• Arteriors Jacoby Floor Lamp - Brass
    Arteriors Jacoby Floor Lamp - Brass
    Aglow with the richness that has made brass such a sought-after finish and color in generations of interior design, the Jacoby Floor Lamp in Brass presides over your reading area, workspace, or dressing table with a sleek, upright design and two swiveling heads that direct task lighting where you need it. A limited footprint and slim aesthetic make a pared-down statement. H:57" W:18" D:12.5".
  • Arteriors Kinsley Lamp
    Arteriors Kinsley Lamp
    Framed by a sleek cage of brass rods, the clear glass of the Kinsley Lamp captures a hint of gloss without absorbing the light shed by its bulb. Crowned in a sumptuous pure silk shade with subtle self-trim, this lamp is an obviously high-end choice for uptown spaces, defined by the finest of materials, hand-blown craftsmanship, and a treasury palette. H:26" Diameter:18".
  • Arteriors Lonny Sconce
    Arteriors Lonny Sconce
    A bold curve of vintage brass, delicately perforated in an evenly-spaced pattern, illuminates your walls and suffuses your space with quiet transitional glamor in a sleek, simplified form. The Lonny Sconce makes metallic finishes both rich and storied, its burnished tone recalling the industrial but its dark golden glow a sumptuous choice for glamorous spaces. H:16" W:10" D:5".
  • Arteriors Lennox Pendant
    Arteriors Lennox Pendant
    The silky gloss of the Lennox Pendant's copper finish is an unusual treatment for a metal that has become a new, glamorous choice for the metallic highlights of your room. More modern than gold leaf, ruddier and more alive than nickel or silver, the transitional copper finish is ideal for the timeless transitional look of the hanging light's tapered cone form. H:11" Diameter:13".
  • Arteriors Jacoby Floor Lamp - Nickel
    Arteriors Jacoby Floor Lamp - Nickel
    A practical and sleek double design that's perfect for placement between two reading chairs, in a large room's corner, or beside an angled desk, the Jacoby Floor Lamp brings a fresh, timeless designer approach to task lighting. With a tall base and dome-shaped swiveling covers finished in a continuous bright nickel, this lamp has a striking transitional look. H:57" W:18" D:12.5".
  • Arteriors Rabari Torchiere
    Arteriors Rabari Torchiere
    Exquisite depth, glowing diffusion, and a rhythmic contrast give a jeweled richness to the Rabari Torchiere without compromising a minimalist composition in glass and brass. Brass and bronze chains in various styles – cable, bead, curb – and multiple shades of patina cast dramatic shadows in the soft light of the frosted glass diffusing chimney. H:15" Diameter:9".
  • Arteriors Liberty Pendant
    Arteriors Liberty Pendant
    The piercework diffuser so familiar from imported lighting designs gets a softer, updated treatment in the Liberty Pendant, a beautifully-scalloped hanging light in a wide petaled bell shape for rounded yet structured grace. The perforated shade provides patterned illumination that spreads in all directions, so it's perfect for high ceilings and stairwells. H:26" Diameter:27.5".
  • Arteriors Juniper Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Juniper Floor Lamp
    Blanched paleness combined with antique brass tones' robust warmth gives the Juniper Floor Lamp its energetic serenity. With a surprising angled arm serving as its vertical support and a brace allowing the head to swivel for greater utility, this standing lamp is an unexpected version of a home-décor necessity, its look perfect for alluding to architecture. H:69-72" W:15" D:32-35".
  • Palecek Spiral Floor Lamp
    Palecek Spiral Floor Lamp
    Winnowed down from the barley-twist carpentry tradition for a sleeker, updated look reminiscent of stylized waves, the transitional Spiral Floor Lamp has a suave, elegant presence in your upscale home or office. A vertically pinstriped raffia drum shade feels tailored and fresh, while the solid mahogany base offers a sense of high-end luxury. H:69.5" Diameter:20". 150 watts.
  • Arteriors Leonard Lamp
    Arteriors Leonard Lamp
    A slab of natural marble – rough-edged, faintly golden in tone, and variegated naturally by crystalline stripes – is corralled by the tailored shapes of a flat rectangular base and transitional geometric shade made from ivory microfiber for a sleek finish. The proportions of this lamp let it be the central glory of a side table or sit closer to a wall on a long console. H:27.5" Diameter:20".
  • Arteriors Lorita Sconce
    Arteriors Lorita Sconce
    The classic presence of wall-mounted lighting joins with a simple, clean profile and the warm glow of brass in the Lorita Sconce, which presents its bulb in front of a halo of polished, reflective metal. The resulting illumination has a timeless golden tone that's flattering to your home, bringing out the best of natural materials in your furnishings and artwork. H:15" W:12" D:6".
  • Arteriors Lira Pendant
    Arteriors Lira Pendant
    With its illumination multiplied and given a more flattering cast by the antiqued mirror top that reflects it, the Lira Pendant surrounds its bulb in overlapping scales that recall traditional European architectural details but suggest the stunning blended finishes of the transitional home with champagne-silver leafing. Complexity of design makes an uptown statement. H:32" Diameter:30".
  • Arteriors Sabine Sconce - Brass
    Arteriors Sabine Sconce - Brass
    Handsome details in warm golden brass provide the formally-detailed hardware and backdrop for a glass shade inspired half by laboratory glassware and half by the natural behavior of water. The look that results in the Brass Sabine Sconce is both subtly organic and appealingly unified with the lines and adornment of traditional accents in the home. H:15" W:6" D:8".
  • Arteriors Jersey Lamp
    Arteriors Jersey Lamp
    Understated vertical stripes, etched with precision by hand, give a subtly faceted look to the sleek smoky-quartz color of the Jersey Lamp's tapered glass base. Create a sophisticated presentation with this lighting solution, a winsome high-end table lamp for your nightstand or end table. A neutral microfiber shade tops off the transitional look. H:24" Diameter:12".
  • Arteriors Jiten Sconce
    Arteriors Jiten Sconce
    Designed to sit glamorously close to a surface, whether it's placed vertically on the wall for a sunburst effect or horizontally on the ceiling for a flattened, stylishly updated take on the radiance of a chandelier, the Jiten Sconce is a symmetrical arrangement of eight bulbs backed by rods of gold-colored iron. This upscale interpretation of the starburst design invokes the vintage with perfect class. Diameter:20" D:4".
