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  • Atoma - Basic Notebook
    Atoma - Basic Notebook
    The reusable notebook by Atoma The basic notebook by Atoma is reusable again and again because of the special system. Thereby the secret of each Atoma notebook includes the rings for new pages to be installed and old ones to be replaced. Exchange pages and paper The ring binding makes it easy to add new pages to the notebook and to remove them again. The content of the notebook can be reorganised according to your demands whenever you want. Ruled, chequered or plain pages – in a refill pack The basic notebook appears with chequered paper, bit it can be filled with ruled or plain pages as well with the refill sets, if desired. According to what the notebooks are needed for. Adding punched notes and documents If the Atoma notebook is used as diary, weekly planner or yearbook, it can also be filled with own notes, tickets and small memories when they’re punched. The available Atoma puncher makes the pages suitable to every Atoma book. This is how the systematic notebook isn’t only suitable for private usage, but it also suits the university, the work and the school, being an organisation talent of everyday tasks. The basic copy-book is also available in green, yellow, blue and red. The basic ring book can be used as personal notebook or practical writing block available in different colours and the practical Din sizes A4 and A5.
  • Atoma - Alain Berteau Notebook
    Atoma - Alain Berteau Notebook
    Designer notebook The Alain Berteau notebook by Atoma has the name of the Belgian designer, who especially designed the Copy Book for Atoma. The notebook is made of recycled materials and therefore very eco- friendly regarding the reusability and conservancy of resources. Recycled materials and rubber closure The Alain Berteau notebook can systematically be filled with new paper or its content can easily be reorganised like all of the copy-books by Atoma. The book made of recycled cardboard saves the paper from breaks and the practical rubber closure keeps the copy book closed. Atoma notebook out of the design collection The Alain Berteau notebook is part of the design collection by Atoma which presents copy-books by Belgian designers. The collection gathers designer pieces by Luc Vincent, Luca Casini, Chris Mestdagh and Alain Berteau, who also gathered tradition, modernity and style, designing copy-books especially for Atoma. Size and colour The Alain Berteau copy-book is available with two different covers. One notebook with a cover of recycled cardboard and another one made of artificial felt out of recycled plastic on demand. The notebook is suitable to be used for the most different purposes in A4, A5 and A6. The special ring binding and available refill papers are the reason why the Atoma notebooks save our resources and organise our paper chaos.
  • ArchitectMade - Votive Trepas Six
    ArchitectMade - Votive Trepas Six
    Trepas six is a set of six votive candle holders designed by Peter Karpf. The votive candle holders by ArchitectMade are made of brass, copper and steel. The stackable votive candle holders can be combined and organised individually. The timeless Trepas design of 1966 connects classic materials with functional beauty. The ArchitectMade votive candle holders follow a simple principle, according to which the stackable votive candle holders can be piled in endless combinations. The shiny surface of the metal candleholder reflects and mirrors the flame of the candle, so that the Trepas candleholders spread a very special light. The Trepas votive candle holders by ArchitectMade are also available in a set of 9 pieces.
  • Atoma - Classic Alu Notebook
    Atoma - Classic Alu Notebook
    Aluminium copy-book The classic alu notebook by Atoma is an elegant edition of the practical copy-book, whose pages are easily replaceable thanks to the special ring binding. The classic alu notebook has its name from the aluminium rings and the classic edition in elegant black. The cardboard cover hides off-white pages out of ph-neutral and ink-save paper. Extra pages to refill the book are available in a set of different variants. Replaceable pages: Chequered, ruled or plain Additional sets of pages to refill the books are available in suitable sizes and with different structures. Whether chequered, ruled or plain: The Atoma paper completed the notebooks for different purposes. The classic alu notebook is an elegant copy-book, which serves for private purposes at work, the University or the school. The practical refill-packs are the reason why the Atoma notebook with the elegant alu look is a longevity companion and practical helper.
