Turn on the lights with stylish light fixtures for your home! Shop sparkling chandeliers, pretty table lamps, sleek floor lamps and all the lighting you need to make your nest glow. Not only do lights serve an important function but with so many gorgeous options you can choose ones that will truly enhance your home ambiance. Whether you want lighting fixtures to seamlessly blend into your home decor or you pick stand-out pieces that feature cool architectural detail, Polyvore has a great selection of lighting for every mood. Create a cozy reading nook with an angled floor lamp, beautify hallways with lovely wall sconces and make a dramatic statement with artistic pendant lights in your kitchen and dining room.

From modern to classic to rustic styles and more, discover new favorite designs and brighten your home with lamps that are just right!
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  • Uttermost Marlow 6 Light Chandelier
    Uttermost Marlow 6 Light Chandelier
    Riveted leather straps soften a rigid frame and bring warmth to the vibrant industrial contrast of metals in the Marlow Six-Light Chandelier. Holding its bulbs above a ring of black iron in glossy sockets of deep bronze, this hanging light offers the impact of bold highlights along with an overall dark and eye-catching aesthetic for the transitional room. H:24" W:24" D:3".
  • Cyan Androneda Lamp
    Cyan Androneda Lamp
    Brightly reflective brass introduces an uptown glow to your space, its glossy metallic surface repeating the light of the bulb when the Androneda Lamp is illuminated and providing a vivid highlight when it isn't. The bottle-shaped base is complemented by a proportional tapered drum shade and sits on a clear block for high-end emphasis on form.
  • Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Large
    Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Large
    Gilded and gorgeous, the Percy Chandelier is an orbit of geometrical chicness. Stunning in so many settings, this is a lighting element that can be used in different rooms with effortlessness. An eye catching brass finish gives this lamp its boldness yet its shape renders it subtly beautiful. A perfect addition to a room that needs just the right finishing touch. H:25" Diameter:25".
  • Uttermost Giaveno 1 Light Pendant
    Uttermost Giaveno 1 Light Pendant
    Rich patina vertically streaks the coppery shell of the Giaveno Pendant with a rainbow of deep, jeweled metallic tones, while rows of rivets complement the streaks' eclectic mix with a predictable pattern that reinforces this hanging light's salvaged feel. Ring side handles and a glowing copper interior complement a transitional homage to rustic looks. H:15" Diameter:14".
  • The Homeport Collection Ujala Lamp
    The Homeport Collection Ujala Lamp
    A cage of twisted wire set in a cylindrical base of mango wood brings both graphic glory and full-grained richness to a design that makes an industrial statement. Excellent for small task work, the vintage-inspired Ujala Lamp looks updated and apropos on desktops, but adds surprising utility to kitchen counters or reading nooks with its grid-shaded bulb. H:12" Diameter:5".
  • Cyan Venetian Noir Chandelier
    Cyan Venetian Noir Chandelier
    Daringly romantic and just a touch over-the-top, the Venetian Noir Chandelier is a fantasy in black glass, a profusion of midnight glitter to make a room into a palace of dark, rich glamor. Bell-shaped flowers hang from the arms of this dramatic light, visual representations of a phantom perfume, while curving leaves and stacked petals complete the graceful structure. H:56.5" W:49".
  • Cyan Chemile Desk Lamp
    Cyan Chemile Desk Lamp
    A gracefully curved arm directs the spotlight of the Chemile Desk Lamp over your work, while the handsome brushed pewter finish makes this transitional task light an accent easy to incorporate into today's high-end palettes. This lamp is handsomely appropriate whether you use it on a work surface or make the unusual choice to place it by a reading chair or at the bedside.
  • Uttermost Bristol 1 Light Pendant
    Uttermost Bristol 1 Light Pendant
    Clear glass in a beehive form reminiscent of a vintage mold encases the single bulb of the Bristol Pendant, making this cheerfully unconventional hanging light perfect for kitchens and dining rooms, where the clear glass and 360-degree illumination provide needed brightness. Living spaces take on a sleek mid-century vibe under the eclectic interest of this lighting option. H:56" Diameter:12".
  • Arteriors Matthew Pendant
    Arteriors Matthew Pendant
    Blocky, urban design makes a stylish statement in your home, the dark iron walls of the Matthew Pendant making it stand out against light ceilings even as the contrast of the cubic outlines and the circular windows makes this uptown hanging light a geometrically balanced choice. Excellent for large rooms or for complementing a salvaged farmhouse table, this pendant is a memorable addition. H:25" W:29" D:25". Some assembly may be required.
  • Noir Qualle Chandelier - Vintage Grey
    Noir Qualle Chandelier - Vintage Grey
    Like the chandeliers that grace that foyers of chateaux in Paris, the Qualle Chandelier - Vintage Grey illumes its surroundings with a magnificent presence. Crafted of fine white oak, this six-arm chandelier includes six feet of chain and cord and features a vintage grey finish that appears softly lustrous when the lamp is lit. H:42" Diameter:44".
  • Noir Harbor Light
    Noir Harbor Light
    Most certainly it sheds light on industrial cool. The Harbor Light includes six feet of chain and cord and boasts a rich, dark finish on metal. Two lamps offer the ideal illumination for a metropolitan loft, a carriage house, or a farmhouse kitchen in need of lighting over a generously scaled island. H:27.5" W:48.5" D:18.5".
  • Currey and Company Darjeeling Pendant
    Currey and Company Darjeeling Pendant
    A wide shade that emphasizes stability is accented with teatime details that put a room's focus on vintage charm. Ideal for the kitchen but not out of place in your sitting room, reading nook, or bedroom, the delightful Darjeeling Pendant has found-object appeal mingled with the high quality of a designer hanging light. Antique brass's rich sheen finishes the piece. H:14" W:11" D:7".
  • Arteriors Zanadoo Large Gold Chandelier
    Arteriors Zanadoo Large Gold Chandelier
    Rich gold color accents a statement lighting option which hovers sculpturally overhead, its individual rods spreading into an exuberant firework of metallics that solidifies and enhances direction of the Zanadoo Large Gold Chandelier's flow of light. Each individual bulb in this handsome, stylish ceiling light illuminates the golden metal as well as lighting up a space presided over by splendor. Adjustable Height. H: 33" - 45" Diameter: 36".
  • Currey and Company Oakleigh Floor Lamp
    Currey and Company Oakleigh Floor Lamp
    A string of striking gold leaf orbs make the Oakleigh Floor Lamp an eye-catching piece of lighting that is sure to garner the attention of your house guests. Wrought iron spheres in perfect golden hues make for an interesting conversation piece all while illuminating your space gorgeously. Pair with the Oakleigh Table Lamp for a put together look. H:71" W:18" D:18".
  • Bliss Studio Pierre Magnol Sconce
    Bliss Studio Pierre Magnol Sconce
    A candle rests cradled by the petals of a lotus in the Pierre Magnol Sconce, while the plate which secures this high-end candleholder to the wall is a luxurious overscale rendering of a single leaf. The unabashed play with scale in this sculptural wall piece, all bathed in gold leaf for an unmistakable glamor, makes this piece perfect above a mantelpiece or opposite a doorway. H:16" W:6" D:6".