  • Arteriors Sabine Sconce - Nickel
    Arteriors Sabine Sconce - Nickel
    Grandly balanced but simply shaped, the Sabine Sconce in Nickel employs an elongated teardrop of clear glass, suspended by sleek metallic hardware against a stepped square plaque of bright metal, to give a transitional bent to wall-mounted lighting. In pairs or alone, this metallic wall sconce is a beautiful homage to glass-blowing tradition and precision in metalwork. H:15" W:6" D:8".
  • Arteriors Grayer Lamp
    Arteriors Grayer Lamp
    With a wide footprint and voluminous proportion that takes advantage of space for an intimate, comfortable feel in your bedroom or living room, the Grayer Lamp still doesn't feel heavy or blocky, because its base is beautifully composed from a hollow sphere of vertical ribs. Gold leaf and a self-trimmed linen shade give a glamorous aspect to the look. H:23" Diameter:19".
  • Arteriors Mariposa Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Mariposa Floor Lamp
    Airily taking liberties with the traditional standing-lamp silhouette, the Mariposa Floor Lamp's base is a hollow structure of metal wires. At the apex of its upright pole, the wires come beautifully into bloom with a vine of elegantly-modeled metal flowers and hovering butterflies lighting on the structure – a mature, serene addition of natural beauty to your home. H:62" Diameter:22".
  • Arteriors Royalton Oval Chandelier
    Arteriors Royalton Oval Chandelier
    Fluted rods of amber glass drape like a petrified fringe over the Royalton Oval Chandelier's antique brass frame, alluringly shading the four bulbs of this striking transitional hanging light. With a serene high style suited to spacious interiors but stunning in a smaller dining room or bedroom space, this chandelier is a dramatic selection in warm tones. H:19-49" W:34" D:17".
  • Arteriors Jamal Lamp
    Arteriors Jamal Lamp
    Ombre shading from clear, pure amethyst to a narrower, colorless neck brings the royal impact of purple hues to your home in a jewel-dark tone and an upscale style. Equipped with innovative hardware and a simple microfiber shade, this lamp is an achievement in understated but attention-getting glasswork, and its rolled bottom edge offers a layered detail of form. H:24.5" Diameter:14".
  • Arteriors Tresor Round Pendant
    Arteriors Tresor Round Pendant
    Seamless silhouettes and glowing metallics bring the clean feel of transitional design to your home. Ideal for placement over a kitchen island or in a dim nook, the small-scale Tresor Round Pendant is finished in bright nickel; its shade is designed to form a single luminous unit when paired with a globe light bulb, simplifying an updated yet timeless look. H:11.5-35.5" Diameter:4".
  • Arteriors Jamienne Lamp
    Arteriors Jamienne Lamp
    Playful texture, reminiscent of geodesic stylings and bold fiber art, is rendered in clean, pale porcelain for an unexpected take on repeated patterning. The Jamienne Lamp's ball base is sculpted with a neatly-spaced arrangement of oversized thread loops, while the sleek crystal base and simple ivory microfiber shade concentrate attention on their highlights and shadows. H:23" Diameter:14".
  • Arteriors Lex Pendant
    Arteriors Lex Pendant
    Satin-smooth and foundry-bright, the copper skin of the Lex Pendant lets light caress the elongated bubble shape of this hanging light's cover. A single light suspended by a taupe fabric cord, this pendant makes an updated statement in your transitional home with an unusual new-copper finish that warms your room with a red-toned metallic accent. H:14" Diameter:10".
  • Arteriors Genova Pendant
    Arteriors Genova Pendant
    Beautifully scalloped at its lower edges, the fluted bulb shade of the Genova Pendant is hand-hammered, providing a liquid flow of light and a crafted luster that enrich the space this hanging light illuminates. The rich metallic finish complements wood and stone with old-world grace, while the flaring shape appeals to a preference for global silhouettes and glamorous forms. H:14.5" Diameter:14.5".
  • Palecek Blue Reef Lamp
    Palecek Blue Reef Lamp
    The seaside traditions that come unexpectedly together in the Blue Reef Lamp create an exquisite visual harmony. A square raffia shade bringing the distinctive color of natural fiber, held by a patina metal and seaglass finial, floats over a deep teal coral specimen – responsibly made in realistic cast stone and modeled on a non-endangered species. H:10" W:13.75" D:13". 150 watts.
  • Palecek Beacon Pendant
    Palecek Beacon Pendant
    Treating natural materials with an unconventional yet traditional handcrafting method, the Beacon Pendant draws on the looped texture familiar from fine wool rugs but renders the technique overscale in natural split rattan. The resulting globe-form pendant is whimsical and rhythmic, its subtle low-key color a fine light neutral to keep attention on the dramatic shape. H:20" Diameter:29". 60 watt.
  • Palecek Industry Floor Lamp
    Palecek Industry Floor Lamp
    Welded steel finished in dark brown composes the Industry Floor Lamp, an eye-catching piece with spindly, boldly-sketched lines that don't obstruct the lines of sight in your room but confer a distinctly tasteful salvaged aesthetic. A basket drum shade surrounds the single bulb, while a rounded base and tripod support give drama to the striking outline. H:61" Diameter:20". Metal Shade H:10" Diameter:20". Three way turn key. 150 watt.
  • Palecek Brown Leather Shade Floor Lamp
    Palecek Brown Leather Shade Floor Lamp
    Elegant, comfortable richness is the focus of design in the Brown Leather Shade Floor Lamp, a standing task light with a narrow, elevated profile which has been treated with materials that recall the country-house library and the high-end townhouse. The leather-upholstered shade and base are punctuated by warm brass hardware and, in an unconventional detail, an adjustable jute-wrapped arm. H:61.75 Diameter:10".
  • Palecek Industry Table Lamp
    Palecek Industry Table Lamp
    Illuminate your drafting table, your studio space, or even your bedside with this spare, skeletal example of industrial-inspired lighting's most chic qualities. The Industry Table Lamp has a notably European feel in the practicality of its design and the boldness of its basic silhouette, enhanced by the spindly grid style of its pared-down drum shade. H:28.5" Diameter:16". Metal Shade H:8" Diameter:16".
  • Palecek Driftwood Rectangular Lamp
    Palecek Driftwood Rectangular Lamp
    Natural materials take on a geometric silhouette perfect for placement against the wall but unexpectedly attractive on a free-standing side table. The Driftwood Rectangular Lamp has a naturally one-of-a-kind block base which is crowned by a proportionate, rectangular natural raffia shade. A banana-bark finial completes the thoughtful composition of neutrals. H:19" W:15.75" D:5". 150 watts.