  • Menu Design Menu - Chunk of Marble
    Menu Design Menu - Chunk of Marble
    Chunks is a collection of rough and solid holder for normal candles by Menu. There are various materials in different sizes available which can be ordered and combined as you please. The Chunk of Marble by Menu consists of a rough marble foundation and a shiny copper-coated upper surface. This mix gives the Chunk of Marble an ethnicsl and romantical impression. The light of the burning candle is reflected by the copper surface and creates a wonderful light. The candleholder Chunk of Marble by Menu fits perfectly to dining tables, window benches and moments in which you just want to relax and be charming to yourself. There is also an alternative available that is made of wood with an upper surface of brass named Chunk of Wood.
  • Paper Collective - Dancer 02
    Paper Collective - Dancer 02
    Dancer 02 – the poster by the Swedish illustrator Alemie Hegardt – is part of the Stockholm Collection by Paper Collective. The collection has been curated by the team of designers Form us with Love , gathering the work of young Swedish designers in the collection. The beginning of it all was the relaunch of Penstore, a Swedish tradition house and arts supporter. The offset-print is based on a freehand-drawing. The gestural outlines and abstracted silhouette are the reason why the limited print (500 pcs.) is a special eye-catcher. "Great Design - Good Cause" That’s the motto of Paper Collective, who is investing a part of the revenue into non-profit organisation projects. In the case of the Dancer poster, Paper Collective donates to the institution Forest of The World. Paper Collective also focusses on environmentally friendly conditions regarding the production, which is the reason why the posters were honoured with the Nordic eco label Swan , which can be compared with the Blauer Engel (Germ. Blue angel) seal of Germany. The Paper The Dancer posters are offset-prints on 200 g Munken Pure paper. The unpainted paper is FSC-certified and it convinces with its special archive-qualities. Limited poster art The size of 50 x 70 cm of the graphic posters is the reason why the wooden frames can be used to hold the posters with style.
  • Palomar - Manufacturer Palomar - Pin World
    Palomar - Manufacturer Palomar - Pin World
    Pin World is a world map and pin board in one. The appealing graphic by Pizzolorusso & Alessandro Maffioletti is the reason why the felt pin board is an eye-catcher in the office and the homely living room as well. It doesn’t matter where; you will already dream of the next holiday or passionately think of the last one with the Pin World. The Pin World map shows a graphic overview or all the continents including all metropolises. Special travelling places can be marked with one of the 15 red included pins as if the map was a To-Do list. There are additional pins available for people that travel often. This is how your routes won’t be limited to 15 places and you will be able to pin memories, pictures, tickets and other small things directly at the board. This is how the Pin World becomes a very personal travelling diary, which can be enjoyed with the family and with friends. The world map is available in classic black-white or maritime blue colours becoming a wonderful highlight on every wall. This is a great possibility of collecting memories and of being anxious for new ones. For homes or as individual gift ideas for globe trotters, travelling-enthusiasts and other world-affine people. Also available as mini-size edition (85 x 46 cm) and as 3-pieces XL image (210 x 130 cm).
  • Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1980s
    Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1980s
    Design poster by Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen celebrates the iconic, timeless shape of the classic chair with a collection of posters in the event of the 60 th anniversary of the Series 3107 by Arne Jacobsen. Seven posters with different Art styles from the 1950s to modernity were presented. The Series 7 over the course of time. Series 7 poster The 1980s poster by Fritz Hansen displays the silhouette of the Series 7 with graphic gestural brush strokes leaning on the graffiti art of the 80s and the playful works of creatives like Keith Haring. The poster with the Street-Art appearance celebrates the shape of the Series 7 in the style of the 80s on high class satin paper. The poster enables to decorate your home with the timeless silhouette of the chair at your walls as well as the chair ornaments your living and dining room, since it is part of the anniversary collection made by Fritz Hansen. A poster for real design-enthusiasts.
  • Vitra - Eames House Bird - Golden Limited Edition 2015
    Vitra - Eames House Bird - Golden Limited Edition 2015
    Collector’s piece – Eames House Bird The Eames House Bird doubtlessly counts to the classics by Vitra. The bird, a design made by Charles and Ray Eames, is produced by Vitra in a limited edition of 1000 pieces for collectors in 2015. Design object in gold The Eames House Bird is a design object of the highest quality, partly handmade. The Vitra bird out of alder wood wears a golden feathers coat out of precious leaf gold, since it is a limited collector’s piece. The leaf gold is laid on the bird by hand from head to toes, so that the wooden corpus isn’t only coated with the precious metal, but the filigree legs as well. A finish of colourless lacquer protects the noble surface of the House Bird and it lets the “plumage” shine with a special gloss. Gift box & certificate Every House bird is delivered in a special edition box with a certificate proving the unique serial number of the House Bird Gold Edition by Vitra, as part of the limited edition of totally 1000 pieces (280 pieces for Germany).
