• Skagerak - Skagen Bench
    Skagerak - Skagen Bench
    The Skagen Bench from Skagerak has a solid and also elegant appeal. The timeless bench with the unmistakable crosses in its back is a master example of Scandinavian furniture design. The idea behind the artistic, white lacquered piece of furniture dates back to the golden era of Skagen. That was when artists like Kwoyer, Ancher and Drachmann were inspired by nature and its special and unique light, which characterizes the north of Denmark. Skagerak Skagen Bench: Classic and timeless Mogens Holmriis was inspired by these classic pieces, in order to design his Skagen Bench for Skagerak. The bench with 3 seats is doubtlessly classically drawn, while the function of then remains unchanged: The longevity bench follows the demand of “Design for Generations” in the outstanding Skagerak quality, while it is equally suitable to be used inside and outside of the house. The Skagerak Skagen bench is available out of teak wood and painted in white. The white lacquered bench is made of Sapelli wood. Both wood editions are FSC-certified. Teak wood is hard, stable and very easy to be processed. The wood is also characterized by a unique amount of impregnated oils that make it more resistant against rot and fungal attack. That’s why furniture out of teak are able to remain outside for the whole year without more treatment than regular cleaning. For those of you who want to keep the pretty game of colours of the wood and desire the dark tones, it will help treating the bench with oil.
  • Fermob - Origami Bench
    Fermob - Origami Bench
    Clear and modern: The Harald Guggenbichler made Fermob Origami bench has its name from the Japanese folding technique. Nobody said traditional paper folding art wouldn’t work with furniture. That’s why the designer Harald Guggenbichler started to “fold” a bench out of one piece of steel. Fermob produces the Origami bench out of one piece of steel, which has been laser-cut and bent into its final form afterwards. The surface of the unusual bench by Fermob is coated with UV-protecting powder lacquer. The legs of the Origami bench have protecting caps out of polypropylene.
  • Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Bench SET4SIX
    Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Bench SET4SIX
    The SET4SIX by Müller Möbelwerkstätten offers sociable comfort. SET4SIX unifies the communicative and social qualities of a classic beer tent set but with contemporaneous, high class design. Table and bench of the SET4SIX appear in modern, purist style – the ideal frame for creative atmospheres in the garden, the kitchen or the office. The set with the table and the bench was designed by the German design team Raumfieber. Müller Möbelwerkstätten produces the surface of the SET4SIX bench out of coated HPL with edges of natural birch. The frame is made of powder coated steel. All the parts of the set for 6 people are foldable and therefore space saving when they are stored.
  • Fermob - Bellevie Bench
    Fermob - Bellevie Bench
    Bellevie – the bright side of life! This embodies the Fermob Bellvie bench with its harmonic proportions and soft shapes in perfection. The established Paris design studio Pagnon Pelhaître created the Bellevie Collection for Fermob. This introduces the French lifestyle in every home: Regarding the design, it was important to port warm appearance and happiness. The Bellevie bench is big enough to sit comfortably on it with 3 to 4 people and it perfectly suits the Bellevie Table by Fermob. Fermob produces the Bellevie garden bench with a top of electrically-zinc-plated steel and a frame of aluminium. The material is treated to be protected by the outdoor specialist Fermob and coated with UV-resistant powder lacquer.
  • Skagerak - Drachmann bench
    Skagerak - Drachmann bench
    The Drachmann Bench from Bernt Santesson possesses a never ending elegant impression. The timeless furniture-classic with the unmistakable cross in its back is a classic of the Scandinavian furniture-design. The bench is part of the Drachmann collection from Skagerak. The bench is made of high quality wood and suitable for interior and exterior areas. The bench is available in a teak wood and a white lacquered variant. The white lacquered table consists of FSC-certificate gum wood. Skagerak Drachmann Bench: Timelessly classic The idea of the picturesque, white lacquered pieces of furniture is traceable to the golden Skagens age, as artists like Kroyer, Ancher and Drachmann were inspired by the unique nature and the special light the northern tip of Denmark is known for. The first characteristically white Skagen-furniture pieces that were manufactured by local carpenters are mapped on pictures from that period. It were these pieces of furniture and the aura that surrounded them as they stood in the pictorial nature and beautiful gardens that lead to the production of the modern white lacquered furniture from Skagerak today. Teak wood is resistant, stable and easy to be processed. At the same time the wood is marked by a unique content of naturally impregnating oils that make the wood robust towards rot and fungal infestation. This makes it possible to position furniture made of high quality teak wood outsides all over the year without any further treatments but a regular cleaning. Those who want to preserve the woods’ beautiful interplay of colours and desire a darker shade can treat the pieces with oil.
