• Curiouser and Curiouser Candle Holder
    Curiouser and Curiouser Candle Holder
    Youve seen your kitten watch over the fish bowl and bat at the faucet, but watching a candles flame flicker is a first! This black ceramic candle holder forms a curious cat peeking down into its glass globe. Displayed among your other quirky dcor, this room accessory makes decorating with ambience all the cuter.
  • Tons of Help Ring Holder
    Tons of Help Ring Holder
    Employ this elephant ring holder to help you organize your jewelry collection! This dark-grey dish will be more than happy to hold your beloved rings on its trunk as it sits atop your vanity or side table. Slightly distressed and totally adorable, this pewter pachyderm may cause a stampede when your pals try to get a closer look!
  • Versat-Owl Bookends
    Versat-Owl Bookends
    Though these little owl bookends seem small, theyre reliably sturdy construction will make a big impression as they hold your favorite books in place. Standing at just over 3 inches tall, this petite pair is built from heavy-duty iron with wide eyes, feathered heads, tufted busts, and miniature claws. Their weathered brown-and-black finish will bring a wise and whimsical touch to your bookshelf.
  • Effortlessly Effervescent Curtain
    Effortlessly Effervescent Curtain
    Your bright personality works its way into every aspect of your life, even your decor, which is accented by this multicolored curtain from Karma Living! This off-white panel is bursting with bubbles in hues of orange, blue, pink, and brown in varying sizes, adding a pop of color to your window. Whether its hung in your bedroom or the bathroom, this window panel brings pretty panache to any room!
  • Stowaway We Go Box
    Stowaway We Go Box
    Stash small essentials inside this anchor-embossed storage box by Kikkerland! Mounted on your bathroom wall by two included screws, this navy-blue tin sorts and safeguards first aid supplies, or stores accessories and cosmetics in its multiple compartments. Keep this silver-clasped container on the kitchen counter to organize small gadgets and rare spices. All aboard! You've got what you need arranged and accounted for thanks to this petite nautical cabinet!
  • Modern Wing Curtain
    Modern Wing Curtain
    Make your guest room feel like an artsy abode with this bright, printed curtain - a ModCloth exclusive! With its deconstructed houndstooth pattern, this panel provides a pretty arrangement of lemon-yellow, lime-green, and teal-blue that perfectly contrasts your mod furnishings and spherical chandelier. Hang this brilliant curtain in front of your window and watch it filter light through its beautiful bold style!
  • Refreshing Delivery Vase
    Refreshing Delivery Vase
    Youll be deemed an exporter of all things elegant when you place this cardboard-box-inspired ceramic vase on your windowsill! Store a bouquet of fresh-picked blooms in this square vase, which features distressed detailing and a faux-folded top. Forget the stamps and packing tape - this brown piece brings whimsical quirkiness to your home decor, postage-free!
  • Bigger on the Inside Jewelry Box
    Bigger on the Inside Jewelry Box
    Youll be surprised at how many jewels you can fit inside this TARDIS jewelry box! The interior of this cobalt-blue box boasts six drawers for your loose gems, plus a tiny tree for hanging pieces. Whether youre headed out to the planetarium or to save the universe, this jewelry holder will keep your accessories safe and secure!
  • Florist and Foremost Vase
    Florist and Foremost Vase
    You possess many talents, but none bring you quite as much joy as arranging blooms to liven up your favorite room. Just plant this charming glass vase at the center of your table, and feel that dash of delight as you place one of your most stunning bouquets inside. Illuminated by the sunlight, the clear glass of its classic silhouette comes alive with sparkling textured dots that decorate the exterior. Let your best work blossom brightly while being showcased by this gorgeous vase.
  • Hare and Now Ring Holder
    Hare and Now Ring Holder
    Let this super-cute bunny jewelry holder keep your best baubles close every night! Made of glossy white ceramic, this cuddling pair of perfect-for-rings long-eared hares is sure to hop into your heart, giving you the happiest dreams as it sits on your bedside table.
  • Ears and Dear Terrarium
    Ears and Dear Terrarium
    Succulents, gemstone specimens, or even a mini cupcake will find a happy home in this bunny bell jar from IMM Living. Its glass body sits neatly atop a white ceramic base, creating a cute, enclosed stage for whatever whimsical treasures you decide to display!
  • Lace Enchantment Fan
    Lace Enchantment Fan
    For an aura of romance and mystery, add this ivory handheld fan to your look! This lace folding fan brings amorous whimsy with its shimmering handle and pearl-accented decorative fringe. Perfect for a gentle breeze, this fanciful accessory lets you flirtatiously conceal - and then reveal - your beautiful visage!
