chic Lamp
    Surya Shabby Chic Lamp
    It would be well placed within a coastal cottage, a countryside carriage house, a summerhouse by the lake; such is the versatility of the Shabby Chic Lamp. The Distressed White finish of the base suggests the gentle touch of time, while the modified drum shade in Natural burlap gives a nod to reimagined rustic refinement. H:34" Diameter:13".
  • Noir Gabbia Pendant
    Noir Gabbia Pendant
    The small glass canopy of the Gabbia Pendant echoes the shape of the standard light bulb, creating a subtly industrial surprise which is reinforced by the wire grid shell and classic, rather stately lantern details surrounding this pendant light. A long chain suspends this intriguing lighting option at the height needed for optimal illumination. H:14" Diameter:8".
  • Two's Company Natura Lamp with Starfish Print Linen Shade
    Two's Company Natura Lamp with Starfish Print Linen Shade
    With its clear glass base and understated starfish image, a soft and breezy beauty suffuses the Natura Handblown Glass Lamp with Starfish Print Linen Shade. Whether placed within a coastal-inspired great room, a welcoming entryway in a beachside cottage, or a summerhouse by the sea, the lamp inspires reveries of glimmering days awash in sunlight. H:22.5" W:13" D:7". Requires a 100 watt bulb.
  • Two's Company Montaigne Carved Lamp with Linen Shade
    Two's Company Montaigne Carved Lamp with Linen Shade
    Influenced by the dramatic appointments of drawing rooms in European estates, the Montaigne Carved Lamp with Linen Shade impart a touch of old-world allure to your transitional decor. Finely detailed, the lamp base suggests the delicate handiwork of a skilled artisan. A splendid addition to an eclectic great room, personal library, or foyer. H:23" Diameter:6.5". Resin. Requires a 60 watt bulb.
  • Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Large
    Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Large
    Gilded and gorgeous, the Percy Chandelier is an orbit of geometrical chicness. Stunning in so many settings, this is a lighting element that can be used in different rooms with effortlessness. An eye catching brass finish gives this lamp its boldness yet its shape renders it subtly beautiful. A perfect addition to a room that needs just the right finishing touch. H:25" Diameter:25".
  • Roost Seed Dispenser Lamp
    Roost Seed Dispenser Lamp
    A truly one of a kind lighting element, the Seed Dispenser Lamp is made from carved vintage seed dispensers that have been joined together. It is topped with a down-to-earth linen shade that gives the piece and casual, yet mildly eclectic feel. H:30" W:13" D:13".
  • John-Richard Sarasota Table Lamp
    John-Richard Sarasota Table Lamp
    Suspended within a white block, the seashell centerpiece of the Sarasota Table Lamp offers both a creamy glow and an artisanal questioning of the line between two-dimensional three-dimensional home accents. Crisp rectangular forms dominate this composition, but balance is maintained by the curved edge of the shell and the rounded corners of the shade. H:29".
  • John-Richard Golden Crystals Table Lamp
    John-Richard Golden Crystals Table Lamp
    Heavily clad in a spiky, organic ranking of crystal points, the bronzed body of the Golden Crystals Table Lamp is craggy and tactile for organically-derived décor, contrasting with the polish of smooth surfaces and contributing an antiqued richness to stylish interiors highlighted by metallic brass or bronze. A simple drum shade keeps the focus on the sculptural base. H:25.5".
  • Global Views Glass Balloon Lamp
    Global Views Glass Balloon Lamp
    The soft glow of the Glass Balloon Lamp inspires reveries of ink-black nights illumed by moon-glint that is as beauteous and wondrous as it is mysterious. When placed within a great room, library, sitting area, or foyer, the lamp warms its surroundings with a soft luminescence. Fashioned from white opalescent glass. H:26" Diameter:14".
  • Noir 345 Table Lamp
    Noir 345 Table Lamp
    A riveted base and an arm repeatedly bent into 90-degree curves provide skeletal industrialism and high functionality in this boldly geometric desktop light, the 345 Table Lamp. Complement a tuxedo sofa or contrast with sweeping lines and soft angles when you choose this task lamp's limited footprint and directed light to complete your side table or study. H:18.5" W:16.5" D:6".
  • Surya Luxe Lamp
    Surya Luxe Lamp
    Exquisite elongated forms, vertical curves, and sophisticated metallic textures combine to make the Luxe Lamp true to its name. With a small, rounded crackle base topped by a sleek hourglass of polished nickel, this accent light elevates its linen-textured drum shade, while double chain pulls give a subtly bedecked look to this supple piece. Overall H:33" W:18". Shade: H:10" W:17.5" D:18".
  • Cyan Lasseter Desk Lamp
    Cyan Lasseter Desk Lamp
    Double armatures and interesting hardware make the Lasseter Desk Lamp a brightly industrial addition to your workspace, providing sleek intrigue that suits minimalist spaces – and detail that adds to the narrative of more eclectic ones. A long, knob-tipped adjusting arm balances the flared, bell-shaped shade of this vivid nickel task light.
  • Arteriors Marsh Pendant
    Arteriors Marsh Pendant
    A caged dome of ash-rolled glass casts a soft light from the Marsh Pendant, a striking piece for bringing an outdoor effect to small spaces – or for introducing flattering mood lighting as the sun goes down. Vintage finishes are the focus of design in this lighting option, including brass-welded natural iron and a heavy industrial patina over its simple forms. H:17.5" Diameter:9". Some assembly may be required.
  • Surya Brushed Nickel Table Lamp
    Surya Brushed Nickel Table Lamp
    With a glamourous appeal that is reminiscent of the roaring 20's, our Brushed Nickel Table Lamp has a stately personality with a matching shade. Simply stunning in a pair on your living room console or as statement lighting pieces in your master bedroom, this lamp is for someone who desires dramatic, yet classic lighting. H:24.5" W:15". Shade H:13.5".
