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  • XLBoom Floating Box Picture Frame
    XLBoom Floating Box Picture Frame
    A unique approach that blends the function of a picture frame with the design of a window, XLBoom's Floating Box Picture Frame secures a photo between two panes of glass. Framed in lacquered MDF, the geometric frame allows the picture to float within, creating the effect of looking through a window. This effect works best when the photo is smaller than the overall dimensions of the frame, whether they are square to match the frame, or rectangular to offset the proportions.
  • XLBoom Prado Picture Frame
    XLBoom Prado Picture Frame
    With a deep edge, XLBoom's Prado Picture Frames showcase your personal memories in good design. The clean and precise design is accentuated by the inward angled frame that adds further dimension to the object. Made of eco-friendly rubberwood, the picture frame is available coated in white or coffee bean paint that allows slight wood graining to show through to highlight the natural properties of the material. Offered in two sizes, the smaller frame is designed for 4x6" photos while the larger frame hold 5x7" photos. The picture frame may be hung vertical or horizontal or may sit on a surface thanks to its width.
  • Harry Allen My Brother's Frame
    Harry Allen My Brother's Frame
    Cast from a frame that the designer happened upon in his brother's closet, Harry Allen's My Brother's Frame makes a strong and unique expression wherever you hang it. This cast-marble-and-resin picture frame is a bold interpretation of a Victorian-style object and is part of the designer's Reality series of products. Consisting of objects with forms sampled from existing sources, Allen has long believed that original form should no longer be the driving force of design. Reality gives him the opportunity to further explore this idea by borrowing from forms around him. Using a technique that involves casting polyester resin in highly-detailed silicone molds, the resulting objects are crafted with precision.
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