  • Palecek Shallow Leather Shade Table Lamp
    Palecek Shallow Leather Shade Table Lamp
    With a handsome bell-shaped shade and visible stitching granting texture to its unexpected leather upholstery, the Shallow Leather Shade Table Lamp revives an aesthetic from the world of the private club and the gentleman's private library, but its form is functional – the exotic inclusion of natural jute and the glow of the brass give character to adjustable hardware. H:26" Diameter:8". 25 watt.
  • Palecek Faux Shagreen Block Table Lamp
    Palecek Faux Shagreen Block Table Lamp
    A remarkable artwork made from the most luxurious of ocean-sourced textures, the Faux Shagreen Block Table Lamp is constructed with simple concepts and an appreciation for high-end finishes: a stack of hardwood blocks upholstered in a perfect imitation of stingray leather, spaced by luminous bands of inlaid shell. A round silk drum shade completes the couture look. H:11.5" W:16.5" D:11.5". 150 watts. Shade H:11.5" Diameter:16.5".
  • Palecek Taza White Pendant
    Palecek Taza White Pendant
    Finely woven into a tulip-shaped basket design then painted a clean white for versatility, the wicker shade of the Taza White Pendant has a fresh, finished appearance wherever you hang it from its natural seagrass cord. Not only a celebration of traditional hand-weaving techniques, this hanging light is also an example of paired neutrals' perpetual interest. H:14" Diameter:14". 5. 60 watt.
  • Palecek Birdrock Table Lamp
    Palecek Birdrock Table Lamp
    The upright proportions of a standing light come to the table for simple, statement formality with the Birdrock Table Lamp. Its base is an obelisk of hardwood finished in alternating distressed grey and white, while a white burlap shade both contributes additional texture and finishes the look. Dark metal details punctuate the solidity of this table lamp. H:38.25" W:8" D:8". Shade H:14" W:17" D:17". 150 watt. Three way turn key.
  • Palecek Deep Leather Shade Table Lamp
    Palecek Deep Leather Shade Table Lamp
    An iron frame's detailing unifies the traditional-feeling textures of dark brown stitched leather, wrapped natural jute, and gleaming brass hardware. The Deep Leather Shade Table Lamp, a functional composition made from materials that invoke cultural memories of well-stocked libraries and ancient family seats, features an adjustable arm to enhance its utility on a desk. H:24.25" Diameter:7.25". 25 watt.
  • Surya Luxe Lamp
    Surya Luxe Lamp
    Exquisite elongated forms, vertical curves, and sophisticated metallic textures combine to make the Luxe Lamp true to its name. With a small, rounded crackle base topped by a sleek hourglass of polished nickel, this accent light elevates its linen-textured drum shade, while double chain pulls give a subtly bedecked look to this supple piece. H:10" W:17.5" D:18".
  • Currey and Company Treetop Nine Light Chandelier
    Currey and Company Treetop Nine Light Chandelier
    Its intricate beauty is such that, upon first look, the chandelier appears to have been masterfully carved from an ancient woodland. The Treetop Chandelier features intricate hand forging that creates the appearance of gently curved branches uplifting nine candelabra toward the beckoning sky. The Old Iron finish imparts a distinguished aesthetic. H:25" W:26".
  • Surya Study Floor Lamp
    Surya Study Floor Lamp
    Curvaceous vertical elements emphasize the slim spindle-inspired interest of the Study Floor Lamp's base. Complete with an elegant flared shade, this tall lamp communicates all the urbane, luxurious impressions that come along with this traditional lamp style, while providing consistent task lighting and illumination for high-end spaces.
  • Currey and Company Wally Desk Lamp
    Currey and Company Wally Desk Lamp
    Sleek industrial meets metropolitan cool in the Wally Desk Lamp. This simply styled yet dramatic lamp would be right at home in a downtown loft or classic library. The rich Black Iron finish and wrought iron cylindrical base create a striking aesthetic that is timeless and well-suited to the eclectic appointments of your transitional decor. H:22".
  • Surya Serenity Lamp
    Surya Serenity Lamp
    Such sumptuous details as a subtly hourglass-shaped shade and a distinctive bottle base give upscale whimsy to the silhouette of the Serenity Lamp. Topped with a gold ball finial, this lamp is finished in a palette of warm metallics and a distinctive turquoise that embraces the transitional taste for strong cool-and-warm color combinations. H:16" W:12" D:12.5".
  • Surya Classical Floor Lamp
    Surya Classical Floor Lamp
    The high-style, traditionally-influenced candlestick lamp is drawn in larger proportions to illuminate a corner or serve as a companion to a clear desktop in the Classical Floor Lamp, a timeless piece with a dark spindle base and subtle fluted detail. A neat drum shade completes the tailored tradition of this floor lamp, a basic element of uptown design. H:14" W:18" D:18".
  • Surya Bubble Lamp - White
    Surya Bubble Lamp - White
    Crisp in its looks, yet proportioned to use your space fully, the White Bubble Lamp gleams when lit, enhancing its own illumination for a clean, definitive neutral that freshens your palette and commands attention in an attractively-appointed space. The spherical base of this table lamp is minimalist and artful, perfectly balanced with its tall drum shade. H:15" W:16" D:17".
  • Currey and Company Sydney Chandelier
    Currey and Company Sydney Chandelier
    A grand dame of chandeliers that glimmers with a grandeur like that which graces the enchanting mansions of Newport. Eight candelabra illume a bevy of crystal droplets that lend the fixture a gentle movement like that of moondrops touched by the whisper of twilight. A rich French Black finish imparts a dramatic old world allure. H:43" Diameter:35".
  • Currey and Company Andalucia Table Lamp
    Currey and Company Andalucia Table Lamp
    It may owe its elegance to the appointments of a Bel Air bungalow, a hideaway home in the Hollywood Hills, a New York penthouse on the perimeter of Central Park. With a columned base crafted from Light Blue lucite and Coffee Brass, the Andalucia Table Lamp bestows a glimmer of glam to your great room, entryway foyer, or master suite. Adding to the lamp's allure: a matching finial and Off White Shantung shade. H:29".
  • Surya Black Twist Floor Lamp
    Surya Black Twist Floor Lamp
    An unusual balance of rounded to blockier shapes makes the Black Twist Floor Lamp an elegantly unconventional choice for your home despite its highly traditional look and inspirations. With a barley-twist base spiraling upwards to support the bulb, this lamp provides architectural structure with its tapered square shade and the stepped plinth that stabilizes it. H:16" Diameter:14".
