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  • Vitra Wooden Dolls By Alexander Girard
    Vitra Wooden Dolls By Alexander Girard
    Design Alexander Girard, 1963. Solid firwood, hand painted. Made in Poland by Vitra. Alongside Charles and Ray Eames as well as George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the decisive figures in post-War American design. The focus of his broad oeuvre was on textile design, and a key source of inspiration for him was his passion for the popular art of South America, Asia and East Europe. The Wooden Dolls, which Girard created for his own home in Santa Fe and made himself, are likewise inspired by his own extensive collection of works of popular art. Half decorative element, half toy, the Wooden Dolls were originally intended only for personal use. Based on documents and originals found in the Girard Estate held by the Vitra Design Museum, the partly joyful, partly grim-looking company of dolls is now coming out as a limited edition as a charming enhancement to any interior. Alexander Girard was educated in Europe as an architect. Returning to the United States in 1932, his designs defined a new kind of ?"opulent modernism," a look that became synonymous with 1960s America. His pioneering work in fabric design as well as his innovative commercial and residential interiors, captivated the public with their theatricality. Girard described himself as ?"a reasonable and sane functionalist, tempered by irrational frivolity." Each doll is delivered with a brochure in a high-quality, printed wooden box. Doll #1; 2" | 1.5" | 10.75" h. Doll #2; 3" | 1.75" | 7.25" h. Doll #3; 3" | 1.75" | 5.75" h. Doll #4; 3" | 1.75" | 10.75" h. Doll #5; 2" | 1.5" | 10.75" h. Doll #6; 2.75" | 1.75" | 7" h. Doll #7; 1.75" | 1.5" | 12" h. Doll #8; 2.75" | 1.75" | 8.25" h. Doll #9; 2.5" | 1.75" | 8" h. Doll #10; 3" | 1.75" | 6.25" h. Doll #11; 3" | 1.75" | 7.75" h.
  • iittala Small Aalto Savoy Vase
    iittala Small Aalto Savoy Vase
    Design Alvar Aalto, 1936. Hand blown Glass. Made in Finland by iittala. "Objects are made to be completed by the human mind." -Alvar Aalto. When Alvar Aalto made sketches for his glassware, which rose to cult status, he added a small piece of tissue paper to one of his four drawings. On it, he urged people to use their glassware in diverse ways: for example, trays, fruit bowls and vases. Forever contemporary since 1936, the Aalto vase is one of the major modern design icons from the 20th Century. The unique and abidingly contemporary form is just as fresh today as it was in 1936. The Savoy vase has become one of the world's most famous glass objects, deservedly synonymous with Finnish glass art and with Iittala. It is exhibited in some of the world's most important design museums. Small: 3.75" | medium: 4.75" | large: 6.25" Small size is available in clear, white or rain.
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