  • Palecek Spiral Floor Lamp
    Palecek Spiral Floor Lamp
    Winnowed down from the barley-twist carpentry tradition for a sleeker, updated look reminiscent of stylized waves, the transitional Spiral Floor Lamp has a suave, elegant presence in your upscale home or office. A vertically pinstriped raffia drum shade feels tailored and fresh, while the solid mahogany base offers a sense of high-end luxury. H:69.5" Diameter:20". 150 watts.
  • Arteriors Mambo Pendant
    Arteriors Mambo Pendant
    Hammered iron plated in polished brass gives an unmistakable glow to this of-the-moment hanging light. The Mambo Pendant makes a sun-bright crowning glory for a room, its domed shape allowing the luster of the metal on hammered texture to take precedence in your view. A slightly offset cord adds a hint of on-trend industrial style to the transitional pendant light. H:10.5" Diameter:20". Some assembly may be required.
  • Arteriors McKinley Fixed Chandelier
    Arteriors McKinley Fixed Chandelier
    Emphasize verticality and introduce curve by leading the eye upward through your room with the McKinley Fixed Chandelier. A lovely spiral of smoked-glass spheres suspended on strands of polished nickel descend from the round canopy, dancing through space with a shimmering metallic gleam that brings clean, upscale overtones to your look. H:67" Diameter:24". Some assembly may be required.
  • Surya Shabby Chic Lamp
    Surya Shabby Chic Lamp
    It would be well placed within a coastal cottage, a countryside carriage house, a summerhouse by the lake; such is the versatility of the Shabby Chic Lamp. The Distressed White finish of the base suggests the gentle touch of time, while the modified drum shade in Natural burlap gives a nod to reimagined rustic refinement. H:34" Diameter:13".
  • Arteriors Millie Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Millie Floor Lamp
    Winsomely slim and upright, the Millie Floor Lamp's structure feels almost floral. Overscale seeded glass globes float atop their highly-polished brass stems, while the black marble base provides a polished but receding anchor for this trio of standing lights that are perfect for brightly illuminating a corner or a seating area when your taste turns to the vintage. H:72.5" Diameter:17".
  • The Homeport Collection Ujala Dome Lamp
    The Homeport Collection Ujala Dome Lamp
    Invoke the aesthetics of a priceless specimen or a formally-arranged library – but in your lighting rather than in your vignettes – with the elegant Ujala Dome Lamp. Elevating a bulb to artistic heights on a mango-wood base below a glass cloche, this table lamp is perfect on a swept-clean desktop or illuminating a collection of naturalist sketches or Riker mounts. H:12" Diameter:8".
  • Currey and Company Lamont Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Lamont Table Lamp
    Intersecting triangles have an architectural, almost prismatic feel that lends itself well to the rich precision implied by a traditional oak desk or a polished, masculine guest quarters. With its crisp lines, beveled optic crystal, and dark, intriguing brass, the Lamont Table Lamp's base balances the creamy curve of the shantung drum shade that floats above. H:30" W:18" D:18". Shade H:9.5" Diameter:18".
  • Currey and Company Antiquity Chandelier - Small
    Currey and Company Antiquity Chandelier - Small
    A dash traditional with a pinch of fairy tale, this smaller version Antiquity Chandelier is both romantic and elegant. Fit for a formal seating room or to hang above your dining table regally, this is a chandelier that has elegance and a high level of flair. Strands of chain and beading finished with stunning crystals are draped through the fixture and hang glamourously down the tri level candelabra base inspiring a feeling of whismy and a touch of playfulness. H:59" Diameter:30". 12 candelabra lights.
  • Canopy Designs Beach Florentine Chandelier - Small
    Canopy Designs Beach Florentine Chandelier - Small
    This diminutive size of the Beach Florentine chandelier is perfect for the small nook, the bath, or the bedroom. With a structure of light metal formed into volutes and supple curves that support six bulbs, the traditional chandelier has a light look, but a lush arrangement of colorful beads increases its presence and its impact. Draped beads, sparkling crystals, and cut-glass cups around the six candles lend unmistakable sparkle. H:26" Diameter:20". 6 Candelabra. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Currey and Company Corazon Chandelier
    Currey and Company Corazon Chandelier
    With a decidedly Spanish flair and sultry wrought iron, the Corozon will be the heart and soul of any styled room that you hang it in. Bold and beautiful, this llighting element is for those who like a more understated wow factor. Stunning in a Spanish 1920s villa or just a space inspired by one. H:40" Diameter:19".
  • Arteriors Jarrod Carved Wood/Mirror Pendant
    Arteriors Jarrod Carved Wood/Mirror Pendant
    Find rustically regal, tribally textured style when you illuminate a room with the natural wood hues and grandiose size of the Jarrod Large Pendant. Hanging on dark patina chains, the barrel-shaped light has piercework walls carved from wood with the mellow medium color of luxury tropical hardwoods, unstained but waxed for longevity. A round mirror inset at the top sends light back through the evenly-spaced holes of the luxury ceiling light. H:20" Diameter:30".
  • Currey and Company Galahad Chandelier
    Currey and Company Galahad Chandelier
    Resembling a plethora of bubbles floating freely in the sea, the Galahad Chandelier is full of casual elegance that is ideal for those who like a touch of whimsy in their lighting. Perfectly suited for those with a coastal or transitional décor, the Galahad features a large grouping of glass spheres that reflect the 12 lights inside, gorgeously illuminating any space you hang it in. Diameter:43" H:40". 60W Bulb.
  • Arteriors Jacoby Floor Lamp - Brass
    Arteriors Jacoby Floor Lamp - Brass
    Aglow with the richness that has made brass such a sought-after finish and color in generations of interior design, the Jacoby Floor Lamp in Brass presides over your reading area, workspace, or dressing table with a sleek, upright design and two swiveling heads that direct task lighting where you need it. A limited footprint and slim aesthetic make a pared-down statement. H:57" W:18" D:12.5".
  • Arteriors Auger Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Auger Floor Lamp
    An antique industrial mold, carved from wood to govern the shape of cast-metal equipment, also provides the aggressive curves and upward-moving spiral that define the form of the Auger Floor Lamp. A surprisingly organic beauty emerges from these salvaged origins in a tall lamp that's highly suitable for large spaces and open floor plans. H:75" Diameter:25".
  • Currey and Company Forum Chandelier
    Currey and Company Forum Chandelier
    The traditional chandelier reimagined in an angular geometric form that shines a light on contemporary styling. A single light glows from within the center of the Forum Chandelier, allowing the Annatto Gold Leaf finish to glisten with a soft beauty that illumes its surroundings with golden hues. A stunning fixture bold in both form and color. H:18"-59" Diameter:25".