  • Surya Geo Tear Lamp
    Surya Geo Tear Lamp
    Add an updated gleam to your room's lighting with the wide facets of the Geo Tear Lamp, which adapts a usually-curvaceous silhouette – the bottom-heavy teardrop which is so attractive on more linear or delicate tables – by re-thinking the shape with gemlike precision. A clean white palette makes this lamp an expressive transitional choice for any room. H:10" W:16" D:15".
  • Surya Longshade Lamp - Seafoam
    Surya Longshade Lamp - Seafoam
    A slight fade to a warmer tone as the eye travels from the Seafoam Longshade Lamp's round base up its high neck adds subtle crafted interest to this slim couture table lamp. Glazed in a rich turquoise and topped with a snow-white drum shade that adds to its lofty height, the lamp is stabilized by a rounded foot to steady its high, lean proportions. H:16" Diameter:12.5".
  • Surya Bubble Lamp - Grey
    Surya Bubble Lamp - Grey
    A glossy sphere of grey-glazed ceramic makes a modish impression, adding weightless but grounding bulk to your space in order to direct the eye and define areas to sit or stand. The ideal companion to such nuanced considerations of décor, the Grey Bubble Lamp is crowned with an unexpectedly tall white drum shade for striking proportions. H:15" W:16" D:17".
  • Surya Longshade Lamp - White
    Surya Longshade Lamp - White
    Elongated beauty in a fine duo of white and pewter makes the Longshade Lamp a striking choice for sumptuous, richly-detailed homes, but the silhouette is simple and the materials of unadorned quality for a sleekness that's easy to live with. The high drum shade's texture adds to the upscale impression given by this dramatic tall table lamp. H:16" Diameter:12.5".
  • Currey and Company Appledore Chandelier
    Currey and Company Appledore Chandelier
    Beauty to the core: Such is the graceful configuration of the Appledore Chandelier. Stylish and beautifully proportioned, the chandelier is an homage to the simple sophistication of appointments found in the areas of the Netherlands and Belgium. The sleek wooden frame, smartly finished in Smokewood, houses three petite candelabra that emit a wonderfully soft glow. H:41" Diameter:27".
  • Currey and Company Legion Pendant
    Currey and Company Legion Pendant
    A blown glass pendant that is clearly unique. A hand finishing process imparts an air of depth, richness, and artisanal craftsmanship to the Legion Pendant. A single bulb at the center of the recycled glass gently illumes the graceful scrollwork that adorns the exterior of the fixture. A mesmerizing addition to a foyer, great room, private library, or grand hallway. H:18" W:8" D:8".
  • Currey and Company Medusa Large Pendant
    Currey and Company Medusa Large Pendant
    The allure of the sea and the beautiful, mysterious creatures that inhabit it are called to mind in the Medusa Pendant - Large. At once strikingly modern yet softly ethereal, the pendant features a Nickel and clear bead combination that creates a visually stunning light that wondrously enhances your transitional decor. H:72" Diameter:15".
  • Currey and Company Willivee Desk Lamp
    Currey and Company Willivee Desk Lamp
    Industrial refinement is brought to light in the Willivee Desk Lamp. A rectangular Polished Concrete base lends the lamp a substantial presence, while the wrought iron frame finished in Hiroshi Gray bestows a sleek industrial aesthetic. Whether placed upon a writing desk, within a personal library, or atop bedside table to afford nighttime reading, the lamp is as beautiful as it is practical. H:20".
  • Zodax Ribbed Spa Lamp
    Zodax Ribbed Spa Lamp
    Elegance is often found in simplicity - a soft curve, just the right amount of detail or the feeling a piece brings to a space. The Ribbed Spa Lamp brings a feeling of elegance and serenity to your sanctuary. A soothing color palette that reminds one of the desert at dusk. Ideal for the bedroom and perfect for a living room with its natural shade and lovely shape...bring this into a room that needs just the right finishing touch. H:29.5" Diameter:15". Shade H:15.
  • Zodax Ribbed White Table Lamp
    Zodax Ribbed White Table Lamp
    Elegance is often found in simplicity - a soft curve, just the right amount of detail or the feeling a piece brings to a space. The Ribbed White Lamp brings a feeling of elegance and serenity to your sanctuary. The soothing absence of color reminds one of the mid day clouds. Ideal for the bedroom and perfect for a living room with its naturally textured shade and lovely shape...bring this into a room that needs just the right finishing touch. H:29.5" Diameter:15". Shade H:15.
  • Global Views Grecian Amphora Lamp-Matte White
    Global Views Grecian Amphora Lamp-Matte White
    High, willowy, and exceptionally slender, the Grecian Amphora Lamp is made from Portuguese ceramic in Matte White, its snowy finish adding a fresh designer note to your space. This winsomely elongated version of a historical shape is crowned with a tall conical shade and sits on an acrylic block base, continuing the verticality of this handsome accent light. H:37" Diameter:11".
  • Currey and Company Havenridge Wall Sconce
    Currey and Company Havenridge Wall Sconce
    Reminiscent of the classic wall sconces that grace libraries in the country estates of Devon, England, the Havenridge Wall Sconce boasts classic styling updated with a gleaming Antique Silver finish that lends a whisper of glam. A seeded glass insert and delicate detailing impart simple and sophisticated appeal. H:13" W:7" D:4".
  • Currey and Company Bel Mondo Floor Lamp
    Currey and Company Bel Mondo Floor Lamp
    It calls to mind a certain minimalist style that captivates with cool and abandons tradition. The allure of mid-century modern is brilliantly illuminated in the Belmondo Floor Lamp. Paired with an Eggshell Linen shade and matching finial, the lamp lends paired-downs splendor to a great room, eclectic library, reading nook, or media room. H:70".
  • Currey and Company Exton Chandelier
    Currey and Company Exton Chandelier
    It may well have been inspired by the appointments of a metropolitan loft where the furnishings are fabulous, the atmosphere cool, and the decor bold. The Exton Chandelier features a sleek, uncomplicated beauty that eschews unnecessary embellishment and excessive adornment. The gourd-shaped wrought iron frame is skillfully finished in rich Black Iron. H:31" Diameter:25".
  • Currey and Company Sahara Pendant
    Currey and Company Sahara Pendant
    Lighting need not be lusterless. Dramatic in size and intricate in pattern, the Sahara Pendant imparts to your home a softened light tinged with a whisper of amber color owing to the glass beads within some of its piercings. Electroplated with nickel and copper and boasting a thick coat of lacquer to prevent oxidation, the pendant offers a profusion of style and glamour. H:38" Diameter:38".