  • Hearts Set A-Flutter Fan
    Hearts Set A-Flutter Fan
    Hearts will skip a beat the moment you unfurl this pink folding fan! Dreamy, heart-shaped cutouts adorn this darling accessory, which looks endearing against your chiffon frock and antique locket. Positively swoon-worthy in its winsome simplicity, this charming piece is destined to be adored!
  • Contemporary Campfire Pillow
    Contemporary Campfire Pillow
    You have many memories of bonding around a campfire as a child, so this woodgrain-printed pillow is a natural addition to your decor! Put this log-shaped, ModCloth-exclusive pillow on the couch, and use it as a cushion while gathering 'round the fireplace with friends. Designed in vibrant chartreuse and cool grey, this playful pillow will remind you of your pals every time you see it!
  • The Purr-fect Time Clock
    The Purr-fect Time Clock
    No need to put your plans on paws - this cute cat-shaped wall clock keeps you running right on schedule! With two triangular ears, brown almond-shaped eyes, and a black button-like nose, this time-keeping feline tracks every second as they tick by on its whiskers. Hang this battery-powered timepiece in your abode by the backs attached bracket. A watched clock has never been this adorable!
  • You're My Wonder Walrus Wall Decor
    You're My Wonder Walrus Wall Decor
    Today is going to be the day your home decor goes from awesome to wildly wonderful! Hang this white walrus head in your den, dining room, or dorm to instantly add a kick of quirk to your personal oasis.
  • Crafty Catalogue Storage Chest
    Crafty Catalogue Storage Chest
    Keep your spools, buttons, and stickers organized and easily accessible with thisunderstated mini storage chest. This petite piece boasts a minimalist form that's perfect for your boho-style DIY space, along with plenty of sorting potential, thanks to its 9 removable drawers. Each compartment includes a handle and a small window for labeling, so you can easily stash small essentials in this humble, homey bureau.
  • Keenly Organized Wall Hook
    Keenly Organized Wall Hook
    Secure this metal wall hook by your front door for a raincoat or umbrella, or let it hold your bathroom's printed hand towel. However you use this rust-brown, weathered owl, youll be glad you have its friendly visage keeping you organized!
  • Kitty Little Things Jewelry Dish
    Kitty Little Things Jewelry Dish
    From twinkling rings to those shiny pink paper clips you found, every type of trinket will find a happy home in this flocked cat dish! Set this fuzzy little feline on your desk or vanity, and your smile will be anything but petite!
  • Contemporary Cottage Pillow
    Contemporary Cottage Pillow
    You love accenting your quaint cottage with pieces reflective of the wildlife outside, so this deer-shaped pillow is a natural addition to your decor! This ModCloth-exclusive pillow, printed with a cool grey deer silhouette and backed with vibrant chartreuse, looks sweet on your sofa or on your bed. This darling doe will put a smile on your face every time you spot it!
  • Riverside Rustic Pillow
    Riverside Rustic Pillow
    Invoke a babbling brook, roaring fire, and the scent of fresh pine needles by topping your sofa in this printed accent pillow from Karma Living. With its 100% cotton case and neon pink buck, this white decorative pillow adds cabin charm to any room in your house, no matter how on the grid it is!
  • Great Light Shark Candle Set
    Great Light Shark Candle Set
    After savoring the last sip of Pinot Noir at your next dinner party, turn the empty bottles into fun nautical decor with these ferociously cute shark candles! This sleek grey set will get on swimmingly with your cute kitschy kitchen, so bedeck your table with its toothy head and pointed tail to add extra bite to your style!
  • Beak the Clock
    Beak the Clock
    No need to race in the morning, this tropical bird clock makes greeting the dawn a treat! Holding a brassy pocket watch in its beak, this green parrot stands proudly atop your upcycled desk or dresser, ensuring you stay on task and on time as your day can takes flight!
  • Film Leader of the Pack Curtain
    Film Leader of the Pack Curtain
    When you awake in the morning, the sun will filter through this film leader curtain to greet you! This ModCloth-exclusive blue and white curtain, featuring the iconic countdown to classic movies, complements your decor of premiere posters and film reel bookends perfectly. Whether youre headed out to see a current blockbuster or watching a old-Hollywood hit at home, this curtain will put you in a movie-admiring mood!