  • Cyan Moonlight Table Lamp
    Cyan Moonlight Table Lamp
    Fine brushed lines sweep around the subtle upright oval of the Moonlight Table Lamp's silver base, leading the eye horizontally to balance with the verticality of the form. Sleek enough for a mid-century modern room but not out of place in a more traditional aesthetic, this minimalist metallic lamp is a stunning task light or a welcoming reading lamp.
  • Surya Aged Bronze Table Lamp
    Surya Aged Bronze Table Lamp
    Subtle, mysterious, eclectic and brooding, the Aged Bronze Finish Table Lamp has a personality all its own. Evoke an air of mystery in your man cave or home office with this lighting element that features a resin base and metallic faux linen shade that adds texture and a handsomeness to this lamp that is hard to overlook. H:33" W:15". Shade H:12" Diameter:14.5".
  • Noir Tripod Table Lamp
    Noir Tripod Table Lamp
    Sleek and well-balanced, the Tripod Table Lamp has a stable appearance combined with a pleasingly delicate structure. This architectural table lamp is excellent for simple, pared-down rooms and for adding task light to side tables when you want the focus on your showpiece furniture. A clean-lined, self-trimmed drum shade completes the unostentatious look of this lamp. H:31" Diameter:14".
  • Surya Carmel Resin with Burlap Shade Table Lamp
    Surya Carmel Resin with Burlap Shade Table Lamp
    Worldly and exotic, the Carmel Resin Lamp is fluted and gorgeous. For those who appreciate lighting that is a bit more on the unique side, this lamp is for you. Topped with a natural burlap shade that is elongated, this lamp will capture the imagination and desire of its onlookers. H:25.5" W:14". Shade H:16".
  • John-Richard Elsa Table Lamp
    John-Richard Elsa Table Lamp
    Crystallized glazes in the aqua blue of tropical waters and the creamy pearl of snow-dusted ice create a balanced ombré effect over the double gourd shape of the Sarasota Table Lamp. Highly noticeable and tinted in on-trend colors, this exquisite ceramic lamp is crowned by a wide, off-white drum shade that focuses the eye on the base's curves. H:31.5".
  • Surya Resin Aged Black Table Lamp
    Surya Resin Aged Black Table Lamp
    Interestingly textured and urn-like in shape, the Resin Aged Black Table Lamp is a masculine and gorgeous addition to your living room or den. Topped with a camel colored drum shade, this lamp brings the drama and will look stunning no matter where you decide to set it. H:25.5" W:14". Shade H:10.5".
  • Noir Halo Table Lamp
    Noir Halo Table Lamp
    Columnar and textured, the Halo Table Lamp makes no pretense at mimicking the traditional two-part lamp, but achieves a surprisingly monumental look as an accent light in historically-minded rooms. Its gleaming, perforated cylinder of dark silver ceramic sheds a patterned glow which is pleasant for mood lighting on a sideboard or side table. H:25" Diameter:6.5".
  • Surya Clear Amber Glass Table Lamp
    Surya Clear Amber Glass Table Lamp
    Deep, rich amber coloring in a glass base make this lighting element a uniquely beautiful pick for a den or home office. Add a dramatic flair to your space while adding a pop of one of the most popular colors of the season. H:31". Shade H:11".
  • Arteriors Manuel Lamp
    Arteriors Manuel Lamp
    Artisanal and fresh, the Manuel Lamp's traditional bottle-form base is made from mercury glass with a mint-green cast that gives it the look more of a copper than a silver patina. The resulting table lamp beautifully suits craftsman-inspired interiors and seaside homes, but the on-trend color it provides looks richly transitional and storied in any room. H:24.5" Diameter:15".
  • Surya Lime Glass Table Lamp
    Surya Lime Glass Table Lamp
    With a splash of tropical color and a nod to mid-century glam, the Lime Glass Table Lamp imparts a simply yet luminous beauty to your transitional home decor. An elongated, slender base of smooth lime glass features a long white drum shade that finishes the lamp elegantly. H:41.5". Shade H:16" Diameter:12".
  • Arteriors Mambo Pendant
    Arteriors Mambo Pendant
    Hammered iron plated in polished brass gives an unmistakable glow to this of-the-moment hanging light. The Mambo Pendant makes a sun-bright crowning glory for a room, its domed shape allowing the luster of the metal on hammered texture to take precedence in your view. A slightly offset cord adds a hint of on-trend industrial style to the transitional pendant light. H:10.5" Diameter:20". Some assembly may be required.
  • Currey and Company Pennsbury Wall Sconce
    Currey and Company Pennsbury Wall Sconce
    Understated sconces aglow on the walls make a room feel warm and timeless, and the Pennsbury Wall Sconce is a perfect expression of this polished look. Candlestick-inspired forms in rich antiqued brass are topped by a sleek cylindrical shade of frosted glass, creating a winsome marriage of classic shapes with updated ones for a notable silhouette. H:13" W:7" D:9".
  • Surya Turquoise Reactive Glaze Table Lamp
    Surya Turquoise Reactive Glaze Table Lamp
    A slight fade to a warmer tone as the eye travels from the Sea foam Long shade Lamp's genie lamp base up its neck adds subtle crafted interest to this couture table lamp. Glazed in a rich turquoise reactive glaze and topped with a neutral linen drum shade that adds to its height, the lamp is stabilized by a foot to steady its proportions. H:32". Shade H:10" Diameter:14".
  • Surya Carson Table Lamp - Grey
    Surya Carson Table Lamp - Grey
    Drawing upon the colors of a misty seashore at dawn, the Carson Table Lamp - Grey features a base of warm Antiqued Gray with whispers of cream and earthen beige. Adding to the entrancing organic beauty of the piece is a natural Sea Grass lampshade that imparts a touch of whimsical rustic refinement. H:26" W:14" D:14".
  • Uttermost Bariano Table Lamp
    Uttermost Bariano Table Lamp
    A round form takes on the appearance of an artwork when embellished with dramatic fluting like that which graces the Bariano Table Lamp. The ceramic base is finished in a softly crackled white glass and is accented with a crystal finial and polished nickel plated details. Owing to the nature of fired glazes on ceramic, the finishes will vary slightly. H:25". Shade Diameter:19".