  • Currey and Company Firefly Chandelier
    Currey and Company Firefly Chandelier
    Given its gently dangling vintage-inspired glass jars, it comes as no surprise that the Firefly Rectangular Chandelier inspires dreamy reveries of summer evenings when twilight was illumed by the delicate dance of fireflies in flight. Each pendant is adjustable, allowing the row of lights to be configured as is your preference. H:120" W:41" D:6". Adjustable Chain.
  • Currey and Company Whisk Pendant
    Currey and Company Whisk Pendant
    As befits its name, the Whisk Pendant is a blend of many things: whimsy and charm, delicacy and playfulness. Finished in a softly glowing Silver Granello, this petite pendant lends itself to use in many places within your home, such as above a kitchen island or countertop, within a breakfast nook, or inside a pantry. H:21" Diameter:11".
  • Currey and Company Gotham Chandelier
    Currey and Company Gotham Chandelier
    A lighting fixture of colossal beauty, the Gotham Chandelier features 12 candelabra presented among intricately wrought brass and iron. The Old Iron and Aged Brass finish imparts an old-world aesthetic to the light that calls to mind the appurtenances of European estates that were the cherished abodes of gentry. H:61" Diameter:47".
  • Currey and Company Assurance Oval Chandelier
    Currey and Company Assurance Oval Chandelier
    Like the lighting fixtures that grace the grand halls of European estates, the Assurance Oval Chandelier boasts a graceful silhouette crafted from elegant ironwork. Six candelabra illume curvature reminiscent of the work of master craftsmen skilled in the art of metal working. An Antique Gold Leaf finish imparts an heirloom aesthetic. H:37" W:42" D:17".
  • Canopy Designs Manoir Chandelier- Small
    Canopy Designs Manoir Chandelier- Small
    Seventeenth-century inspirations take on a handsome, subtle organic look in the Manoir Chandelier. This, the smaller version at just under two feet high, is a wonderful choice for hanging over a farmhouse table to add formality to your look or for placing in a comfortable living room to enjoy the rich, soft textures of its burnished metal. Three tiers of bent arms spread from the central staff for a beautiful complexity. H:21" Diameter:23". 4 Candelabra. All Canopy Designs items are made to order and ship time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Cyan Venetian Noir Chandelier
    Cyan Venetian Noir Chandelier
    Daringly romantic and just a touch over-the-top, the Venetian Noir Chandelier is a fantasy in black glass, a profusion of midnight glitter to make a room into a palace of dark, rich glamor. Bell-shaped flowers hang from the arms of this dramatic light, visual representations of a phantom perfume, while curving leaves and stacked petals complete the graceful structure. H:56.5" W:49".
  • Uttermost Galeana Mini Pendant
    Uttermost Galeana Mini Pendant
    Beautiful mouth blown clear seeded glass banded and structured with iron gives a casual but elegant feel to any space it hangs in. Trimmed with rope and finished with clay patinas that give the lighting its stunning hue, the Galeana Pendant might look just right in a group of three over a kitchen island or perhaps in the pantry or walk in closets. H:13". Requires a 100 watt bulb.
  • Uttermost Amadora Two Light Mirror Sconce
    Uttermost Amadora Two Light Mirror Sconce
    A dual purpose piece that beautifully Illuminates the space that it sets in an almost ethereal manner with lighting and reflection. Two sconces handsomely adorn each side of the beveled edged mirror with a pristine shine and elegant lines that make this an ideal wall hanging for an entry way or built in vanity. The Amadoras sconces pivot and boast diffused light from the frosted inner glass sleeve that work with mirrors gorgeous symmetry perfectly finishing the look of your newest and most glam space. H:32" W:22" D:1". Hold two 25 watt max candelabra bulbs. Hard wire only.
  • Uttermost Viarigi Desk Lamp
    Uttermost Viarigi Desk Lamp
    Smart and sleek in plated bronze and ready to shine at your library or office desk. The Viarigi Lamp is classic, simple and stunning with a pivoting shade that has a timeless shape that is easily adaptable to many décor styles. H:32".
  • Uttermost Fabbrico Desk Lamp
    Uttermost Fabbrico Desk Lamp
    Complete your home office revamp with new lighting for your desk with the Fabbrico Desk Lamp. Polished chrome is combined with a chunk of faux crystal to give a transitional nod that goes great with coastal influences or a lighter color palette. The Fabbrico is easily adaptable to other styles and features a pivoting shade. H:24.5" Diameter:5.25". Shade Diameter:5".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Chainmail Pendant
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Chainmail Pendant
    Complexity and craftsmanship inform the presentation of the Laura Kirar Chainmail Pendant, a dramatic elongated hanging light with a delicately-worked chain mail diffuser in antique brass shadowing the brightness of its brilliant silver mercury glass shade. Triple chains complement the detailed look of this transitional mixed-metal hanging light. H:28" Diameter:7".
  • Arteriors Jaden Lamp
    Arteriors Jaden Lamp
    A column of wood slats, slightly tapered for a more casual and subtle, yet less geometric feel, supports the bulb of the Jaden Lamp, which glows under a linen shade lined in cotton. The result is a table lamp with a frank, graceful pairing of natural textures, its tobacco stain drawing out a grain whose supple lines contrast with the conical forms that define the outline. H:25.5" Diameter:16".
  • Arteriors Jansen Lamp
    Arteriors Jansen Lamp
    Subtle ombre tinting and a hand-rolled shade represent the suave, detail-oriented presence of the Jansen Lamp. Its smoke and ash greys make a sophisticated addition to your palette, lending an upscale coolness to a range of neutrals or a softly-hued rest to a more colorful space. The lean bottle base confers verticality with a slender silhouette. H:32.5" Diameter:17".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Three Light Chainmail Pendant
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Three Light Chainmail Pendant
    Look up to an inverted dome of rippling silvery glass, suspended by a net of refined chain mail detailing secured to several antique brass-hued chains. The Laura Kirar Three Light Chainmail Pendant is an elegantly transitional choice for suspending above a dining table or seating area, its design conscious of craftsmanship and shedding warm light over your space. H:32" Diameter:15.5".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Modernist I Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Modernist I Floor Lamp
    Set off-center on an elliptical base, the high, arching arm of the Laura Kirar Modernist I Floor Lamp functionally presents a circular brass head which swivels to direct its illumination where you need it on a desk or in a reading chair. Add the updated distinction of a clear vertical to your home with this smoothly-formed, pared-down designer reading light. H:54" W:13.5" D:8".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Modernist II Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Modernist II Floor Lamp
    Task lighting takes on a new simplicity with the updated bronze color of the Laura Kirar Modernist II Floor Lamp, a metallic piece designed to complement a bonneted reading chair with a space-saving flat, scooped base and easy swivel hardware connecting the arched pole to the conical shade. Accent your home's eclecticism or create a streamlined effect with this piece. H:54" W:13.5" D:8".