  • Arteriors Maylee Pendant
    Arteriors Maylee Pendant
    For rooms where craftsmanship is as important to the aesthetic as splendor, the Maylee Pendant elegantly balances both concepts. Providing a vintage feel with its convex mirrored dome, this wide pendant light brings rhythmic texture to your space with the corrugated texture that circles it, showing the patina possibilities of brassy golden hues. H:28" Diameter:25.5". Some assembly may be required.
  • Palecek Beacon Pendant
    Palecek Beacon Pendant
    Treating natural materials with an unconventional yet traditional handcrafting method, the Beacon Pendant draws on the looped texture familiar from fine wool rugs but renders the technique overscale in natural split rattan. The resulting globe-form pendant is whimsical and rhythmic, its subtle low-key color a fine light neutral to keep attention on the dramatic shape. H:20" Diameter:29". 60 watt.
  • Roost Sprocket Floor Lamp
    Roost Sprocket Floor Lamp
    With an industrial appeal, the Sprocket Floor Lamp celebrates ambient light with a shade less lamp that has beautiful detailing throughout. A black and white braided cord makes its way down this lamps steel pole attaching firmly to a smooth concrete base that beautifully compliments the metallic shine of the body. An ultra chic filament bulb sets this floor lamp apart by creating a warm glow that instantly attracts the eye and illuminates your space gorgeously. H:54" Diameter:5.25". Filament bulb sold seperately.
  • Surya Metal Bronze Floor Lamp
    Surya Metal Bronze Floor Lamp
    Vaguely reminiscent of an old camera stand, the Metal Bronze Lamp has a distinctly vintage appeal that works well with a global or eclectic style. Imagine this lighting element illuminating your rich mahogany study, library or home office. A deep bronze finish lends a dramatic feel to this light while a natural burlap shade stays in line with its classic appeal. H:31.75" W:15" D:15". Shade H:12".
  • Currey and Company Buckminster Chandelier
    Currey and Company Buckminster Chandelier
    In the Buckminster Chandelier, striking beauty is apparent from any angle. A collection of triangles, fashioned from hand-finished wrought iron and finished in Pyrite Bronze, surround individual pieces of Raj Mirror. Inspired by the form of the geodesic dome, the fixture is named for the dome's designer, R. Buckminster Fuller. H:31" Diameter:27".
  • Canopy Designs Globe Branches Chandelier
    Canopy Designs Globe Branches Chandelier
    An elegant and stylish transitional hanging light with a springtime effect that's gauzy and eclectic enough for all-year charm, Globe with Branches has an asymmetrical drapery of pale cherry blossoms with crystal centers, blooming over a traditional smokey-brown globe of handcrafted glass to decorate the illumination of your room. A single bulb in the center of the old-world globe illuminates the light petals. H:11" Diameter:14". All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Cyan Tyne Floor Lamp
    Cyan Tyne Floor Lamp
    A rich, evolving spiral fills out the space of a dimensional teardrop; a quartet of fiddlehead-fern motifs spring forth to form the four corners of an acanthus-leaf finial; a dome of egg-and-dart molding supports a slim upright pole. These motifs are beautifully unified by the classic carvings of the Tyne Floor Lamp, crafted in limed gracewood for an sense of authentic antiquity. H:66.5" Diameter:19.5".
  • Currey and Company Treetop Nine Light Chandelier
    Currey and Company Treetop Nine Light Chandelier
    Its intricate beauty is such that, upon first look, the chandelier appears to have been masterfully carved from an ancient woodland. The Treetop Chandelier features intricate hand forging that creates the appearance of gently curved branches uplifting nine candelabra toward the beckoning sky. The Old Iron finish imparts a distinguished aesthetic. H:25" W:26".
  • Arteriors Manuel Lamp
    Arteriors Manuel Lamp
    Artisanal and fresh, the Manuel Lamp's traditional bottle-form base is made from mercury glass with a mint-green cast that gives it the look more of a copper than a silver patina. The resulting table lamp beautifully suits craftsman-inspired interiors and seaside homes, but the on-trend color it provides looks richly transitional and storied in any room. H:24.5" Diameter:15".
  • Arteriors Vaughn 14L Iron Chandelier
    Arteriors Vaughn 14L Iron Chandelier
    With the handsome look of a ring of traditional Central American luminarias and the rich texture of rusting iron, the Vaughn Iron Chandelier lights your transitional room with the hues of patina metal and golden stone. Wonderful over a round dining table or illuminating leather furnishings in a dark living room, this ring-shaped pendant light has fourteen separate bulbs that lustrously flow within their rustic boxes to warm the surroundings in all directions. H:20-47" Diameter:38".
  • Cyan Carina Nine Light Pendant
    Cyan Carina Nine Light Pendant
    Like glimmering medallions of moonlit snow, the Carina 9 Light Pendant is for those with a penchant for sophisticated beauty. The Shatter Silver finish imparts a visual and textural appeal that blends beautifully with the decor of a formal dining room, a glamorous master suite, or an entranceway that your guests will most definitely take a shine to. H:25.75" Diameter:23.5".
  • Currey and Company Vivienne Orb Chandelier
    Currey and Company Vivienne Orb Chandelier
    Wrought iron finished in a silver granello shines beautifully and illuminates any space with just the perfect amount of glamour combined and everyday usefullness. The Vivienne Orb has five candelabra bulbs perched playfully inside its sphere. Gilded metal leaves dance around the outside of the light gorgeously. Hang this stunning light over your master bed for an ultra luxe look, or brighten a living area with it. Wherever you choose to hang it, you will be glad you made the choice to incorporate this uniquely stunning lighting element into your decor. H:27" Diameter:24".
  • Currey and Company Medusa Large Pendant
    Currey and Company Medusa Large Pendant
    The allure of the sea and the beautiful, mysterious creatures that inhabit it are called to mind in the Medusa Pendant - Large. At once strikingly modern yet softly ethereal, the pendant features a Nickel and clear bead combination that creates a visually stunning light that wondrously enhances your transitional decor. H:72" Diameter:15".
  • Cyan LaScala 6-Light Chandelier - Cognac
    Cyan LaScala 6-Light Chandelier - Cognac
    There is about the LaScala 6 Light Chandelier - Cognac a grandness that catches the eye and captures the imagination with its glamorous glow. Like the fixtures that grace the abodes of European gentry, the fixture suffuses its surroundings with warm light that reveals your predilection for dramatic appointments with timeless appeal. H:30.25" Diameter:30.5".
  • Rablabs Luz Nightlight - Smoke
    Rablabs Luz Nightlight - Smoke
    Bring a soft glow to a neutral-colored room without compromising its glamorous look. The Luz Nightlight in Smoke is made from a polished slice of agate, its shape governed by the natural edge of the stone when it was mined and cut for a one-of-a-kind accessory that's beautiful by day as well as after dark. Natural ripples in the stone add character to the light. H:4" W:3.25" D:1.75".