  • Uttermost Verdello Table Lamp
    Uttermost Verdello Table Lamp
    The soft neutral coloration of the Verdello Table Lamp suggests an earthen beauty that is wonderfully calming. The base is crafted of textured ceramic finished in antiqued stone ivory with softly glimmering brushed aluminum details. Complementing the warm hues of the lamp is a beige linen shade with natural slubbing. H:39". Shade Diameter:19".
  • Surya Orange Round Table Lamp
    Surya Orange Round Table Lamp
    Bright, eye-catching orange color cover the spherical base of the Orange Roundtable Lamp. A fresh, updated version of a classic look familiar from sun porches and beach houses, this attractive lamp looks elegant on a narrow table and comfortable on an dark wood campaign desk. H:26.5". Shade H:15" Diameter:16".
  • Uttermost Stabina Table Lamp
    Uttermost Stabina Table Lamp
    Bringing together materials that play with expectations of formality, the Stabina Table Lamp is an artful piece for any room with its mix of tactile rattan on its shade and gleaming black marble at its block foot. The simple bronze frame that unites the two balances the sleekness of the stone with the natural fiber's warmth for a striking composition. H:29.5" W:10" D:17". Shade H:10" Diameter:17".
  • Bliss Studio Saint Lucia Sconce
    Bliss Studio Saint Lucia Sconce
    Beauty comes through on-trend metallic details with the Saint Lucia Sconce, a confection of floral taper holders guarded by expressive fronds of leaves that convey the triumph of a new spring and the gentle splendor of winter greenery with equally exquisite presence. A starburst wall plate is the glorious backdrop to these timeless botanical motifs. H:25" W:9.5" D:6.5".
  • Surya Milky White Glass Table Lamp
    Surya Milky White Glass Table Lamp
    A polished finial and matching round block foot confine the sensible airiness of the Milky White Glass Table Lamp, a classic white-on-white design with a whimsical touch of additional curve. Return to the fresh, clean look that comes with using bright white as a neutral when you choose this table lamp, which also pleases the eye with the elegantly-detailed silhouette of its bottle-shaped base. H:42" W:17". Shade H:15" Diameter:16".
  • Surya Easton Table Lamp - Smoke
    Surya Easton Table Lamp - Smoke
    It may owe its elegance to the graceful ease of Bel Air bungalows where the decor is effortless, the style timeless. The Easton Table Lamp - Smoke boasts a clear Transparent Smoke base that blends harmoniously with color palettes either bold or subdued. The lamp is topped with a linen modified bell shade in Oatmeal. H:31" Diameter:16".
  • Surya Silvertone Leaf Table Lamp
    Surya Silvertone Leaf Table Lamp
    Shimmering silver spheres are stacked and streamlined into what is the Silver tone Leaf Table Lamp. Ideal for statement pieces on either side of your master bed or as a eye-catching lighting element in your living area, this lamp is enchanting and as unique as your own personal style. H:36". Shade H:12" Dimater:12.5".
  • Noir Luna Table Lamp
    Noir Luna Table Lamp
    So flawlessly minimalist that it becomes elemental in a room's story, the Luna Table Lamp achieves a timeless, uplifting look in a definitively simple design. Its upright globe of light, resting in a simple cylindrical base, sheds its glow almost fully in the round, making it the perfect choice between two reading chairs or in a conversational space. H:27" Diameter:18".
  • Surya Amalfi Table Lamp - Poppy
    Surya Amalfi Table Lamp - Poppy
    It calls to mind the sun-drenched waters of the Amalfi coast that mirror the mountains and are speckled with sails. The Amalfi Table Lamp - Poppy boasts a bright poppy glass base accented with natural jute that takes the form of a fisherman's net. Adding to the coastal presentation is a modified bell shade in burlap. H:30" Diameter:17".
  • Surya Amalfi Table Lamp - Blue
    Surya Amalfi Table Lamp - Blue
    It calls to mind the cobalt waters of the Amalfi coast that mirror the mountains and are speckled with sails. The Amalfi Table Lamp - Blue boasts a bright blue glass base accented with natural jute that takes the form of a fisherman's net. Adding to the coastal presentation is a modified bell shade in burlap. H:30" Diameter:17".
  • Currey and Company Kenan Wall Sconce
    Currey and Company Kenan Wall Sconce
    A tile of antiqued mirror on the wall anchors the Kenan Wall Sconce, instantly evoking the humble grandeur and rustic glamor of a French country house in a form that's at home in rooms of any purpose. Textured silver leaf on the arm that supports this sconce's single candle adds depth to its lovely, harmonious look, while aged details convey a sense of permanence. H:5" W:5" D:5".
  • Currey and Company Sadler Wall Sconce
    Currey and Company Sadler Wall Sconce
    Crisp and sleek with tailored angles, the Sadler Wall Sconce suggests a taste for the polished in your home décor. Its combination of gleaming nickel plating and snowy white linen is smartly up-to-date, while the emphasis on textiles pairs well with dressmaker details in your furnishings – or with neat, clean lines that keep a space fresh and functional. H:12" W:5" D:6".
  • Roost Constellation Pendant Lamp
    Roost Constellation Pendant Lamp
    A sparkling scatter of lights twinkle and shine from above with the Constellation Pendant lamp. Sturdy globes of raw iron perfectly perforated give the lamp its planetary glow. Ideal for a den or living room, staggering both sizes of these lamps in a corner by your favorite cozy chair lends itself to a stunningly simple, yet utterly gorgeous look that is never dated.
  • Arteriors Noreen Pendant
    Arteriors Noreen Pendant
    Bring a flattering light into your space with the neutral glow of the Noreen Pendant, a hanging light shaded by a lustrous smoke-colored glass dome and made elegant by the thoughtful detail of a cloth-encased cord. Beautiful over the vanity or in a quiet corner, this light also brings transitional elegance to dining rooms and working spaces of the home. H:17" Diameter:10". Some assembly may be required.