  • Cyan Posy Table Lamp
    Cyan Posy Table Lamp
    Inspired by the corbels found in the royal libraries of Europe, the Posy Table Lamp features an artistic base of intertwined leaves and fiddlehead scrolls that lend the piece old-world charm. A rectangular shade in a soft linen coloration complements the wood tones of the lamp base; the petite finial scroll adds a soupçon of charm. H:35" W:20".
  • Cyan Wonder Table Lamp
    Cyan Wonder Table Lamp
    Perfectly transparent, the conical base of the Wonder Table Lamp lets the light from its bulb flood the area below, creating an airy appearance atop a side table and offering excellent task lighting for a desk. The oatmeal-colored drum shade with which this exquisite transitional lamp is equipped is secured by a cylindrical finial in matching clarity. H:24.75" Diameter:15".
  • Cyan Tyne Floor Lamp
    Cyan Tyne Floor Lamp
    A refined beauty like that of appointments found in the country estates of Avignon, France, suffuses the Tyne Floor Lamp. The carved details include a clutch of graceful fiddleheads that sit just below the neutral-colored round shade. The sophisticated form of the lamp is well-suited to an eclectic great room, a sitting area in a master suite, a guest room, or a personal library. H:66.5" Diameter:19.5".
  • Arteriors Caviar Floor Lamp - Brown Nickel
    Arteriors Caviar Floor Lamp - Brown Nickel
    A distinctive sheen of metallic chocolate brown makes the Caviar Floor Lamp in Brown Nickel a highly individual lighting piece on its own. The subtle geometry and weightlessness of the glass sphere shade, with its inner perforated cone both filtering the light and lending a decisive geometry to the overall look, gives an airy but thoughtfully grounded romance to the look. H:65.5" Diameter:14".
  • Arteriors Leroy Lamp
    Arteriors Leroy Lamp
    Though the base of the Leroy Lamp – a loose faceted gem shape crafted in ceramic and dressed with an ivory crackle glaze – is a pleasing transitional element, its greatest quality comes from the exquisite yet subtle craftsmanship of the shade. Made from light, fine ash-colored microfiber with a hand-rolled edge, the conical shade's proportions are just slightly unconventional. H:22.5" Diameter:13".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Cordaje Floor Lamp
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Cordaje Floor Lamp
    Light beige and taupe hues make the Laura Kirar Cordaje Floor Lamp feel upscale in its neutral palette, but the textures of its materials – wood stained to a light oak hue, densely-wrapped coils of rope on the cylindrical pole, and a soft flaxen shade – combine with the simplicity of the shapes that compose it for a more grounded, welcoming feel. H:63" Diameter:20".
  • Arteriors Laura Kirar Chainmail Lamp
    Arteriors Laura Kirar Chainmail Lamp
    Dressed in a delicate antique-brass network of rings, the Laura Kirar Chainmail Lamp has a dome-shaped base that displays the subtle texture of the fine latticework. Well-suited to interiors that draw their inspiration from the lustrous functionality of the Arts and Crafts movement, this transitional lamp offers a glow from more than just its bulb with silver shade lining and glowing brass. H:24" Diameter:20".
  • Arteriors Drea Lamp
    Arteriors Drea Lamp
    Heavy-gauge sheet steel welded with brass forms the faceted ball at the center of the Drea Lamp. This mixed-metal mood light, which is perfect for anchoring the lines of a delicately-constructed headboard or for adding visual strength to a living space, takes an unexpected approach to proportion that provides a rewarding sense of the innovative. H:27" Diameter:20".
  • Cyan Johor Table Lamp
    Cyan Johor Table Lamp
    The graphic glow of smoke-colored mother-of-pearl tiles, fitted together into a grid of organic squares on the cubic base of the Johor Table Lamp, adds energy as well as tradition and subtlety of construction to your space. Equipped with blocks of clear acrylic to enhance the light and a bold columnar shade to direct it, this geometric light is a moody, elegant showpiece. H:24.5" W:9".
  • Global Views Coil Three Light Pendant - Nickel
    Global Views Coil Three Light Pendant - Nickel
    Invite soft illumination into a transitional space with the clean yet complex look of the Coil Three Light Pendant. Hanging from a nickel ceiling plate on long-link chains, each cylindrical shade in this light is finely ribbed by tight coils of fine wire. The resulting light has a relaxed shimmer which is perfect above a wide drafting desk or behind a reading chair. H:70" W:36" D:8". Holds six candelabra bulbs.
  • Global Views Flying Wall Sconce - Brass/Bronze
    Global Views Flying Wall Sconce - Brass/Bronze
    Preserve your floor space while achieving the layered, finished look of lighting pieces that project into the room's space by using the Flying Wall Sconce in Brass and Bronze as an integral component of your plan. Perfect for task lighting and for drawing attention to particular vignettes, this sleekly-styled transitional light springs from an hourglass wall plate. H:36" D:57". Shade Diameter:27".
  • Global Views Open 8 Lamp
    Global Views Open 8 Lamp
    Fine ceramic molded into elegant cutwork filigree and glazed in a fresh tone of white composes the base of the Open 8 Lamp, a robust play on delicate piercework traditions that incorporates timeless symbolism in its lacy bands of texture. An overscale drum shade, self-trimmed, offers bold proportion to the exotic impressions of the lamp's base. H:39.25" Diameter:18". Shade H:20" Diameter:18".
  • Global Views Inner Light Lamp
    Global Views Inner Light Lamp
    Mood lighting from the glowing base of the Inner Light Lamp and task lighting from the bulb beneath its elevated drum shade combine into customizable appeal that flatters your space with illumination. The base, a traditional bottle-shaped piece with a pale amber color, seeded with champagne bubbles, effortlessly turns a functional surface to a decorative one and back. H:47" Diameter:17.75". Shade H:22" Diameter:17.75".
  • Global Views Crystal Column Lamp
    Global Views Crystal Column Lamp
    An impressive piece of over three feet high, the Crystal Column Lamp presents gleaming forms in a harmonious combination. Its base is a sleek upright cylinder of clear crystal, while a sphere joins its column to the ivory silk drum shade. Light color and formal design presides over your décor for a glamorous, thoughtful experience of your visual world. H:39" Diameter:19". Shade H:12" Diameter:19".