  • Currey and Company Wharf Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Wharf Table Lamp
    Perfect for a bespoke cabin or a tailored living space calling for a dash of rustic luxe, the Wharf Table Lamp makes inspired use of repurposed wood. A set of thick metal rings embrace the compact log-like column for an industrial accent which speaks of workmanship and urban edge. The excitingly cool combination captures the modern intersection of urban life and nature. A burlap shade is the perfect accompaniment to the lamp's rough-hewn soul. H:33" W:22".
  • Arteriors Montego Chandelier
    Arteriors Montego Chandelier
    Gothic inspirations yield to the timeless charm of rich rust and bamboo-like detailing on the curved arms of the Montego Chandelier. An artifact from a mission or an abbey could not outweigh the impact of this dramatic, authentic-feeling lighting piece, which is equipped with twelve decorative candle sleeves to enhance its inherent romance. H:42.5" Diameter:25".
  • The Homeport Collection Rai Floor Lamp
    The Homeport Collection Rai Floor Lamp
    A mossy neutral wash over the Rai Floor Lamp's wooden structure picks up the soft, burnished tones of the five rivets that make its lofty, geometric arm adjustable. The perfect reading light that illuminates precisely where you wish, this transitional floor lamp is superb next to a tilt-top drafting table or a cozy reading chair, saving surface space and offering beautiful practicality. H:53" W:13.5" D:9".
  • Currey and Company Sibley Trio Pendant
    Currey and Company Sibley Trio Pendant
    Even waves worked into the wire cages that enclose the Sibley Trio Pendant's bulbs turn the spherical bell shape into a more rugged and interesting form, possessing a complexity well-suited to depth of finish and eclectic creativity of décor. This long, slender arrangement of three transitional light sources visually elevates your ceilings, making it great for a reading corner or over an accent table. H:12"-108".
  • Currey and Company Stillwater Chandelier
    Currey and Company Stillwater Chandelier
    For those that love the sea, the Stillwater Chandelier features an array of oyster shells that dance playfully around the circumference of the chandelier wonderfully attached to a wrought iron base. A great way to incorporate your lighting into your coastal or nautical décor, the Stillwater is perfect for your coastal living room or beach house dining room. H:20" W:36" D:20".
  • Arteriors Caviar Medium Polished Nickel/Clear Glass Pendant
    Arteriors Caviar Medium Polished Nickel/Clear Glass Pendant
    Light a room with the traditional shape and updated, luxurious design of the Caviar globe pendant light in clear glass and brightly polished nickel. On a single cable of silver metal, a cone of silver mesh contains a light surrounded by a spherical corona of delicate clear glass. The globe resembles a floating bubble; its height can be adjusted to perfectly suit your furniture arrangement. Both light and ornament, the Caviar pendant is a luxurious home décor choice. H:39" Diameter:10".
  • Palecek Industry Floor Lamp
    Palecek Industry Floor Lamp
    Welded steel finished in dark brown composes the Industry Floor Lamp, an eye-catching piece with spindly, boldly-sketched lines that don't obstruct the lines of sight in your room but confer a distinctly tasteful salvaged aesthetic. A basket drum shade surrounds the single bulb, while a rounded base and tripod support give drama to the striking outline. H:61" Diameter:20". Metal Shade H:10" Diameter:20". Three way turn key. 150 watt.
  • The Homeport Collection Unsyn Timber Lamp
    The Homeport Collection Unsyn Timber Lamp
    A shimmering golden shade gives a whisper of luxury to the Unsyn Timber Lamp, a columnar accent lighting design with a spare footprint and a nostalgic appeal to inviting rustic design. Designed with a simplicity and forthrightness that suit transitional homes, this cylindrical raw elm table lamp brings quiet vitality to the bedroom or living space. H:18.75" Diameter:6.5".
  • Canopy Designs Racine Chandelier - Large
    Canopy Designs Racine Chandelier - Large
    A three-foot spread of perfectly natural dark branches comes to innocent, lovely life with a profusion of pinks - cherry blossoms created from faceted crystals to lustrously catch the light of six candelabra bulbs. A chandelier that brings a hint of wonder to a transitional room and offers graceful delight in Asian-themed spaces or any other decor, the Racine is beautifully hand-painted and composed with just enough symmetry to look balanced. H:26" Diameter:34". 6 Candelabra. Plum Bark, Pink Blossoms. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Canopy Designs Swan Chandellier
    Canopy Designs Swan Chandellier
    With motifs adopted from the ironwork of Art Deco-era Charleston and interestingly juxtaposed for a look evocative of the marine, the Swan Chandelier makes a tasteful geometric statement. With a faceted metal frame filled by rhythmic lines of round glass beads, it spins the light it casts with a soft shimmer, creating a welcoming, flattering glow over the room below. The top ribbon curls are a supple addition to the form. H:24" Diameter:28". 5 Candelabra. Antique Silver. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Canopy Designs Lana Chandelier
    Canopy Designs Lana Chandelier
    A traditional shape turns magical with a few clever twists in the Lana Chandelier: its form is the familiar inverted dome, but instead of mounting flush to the surface, it depends from a chain with detailed links to visually raise your ceiling and render the pendant light more delicate. Crystals of graduated size drape from the filigree band, and at their apex a single crystalline globe hangs as a centerpiece to reflect and scatter the light. H:15" Diameter:15". 4 Bulbs. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Currey and Company Pennsbury Wall Sconce
    Currey and Company Pennsbury Wall Sconce
    Understated sconces aglow on the walls make a room feel warm and timeless, and the Pennsbury Wall Sconce is a perfect expression of this polished look. Candlestick-inspired forms in rich antiqued brass are topped by a sleek cylindrical shade of frosted glass, creating a winsome marriage of classic shapes with updated ones for a notable silhouette. H:13" W:7" D:9".
  • Arteriors Caviar Cluster Polished Nickel/Clear Glass
    Arteriors Caviar Cluster Polished Nickel/Clear Glass
    For an artistic ceiling-mounted lighting solution that complements the appearance of any elegant transitional room, look to the grand size and unexpectedly sophisticated shape of the Caviar 8-light chandelier. Clear glass bubbles in graduated sizes cluster stylishly on polished nickel cables which, within the crystalline spheres, open into cones of softly glowing metallic hue. The multi-pendant light updates classic designs for true originality. H:47" Diameter:28.5".
  • Currey and Company Wally Desk Lamp
    Currey and Company Wally Desk Lamp
    Sleek industrial meets metropolitan cool in the Wally Desk Lamp. This simply styled yet dramatic lamp would be right at home in a downtown loft or classic library. The rich Black Iron finish and wrought iron cylindrical base create a striking aesthetic that is timeless and well-suited to the eclectic appointments of your transitional decor. H:22".
  • Surya Amalfi Table Lamp - Poppy
    Surya Amalfi Table Lamp - Poppy
    It calls to mind the sun-drenched waters of the Amalfi coast that mirror the mountains and are speckled with sails. The Amalfi Table Lamp - Poppy boasts a bright poppy glass base accented with natural jute that takes the form of a fisherman's net. Adding to the coastal presentation is a modified bell shade in burlap. H:30" Diameter:17".