  • Surya Stacked Silverleaf Table Lamp
    Surya Stacked Silverleaf Table Lamp
    There is about the Stacked Silverleaf Table Lamp a certain jaunty beauty, an undeniable glimmer of glam. Finished in Aged Silvertone Leaf, the lamp reimagines this accent staple with a decidedly fluid form that suggests an abstract artwork. The modified drum shade in Metallic Faux Linen lends simple sophistication. H:32" Diameter:16.5".
  • Surya Metal Bronze Floor Lamp
    Surya Metal Bronze Floor Lamp
    Vaguely reminiscent of an old camera stand, the Metal Bronze Lamp has a distinctly vintage appeal that works well with a global or eclectic style. Imagine this lighting element illuminating your rich mahogany study, library or home office. A deep bronze finish lends a dramatic feel to this light while a natural burlap shade stays in line with its classic appeal. H:31.75" W:15" D:15". Shade H:12".
  • Currey and Company Lynton Table Lamp - White
    Currey and Company Lynton Table Lamp - White
    Add warmth and tradition to your space with classic forms and the pristine glow of brass and cream. Capped with richly-hued hardware, the supple base of the Lynton Table Lamp is clad in a crackle glaze, bringing handsome refinement to the simplicity of its outline; a smooth shade of off-white linen adds another curve of paleness to its presence. H:31" W:16". Shade H:12" Diameter:15".
  • Cyan Shelly Wall Sconce
    Cyan Shelly Wall Sconce
    To look upon the Shelly Wall Sconce is to recall a holiday spent along the shore, a season passed beside the sea, a memory of sunlit days when time was stilled. With its dramatic scalloped edge and natural texture, the sconce is a charming addition to coastal-inspired decor in your home, summerhouse, or seaside cottage. H:10" W:13".
  • Noir Topsie Pendant
    Noir Topsie Pendant
    Caged by an industrial grid dome, the single bulb of the Topsie Pendant glows beneath a metal dome, providing an eloquently rugged look that provides appealing contrast to gleaming kitchens or tasteful powder rooms – or looks apropos in more utilitarian spaces of the well-designed transitional home. A dark ceiling canopy offers a finished appearance. H:26" Diameter:22.5".
  • Arteriors Midori Lamp
    Arteriors Midori Lamp
    Though the sleek cylindrical shape, microfiber drum shade, and clear acrylic base of the Midori Lamp feel fresh, pared-down, and streamlined, its Asian dragon imagery and crisp blue and white color scheme make this detailed table lamp a sophisticated allusion to old-world motifs. Dramatic and noticeable, this lamp is perfect for the desktop or the bedside. H:29" Diameter:18".
  • Surya Golden Orb Lamp
    Surya Golden Orb Lamp
    A golden opportunity to take your lighting from the expected to the exceptional. The Golden Orb Lamp features three spheres of increasing size fashioned from luxurious Goldtone Mercury Glass that lends the piece an heirloom aesthetic. The modified drum shade in Ivory faux silk allows the glimmering orbs to remain the cynosure. H:24.5" Diameter:15".
  • Uttermost Georgios Table Lamp
    Uttermost Georgios Table Lamp
    Glazed in easy-to-coordinate, refined ivory over a textured ceramic base, the Georgios Table Lamp is a quintessentially transitional lighting option with handmade detailing for simple refinement. The raked ceramic on the shoulders of the bottle-shaped base allows the deeply-hued clay to show earthy interest through the glaze, while a hand-painted pale bronze drum shade unites the hues. H:23.25" W:16" D:16". Shade Diameter:16". Shade H: 9.5".
  • Currey and Company Caroline Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Caroline Table Lamp
    Bring timeless sophistication to your space with the Caroline Table Lamp, a sweetly curving silhouette whose verticality counters the floor-hugging lines of wide beds or the geometric angles of mid-century seating. Set on a clear acrylic plinth, this lamp relies on eggshell tints to give it a versatile classicism of palette that effortlessly fits into a room. H:32". Shade H:14" Diameter:14".
  • Currey and Company Beaujon Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Beaujon Table Lamp
    Rustic realism meets the poetic distance of idealized nature in the Beaujon Table Lamp. With a narrow, upright form that beautifully balances larger, wider furnishings to help a room feel larger, this lamp is made with a cast-concrete replica of a naturally elegant tree branch, its slim form finished in a soft, foggy grey to emphasize the enchantment of photorealistic faux bois. H:30". Shade H:9: Diameter:14".
  • Currey and Company Izzy Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Izzy Table Lamp
    A fixture that invites its surroundings to lighten up. There is about the Izzy Table Lamp a touch of playfulness as well as classic brilliance. An Antique Gold Leaf finish highlights a spiral design from the top of the finial to the base of the lamp, while a crisp Elmira White Parchment shade imparts a hint of subtle sophistication. H:37". Elimira white parchment shade.
  • Currey and Company Burton Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Burton Table Lamp
    Candlestick silhouettes and narrow, elegant proportions make the Burton Table Lamp a sophisticated choice for rooms with antique provenance or transitional themes. Gleaming in tarnished silver, this lamp is upright and spare enough to complement a console or illuminate a desk, while the classic simplicity of its color suits a time-worn room. H:38" W:14" D:14". Shade H:11" W:13" D:14".
  • Uttermost Dalton Floor Lamp
    Uttermost Dalton Floor Lamp
    The handsome glow that the Dalton Floor Lamp brings to a room is not simply from illumination. Its base, simply but richly carved with reeded uprights and a distinctive geometric block at the foot, is rich with burnished wood tones; aged bronze hardware at the lamp's arm and shade brings a metallic depth to this transitional styling perfect for offices and libraries. H:57" W:5.75" D:5.75". Shade Diameter:6".
  • Surya Simplicity Table Lamp
    Surya Simplicity Table Lamp
    Simplicity begets beauty in the Simplicity Table Lamp. The clear glass base boasts a slightly irregular form that suggests the handiwork of an old-world artisan. A modified drum shade in Natural burlap lends the piece a certain charm that needs no additional embellishment. Placed upon a side table, occasional table, or home office desk, the lamp imparts an airy aesthetic to its surroundings. H:33" Diameter:16".
  • Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Small
    Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Small
    Gilded and gorgeous, the Percy Chandelier is an orbit of geometrical chicness. Stunning in so many settings, this is a lighting element that can be used in different rooms with effortlessness. An eye catching brass finish gives this lamp its boldness yet its shape renders it subtly beautiful. A perfect addition to a room that needs just the right finishing touch. H:15" Diameter:14". Total Wattage: 60.
  • Global Views Seahorse Lamp - Gold
    Global Views Seahorse Lamp - Gold
    There is an enchanting and whimsical beauty about the sea horse, a creature of the sea that ever-so-lightly rides the waves with seemingly effortless grace. The Seahorse Lamp - Gold is inspired by William Denslow's early seahorse illustrations that appeared in Roycroft book covers. The golden hued lamp captures the imagination when placed among the eclectic furnishings of a great room, a seaside cottage, or a coastal chic master suite. H:28.75" W:18" D:6". Shade H:10" W:18" D:8.5".
  • Global Views Bulb Vase Lamp - Antique Brass
    Global Views Bulb Vase Lamp - Antique Brass
    Elongated and willowy, the Bulb Vase Lamp - Antique Brass boasts a simple and sophisticated outline that blends well with transitional appointments. The gourd-shaped base is finished in softly glistening antique brass. Topping off the lamp's slender beauty: a round and elongated drum hardback shade in a polyester and silk blend with an ivory faux silk self trim. H:50.5" Diameter:5". Shade H:24.25" Diameter:16".
  • Currey and Company Petra Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Petra Table Lamp
    Allow the Petra Table Lamp to shed some light on your taste for unadorned beauty. The jug-like terracotta body boasts a rustic antique finishing in earthy Bronze complemented by a wooden base finished in Distressed Black. Rounding out the lamp's natural allure: a Natural Linen shade in off-white. H:30". Natural linen shade.
  • Arteriors Kato Lamp
    Arteriors Kato Lamp
    Stylized and abstracted, the drawn-out figure which adds sculptural detail to the upright Kato Lamp nonetheless offers a clear portrayal of an idealized male, his slim height complementing the more horizontal interest of this table lamp's black base. The rectangular microfiber shade that crowns it contributes Deco-inspired drama to the striking lighting option. H:32.5" Diameter:15".
  • Arteriors Caviar Medium Polished Nickel/Clear Glass Pendant
    Arteriors Caviar Medium Polished Nickel/Clear Glass Pendant
    Light a room with the traditional shape and updated, luxurious design of the Caviar globe pendant light in clear glass and brightly polished nickel. On a single cable of silver metal, a cone of silver mesh contains a light surrounded by a spherical corona of delicate clear glass. The globe resembles a floating bubble; its height can be adjusted to perfectly suit your furniture arrangement. Both light and ornament, the Caviar pendant is a luxurious home décor choice. H:39" Diameter:10".
  • Cyan Kirkwood Table Lamp
    Cyan Kirkwood Table Lamp
    The sleek minimalism of mid-century modernism is illumed in the Kirkwood Table Lamp. Crafted from richly grained maple with a warm coloration, the lamp boasts an angular beauty in both the base and the shade that lends the fixture a dramatic form that requires no additional embellishment to delight. H:35" W:16" D:16".
  • Uttermost Caposele Table Lamp
    Uttermost Caposele Table Lamp
    Add a sense of updated, stylish precision to your desk or side table with crisp ivory linen, dramatic charcoal glass, and polished nickel. The Caposele Table Lamp's dark metallic base has a tapered shape that reflects the less dramatic taper of the hardback drum shade, creating consistency and upward movement in the form of this transitional lamp. H:32" W:17" D:17". Shade Diameter:17".
  • Currey and Company Flamboyant Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Flamboyant Table Lamp
    Faintly tinted with timeless celadon, the crushed-glass mosaic of the Flamboyant Table Lamp's base has a cool and delicate presence, its organic crackle texture wrapping over sleek curves to form the petite bottle silhouette. A creamy shantung shade contributes another fine texture as well as a soft hint of warmth to this stylish traditional lamp. H:27" W:15". Shade H:9" W:13" D:19".
  • Currey and Company Moonrise Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Moonrise Table Lamp
    Somewhat monolithic but irrefutably stylish, the Moonrise Table Lamp is arresting, an artisanal addition to a room where dark, gleaming metallic finishes assert a transitional taste for visual power. Its two-tone bronze and charcoal base melds geometry and curve, while the square shade of off-white shantung provides a structured, cultural finish to the look. H:27". Shade H:11" W:20" D:9".
  • Currey and Company Belize Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Belize Table Lamp
    Gallery-quality contemplation is symbolized by this transitional lighting piece, which features a realistically-detailed conch shell poised in geometric suspension between an ample cubic base and a shantung box shade of a softer, warmer tone. The Belize Table Lamp's mix of oceanic realism with crisp tones and angles makes it eye-catching and poetic. H:34". Shade H:12" W:17" D:10".
  • Currey and Company Eiderdown Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Eiderdown Table Lamp
    Subtle gloss and the curves of a gleaming, supple pear-like form bring upscale overtones to the birch-bark brushwork of the Eiderdown Table Lamp's base. This impressive but easy-to-coordinate lighting piece features a linen-hued drum shade, which adds warmth to the neutral yet sensitively organic palette that defines this lamp's cultured look. H:30". Shade H:16" Diameter:16".
  • Studio A Compass Table Lamp
    Studio A Compass Table Lamp
    Wherever you place the Compass Table Lamp in your home, beauty is certain to be illuminated in all directions. The Giacometti-style lamp is crafted from cast aluminum accentuated with a rich antique bronze finish. Generously scaled, the lamp is topped with a round drum hardback shade in white burlap. H:43" Diameter:8". Shade H12" Diameter:20". Holds two 60 watt bulbs.