  • Cyan Sandalwood Lamp
    Cyan Sandalwood Lamp
    Drawing on the hand-painted beauty of antique lamps, the Sandalwood Lamp features a simple round base adorned with a subtle leaf and berry motif in antique gold. Topped with a complementary round finial, the linen-colored shade boasts a soft, off-white coloration that allows the refined design of the base to shine. A wonderfully warm addition to a welcoming foyer, a personal library, or your guest accommodations. H:24" Diameter:15".
  • Cyan Florence Chandelier - Aqua
    Cyan Florence Chandelier - Aqua
    A show-stopper of a light that boasts a bevy of brilliant aqua glass ribbons unfurled like elegant wavelets in a crystalline sea. Although majestic in form, the Aqua Florence Chandelier exudes a cool and contemporary beauty owing to its vibrant coloration and glimmering chrome accents. In a grand foyer, eclectic dining room, or resplendent master bath, the Florence Chandelier is a mesmerizing sculpture of light. H:33.5" Diameter:22.75".
  • Cyan Jordan Table Lamp
    Cyan Jordan Table Lamp
    A jaunty beauty suffuses the Jordan Lamp, with its unexpected teal color and artful mosaic base. Perched atop a simple silver round, the lamp is reminiscent of mid-century modern appurtenances that captivated with their bold appeal, simple lines, and dare-to-be-there colors. The simple round shade is a striking complement to the variegated blues of the lamp base. H:27.5" Diameter:15.25".
  • Cyan West Palm Table Lamp
    Cyan West Palm Table Lamp
    The silver-blue sky. The cotton white of diaphanous clouds. The earthen beige and brown of beach sand. Like the colors of Palm Beach itself, all are delightfully blended in the West Palm Table Lamp. The elongated circular base sits atop a solid round of clear acrylic; the simple white shade allows the softly shimmering facets of the lamp to catch the eye. H:29" Diameter:16".
  • Cyan Marcello Pendant
    Cyan Marcello Pendant
    Mixing stark geometry with the organic, shifting interest of draped beads, the Marcello Pendant provides intriguing construction to your space along with the warm, deep tones of the on-trend oiled bronze metallic finish. The strands of beads that shade the light contrast remarkably with the architectural clerestory that structures this hanging light's upper frame. H:26" W:11".
  • Cyan Lucille Ten Light Chandelier
    Cyan Lucille Ten Light Chandelier
    Supple ribbons, veined like palm fronds, curve around the lighting arrangement of the Lucille Chandelier, a sumptuous display of ten bulbs illuminating a billowing sculpture that depends from your ceiling. Light travels along each frond, creating a curvaceous glow which draws attention to the expressively naturalistic shape of this glamorous chandelier. H:38" Diameter:32".
  • Cyan Octagon Pendant
    Cyan Octagon Pendant
    An oversized gem, structured in a geometric, faceted form by the precise collusion of leaded panes, encloses the bulb of the Octagon Pendant. Finished in bright nickel and crafted from seeded glass to lend depth to its appearance, this hanging light is slightly edgy yet serene, its striking shape drawing the eye and its crisp palette adding precision to the look. H:22" W:11.75".
  • Cyan Choat 6 Light Chandelier
    Cyan Choat 6 Light Chandelier
    Like many of the fine appurtenances that grace Parisian chateaux, the Choat 6-Light Chandelier features graceful scrolled ironwork and dainty dangling teardrops that lend the piece a distinctive old-world allure. Finished in sutherland buff, the chandelier bestows dramatic, yet refined, illumination to a foyer, dining room, great room, or hall. H:40.75" Diameter:28".
  • Cyan Bastille 6 Light Chandelier
    Cyan Bastille 6 Light Chandelier
    The accoutrements that grace chateaux in Paris boast an elegant, old-world beauty borne of simple embellishments and glorious finishes. So it is with the Bastille 6-Light Chandelier, a sophisticated light that calls to mind the Parisian predilection for the finer things in life. Six candelabra softly illume the surroundings, while the plantation bronze finish adds a soupçon of glamour. H:35" Diameter:24.75".
  • Cyan Large Bubbles Cash Pendant
    Cyan Large Bubbles Cash Pendant
    A masterwork of effervescence, the Large Bubbles Cash Pendant suggests the delightful sparkle of bubbles giddily rising to the surface in a flute of champagne. The smoky brown bubbles are softly illuminated from delicate overhead lights, allowing the pendant to suffuse its surroundings with a mellow, ambient glow. H:44.5" Diameter:35".
  • Cyan Ranch House II 3 Light Lantern
    Cyan Ranch House II 3 Light Lantern
    The likes of it may have graced a country estate in Marseille, or perhaps a villa in Umbria. The Ranch House 3-Light Lantern boasts a rustic acid finish that bestows old-world beauty to its understated form. Three candelabra at the center suffuse the surroundings with a softened glow like that of summer twilight. H:23" W:6.5".
  • Cyan Motivo 8 Light Chandelier
    Cyan Motivo 8 Light Chandelier
    In its graceful beauty there is the suggestion of an homage to autumn, most notably in the umber-colored leaves that adorn the curvature of the candelabra. The Motivo 8-Light Chandelier creates a dramatic focal point that is elegant yet airy, classic yet distinctive. A splendid light to illume your great room, dining room, or foyer. H:46" Diameter:38".
  • Cyan Vertigo Gold Leaf Chandelier
    Cyan Vertigo Gold Leaf Chandelier
    Blazing in gold leaf and framing six lights in arabesque bars of rich metal, the Vertigo Gold Leaf Chandelier offers billowing geometry and bright upscale glow, making it a perfect choice for lighting the nights of a room that's sun-drenched by day. Use this dramatic piece in bedrooms and living spaces for a romance beyond the merely ordinary. H:36" Diameter:24".
  • Cyan Ornamental Ball Pendant
    Cyan Ornamental Ball Pendant
    The weightlessness of spheres and the handsomeness of old-world details like wrought iron and armatures come together in this bold hanging light, the Ornamental Ball Pendant. Its black metal and clear glass are a simple, classic contrast which never loses its power to emphasize shape and form. Candle-style bulbs inside enhance the storied feel. H:29" W:20".
  • Cyan Dauphine Pendant
    Cyan Dauphine Pendant
    A distinctive pattern imbues the Small Dauphine Pendant with a cosmopolitan style that is at once sophisticated and charming. Suspended from a simple straight rod, the pendant enchants with a glimmering chrome finish that imbues the light with glamorous panache. A single center light gently illumes the intertwined pattern on the shade, creating a wonderful coalescence of form and color. H:8" Diameter"18".