  • Canopy Designs Passion Flower Sconce
    Canopy Designs Passion Flower Sconce
    Hand-painting, exquisite wirework and beadwork, and bulbs well-disguised in a wall-mounted sculpture of leaves, flowers, fruits, and a charming beetle or three - the Passion Flower Sconce brings a cultivated tropical garden inside your home to lustrous effect. Spiraling tendrils and a hint of asymmetry enhance the organic effect - and therefore the inherent charm - of this bright and colorful beauty of a wall light. H:27.5" W:23" D:14.5". All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Arteriors Gideon Ceramic Lamp
    Arteriors Gideon Ceramic Lamp
    A sphere reimagined as a geometric sculpture transforms the Gideon Lamp from routine to unique. The angular repeating pentagon pattern creates a surface upon which the glint of soft light darts and dances. A celadon crackle glaze finish applied to the base and the round finial lends a muted coloration that appears to reflect the gentle imprint of time. H:21" Diameter:13". Socket Type: Type A- E26, 3-Way. Shade Top Diameter: 9" Shade Bottom Diameter: 13" Shade Side: 12".
  • Arteriors Tenley Small Bronze Iron/Glass Faceted Pendant
    Arteriors Tenley Small Bronze Iron/Glass Faceted Pendant
    Aside from suspending an actual jewel from your ceiling, this faceted pendant most strikingly adorns a room like jewelry. A smaller version of the Tenly Large, the mosaic of pentagram shapes feels incredibly contemporary and luxe while striking a note of updated retro attitude. In a mark of ultimate design sophistication, one pentagram opens like a door for changing the exposed bulb. H:11.5" Diameter:14".
  • Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Small
    Currey and Company Percy Chandelier - Small
    Gilded and gorgeous, the Percy Chandelier is an orbit of geometrical chicness. Stunning in so many settings, this is a lighting element that can be used in different rooms with effortlessness. An eye catching brass finish gives this lamp its boldness yet its shape renders it subtly beautiful. A perfect addition to a room that needs just the right finishing touch. H:15" Diameter:14". Total Wattage: 60.
  • Arteriors Trump Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Trump Floor Lamp
    A floor lamp with weight, substance, and authenticity conveyed by its raw wood finish, the Trump Floor Lamp is topped by a dramatic oversized drum shade in mushroom-colored linen lined with cream cotton, but the truly attention-getting element is the carved base. Resting on a disk of iron, the lamp is lathe-turned in a bowling-pin shape for handsome stability. H:65" Diameter:20". Solid Wood Base.
  • Cyan Brenton Six Light Chandelier
    Cyan Brenton Six Light Chandelier
    From carved tassels hanging in the crystals' usual place to Greek key arms that decisively replace the expected curves, the Brenton Six-Light Chandelier is a confection of subversions which works harmoniously as a more personal replacement for a traditional lighting choice. Rococo details keep the look balanced and graceful, while the rust-highlighted white finish conveys heirloom class. H:37.5" Diameter:25".
  • Cyan Posy Table Lamp
    Cyan Posy Table Lamp
    Inspired by the corbels found in the royal libraries of Europe, the Posy Table Lamp features an artistic base of intertwined leaves and fiddlehead scrolls that lend the piece old-world charm. A rectangular shade in a soft linen coloration complements the wood tones of the lamp base; the petite finial scroll adds a soupçon of charm. H:35" W:20".
  • Canopy Designs Droplet Chandelier- Large
    Canopy Designs Droplet Chandelier- Large
    The Droplet Chandelier, an impressive and vivid element for your room that both illuminates the space and either sets up or perfectly completes a color scheme, features an elegant conceit of design: in addition to the traditional teardrops that depend from its arms, more of them arch from the fluted swells of the central staff, creating a whimsical fountain in the classic chandelier silhouette. Bead-wrapped arms continue the monochrome look. H:21.5" Diameter:22". 6 Candelabra. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Cyan Wonder Table Lamp
    Cyan Wonder Table Lamp
    Perfectly transparent, the conical base of the Wonder Table Lamp lets the light from its bulb flood the area below, creating an airy appearance atop a side table and offering excellent task lighting for a desk. The oatmeal-colored drum shade with which this exquisite transitional lamp is equipped is secured by a cylindrical finial in matching clarity. H:24.75" Diameter:15".
  • Currey and Company Izzy Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Izzy Table Lamp
    A fixture that invites its surroundings to lighten up. There is about the Izzy Table Lamp a touch of playfulness as well as classic brilliance. An Antique Gold Leaf finish highlights a spiral design from the top of the finial to the base of the lamp, while a crisp Elmira White Parchment shade imparts a hint of subtle sophistication. H:37". Elimira white parchment shade.
  • Arteriors Marsh Pendant
    Arteriors Marsh Pendant
    A caged dome of ash-rolled glass casts a soft light from the Marsh Pendant, a striking piece for bringing an outdoor effect to small spaces – or for introducing flattering mood lighting as the sun goes down. Vintage finishes are the focus of design in this lighting option, including brass-welded natural iron and a heavy industrial patina over its simple forms. H:17.5" Diameter:9". Some assembly may be required.
  • Arteriors Lonny Sconce
    Arteriors Lonny Sconce
    A bold curve of vintage brass, delicately perforated in an evenly-spaced pattern, illuminates your walls and suffuses your space with quiet transitional glamor in a sleek, simplified form. The Lonny Sconce makes metallic finishes both rich and storied, its burnished tone recalling the industrial but its dark golden glow a sumptuous choice for glamorous spaces. H:16" W:10" D:5".
  • Surya Milky White Glass Table Lamp
    Surya Milky White Glass Table Lamp
    A polished finial and matching round block foot confine the sensible airiness of the Milky White Glass Table Lamp, a classic white-on-white design with a whimsical touch of additional curve. Return to the fresh, clean look that comes with using bright white as a neutral when you choose this table lamp, which also pleases the eye with the elegantly-detailed silhouette of its bottle-shaped base. H:42" W:17". Shade H:15" Diameter:16".
  • Cyan Kirkwood Table Lamp
    Cyan Kirkwood Table Lamp
    The sleek minimalism of mid-century modernism is illumed in the Kirkwood Table Lamp. Crafted from richly grained maple with a warm coloration, the lamp boasts an angular beauty in both the base and the shade that lends the fixture a dramatic form that requires no additional embellishment to delight. H:35" W:16" D:16".
  • Arteriors Flanagon Pendant
    Arteriors Flanagon Pendant
    Three slender hanging chains and three conical pendants, all joined by the stability of a horizontal rod, are perfect above the kitchen sink, the library desk, or the long dining table. The pared-down, minimalist alternative to a chandelier when multi-light function and dimensional practicality are desired to illuminate a space, the Flanagon Pendant is finished in a dark gunmetal tone. H: 8.5" W: 71.5" D: 15.5".