  • Currey and Company Swoon Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Swoon Table Lamp
    Coordinate your room with a high point of metallic brightness that maintains a polished high-end feel. The sweep of the twisting neck on the Swoon Table Lamp's vase-shaped base leads the eye through polished planes, providing visual movement as well as simple drama to your transitional style. A shantung shade and acrylic base bring depth to the finish. H:32". Shade H:16"W:16" D:11".
  • Arteriors Lana Lamp
    Arteriors Lana Lamp
    A columnar effect emerges from the balanced design on the Lana Lamp, in which a tube-shaped ivory microfiber shade sits high above a handmade sculpture of urchin-like spines. Superb for introducing organic detail to the sophisticated, reserved color scheme of transitional décor, this vertical table lamp is mediated by the richness of antiqued brass. H:26" Diameter:10".
  • Currey and Company Charney Pendant
    Currey and Company Charney Pendant
    Soft amber spheres glow throughout the dark antiqued tin walls of the Charney Pendant, a cylindrical hanging light in an industrially nocturnal metallic finish studded with softly-hued stars of warm illumination. Dimensional and unexpected, this graceful piece adds faintly rustic elegance to your surroundings when suspended over a round table or a live-edge bar. H:11" Diameter:9".
  • Palecek Stanton Tripod Table Lamp
    Palecek Stanton Tripod Table Lamp
    Innovative transitional design familiar from floor lamps enters you room on a more diminutive scale with the Stanton Tripod Table Lamp, a task-lighting piece perfect for desks and bedside tables. The industrial structure combines with warm golden wood tones and gleaming silver metal, giving a lighter and more welcoming take on its graphic geometry. H:25" Diameter:12".
  • Arteriors Maeve Lamp
    Arteriors Maeve Lamp
    A shimmering ladder of mercury stripes gives an updated feel to the Maeve Lamp, making its simple silhouette an apt detail for adding on-trend metallic glamor to a seaside cottage or for supplying horizontal detail to an uptown suite. A cylindrical shade of ivory microfiber echoes the base's simple lines and lofty height for a more current silhouette. H:26.5" Diameter:11".
  • Roost Beam Chandelier
    Roost Beam Chandelier
    Inspired by the simpler designs of the turn-of-the-century, the Beam Chandelier features striking brass fittings that add a certain charm to the fixture, as well as, cloth covered cords. Perfectly suitable for a styled space that boasts contemporary/minimalistic flair or fitting for a charming rustic interior, this is a light that is as timeless as it is illuminating. H: Up to 50.5" W:48".
  • Noir Aprilia Floor Lamp
    Noir Aprilia Floor Lamp
    A dramatic fluted sphere atop a high, slender upright pole eloquently balances outdoor with indoor aesthetics and old-world style with modern lighting needs. The Aprilia Floor Lamp appears to contradict gravity with its balloon-like shape, while the ring of dark metal around the silvery shade supplies a touch of the industrial for an easy versatility that suits transitional rooms. H:65.5" Diameter:13.5".
  • Arteriors Magoo Lamp
    Arteriors Magoo Lamp
    Combining clean geometric lines with the appealingly handmade characteristics of contrasting finishes and weighty clay, the Magoo Lamp presents the neutral hues of midcentury in a form that beautifully interprets its characteristic style points. The gentle angles and delicate ivory crackle bring understated beauty to a room with warm and natural accents. H:31.5" Diameter:19".
  • Arteriors Orlenda Lamp
    Arteriors Orlenda Lamp
    Hand-carved into a curvaceous hourglass, the solid mango-wood base of the Orlenda Lamp is finished only with a simple wax treatment so the rich grain shows to best advantage under the lamp's light. A narrow, tapered drum shade in off-white linen perpetually redirects attention to the one-of-a-kind organic interest of the lamp's beautiful base. H:32" Diameter:16".
  • Arteriors Mariella Lamp
    Arteriors Mariella Lamp
    A column of porcelain hand-detailed with wavering fields of hatched etching and flowing linework, the Mariella Lamp was handmade in Portugal, and it offers a composed showcase of the ceramicist's art. Bands of striking cobalt and espresso color balance the verticality of the natural bone-colored pillar, contrasting with the light smoothness of the ivory microfiber shade. H:25.5" Diameter:17".
  • Currey and Company Beaujon Floor Lamp
    Currey and Company Beaujon Floor Lamp
    The slight waver and truncated turns of a slender branch are realistically mimicked by the upright form of the Beaujon Floor Lamp, a sculptural sketch of a lamp that emphasizes slender verticality as its deep grey faux bois contributes to a spare couture look – or an impression of enchantment. Warm linen on the shade contrasts with the base's polished concrete. H:70". Shade H:11" Diameter:18".
  • Roost Edison Lamp
    Roost Edison Lamp
    Sheesham wood and glass are what this fun and eclectic light are comprised of. This lamp is perfectly suited to showcase the ever intriguing filament bulb, a bulb crafted using the same technique as early Edison bulbs and is a simply stunning addition to your home. This vintage style lamp is a must have for your home's library desktop. Filament bulb is sold separately. H:10" Diameter:5".
  • Currey and Company Echelon Floor Lamp
    Currey and Company Echelon Floor Lamp
    Shimmering beauty taken to the next echelon. Sleek and slender and simply cool, the Echelon Floor Lamp boasts a Contemporary Silver Leaf finish that imparts an air of modern-day sophistication to a classic form. Topped with an Off White linen shade, the lamp is fashioned from wrought iron and topped with a geometric finial. H:69". Off white linen shade.
  • Currey and Company Paolo Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Paolo Table Lamp
    With its natural and aboriginal appeal, the Paolo Table Lamp is a handsome addition to an interior of casual refinement. The Washed White finish gives prominence to the detail of the textured base and imparts a gently distressed effect that suggests the gentle passage of time. An Off White Linen shade completes the natural look. H:29" W:14" D:5". Off white linen shade.