  • Castle of Character Shelf
    Castle of Character Shelf
    Whether you dwell in a dorm room or live large in a mighty mansion, you can give your beloved abode the royal treatment it deserves with this metal wall shelf! Its detailed trim and antiqued-silver hue easily adds drama to even the humblest of decor. Mount this shelf in your home for style that rules!
  • Hootin' and Holdin' Desk Organizer
    Hootin' and Holdin' Desk Organizer
    Wisely organize your tabletop with one of these know-it-all hold-it-alls for your home or workplace. Designed to compliment any intelligent decor, these adorable owl-shaped containers are offered in three rugged, too-cute breeds - brown, buttermilk beige, and gentle grey. Whether youre an owl enthusiast, or just trying to tidying your tree house, these hootiful home accents will have you soaring night and day!
  • Keep It Old Spool Stand
    Keep It Old Spool Stand
    For your craftiest of pals or your new studio space, this vintage-inspired metal stand keeps a workspace tied up and tidy! Weathered, brown metal makes a rustic home for a spool of twine and throwback scissors. With a few quick turns of a screwdriver, this handy home accessory can be assembled and ready to inspire great projects!
  • Keeping It Regal Fan
    Keeping It Regal Fan
    Evoke the elegance of eras past by cooling down with this black folding fan! Flaunt the cutout-adorned wooden body and the intricate, bronze and black paintings on the ivory leaf of this handheld accessory to complement the sparkling beauty of your vintage jewelry!
  • In Refreshing Fashion Fan
    In Refreshing Fashion Fan
    Serve up a burst of vibrant delight with a tantalizing flutter of this folding fan! Showcasing a photorealistic print of an invigoratingly fresh watermelon, this red and green accessory looks delectable when accompanied by a lemon-yellow sundress and dotted flats.
  • Stick, 'Stache, Stuck Tape Dispenser
    Stick, 'Stache, Stuck Tape Dispenser
    You sure do have a handlebar on sticking reminders around your flat, or fixing a rip in your research paper with this mustachioed tape dispenser! Curled at the ends and showcasing a subtle texture, this black and cream, ceramic dispenser is a handsome addition to your workspace!
  • Whale and Good Wall Decor
    Whale and Good Wall Decor
    Make a splash with your interior decor by flaunting this terrific cardboard whale tail on your wall. Assemble this small apartment item from fitted cardboard pieces to make a big impact when hung above your mantel or displayed in your kitchen. Give your besties 'tails' to tell of your adorable apartment with this sweet piece!
  • Party Fowl Tape Dispenser
    Party Fowl Tape Dispenser
    Youre always prepared for an impromptu crafting party with your artsy roommate when you have this duck-shaped tape dispenser! Whether sitting atop your desk at the office or floating among the supplies in your craft drawer, this little wooden fella is easily refilled and is sure to help your creativity fly free!
  • Paint Me a Picture Window Curtain
    Paint Me a Picture Window Curtain
    Whether youve got your own ""blue house"" to decorate or you want to brighten up your Art History department office, this printed curtain from Karma Living is as lush as it is impactful. With a colorful jungle-esque print, this 100%-cotton curtain features portraits of famed Frida Kahlo atop its muted-honey background. Keep yourself inspired - surround yourself with greatness!
  • World Travels Fast Lantern
    World Travels Fast Lantern
    Hang this lovely lantern in your foyer or study and be transported right back into your sweetest memories of adventure. In weathered teal and dimpled brown, this petite glass votive candle holder hangs from its coppery, distressed frame and matching chain to illuminate your wanderlust without leaving the house!
  • Loving Room Pillow
    Loving Room Pillow
    Considering the endless chain of cherished friends and beloved family visiting your flat, its no surprise to see this adorable heart-shaped pillow nestled on your sofa! Grapefruit-pink, with a charming embroidered grin and rosy cheeks, this plush accent pillow makes curling up on the couch for a chat even sweeter. Whether todays guests include your pals from college or your ever-thoughtful paramour, you'll charm them to the coeur by decorating with the perfectly cute piece.
  • Let Me Get Cat for You Door Stop
    Let Me Get Cat for You Door Stop
    When youre struggling with bringing in armfuls of groceries, let this cat-shaped door stop hold open the door for you! This weighted fabric door stopper, reminiscent of a sitting Maine Coon, is just the 'purr'-fect helping hand. When its not helping you out, this friendly feline adds a cat lady chic touch to your decor!