  • Arteriors Kato Lamp
    Arteriors Kato Lamp
    Stylized and abstracted, the drawn-out figure which adds sculptural detail to the upright Kato Lamp nonetheless offers a clear portrayal of an idealized male, his slim height complementing the more horizontal interest of this table lamp's black base. The rectangular microfiber shade that crowns it contributes Deco-inspired drama to the striking lighting option. H:32.5" Diameter:15".
  • Two's Company Stacked Urchin Lamp with Linen Shade
    Two's Company Stacked Urchin Lamp with Linen Shade
    Inspired by the delight that comes with a beachcombing find, the Stacked Urchin Lamp with Linen Shade calls to mind glimmering days passed seaside, when the tide carried gifts of nature gently toward the shore. The soft cream coloration of the lamp base is complemented by a round shade in a warm earthen tone that suggests sun-warmed sand. H:20" Diameter:13.75". Resin/Linen. Requires a 60 watt bulb.
  • Arteriors Dionysus Chandelier
    Arteriors Dionysus Chandelier
    The sturdy bronze leaves that crown the Dionysus Chandelier capture all the tenderness of organic foliage, despite their strength. They're the perfect summit for the inverted cone of this memorable naturalistic chandelier, whose cluster of frosted glass spheres so perfect suggests the promise of fruit beneath the skin of an autumn grape. Six lights give the grape cluster an alluring glow. H:37" Diameter:32". Some assembly may be required.
  • Surya Lime Glass Table Lamp
    Surya Lime Glass Table Lamp
    With a splash of tropical color and a nod to mid-century glam, the Lime Glass Table Lamp imparts a simply yet luminous beauty to your transitional home decor. An elongated, slender base of smooth lime glass features a long white drum shade that finishes the lamp elegantly. H:41.5". Shade H:16" Diameter:12".
  • Currey and Company Intarsia Table Lamp - Antique Brown
    Currey and Company Intarsia Table Lamp - Antique Brown
    Richly detailed, exotic, instantly eye-catching - the Intarsia Table Lamp is an elaborate and worldly focal point on a desk or side table with the dark, earthy teardrops and wheels of fine ornamentation that decorate its oval base. With a rich antiqued brown color, it has a striking and alluring classicism inspired by the far ports of the world, forming a worthy treasure to illuminate your home from beneath its brown linen drum shade. H:31" W:18" D:18".
  • Currey and Company Airlie Pendant
    Currey and Company Airlie Pendant
    The green-tinted, crystalline effect of the oval recycled-glass tiles in the Airlie Pendant provides a subtly stunning balance of the elegant with the daring. Echo the repeated effect of the oval glass ornaments by hanging in multiples, or make a solitary statement with a single pendant's simple form suspended over a small table or in an opulent transitional bath. H:56" Diameter:14".
  • Canopy Designs Sara Chandelier - Small
    Canopy Designs Sara Chandelier - Small
    Designed to match the Sara Chandelier but exhibiting a composed, timeless attitude of grace on its own or in a grouping of multiples, the Sara Pendant has a refined and wondrous cap of metal filigree with petals that lie over the bell of a glass hurricane with a narrowing mouth. Shaped like an inverted vase, the hurricane's glass has a diffuse translucency that renders the light it casts soft and flattering in the transitional home. H:10" Diameter:4". 1 Candleabra. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Palecek Blue Reef Lamp
    Palecek Blue Reef Lamp
    The seaside traditions that come unexpectedly together in the Blue Reef Lamp create an exquisite visual harmony. A square raffia shade bringing the distinctive color of natural fiber, held by a patina metal and seaglass finial, floats over a deep teal coral specimen - responsibly made in realistic cast stone and modeled on a non-endangered species. H:10" W:13.75" D:13". 150 watts.
  • Currey and Company Asturias Table Lamp - Aqua & Gold Blown
    Currey and Company Asturias Table Lamp - Aqua & Gold Blown
    Romantic but restrained, pale but rich, the Asturias Table Lamp presents an intriguing silhouette with a base shaped as a strand of oversized blown-glass beads. The translucent ribbed glass is colored from the core in an en vogue aqua with timeless trails of gold accenting the soft Tiffany blue tint. A matching finial peers over a neutral linen shade. Enjoy the verticality of the neatly stacked base in a transitional bedroom or living room. H:30" W:16".
  • Surya Harlow Table Lamp
    Surya Harlow Table Lamp
    It glimmers much like the lights of the Hollywood Hills, where glamour is near and the ordinary far away. The Harlow Table Lamp features an elegant and elongated base of Brushed Silvertone dramatically topped with a modified drum shade of Silver Iron and Crystal. A dramatic addition to a chic master suite, elegant great room, or sophisticated guest cottage. H:30" Diameter:16".
  • Bliss Studio Saint Lucia Sconce
    Bliss Studio Saint Lucia Sconce
    Beauty comes through on-trend metallic details with the Saint Lucia Sconce, a confection of floral taper holders guarded by expressive fronds of leaves that convey the triumph of a new spring and the gentle splendor of winter greenery with equally exquisite presence. A starburst wall plate is the glorious backdrop to these timeless botanical motifs. H:25" W:9.5" D:6.5".
  • Arteriors Monty Chandelier
    Arteriors Monty Chandelier
    Exposed brass edges express an ephemerality in the cadence of metal that shades the Monty Chandelier, a Brutalist-inspired transitional lighting piece that aspires to artwork and draws attention with its contrast of warm metallic hues and dark ones. Blocky asymmetry and intriguing layers combine for a dramatic look in the hanging drum shade. H:17.5" Diameter:30". Some assembly may be required.
  • Arteriors Kinsley Lamp
    Arteriors Kinsley Lamp
    Framed by a sleek cage of brass rods, the clear glass of the Kinsley Lamp captures a hint of gloss without absorbing the light shed by its bulb. Crowned in a sumptuous pure silk shade with subtle self-trim, this lamp is an obviously high-end choice for uptown spaces, defined by the finest of materials, hand-blown craftsmanship, and a treasury palette. H:26" Diameter:18".
  • Arteriors Jarrod Small Carved Wood/Mirror Pendant
    Arteriors Jarrod Small Carved Wood/Mirror Pendant
    Natural wood carved into a shallow drum with perforated sides makes a rustic addition to your décor with an elegant effect, whether your room features traditional collections of exotic imports or transitional craftsman ornaments. A mirrored interior top intensifies the glow that comes through the round pierces in the curved walls of the Jarrod Small Carved Pendant, an open cylinder with turned upper and lower rims and iron hanging chains. H:10" Diameter:22".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Chainmail Pendant
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Chainmail Pendant
    Complexity and craftsmanship inform the presentation of the Laura Kirar Chainmail Pendant, a dramatic elongated hanging light with a delicately-worked chain mail diffuser in antique brass shadowing the brightness of its brilliant silver mercury glass shade. Triple chains complement the detailed look of this transitional mixed-metal hanging light. H:28" Diameter:7".