  • Knoll International Knoll - Bertoia Outdoor Bench
    Knoll International Knoll - Bertoia Outdoor Bench
    The simple shape of the Bertoia bench was the first sketch of the Italian designer for Knoll. The design of 1952 clearly shows the enthusiasm of working with metal, characteristic in the Bertoia products. Harry Bertoia wasn’t the kind of designer that researched a lot for his creations. His inspiration had to come from the inside. This was how the Bertoia bench emerged, which showed all the typical characteristics of the designer’s works for the first time: The usage of tubes and wire of metal. The metal base gives the unmistakable character to the Knoll Bertoia bench, and the visual simplicity makes it unobtrusive, timeless and suitable for all kinds of surroundings at the same time. Knoll produces the Bertoia outdoor bench with a frame out of welded steel tube with Rilsan coating and battens out of teak wood or acrylic stoneware. Acrylic stoneware is a mixture of aluminium, acrylic resin and natural pigments. The aluminium reinforces the material, while the plastic makes the whole construction easily cleanable, water resistant and vivid regarding the colour. Teak wood is also predestined to be used outside: Teak is water repellent, wear-resistant, form stable and weatherproof. These qualities make the Bertoia bench perfectly suitable to be used on the terrace, the balcony and the garden. The Bertoia outdoor bench is also available with other legs (black, white, stainless steel).
  • Weishaeupl Weishäupl - Cross Bench
    Weishaeupl Weishäupl - Cross Bench
    The Weishäupl Cross series is a clearly designed and functional collection of tables and benches for outdoor areas. The manufacturing out of teak wood is especially emphasized because of the straight-lined design. Moreover the Cross furniture pieces are folded in an instant in order to be stored space saving. The use is as easy as it can be: Only a hand-screw must be operated to fix and release the mechanism of the bench, when you wish to fold it. Besides the optimally accessible struts because of the crossed feet, the cross-like stainless steel bracing ropes moreover ensure great lengthways stability. The Cross programme is also optimally combinable with the Cabin chair editions of the Bavarian manufacturer Weishäupl or other clearly designed furniture pieces because of material, construction and design. The Cross bench by Weishäupl can also be equipped with a backrest for additional comfort. Cushions with foam filling are also available.
  • Conmoto - Cushion for Tension Bench
    Conmoto - Cushion for Tension Bench
    The suitable cushions for the Tension Bench by Conmoto. The seat cushions for the Tension Bench suit the collection of the manufacturer perfectly with their rectangular-transparent design. Two cushions are needed for one bench. The cushions consist of weatherproof Sunbrella fabrics. The manufacturing out of 100% acrylic guarantees longevity and strength – as it should be for garden furniture. The Tension Collection products by Conmoto are also available in further colours.
  • Conmoto - Riva Indoor- & Outdoor Bench
    Conmoto - Riva Indoor- & Outdoor Bench
    A light at the end, on the terrace and inside of the house. The Riva series by Conmoto inspires the classic garden ensemble on a new way: Straight lined, bright and safe in every weather circumstance. Purity is the leading style element from Riva. The clear, reduced form speaking inserts itself in every architecture and still stands for itself. Bench and table follow the same construction principle and thereby build a harmonic whole. The seat group offers enough space for up to ten people. As a solitary the bench sets modern accents. It can be pushed under the table space sparingly. The furniture series Riva is made out of white or grey, scratch resistant HPL. The seating cushions lay with a sewed coaster slip resistant on the Riva bench. The tissue has an innovative spot protection and convinces through multiple characteristics: Dirt repellent, waterproof, unpolluted, skin friendly, breathable, antibacterial. Spots can easily be wiped off with a humid cloth. The seat cushions are not included in the delivery package and have to be ordered separately. The Riva furniture have been honoured with the following awards: Good Design Award 2007, iF product design award 2007, nomination for the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2007, reddot 2007, nomination to the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2009. Fitting the Riva bench, Conmoto also offers cushions for the Riva bench in anthracite, beige and black. Also the Riva bench is available in further sizes, with backrests and in an anthracite variant.
  • Fermob - Ellipse Bench for 2
    Fermob - Ellipse Bench for 2
    Ellipse from Fermob leans on the design of the classic metal benches in the European cities. Pascal Mourgue helps the characteristic forms with its curved design and the weightless materials to become an airy, modern reincarnation. The design of the bench spreads an inviting easiness and finds a place outdoors as well as indoors. The Ellipse bench frame consists of steel. The coating forms a tearproof technical outdoor tissue out of polyester coated PVC. For a confidential usage outdoors, Fermob worked the bench with an extra high protection treatment. The frame is furthermore coated with UV-resistant powder lacquer. The Ellipse bench from Fermob is available as 2 or 3 seater and in different colours.
  • Weishaeupl Weishäupl - Flip garden bench
    Weishaeupl Weishäupl - Flip garden bench
    The indoor and outdoor adapted Flip garden bench by Weishäupl consists of a stainless steel frame, which is equipped with a simple and original folding mechanism which is practical because it can be stored during winter periods – space saving. The massive seat consists of untreated teak wood. The already by garden-enthusiasts desired manufacturer Weishäuple increased its popularity regarding design and quality with the Flip series. Also experts thought so and honoured the Flip series with one of the most renowned design awards in 2010: The IF Product Design Award and the Red dot Design Award 2010.
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