  • Bedside Blooms Vase Set
    Bedside Blooms Vase Set
    Waking to the warmth of sunlight kissing your cheek, you open your eyes to an arrangement of fresh flowers in this humble yet haute bud vase set. Its five glass vessels flare subtly toward the base, where they meet a rustic wooden frame that also cradles each bottle at its neck. Whether you festoon this versatile piece with garden-grown hydrangeas or peonies sent from your paramour, its bound to have you feeling refreshed from the first moment of each day!
  • First String Curtain
    First String Curtain
    Youve been contemplating an all-over redesign for your flat, but the one thing that stays the same is this colorful Karma Living curtain! Woven strings in a tie-dye-inspired rainbow of hues dangle from the solid red crown of this curtain, offering a funky flair on which you can always rely to brighten up your space. While it looks striking beside your vintage floor lamp and side table, nothing compares to the sight of its individual strands catching a gust of wind from the open window!
  • The More You Glow Candle Holder
    The More You Glow Candle Holder
    Knowledge is power, so set yourself up right for a productive study party with pals. Simply add an illuminating votive candle to this white ceramic skull holder and bask in the glow as you hit the books. With its white glazed finish, this container is a cool reminder to keep your wits about you!
  • Swell Acquainted Travel Case
    Swell Acquainted Travel Case
    From bold maritime journeys to epic seafaring novels, theres no nautical notion that youre afraid to conquer! Dream up your next feat of courage or creativity while packing this petite travel case, which features three see-through zip compartments behind an ocean of swirling, curling waves, legendary sea creatures, and creaking ships dropping anchor. Illustrated in sketchbook style with deep navy and pale aqua blue over its coated white canvas, this fold-up accessory makes prepping for any trip into a daring act of organization! Just hang it over the door of your cabin or dockside cottage with the attached hanging hook, then delight in every adventurous idea that floats your way.
  • Radio-Dubbed Dreams Pillow
    Radio-Dubbed Dreams Pillow
    As dreamy as your favorite track recorded from the radio, this cassette pillow by Decor Craft Inc. puts you in a melodic headspace. Colored in brown and accented with an ivory-and-orange label, this cushion is a catchy way to take a cat nap.
  • Same Time, Same Vase Dress
    Same Time, Same Vase Dress
    Every Sunday morning, you place a beautiful, freshly cut bouquet in the antique vase you keep by your kitchen window. Today, youre wearing the blue and black sketch-like blooms of this belted dress for the occasion, bringing the grace of a garden to your wardrobe! Youve paired black ballet flats and a crimson cardigan with the layered hem and pleated A-line skirt of this sleeveless number, creating a look you love just as much as this petite but sweet weekly routine!
  • Flair Mail Pillow
    Flair Mail Pillow
    You have a knack for creative correspondence, so this envelope-shaped pillow is a natural addition to your environment! This ModCloth-exclusive accent pillow has all the markings of a special delivery, and fits in perfectly with your living rooms winsome wares. When you head to your sofa with your stationery, sit back against this sweet throw pillow to ensure you'll pen the loveliest letters!
  • Beach and Every Day Basket Set
    Beach and Every Day Basket Set
    You have to pinch yourself each morning you awake to the striped dcor of your shoreline home. When you come down from your cloud, these three paper-woven baskets are waiting with washcloths and towels for you to use as you start your day! This cotton-lined set of one rectangular- and two square-bins boasts nautical rope handles and primary hues that add to the cheer of your house. When youre ready for a switch-up, try using this soft storage for books, board games, and more!
  • Lend Me a Handlebar Wall Hooks
    Lend Me a Handlebar Wall Hooks
    Your home feels more refined than ever, now that your coat, bag, and scarves are organized on the hooks of this magnificent mustache! While wavy contours create the illusion of whiskers, the rusty red-brown finish of this handsome wall-mounted piece gives your entryway or office a twist of classic character. With 5 curved hooks that reach below its primped silhouette, this posh storage solution makes a tidy mister-piece out of your miscellanea!
  • Entryway of the Wise Wall Hooks
    Entryway of the Wise Wall Hooks
    Your expert eye for interior design has lead you to these black wall hooks! Crafted from dark, distressed metal with an accordion-folding frame, this stunning wall hanging is a smart and stylish way to organize your bags, scarves, dog leashes, and more. Mount this statement-making piece atop your rustic walls for a genius new addition to your posh foyer!