  • Currey and Company Echelon Floor Lamp
    Currey and Company Echelon Floor Lamp
    Shimmering beauty taken to the next echelon. Sleek and slender and simply cool, the Echelon Floor Lamp boasts a Contemporary Silver Leaf finish that imparts an air of modern-day sophistication to a classic form. Topped with an Off White linen shade, the lamp is fashioned from wrought iron and topped with a geometric finial. H:69". Off white linen shade.
  • Arteriors Vagabond Cream Crackle Porcelain Lamp
    Arteriors Vagabond Cream Crackle Porcelain Lamp
    A vase-shaped base with a long neck supports the wide ivory drum shade of a traditional table lamp with a timeless appeal. Finished in a pale cream-colored crackle glaze over regular circular indentations that add interest to the porcelain base, the Vagabond Lamp looks equally at home in cozy, eclectic cottages and urbane monochrome lofts. This lighting option is perfect as a desk or reading lamp to continue a friendly decor scheme. H:26" Diameter:17". Socket Type : TYPE A - E26, 3 WAY . Max Wattage(per socket): 150w. Switch Type: 3-WAY ROTARY .
  • Currey and Company Tangiers Pendant
    Currey and Company Tangiers Pendant
    It takes its inspiration from the magnificence of Morocco, where the beautiful people gather and the haut monde mingle, never far from the gleam of the Mediterranean. The Tangiers Pendant Light features treated metal pierced by hand and plated with nickel and copper. Adding to the fixture's warm luminescence: delicate amber beads placed within some of the piercings and a single soft light that glows from within the metal shade. H:21" W:12".
  • Arteriors Hansel Natural Iron Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Hansel Natural Iron Floor Lamp
    The Hansel Floor Lamp's tall openwork base is constructed from irregular soft-cornered rectangles of dark naturally-hued iron, curving into the continuous open pattern of the cylindrical lamp's single cage pillar. Intricate but geometric, with intriguing patina and an interesting rhythm of light and shadow, the lamp base is a beautiful addition of craftsman patina. A smooth ivory drum shade in perfect proportion tops the transitional floor lamp. Ivory Shade/Ivory Cotton Lining. 3-Way Rotary. Max Wattage: 150W. H:64.5" W:23".
  • Currey and Company Petra Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Petra Table Lamp
    Allow the Petra Table Lamp to shed some light on your taste for unadorned beauty. The jug-like terracotta body boasts a rustic antique finishing in earthy Bronze complemented by a wooden base finished in Distressed Black. Rounding out the lamp's natural allure: a Natural Linen shade in off-white. H:30". Natural linen shade.
  • Cyan Lasseter Desk Lamp
    Cyan Lasseter Desk Lamp
    Double armatures and interesting hardware make the Lasseter Desk Lamp a brightly industrial addition to your workspace, providing sleek intrigue that suits minimalist spaces – and detail that adds to the narrative of more eclectic ones. A long, knob-tipped adjusting arm balances the flared, bell-shaped shade of this vivid nickel task light.
  • Palecek Brown Leather Shade Floor Lamp
    Palecek Brown Leather Shade Floor Lamp
    Elegant, comfortable richness is the focus of design in the Brown Leather Shade Floor Lamp, a standing task light with a narrow, elevated profile which has been treated with materials that recall the country-house library and the high-end townhouse. The leather-upholstered shade and base are punctuated by warm brass hardware and, in an unconventional detail, an adjustable jute-wrapped arm. H:61.75 Diameter:10".
  • Arteriors Osgood Pendant
    Arteriors Osgood Pendant
    Reminiscent of fish scales or tiny gold leaves, the Osgood forms a dome that catches the eye and keeps it there. Handcrafted iron in a glittering gold finish, the Osgood is the perfect light for a study or library and is made for someone who likes their lighting on the more unique side. H:16" Diameter:14".
  • Currey and Company Corsica Lantern - Harlow Silver Leaf
    Currey and Company Corsica Lantern - Harlow Silver Leaf
    The four lights within the Corsica Lantern glow through curving walls of seeded glass, giving a misty authority to this vintage-inspired hanging light. An ideal touch of ornamented style for hanging over the traditional writing desk or patio table, the lantern is outlined in a mosaic of antiqued mirror tiles that continue the brushed and faded glamor of the silver leaf which covers the frame. Arching supports join the lantern to its ceiling chain. H:21" W:13".
  • Uttermost Stabina Table Lamp
    Uttermost Stabina Table Lamp
    Bringing together materials that play with expectations of formality, the Stabina Table Lamp is an artful piece for any room with its mix of tactile rattan on its shade and gleaming black marble at its block foot. The simple bronze frame that unites the two balances the sleekness of the stone with the natural fiber's warmth for a striking composition. H:29.5" W:10" D:17". Shade H:10" Diameter:17".
  • Arteriors Diallo Small Chandelier
    Arteriors Diallo Small Chandelier
    Showstopping when framed by dark walls and exquisite in light-colored rooms, the Diallo Small Chandelier dramatically balances the organic with the masterfully composed. Its white lacquered branches, inspired by the willowy forms of natural coral, stud the central brass sphere with a firework of serene oceanic detail, creating an updated starburst for a memorable dining room or powder room. H:36" - 48" Diameter:24".
  • Zentique Poseidon Blue Lamp
    Zentique Poseidon Blue Lamp
    Vivid marine blue suffuses the glass of the Poseidon Round Vase, intensifying toward the neck of the bottle-shaped base to make a statement rooted in artisan techniques and the vintage taste for blue glass. This brighter, more eye-catching take on the classic accent color is perfectly suited for use in task lighting and sets a bright, interesting mood in your transitional room. H:17" W:15" D:15". Shade H:10" Diameter:16". Some assembly may be required.
  • Cyan Cydney Three Light Pendant
    Cyan Cydney Three Light Pendant
    Like the showpiece of a grand old manor somehow miniaturized and floating in a bell jar, the tiny three-light chandelier at the center of the Cydney Pendant illuminates your room through a lantern of smooth clear glass. The rod that suspends this transitional assemblage from the ceiling is slender and unobtrusive, putting the focus on the graceful drape of silver chains. H:19.75" Diameter:13.75".
  • Palecek Stanton Tripod Table Lamp
    Palecek Stanton Tripod Table Lamp
    Innovative transitional design familiar from floor lamps enters you room on a more diminutive scale with the Stanton Tripod Table Lamp, a task-lighting piece perfect for desks and bedside tables. The industrial structure combines with warm golden wood tones and gleaming silver metal, giving a lighter and more welcoming take on its graphic geometry. H:25" Diameter:12".
  • Noir Metal Marine Fixture Pendant
    Noir Metal Marine Fixture Pendant
    The outline of the Metal Marine Fixture Pendant is fairly simple, but the detailed hardware of the nickel-hued ceiling light's build suggests a lighting tradition with surprising en-vogue minutia of construction made handsomely visible. Patina bolts and arched hanging hardware contrast with the round dish of the pendant light's body, a large transitional shape designed to elevate both your light levels and your chic industrial style. H:26" Diameter:21".