  • Currey and Company Colette Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Colette Table Lamp
    The likes of it may have graced the shimmering mansions of Newport or the sparkling apartments of Manhattan. Slender in form, the Colette Table Lamp boasts three tiered pieces of Ivory Marble set on a burnished Antique Brass base. The subdued beauty of the Off White Shantung shade allows the understated glamour of the lamp to remain the focal point. H:31". Off white shantung shade.
  • Arteriors Chain Lamp
    Arteriors Chain Lamp
    The natural-looking curve of fallen links that forms the Chain Lamp's circular base suggests perpetual movement, leading the eye up, down, and outward for a more visually appealing display. Ideal for contrasting with an antique end table or for complementing a sleek transitional desk, this lamp is flecked with gold leaf for an upscale yet worn look. H:26.5" Diameter:18".
  • Arteriors Yasmin Sconce
    Arteriors Yasmin Sconce
    Detailed in solid brass and easily adjustable, the Yasmin Sconce is a striking transitional task light that saves floor and surface space by mounting to the wall above your desk or by your favorite reading chair. Warm metals complement deep leather and wood tones, while the cylindrical ivory shade brings a crisp appeal to the wall light's presence. H:18" W:9" D:9" - 18.5".
  • Currey and Company Montrose Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Montrose Table Lamp
    Heavy-gauge aluminuml with a zinc finish forms the faceted ball at the center of the Montrose Lamp. This unique light is perfect for anchoring the lines of a delicately-constructed headboard or for adding visual strength to a living space. The Montrose table lamp takes an unexpected approach to proportion that provides a rewarding sense of the innovative.
  • Uttermost Karita Floor Lamp
    Uttermost Karita Floor Lamp
    A multi-layered shade that takes advantage of its fabrics' weave to introduce a subtle complexity of tone crowns the Karita Floor Lamp. Styled with a somewhat architectural take on stable bronze-plated tripod legs that continue into a splayed finial, this high-end standing lamp offers both play and poise, its formal elements colored by a reference to mid-century style. H:62" W:20" D:20". Shade Diameter:20".
  • Arteriors Canton Pendant
    Arteriors Canton Pendant
    Though the concept of the Canton Pendant is traditional, its floral etched glass associated with the feminine parlors and elegant powder rooms of refined Western homes, the inspirations for its delicate monochrome designs come from the botanicals of India and China. The foliage that adorns the bell-shaped shade makes this hanging light lofty and entrancing. H:20" Diameter:10".
  • Surya Harlow Table Lamp
    Surya Harlow Table Lamp
    It glimmers much like the lights of the Hollywood Hills, where glamour is near and the ordinary far away. The Harlow Table Lamp features an elegant and elongated base of Brushed Silvertone dramatically topped with a modified drum shade of Silver Iron and Crystal. A dramatic addition to a chic master suite, elegant great room, or sophisticated guest cottage. H:30" Diameter:16".
  • Surya Serenity Lamp
    Surya Serenity Lamp
    Such sumptuous details as a subtly hourglass-shaped shade and a distinctive bottle base give upscale whimsy to the silhouette of the Serenity Lamp. Topped with a gold ball finial, this lamp is finished in a palette of warm metallics and a distinctive turquoise that embraces the transitional taste for strong cool-and-warm color combinations. H:16" W:12" D:12.5".
  • Arteriors Katie Lamp
    Arteriors Katie Lamp
    Though somewhat monumental and ancient in feel, the Katie Lamp reflects today's transitional taste with its on-trend bright brass and its upright, elegantly slender proportions. Beautifully textured and slightly curvaceous, the feminine figure that stands tall from the lamp's dark base contrasts with the precise corners of the black microfiber shade above. H:32.5" Diameter:15".
  • Arteriors Gideon Ceramic Lamp
    Arteriors Gideon Ceramic Lamp
    A sphere reimagined as a geometric sculpture transforms the Gideon Lamp from routine to unique. The angular repeating pentagon pattern creates a surface upon which the glint of soft light darts and dances. A celadon crackle glaze finish applied to the base and the round finial lends a muted coloration that appears to reflect the gentle imprint of time. H:21" Diameter:13". Socket Type: Type A- E26, 3-Way. Shade Top Diameter: 9" Shade Bottom Diameter: 13" Shade Side: 12".
  • Arteriors Montego Chandelier
    Arteriors Montego Chandelier
    Gothic inspirations yield to the timeless charm of rich rust and bamboo-like detailing on the curved arms of the Montego Chandelier. An artifact from a mission or an abbey could not outweigh the impact of this dramatic, authentic-feeling lighting piece, which is equipped with twelve decorative candle sleeves to enhance its inherent romance. H:42.5" Diameter:25".
  • Currey and Company Wally Desk Lamp
    Currey and Company Wally Desk Lamp
    Sleek industrial meets metropolitan cool in the Wally Desk Lamp. This simply styled yet dramatic lamp would be right at home in a downtown loft or classic library. The rich Black Iron finish and wrought iron cylindrical base create a striking aesthetic that is timeless and well-suited to the eclectic appointments of your transitional decor. H:22".
  • Studio A Babylon Table Lamp-Bronze
    Studio A Babylon Table Lamp-Bronze
    Boasting a bold, metropolitan swagger, the Babylon Table Lamp-Bronze recalls the oh-so-cool allure of mid-century modern. Owing to its dramatic concentric circles that form a bronze-finished tower, the lamp makes a dramatic statement whether placed among the appurtenances of a city loft, country estate, or reimagined transitional home. Base H:47" Diameter:13.5". Shade H:39" Diameter:16".
  • Currey and Company Seaside Wall Sconce
    Currey and Company Seaside Wall Sconce
    Wild glamor drawn from the seaside comes to your wall in a warmly-hued curtain of scallop shells and classic crystals, their peach tones an allusion to the vintage even as complex warm silver grounds this sconce in today's timeless style. The Seaside Wall Sconce is a poetic update of familiar beach-house styles with ample texture and sparkle. H:28" W:12" D:6".