  • KooKoo - Bird House Mini
    KooKoo - Bird House Mini
    The Bird House mini by KooKoo is a different kind of cuckoo clock: It has a modern, simple design and it is made of high class MDF-wood. The small brother of the Bird House is as sophisticated as its brother regarding functionality. A singing bird appears at every full hour and reminds you of the time. But it doesn’t only announce the time with the classic cuckoo sound we all know – 12 bird voices can be selected. Among them are the sounds of a blackbird and of an oriole. The bird’s voices are original records of singing birds in their natural surroundings, vitalizing your own four walls. But the birds go to sleep at night as well as we do. Light sensors keep the birds inside of their houses, and their voices switched off at less than 10 lux. This is how your night isn’t disturbed. Four coloured birds belong to the Bird House mini. One bird at a time can be fixed with a magnet at the clock; the others are stored at a magnetic metal tube, waiting for their chance to play their song. More details: With 4 coloured birds and a metal tube to be fixed (magnet) Light sensor: Sounds are switched off at less than 10 lux. 3 Bird’s voices: A different bird appears ar every full hour, or a selected bird sings.
  • Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 2010s
    Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 2010s
    Design poster by Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen celebrates the classic chair with a new collection of posters in the event of the anniversary of the Series 3107 by Arne Jacobsen. Seven prints – one for every decade since the first design of 1955 – display the sensual silhouette of the Series in a new light: From the 50s up to today, from Pop Art over graffiti up to Minimal Art – the posters celebrate the timeless design of the classic chair with the according style of each decade of its existence. Series 7 poster by the artist Tal R The Series 7 doesn’t only appear on posters in the event of the anniversary, but in new colours as well. The artist Tal R, known for his sense for colours, gave the changing colours from Ai Blue to Hüzün Green to the iconic chair, also ornamenting the poster of the 2010s: "All the colours have one thing in common: They lie in between two colours and are constantly pulled in both directions; this gives the colours depth and the ability to conjure up mental images. To me, it’s important that every single colour has a story behind it that sparks associations." Explained the artist Tal R. ”Therefore, each of the nine colours that I’ve chosen for the Series 7 chair has its own story and lets you see the chair in a new perspective.” The 2010s poster represents modernity and the future of the Series 7, since several millions of sold specimen and a place in one of the most renowned museums of the world ensure for the Series 7 to be a classic chair that will live with style for the next 60 years as well.
  • KooKoo - Singing Bird Wall Clock
    KooKoo - Singing Bird Wall Clock
    The singing bird wall clock is the classic one by the manufacturer KooKoo. It is a modern clock, whose dial displays 12 regional singling birds. But the pictures of the birds aren’t the only specialty – you can also hear them hourly. Since one of the twelve original bird voices will play back for about 10 seconds, starting with the blackbird at 1 o’clock up to the oriole at 12 o’clock. All of the birds’ voices were recorded from nature and they aren’t artificially made. An included light sensor keeps the birds from singing at night. These qualities are the reason why the singing bird wall clock by KooKoo convinces children as well as ornithology enthusiasts. More details: 12 Illustrations on the dial. One of the 12 birds sings for about 10 seconds each hour. A light sensor stops the noise at night. Informative brochure with explanations included.
  • Menu Design Menu - Anker Rack
    Menu Design Menu - Anker Rack
    Anker Rack is an smart and foldable clothes rack by Menu, which is suitable for many purposes with its minimalistic style and the slim shape. The Menu Anker Rack is suitable to be used for Hotels, offices, restaurants or the bedroom and spacious entrance halls. The clothes rack is very slim, which is the reason why it is able to hold many clothes. Many hangers and coats and other wardrobe items can be hanged at the 149 cm rail The 48 x 149 cm platform holds shoes, bags and other independent items. Flexible wardrobe for many purposes The flexible shape is a big advantage of the wardrobe by Menu: Anker Rack is easily storable, since it is very flat when it is folded. The frame is made of powder-coated steel and it has an easy hooks system, which keeps everything together – and which makes it easy to fold it. The design comes from Jonas Birkebæk Poulsen & Christian Troels of Studio Anker. Menu produces the Anker Rack out of powder coated steel, which is the reason why the rack is very stable and resistant. The material lasts for a long time, which ensures to enjoy the product for many years.