  • Currey and Company Roundabout Pendant
    Currey and Company Roundabout Pendant
    A sparkling sphere that radiates like the silvery moon in a summer night sky, the Roundabout Pendant Light offers a suggestion of glamour in a small space such as a powder room, private dressing room, or petite alcove. The perfectly round wrought iron form is finished in a glimmering Silver Leaf, lending the fixture an wonderfully luminous presence when hung individually or in multiples for a dazzling dramatic effect. H:13.5" W:12.5".
  • Arteriors Chain Floor Lamp - Gold
    Arteriors Chain Floor Lamp - Gold
    Beautifully gilded and taking advantage of the natural curve of iron links to govern its shape, the Chain Floor Lamp in Gold makes a whimsical and bold piece for a living space or office despite the slender simplicity of its shape and concept. Crowned with an off-white linen drum shade, the gilded iron chain base brings old-world metallic glamor to an updated design. H:72" Diameter:21.5".
  • Currey and Company Greta Table Lamp Washed Buff
    Currey and Company Greta Table Lamp Washed Buff
    Hand-carved into a blocky finial form and washed in stone, the solid wood base of the Greta Table Lamp presents itself with a look of historic drama and a hint of the woodcarver's craftsmanship. Equipped with a square linen shade to emphasize the curving corners of the base, the lamp maintains a steady, firm geometry throughout the sleek tapers and fulsome bells of its base's carving. Free of unnecessary adornment, it looks grand in your traditional room. H:30" W:17.5" D:10".
  • Currey and Company Buttermere Chandelier - Small
    Currey and Company Buttermere Chandelier - Small
    Seashells and crystals collide in a most glorious way with the Small Buttermere Chandelier. A 6 bulb lighting element that brings an enchanting appeal to any seaside cottage or Summer house. Illuminate your nights with a stunning lighting element that brings a touch of the oceans beauty indoors. H:46" W:28". Requires 6 Candelabra bulbs.
  • Currey and Company Mulberry Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Mulberry Table Lamp
    Magical in look and sophisticated in finish, the Mulberry Table Lamp has neo-Classical symbolism: a willowy, textured branch growing from an urn, birds perching amongst the leaves as it supports the illumination. The linen shade is perfectly integrated without interfering with the sculptural quality; the urn and birds are hand-carved from warm wood to expressively contrast with the wrought iron branch. H:40" W:13".
  • Arteriors Noreen Pendant
    Arteriors Noreen Pendant
    Bring a flattering light into your space with the neutral glow of the Noreen Pendant, a hanging light shaded by a lustrous smoke-colored glass dome and made elegant by the thoughtful detail of a cloth-encased cord. Beautiful over the vanity or in a quiet corner, this light also brings transitional elegance to dining rooms and working spaces of the home. H:17" Diameter:10". Some assembly may be required.
  • Arteriors Stedman Iron/Blue Glass 5L Chandelier
    Arteriors Stedman Iron/Blue Glass 5L Chandelier
    Fifty-two vintage bottles create a stack of three outward-leaning rings like arrays of tapering tiles in the Stedman Chandelier. Five lights within enliven the ranks of bottles that stand in a frame of natural iron. Salvaged materials in a gorgeous transitional design make this hanging light an eye-catching centerpiece for the room in need of drama with a whimsical cast. Enjoy its warm pale azure tint as it sparkles above your table or in your living room. H:52" Diameter:29".
  • Cyan Moonlight Table Lamp
    Cyan Moonlight Table Lamp
    Fine brushed lines sweep around the subtle upright oval of the Moonlight Table Lamp's silver base, leading the eye horizontally to balance with the verticality of the form. Sleek enough for a mid-century modern room but not out of place in a more traditional aesthetic, this minimalist metallic lamp is a stunning task light or a welcoming reading lamp.
  • Roost Seed Dispenser Lamp
    Roost Seed Dispenser Lamp
    A truly one of a kind lighting element, the Seed Dispenser Lamp is made from carved vintage seed dispensers that have been joined together. It is topped with a down-to-earth linen shade that gives the piece and casual, yet mildly eclectic feel. H:30" W:13" D:13".
  • Roost Constellation Pendant Lamp
    Roost Constellation Pendant Lamp
    A sparkling scatter of lights twinkle and shine from above with the Constellation Pendant lamp. Sturdy globes of raw iron perfectly perforated give the lamp its planetary glow. Ideal for a den or living room, staggering both sizes of these lamps in a corner by your favorite cozy chair lends itself to a stunningly simple, yet utterly gorgeous look that is never dated.
  • Arteriors Armand Pendant
    Arteriors Armand Pendant
    Contemporary and exquisite, the Armand Pendants sphere shape is always in style. A lightly textured matte silver finish adds to the allure of this orb light that will look simply brilliant in the space of your choosing. Whether you make its home in the kitchen or in a more creative space like an artist loft or studio...it is sure to garner much attention with its stunning stature and soft emission of light. H:12" Diameter:14".
  • Currey and Company Hedy Chandelier - Cream - Pyrite
    Currey and Company Hedy Chandelier - Cream - Pyrite
    What can be more classically luxurious than the fulsome drape of a beaded chandelier? Choose one of the best in this class when you select the Hedy Chandelier, a piece assembled for elegance in grey stone and cream-colored beads within the lines of a dark antiqued brass frame. Made for a grand spiral staircase, it evokes the silken patterns of a vivid ballroom with its soft drape and the perfectly-planned gradations of its pearly beads. H:33" W:22" D:22".
  • Uttermost Adelino Pendant
    Uttermost Adelino Pendant
    In the villas of Bologna, the warm glow from artisan-crafted lights illumes joyous gatherings of family and friends, the near and the dear. Inspired by Italianate craftsmanship, the Adelino Pendant boasts a hand-forged metal finished in rich rust silver. The interior of the bowl-shaped shade displays a contrasting dappled gold finish that suffuses your surroundings with the gleam of old-world ambiance. Diameter: 14".
  • Arteriors Orlenda Lamp
    Arteriors Orlenda Lamp
    Hand-carved into a curvaceous hourglass, the solid mango-wood base of the Orlenda Lamp is finished only with a simple wax treatment so the rich grain shows to best advantage under the lamp's light. A narrow, tapered drum shade in off-white linen perpetually redirects attention to the one-of-a-kind organic interest of the lamp's beautiful base. H:32" Diameter:16".
  • Currey and Company Alicante Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Alicante Table Lamp
    Wonderfully naturalistic, the base of the Alicante Table Lamp is worked into the form of a dense branch of reef coral, creating a stark and intriguing oceanic look for your home. White lacquer and white silk are beautiful in silhouette against a colored wall, and the realistic texture of the coral base perfectly continues the look of souvenirs and specimens to make your décor personal. H:32" W:16". Shade H:10" W:16" D:14".