  • Cyan Bateau Six Light Chandelier
    Cyan Bateau Six Light Chandelier
    Like many of the fine appurtenances that grace Parisian chateaux, the Bateau 6-Light Chandelier features intricate carvings and scrolled ironwork that lend the piece a distinctive old-world allure. Finished in golden roxbury, the chandelier bestows dramatic, yet refined, illumination to a foyer, dining room, great room, or hall. H:31.5" Diameter:25".
  • Cyan Edward Scissor Table Lamp
    Cyan Edward Scissor Table Lamp
    Most certainly an extension of your refined taste, the Edward Scissor Table Lamp allows you to direct light where it is needed most, whether placed upon a writing table, a library desk, or a personal workstation. The old-world finish and vintage design lend the fixture an heirloom quality. H:28" W:21".
  • Cyan Soho Table Lamp
    Cyan Soho Table Lamp
    Cool, columned, captivating. The Soho Lamp calls to mind the beauty of mid-century accoutrements that eschewed all things fussy and overdone and embraced the fabulously sleek and fashionable. The lamp boasts a stunning column of glimmering bronze as its base; a simple round shade is tailored in stylish stripes that add polished charm in keeping with the modernistic aesthetic. H:33.4" Diameter:18".
  • Cyan Mum Table Lamp
    Cyan Mum Table Lamp
    There is about the Mum Table Lamp a refined cheeriness and a soft beauty, that, together, make a most delightful accent piece. The subtle form of mum flowers covers the base of the lamp, which sits atop a solid clear acrylic round. Adding to the monochromatic coloration is a cream-colored shade topped with a finial of the same hue. H:31" Diameter:.
  • Cyan Lucille Eight Light Chandelier
    Cyan Lucille Eight Light Chandelier
    A glorious piece for the home where smooth turns and soft, brushed lines contribute to an exquisitely controlled look of splendor, the Lucille Eight Light Chandelier is a perfect choice for hanging above a transitional round dining table and a debutante note for creating a romantic vignette with a staircase. Pair with family antiques or freshly-chosen accents for equal impact. H:34.5" Diameter:27".
  • Cyan Pentagon Pendant
    Cyan Pentagon Pendant
    Geometric, a blunted sphere enclosing a single bulb, the Pentagon Pendant makes an urbane, poised statement with its seeded-glass facets in a framework of dark polished nickel. The balanced form of this hanging light gives a sense of weightlessness – an unusual choice amidst the more common tapered pendants, it adds a hint of magic to your space. H:17" W:14.5".
  • Cyan Elysia Table Lamp
    Cyan Elysia Table Lamp
    Its cool beauty inspires reveries of days passed along the shore, when the water shone with a tumbled blend of blue and green that seemed the color of wave-tossed gems. The Elysia Table Lamp sits atop a solid, clear acrylic base and boasts a cotton-white shade with a band detail along the rim that lends a touch of unexpected, monochromatic texture. H:28.5" Diameter:16".
  • Cyan Malouet 6 Light Chandelier
    Cyan Malouet 6 Light Chandelier
    Like many of the fine appurtenances that grace Parisian chateaux, the Malouet 6-Light Chandelier features intricate carvings and scrolled ironwork that lend the piece a distinctive old-world allure. Finished in soft Nantucket gray, the chandelier bestows dramatic, yet refined, illumination to a foyer, dining room, great room, or hall. H:24.25" Diameter:26.25".
  • Cyan Pearl Teardrop Table Lamp
    Cyan Pearl Teardrop Table Lamp
    Reversing expected colors for a neutral, traditional task light that nevertheless makes a subtle statement in your home, the Pearl Teardrop Table Lamp is presided over by a drum shade in a natural wood tone, its cylindrical shape resembling a rigid veneer. The narrower but still curvaceous base is a glossy, glowing white, contributing to a pristine appearance. H:30.5" Diameter:16".
  • Cyan Titanium Love Table Lamp
    Cyan Titanium Love Table Lamp
    Squat and attractively proportioned, the Titanium Love Table Lamp contrasts with slender, long-legged furniture pieces or reflects the comfortable feel of floor-hugging lines – making it a charming piece for controlling the impression made by your space with a single addition. A textured titanium base and white shade offer a fresh, timeless look. H:21" W:13".
  • Cyan Juliana Ten Light Chandelier
    Cyan Juliana Ten Light Chandelier
    Tall, fluted candle cups and abstracted lotuses formed from ridged bands of faintly golden clarity surround the ten lights of the Juliana Chandelier. Exquisitely leading the eye to the focal area of a room then along the streaks of light that flow out again, this grand and serene chandelier design is perfectly at home in transitional homes where a sense of the splendid reigns. H:33.5" Diameter:34".
  • Cyan Alexandra Nine Light Chandelier
    Cyan Alexandra Nine Light Chandelier
    It may owe its elegance to the appurtenances of European country estates, where such sophisticated lighting may illuminate a traditional holiday repast, a welcoming of family from afar, a soirée in summer twilight. The Alexandra 9-Light Chandelier boasts a classic chandelier form, nine graceful candelabra, a delicate leaf motif, and a gold finish that lends an old-world aesthetic. H:44" Diameter:37".
  • Cyan Florine Six Light Chandelier
    Cyan Florine Six Light Chandelier
    Beaded swags and an acanthus-leaf ceiling cap evidence the attention and thought poured into each detail of the elite Florine Chandelier, a draped six-light beauty that renders the grandest of lighting options lavished with hints of elegant decay in its subtly shimmering off-white finish. Rounded ornaments on every scale rain detail as well as light on your space. H:30" Diameter:31.5".
  • Cyan Celia Pendant - Oiled Bronze
    Cyan Celia Pendant - Oiled Bronze
    The liquid reflection of your surroundings in the bell-shaped shade of the Oiled Bronze Celia Pendant mirrors your own style and color preferences while suggesting the gleaming, clean-lined aesthetic of vintage décor. An attractive, updated choice for any room, this hanging light is especially appropriate when paired with a minimalist tablescape underneath. H:10.5" Diameter:7.25".
  • Cyan Winey Chandelier
    Cyan Winey Chandelier
    It captivates like the appurtenances of trattorias in Italy that exude la dolce vita in everything from fine wine to magnificent frescoes. The Winey 1-Light Chandelier features 12 wine bottles elegantly suspended from circular holders finished in glimmering bronze. A single bulb at the center allows for the light's gentle illumination to be reflected within the sparkling glass of each bottle. H:9.25" Diameter:17".