  • ArchitectMade - Owl
    ArchitectMade - Owl
    Paul Anker Hansen already designed the wooden owl in 1960 with much love for details. The animalistic figures family of ArchitectMade grows with another charming member, this owl. Originally made of teak wood, the ArchitectMade owl has a classic Danish “plumage” of oak wood today, in a natural and a smoked edition. Head and body of the owl are connected with magnets, so that the head is able to turn into all directions, observing the place with new positions. The charming owl is an affair of the heart of the designer Paul Anker Hansen, who describes the birth of the owl as follows: “One Sunday morning in 1960 I woke up bright and early with a clear image of the Owl in my head. The night before we had entertained guests and I got to bed late with a lot of coffee in my blood. That morning, I had finally solved the puzzle of the owl, that had been on my mind for years.”. According to the idea of the designer Paul Anker Hansen, the owl is produced by ArchitectMade in a Danish carpentry with love and by hand.
  • OK Design - Chango Cushion
    OK Design - Chango Cushion
    Ball of wool cushion The Chango Cushion by OK Design sets individual and playful accents on your sofa. At first glance the unusual, round form with knotted elements does not convey the impression of being a classical sofa cushion and can therefore be used as an exceptional decorative object. Despite the extraordinary design the Chango Cushion proves to be exceedingly comfortable and functional. Each tube of the cushion is filled with soft polyester wadding. The knitted outer cover consists of a high-quality mix of cotton, viscose, nylon, cashmere and angora. Chango can be used not only in the living room but also in the children's room to set accents. The Chango Cushion additionally looks well in combination with the classical OK Design Acapulco Chair. "Chango" by the way can be translated from Latin-American Spanish and means "monkey" - an interesting allusion to the playful design of the cushion and also to Mexico, the country of manufaction. The Chango Cushion is available in different colours and two different sizes that combine splendidly.
  • Menu Design Menu - Soft Capital
    Menu Design Menu - Soft Capital
    Make two out of one: Soft Capital is a fine, practical candleholder made of marble, designed by nick Ross. The slim end of the candleholder by Menu is usable for high candles and the wide end for votive candles. The design of the Menu Soft Capital refers to the big, impressive pillars of antique Rome. “I am inspired by history and how it affects the way we see things today. Ancient crafts or values in craft give them a magical quality today. I believe we can add this lost magic to contemporary domestic goods as well. By understanding the past we can add more soul to the present.” Explained the designer. The demand of Nick Ross can be considered as fulfilled. The unusual design is accompanied by the soft touch of the candleholder. The soft curves combined with the heavy, noble material are a unique combination.
  • Pop Chart Lab - The Various Varieties of Fruits
    Pop Chart Lab - The Various Varieties of Fruits
    The poster for foodies and graphic-gourmands Pop Chart Lab designs informative and amusing graphic prints. The poster “The Various Varieties of Fruits” dedicates to the culinary works of fruits. More than 300 different types of fruits are displayed on the poster on an informative way, connected to each other. The Pop Chart Lab poster is a colourful illustration for the kitchen, the break room, the children’s room or other places of the home, displaying fruits organised according to their type and origin. The team of Pop Chart Lab of Brooklyn transforms posters into tasty decoration items. The illustration The Various Varieties of Fruits displays more than 300 different fruits: From A to Z, from Apple to Zig-Zag Vine. But unknown, exotic fruits like “Ice Cream Bean”, Cocoplum and “Dead Man’s Finger” are presented on the poster as well. The paper The Pop Chart poster is printed in an offset-print procedure on recycled and certified paper in New York, Brooklyn. Thereby the manufacturer uses food-safe ink, suiting the pattern. The Chart The Various Varieties of Fruits, the informative graphic for foodies, graphic-gourmands and friends of exceptional wall decoration.