  • Arteriors Millie Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Millie Floor Lamp
    Winsomely slim and upright, the Millie Floor Lamp's structure feels almost floral. Overscale seeded glass globes float atop their highly-polished brass stems, while the black marble base provides a polished but receding anchor for this trio of standing lights that are perfect for brightly illuminating a corner or a seating area when your taste turns to the vintage. H:72.5" Diameter:17".
  • Currey and Company Carnival Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Carnival Table Lamp
    Calling to mind the appointments of beautiful bungalows in the hills of Hollywood, the Carnival Table Lamp catches the eye with its Silver Granello finish and Satin Black stone base. Topped with an Off White Linen shade, the lamp boasts a posh coloration that, while understated, makes a decidedly glamorous statement. H:36". Off white linen shade.
  • Arteriors Canton Jar Lamp
    Arteriors Canton Jar Lamp
    Clarity and light neutral colors feel crisp and simple, but the Canton Jar Lamp is exquisitely and extensively detailed, delicately etched with chinoiserie details and traditional cutaway stars that describe a dreamy waterside scene. The birds, flowers, and palmettos come to life when illuminated beneath the ivory microfiber shade of this transitional table lamp. H:26.5" Diameter:18".
  • Currey and Company Lamont Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Lamont Table Lamp
    Intersecting triangles have an architectural, almost prismatic feel that lends itself well to the rich precision implied by a traditional oak desk or a polished, masculine guest quarters. With its crisp lines, beveled optic crystal, and dark, intriguing brass, the Lamont Table Lamp's base balances the creamy curve of the shantung drum shade that floats above. H:30" W:18" D:18". Shade H:9.5" Diameter:18".
  • Cyan Calista Pendant
    Cyan Calista Pendant
    An appealing bell form to the shade of the Calista Pendant gives unaccustomed visual interest to the clear glass, its lines leading the eye slightly outward in an otherwise vertical form. Vintage inspirations are apparent in this high-end yet practical pendant light, which hangs from your ceiling attractively over a small writing table and looks lively in multiples. H:10.25" Diameter:6.25".
  • Arteriors Gonzalo Lamp
    Arteriors Gonzalo Lamp
    Simple and sleek and with a hint of retro chic, the Gonzalo Lamp features a rich purple coloration accented with subtle white vertical stripes. Delicately mouth blown, the lamp is mounted on a rectangular acrylic base. Owing to the individual design and creation of each piece, variations in the white striping are to be expected. H:29" W:18" D:11". Socket Type: Type A- E26, 3-Way Socket Wattage: 150 Switch Type: 3-Way Rotary. Shade Top Width x Depth: 10/17 Shade Bottom Width x Depth: 11/18 Shade Side: 10".
  • John-Richard Blue Honeycomb Table Lamp
    John-Richard Blue Honeycomb Table Lamp
    Teal etched glass in the pattern that defines the union of the organic and geometric - that is, the comb of the beehive - composes the columnar base of the Blue Honeycomb Table Lamp. Subtly alluding to a symbol that has defined French decor and craftsmanship for two hundred years, this lamp incorporates a high-style tone and technique with a traditional pattern. H:36.5". Shade H:12" Diameter:20". 150 watt bulb.
  • Arteriors Hamlin Lamp
    Arteriors Hamlin Lamp
    It calls to mind the blue of the ocean on a summer day when shells were collected and memories gathered as the lilt of joyous laughter drifted upon wind and water. The Hamlin Lamp features a subtle crosshatch pattern that has been delicately hand etched. The clear round finial allows the vivid blue color of the lamp base to remain the focus; a simple, slightly tapered ash shade completes the airy aesthetic. H:21.5" Diameter:14". Socket Type: Type A- E26, 3-Way Socket Wattage: 150 Switch Type: 3-Way Rotary. Shade Top Diameter: 12" Shade Bottom Diameter: 14" Shade Side: 8.5".
  • Arteriors Lonny Sconce
    Arteriors Lonny Sconce
    A bold curve of vintage brass, delicately perforated in an evenly-spaced pattern, illuminates your walls and suffuses your space with quiet transitional glamor in a sleek, simplified form. The Lonny Sconce makes metallic finishes both rich and storied, its burnished tone recalling the industrial but its dark golden glow a sumptuous choice for glamorous spaces. H:16" W:10" D:5".
  • Cyan Blue Dawn Table Lamp
    Cyan Blue Dawn Table Lamp
    Tinted a stunning cyan and textured with an organic series of branching curves similar to chic monochrome animal print, the Blue Dawn Table Lamp makes use of subtle gradations and distinct geometry for its high impact in your home. Its sunny color makes it perfect to greet you when you wake on a nightstand, but this hue is a sought-after accent color for spaces throughout the transitional home. H:31.25" Diameter:17".
  • Arteriors Hannie Lamp
    Arteriors Hannie Lamp
    At once retro and contemporary, the Hannie Lamp features a glass cylinder base punctuated with subtle circular detailing that boasts a charming effervescence. The smoky coloration whispers of anthracite touched with a pinch of plum; the neutral tone allows for ease in blending with your transitional appointments. A sheer microfiber shade of the same color completes the monochromatic appeal. H:27.5" Diameter:14". Harp Size: 9.5". Socket Type: Type A- E26, 3-Way Socket Wattage: 150 Switch Type: 3-Way Rotary. Shade Top Diameter: 13" Shade Bottom Diameter: 14" Shade Side: 11".
  • Cyan Winding One Light Pendant
    Cyan Winding One Light Pendant
    Simplicity that is splendiferous. The Winding One Light Pendant boasts an inspired form that suggests a crystalline droplet of dew suspended in morning light. Featuring a single light at its center, the pendant is presented with barely-there wiring that lends the piece the appearance of being artfully suspended in midair. H:11.5" Diameter:9".
  • Currey and Company Hyaline Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Hyaline Table Lamp
    There is about the Hyaline Table Lamp a wonderful effervescence like that of champagne bubbles gently rising. Suspended within a clear glass base, a bevy of bubbles accentuates the cylindrical simplicity of the lamp. An Off White Shantung shade and round finial complete the timeless style of the piece. H:25". Off white shantung shade.