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  • Catherine Lovatt Lovatt Beaker
    Catherine Lovatt Lovatt Beaker
    Inspired by the concept of purifying and re-interpreting the aesthetic beauty found in everyday objects, designer Catherine Lovatt's porcelain beaker subtracts from the archetypal form creating a functional object with a unique design language. The cup eschews the superfluous to focus on the core elements of the object: the round - yet cylindrical - container and a most unique interpretation of handles realized in tubular forms. Her series of tableware exploring the possibilities of simple, geometric forms create an inspiring table-scape that adds life and vibrancy to the daily routine.
  • Jean Nouvel CFF CP Mocha Cups Set
    Jean Nouvel CFF CP Mocha Cups Set
    Designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, the CFF CP Mocha Cups is a set of two double wall, stainless steel mugs with saucers for espresso drinks. The remarkable design is a distillation of Alessi’s 2003 Tea & Coffee Tower Project which invited famous architects to design - often for their first times - a limited edition tea and coffee services. Now, mass produced in fine stainless steel, the cups feature a mirror polished exterior and brushed interior. The double wall construction holds the temperature of the drink longer without burning your hand. The saucers compliment the mugs and feature the same mirror polished finishing. Packaged in a presentation box, the set makes a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.
  • Leonardo Borra Clessidra Spirit Glass
    Leonardo Borra Clessidra Spirit Glass
    Leonardo Borra’s Clessidra Spirit Glass deviates from the common shapes popular in drinking glasses to enhance the impression of the senses. A careful design accentuates the spirit by giving it ample room to move, resulting in the flow of oxygen that heightens the aroma throughout both chambers. The aesthetic of this object, mysterious upon notice, bewilders the user in believing a drinking glass, an item so unnoticed in perception, can adapt to a contemporary design that is highly unique and unconventional. Borra’s handmade Clessidra Spirit Glass reinvents the concept of smelling and tasting spirits by playing with unexplored forms in creativity and comfort.
  • R&D Blueside Charlies Glass Tablet Set
    R&D Blueside Charlies Glass Tablet Set
    The flair of drinking whiskey on the rocks or presenting elegant foods to family and friends takes on a new style with Charlies Glass Tablet Set. This collection, ideal to accompany the mood of evening receptions, includes one whiskey glass, one larger ice glass, and one glabrous DuPont Corian tablet with two recesses for holding the glasses. The exclusive pair is made from borosilicate glass, considered the highest quality for its purity and duration by expert gaffers. Designer R&D Blueside combines quality and quantity to offer a soundless piece with an abundance of roles perfect for the creative gourmets or casual conversationalists.
  • R&D Blueside Moon Spirit Glass
    R&D Blueside Moon Spirit Glass
    A semi-spherical thick-walled design from R&D Blueside defines the perfect balance of comfort and taste in the Moon Spirit Glass. The production of the Moon, conducted in the cultural city of Perugia, depicts the visual experience that results when multiple layers of glass join together and naturally form the effects of shading contrasts. The durable borosilicate glass guarantees the maintenance of the ideal temperature when tasting fine spirits. Uniquely enough, the Moon Spirit Glass has two geometrical bases that can rest in different positions – a vertical position for pouring the spirits and a second, inclined position for increasing the surface of the liquid exposed to the air as much as possible, so as to enhance the aromas. The cut impression in the lower side of the glass which allows the object to rest at an incline also creates a compelling visual, hence the name "Moon".
  • Thomas Jenk Module Two Whiskey Glassware
    Thomas Jenk Module Two Whiskey Glassware
    Inspired by the glass cutting techniques both artisanal and mechanical, Thomas Jenk's Module Two Whiskey Glassware have a look and feel which compliment the tradition of single malt whiskey distillers. Comprised of a set two tumblers and a decanting carafe, the design features opposing spiral profiles cut into the crystal allowing them to mesh together and rotate, resembling interlocking gears. Following the centuries-old tradition of Bohemian handmade cut crystal and 20 years of glass machinery and manufacturing, Bohemia Machine's products blur the boundaries between classic handcrafted techniques and sophisticated glass cutting. Sold separately, the tumblers and decanter compliment each other not only in design and motif but in function as well, adding depth and sophistication to the ritual of drinking.