  • Pop Chart Lab - A Visual Compendium of Guitars
    Pop Chart Lab - A Visual Compendium of Guitars
    The graphic for guitar fans and music enthusiasts Pop Chart Lab – the creative design office of the USA – translates amusing facts into exceptional information posters. A Visual Compendium of Guitars is a poster for music enthusiasts. The poster catalogues 64 of the exceptional and important guitars of Rock´n Roll history. From the legendary 12 strings guitar up to Woody Guthrie's Fascist-Killer-Machine and guitars with more than one neck – the most different guitar models are displayed with the smallest details – each instrument is an independent artwork. The gift for music enthusiasts The guitars poster displays some of the most famous models of music history: Buddy Holly’s 1943 J-45 Gibson, George Harrison’s 1957, Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet as well as Kurt Cobain’s 1968 Mosrite Mark IV Gospel or Bill and Ted’s Air Guitar and many more models. The poster isn’t only an informative overview and decorative eye-catcher in the rehearsal room, living room or music room, but it is also a small memory to some of the best songs, bands and concerts. The poster paper The poster “A Visual Compendium of Guitars” is produced in Brooklyn, New York by Pop Chart Lab. The manufacturer uses food-safe ink for the offset lithography.
  • Menu Design Menu - Pepe Marble Mirror
    Menu Design Menu - Pepe Marble Mirror
    Classic meets modernity: The Menu Pepe marble mirror translates classic shapes and materials into a contemporaneous context. The eponymous Studio Pepe is responsible for the design of the Menu Pepe mirror. The classic shape and the clear aesthetic, inspired by Italy of the 1950s, add an iconic value to the mirror. It can be used every day and it might be inherited to the next generation one day. Iconic shape and precious materials Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto by Studio Pepe explained: “We like the Italian aesthetic from the late 50’s and up – back then the educated and sophisticated growing middle class had a style who was very well represented by masters such as Caccia Dominioni, Gio Ponti and de Carli and in Michelangelo Antonioni’s movies like ‘La notte’. A style, which used a lot of precious materials such as marble, brass, precious woods and patterns.” And that’s how the material is as precious as the design: The round mirror is framed into the brass. The mirror swings and the base of marble keeps it stable all the time. If the mirrors are combined, their unmistakable style is even emphasized.
  • Pop Chart Lab - The Evolution of Bicycles
    Pop Chart Lab - The Evolution of Bicycles
    The graphic poster for bicycle-enthusiasts Pop Chart Lab is a creative design office of New York, which translates amusing facts of culture, consumption and cuisine into exceptional information posters. The Evolution of Bicycles shows more than 75 detailed illustrations of different two-wheelers. The poster is therewith something like a visual evolution history and a genealogical tree of the bicycle. The graphic poster documents the development of bicycles from 1780 until today: Starting with the ancient “high-wheel boneshakers” of the Victorian era over the first racing bicycles up to the modern BMX and mountain bikes. Pop Chart Lab offers an informative and decorative overview of exceptional two-wheelers. The different kind of wall-decoration for bike-enthusiasts, (race)-sportsmen and all of those that are interested in the history of the bicycle. The paper The poster “The Evolution of Bicycles” is produced by Chart Lab in Brooklyn, New York. It is printed in an offset-print procedure with special food-safe ink on recycled and certified paper.
  • KooKoo - Singing Bird Wall Clock RC
    KooKoo - Singing Bird Wall Clock RC
    The singing bird wall clock RC by KooKoo has a radio quartz clockwork and it therefore always displays the exact time. The clockwork is actualized automatically every 24 hours via the DCF77 signal. The wall clock became special because of the fine drawings of 12 regional singing birds on the dial, combined with the suitable voices: One of the twelve original voices is played for about 10 seconds each hour – from the blackbird at 1 o’clock to the oriole at 12 o’clock. All of the bird voices were recorded in nature and aren’t artificially produced. An integrated light sensor keeps the birds from singing at night. These qualities are the reason why the singing bird wall clock RC convinces children as well as ornithology enthusiasts. More details: 12 Illustrations on the dial. One of the 12 birds sings for about 10 seconds each hour. A light sensor stops the noise at night. Informative brochure with explanations included.
  • Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1950s
    Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1950s
    Series 7 poster – anniversary collection Fritz Hansen celebrates the iconic sensual curved silhouette of the Series 7 chair with seven different posters because of its 60 th anniversary according to the motto “The Perfect Shape”. Each one of the posters thereby represents a decade of its life since it was produced in 1955 for the first time. The beginning of the collection is assigned to the poster of the 50s. The Seires 7 appears in the 1950s poster with a simple and dramatic expression in front of three colour figures, leaning on the film style – known of James Bond films, where graphic elements introduce the film with a determinate mood. This is how the poster refers to the decade of abstract expressionism and paintings with colour patches. The 50s poster by Fritz Hansen honours the eventful and creative decade and the year of birth of the classic chair. The Fritz Hansen posters of the anniversary collection celebrate the iconic shape of the Series 7 over the course of time.
  • Vitra - Graphic Print Pillow - Maze
    Vitra - Graphic Print Pillow - Maze
    Alexander Girard was a versatile skilled architect and designer for furniture and textiles, interior design, graphic design, exposition design and industrial design. The graphic cushions by Vitra represent the versatility and the graphic skills of the American designer. Happy colours and patterns, abstract and geometrical shapes or unique colour constellations: That’s the world of Alexander Girard. The architect and designer counts to the most embossing representatives of American post war design. The focus of his work was textile design, where he expressed his love for colours, textures and graphical patterns. His designs, such as the graphic cushion Maze, now expand the accessories collection from Vitra. Girard unified motives of traditional arts with abstract patterns in his works. Even his simplest graphical patterns reached high differentiation because of their clear colours and many of his patterns and figures express delighted playfulness. The graphic print pillows vitalize some of these designs: Abstract graphical or expressive figurative patterns make up powerful accents. Vitra produces the Maze pillowcase of 100% cotton and the filling is made of ducks-half-down. This is how the soft Vitra graphic cushion serves as decorative accessory for the most different furnishing styles.
  • Pop Chart Lab - A Visual Compendium of Typewriters
    Pop Chart Lab - A Visual Compendium of Typewriters
    The poster for writers, retro-fans and technique-enthusiasts The American design office Pop Chart Lab translates everyday things of art, culture and consumption into amusing information graphics. Pop Chart Lab offers a detailed overview of the development of typewriters with the poster “A Visual Compendium of Typewriting”. The collection includes more than 60 illustrated typewriters of more than 100 years, All the enthusiasts of the written word, friends of special writings and all of those that miss the typical sound of typewriters will be able to travel back to the almost forgotten times of analogue writing with the poster and a glimpse on the most important models of the “Remington Rands” and “Smith Coronas” of the 20s up to the legendary Olympias, IBMs and the legendary Olivetti ET 101. The special sting: The base of the poster looks like a typewriter’s entry. An amusing and very suitable poster-detail. “A Visual Compendium of Typewriters” is an informative and decorative illustration and the perfect gift for hobby-writers, technique-enthusiasts and retro-fans. The poster of the USA The poster and visual handbook of the typewriter is produced by Pop Chart Lab in Brooklyn, New York. A special, food-safe paint is passed to the recycled and certified paper in the offset-print procedure.
  • Menu Design Menu - Optical Candleholder
    Menu Design Menu - Optical Candleholder
    Optical is a fine, decorative candleholder made by the Oslo designers Jonas Ravlo Stokke & Øystein Austad. The Optical candleholder is made of different geometrical shapes, in balanced relation and almost flowing inside of each other – as if they were an optical illusion. The inspiration for the candleholder by Menu comes from the famous Bauhaus and the creative experiments with geometry they made and the attempt of finding the perfect balance between form and function. StokkeAustad were asked what was the most important thing they think of as designers: “It is important for designers not to rely to heavily on CAD while designing. It’s a truly tremendous tool, and today industrial design would not be possible without it, but it’s important to remember that working in cardboard or foam gives you immediate answers, that are difficult to envision otherwise. Especially regarding size and proportions.” The Optical candleholder also emerged on that way – that’s how we fast realize how both designers found the elegant proportions. Menu produces the candleholder out of powder-coated steel.
  • Atoma - Puncher
    Atoma - Puncher
    Puncher for Atoma copy-books The puncher is the heart of the clever Atoma system. Notes, documents and papers can easily be organised in the copy-books by the Belgian manufacturer with the Atoma puncher. The high class puncher by Atoma is made out of painted and galvanised steel and therefore especially longevity. Punch, file, organise and remove paper Sketches, notes and other texts can easily be filed in every copy-book in order to be reorganised and re-equipped inside of them afterwards thanks to the special punching. This is the reason why your notes are always where you need them. Practical, flexible and especially eco-friendly, since unnecessary paper consumption is avoided. Cardboard of up to 350 grams and up to four sheets of paper of 80 grams can be punched at a time with the Atoma puncher. The adjustable stop rail punches notes with the formats A4, A5 and A6 but all the other formats as well, to be filed systematically afterwards. The Atoma refill-set with paper for the classic alu notebook 210 x 295. 120 Pages of 90 grams: Ruled, chequered or plain, The Atoma paper with the suitable punching to refill and re-organise the practical notebooks.
  • Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1970s
    Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1970s
    Design poster by Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen celebrates anniversary of the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen with a collection of 7 posters of the classic chair. Every poster thereby represents a decade since the first presentation of the classic chair in 1955. The iconic silhouette thereby appears in different styles: From 1950 to modernity. Series 7 poster The organic flowing silhouette if the Series 7 becomes an independent pattern which mirrors the lifestyle of the 70s with its powerful colours by means of being repeated on the 170s poster. Seven posters celebrate the iconic shape of the Series 3107 and show the classic chair over the course of time. Each poster displays the Series 7 with its abstract shape as part of the change fo design and of styles of each decade with the history of art and culture. The posters are the right kind of wall decoration for design-enthusiasts as part of the anniversary collection by Fritz Hansen.
  • Pop Chart Lab - Breweries of Europe
    Pop Chart Lab - Breweries of Europe
    Breweries in Europe Pop Chart Lab displays an overview of all breweries and monasteries of Europe on a decorative and informative poster. Approximately 1000 breweries are presented on the Europe map, including small and famous beer brands. This is the ideal gift for travelling and beer enthusiasts. The large map tags numerous breweries of all European countries. Thereby it isn’t only a decorative eye-catcher in every bar, kitchen or party-room, but it also inspires you to travel and it encourages conversations about beer on house parties. The poster paper The Pop Chart Lab designed poster is printed on recycled and certified paper in Brooklyn, New York. The material is as tasty as the pattern, since food-safe ink was used to print it. Breweries of Europe – the culinary information graphic by Pop Chart Lab for homes or as exceptional gift idea for beer enjoyers.
  • Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1960s
    Republic of Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Poster 1960s
    Design poster by Fritz Hansen Fritz Hansen celebrates the classic chair with a collection of 7 posters in the event of the 60 th anniversary of the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen. One of the posters represents a decade, since the creation of the chair in 1955. The design posters display the chair over the course of time from the 50s until today. Pop Art poster Embossing art styles like Pop and Op Art developed in the 1960s. The Fritz Hansen poster displays characteristic elements of that art styles: From the typical raster – known from works by Roy Lichtenstein – up to the decent visual illusion leaning on Bridget Riley – one of the leading representatives of the Op Art. The decade is also popular for a furnishing style, which concentrated on organic and geometric shapes and which introduced very striking patterns into the people’s homes. Fritz Hansen caught these characteristic elements of that decade with the black-white graphic of the Series 3107 and transmitted them to an expressive poster, which celebrates the 60s and the iconic shape of the Series 7 chair as well. The 1960s poster by Fritz Hansen is an eye-catcher alone or combined with the six other prints as a part of the anniversary collection.
  • Magis Design Magis - Box
    Magis Design Magis - Box
    The box from the Magis house is a practical crate to store smaller accessories or other things that are not in use at moments. Jasper Morrison designed the box simple and compact. The Magis box is stackable, so that several boxes can be space sparingly positioned one over the other as well as combined without any problems. The box consists of polypropylene that was manufactured with a standard-injection procedure. This makes it stabile and long-lasting. The Magis box from the designer Jasper Morrison is also available in a white colour.
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