  • Jiri Pelcl Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware
    Jiri Pelcl Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware
    By emphasizing the contrast between the smooth, conical form of the body and the massive, irregular cut stems and bases, Jiří Pelcl's Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware is a stunning juxtaposition of glassmaking techniques. The glassware is defined by its architectural approach in form which creates the strong, unique look of each piece. This approach emphasizes the masterful craftsmanship that is rooted in centuries-old Bohemian glassmaking techniques while appearing thoroughly modern in form. Each glass, with its body shaped according to the type of drink it should contain, is united by the faceted base which compels the user to hold the glass by the cut parts rather than the body of the glass itself. This intriguing glassware adds depth and sophistication to the act of drinking and is complimented by the Stone Carafe which features the same characteristic faceted detail.
  • Laurence Brabant Decales Glass Tumblers
    Laurence Brabant Decales Glass Tumblers
    Giving shape to irony, poetry and nostalgia, Laurence Brabant's Decales collection of tumblers incorporate specialized glass-blowing techniques with witty design. Expressive, concentric cylinders are stacked three high, throwing off each vessel's equilibrium yet still retaining balance. Quirky and playful, the collection of tumblers remains rooted in good, minimal design and is a perfect compliment for the modern lifestyle. Crafted of clear, durable borosilicate glass, these drinking glasses are indicative of Brabant's oeuvre where age-old glass techniques are utilized to create compelling versions of everyday objects. Made in France. Click here for Decales Carafe.
  • Vanessa Mitrani Lilliput Mug
    Vanessa Mitrani Lilliput Mug
    Through a dedicated exploration of nature realized in subtle communion of unlikely materials, Vanessa Mirtrani's designs are both ethereal and delightful. This experimentation is found within the Lilliput Mug, a cylindrical form of blown-glass topped with pewter figurines. As if frozen in time, the figures appears to be in deep conversation as they sit next to each other around the edge of the mug. A poetic strain is found within the sculpture and begs the viewer to question what the figures are speaking about to one another. Made of tough, borosilicate glass, the mug is suitable for use but makes its strongest statement when used as a decorative sculpture.
  • Vico Magistretti Grip Glassware
    Vico Magistretti Grip Glassware
    By one of the masters of modern Italian design, Vico Magistretti, the Grip Glassware collection is a series of understated, well-considered vessels suitable for a wide variety of drinks. With glass increasingly thin, almost to the point of disappearance, the objectivity of the glassware is reduced which focuses attention on the contents rather than container. The edge of the drinking glasses opens up at the top, giving them a sense of primordial gesture. The shape makes the items easy to grip and enables the different formats to be stacked. The small glasses are available in different versions to suit various drinks including glasses for water, whiskey, wine and champagne. The minimal shape and functionality of these glasses echo the designer's wide range of work.
  • Andreas Engesvik Corky Glasses
    Andreas Engesvik Corky Glasses
    A companion to his Corky Carafe, designer Andreas Engesvik's Corky Glasses feature the same subtle design and take inspiration from the archetypal shape of classic bottles. Small and light, the set of four drinking glasses compliments the carafe or may be used separately. Suited for both everyday use and special occasions with friends and family, the glasses are ideal for juices, liqueurs, water or whatever else you can think of serving. See the Corky Carafe here.
  • Takumi Shimamura Chanto Espresso Cup
    Takumi Shimamura Chanto Espresso Cup
    An exceptional hand-crafted small vessel, Takumi Shimamura's Chanto Espresso Cup combines the natural beauty of wood with the traditional craft of lacquering resulting in an object with a gentle form and beauty. The Japanese designer, who has developed projects for such companies as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Fujitsu, builds upon traditional craftwork found in his native country. The lacquered edges present the user with a unique, soft touch to the lips which enhances the routine of enjoying your coffee drink.
  • Demirden Design and Hasan Demir Obuz Sade Glassware
    Demirden Design and Hasan Demir Obuz Sade Glassware
    Experience purity in a relaxed form. The Sade Glassware collection combines soft lines with a refined profile that reflects the delicate nature of glass itself. A long, cylindrical form with a bulbous base in four variations, each designed for a particular beverage. The handmade crystalline drinking glasses are suitable for everyday use, their strength contrasting with their elegant design. Each glass is sold in a set of two.
  • Celine Frebault Pinson Glasses
    Celine Frebault Pinson Glasses
    The practical side kick to Celine Frebault's Pinson Carafe, the Pinson Glasses continue the whimsical approach to design wherein the entirety of the transparent glass form - including the handle - fills with the beverage being served. The set of two glasses represent a dynamic and original design that adds a witty touch to the tabletop or bar area. Pleasant to the touch, the glasses feature thin construction of borosilicate glass making them suitable for hot or cold beverages.
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