  • Getting Owl Organized Keepsake Box
    Getting Owl Organized Keepsake Box
    You know those tiny trinkets that seem to soar atop of your side table and vanity? They're right at home now that you've nestled them safely within this ceramic keepsake box! Crafted in the shape of a wide-eyed owl, this bitty box opens with a simple lift of its silver, bow-adorned lock. Whether holding your favorite rings or spare hair pins, this petite creature looks positively precious perched among the knickknacks of your flat!
  • A Wing of Beauty Vase
    A Wing of Beauty Vase
    Let your decor soar to adorable new heights when you place a freshly cut bouquet in this ceramic vase and set it on your bedroom windowsill or kitchen table! A sweet songbird perches atop a tree branch on this sky-blue piece, which touts a trio of spouts to showcase your beautiful blossoms. The sight of this charming vase is sure to be an instant pick-me-up, filling you with enough happiness that you might just break out into a tune of your own!
  • Lend Me a Hand Ring Holder
    Lend Me a Hand Ring Holder
    Given your affinity for accessories, you find yourself wishing you had more than ten fingers to show off your extensive ring collection. Thats why you rely on this metal ring holder to display the pieces you arent flaunting today! This antiqued holder offers to take the trinkets off of your hands at the end of the day and hold them in either its intricately trimmed base or on one of its petite appendages. Hands down, this organizer offers a quirky addition to your vanity or side table!
  • Sort of Call Basket Set
    Sort of Call Basket Set
    Once you unpack the scarves, blankets, and knickknacks you discovered on vacation, organize them by destination with these sturdy metal baskets! Perfect for the gal who loves to collect as she travels, this trio of wire-framed containers boasts a weathered sky-blue finish that complements your worldly, welcoming style. Finished with hinged handles that make them simple to stack or stow, this storage set easily earns a place of provenance in your eclectic abode!
  • More in Store Jewelry Box
    More in Store Jewelry Box
    Your growing accessory collection won't clutter the space on your vanity as long as this sleek jewelry box sits beside the mirror! An elegantly unassuming design crafted from bamboo, this chic cube blooms into three square shelves after lifting its lid. Joined by hinges at each seam, its tiered trays cradle your most cherished pieces with a soft, black lining. Whether its crisp silhouette conceals your eclectic array or you have it unfurled while you get ready for an event, this cool case makes a marvelous addition in your minimal abode!
  • Boho Can You Go? Lantern
    Boho Can You Go? Lantern
    Take your eclectic, inviting style to the limit by dressing your favorite light fixture with this charming boho shade! Crafted from woven fabric patterned in hues of navy, ocean-blue, sandy tan, and cloud-white, this contoured lantern uses a funky silhouette to add eye-catching interest to a standard lighting cord kit. Just find the perfect spot over your bedside table, crafting nook, or vinyl-listening veranda, then enjoy a perfectly carefree day in its groovy glow!
  • We Have a Spinner Pillow
    We Have a Spinner Pillow
    Once we tally up the score, the clear home decor champion is you thanks, in part, to this black accent pillow! This square pillow won your heart with its game-themed motif featuring a numbered and lettered circular gold game spinner upon its 100% linen cover. This playful home accessory strategically fits with your wooden dice sculpture and playing-card side table, so invite friends over for a game night at your most-entertaining abode!
  • Bo-Home Sweet Home Curtain
    Bo-Home Sweet Home Curtain
    Infuse a touch of vintage-inspired verve into your artfully decorated abode with this orange curtain from Karma Living! Spiraling, geometric embroidery in rust, lime, goldenrod, and brown decorates this semi-sheer, all-cotton panel, which arrives with a matching tote and tie-back strap. As you lean back on your quilted bedspread and admire the way this vivid curtain hangs amidst your vintage floor lamp and wooden bookshelf, you cant imagine a better place to spend your free time!
  • No Pose Like Home Curtain
    No Pose Like Home Curtain
    A cover girls abode? Charming, of course! Your room is a model example of glamorous living thanks to this black and white curtain. This 100% cotton single panel is adorned with flowering vines and dazzled with pin-up snapshots. Hanging perfectly next to the fresh flowers on your windowsill, this magnificent shade is just so chic!
  • Here and Lair Pillow in Medallion
    Here and Lair Pillow in Medallion
    For some, home isnt a house with a yard or a condo with a view, it's a cozy caravan with tapestries, lanterns, and this geometric pillow by Karma Living. Whether you rest your head on its medallion-esque motif as your friend drives, or sit atop this 24x24 inch cushion to meditate, this accessory is a useful accent for your lair. Next to a woven blanket and a thrifted painting, the red, blue, orange, brown, and goldenrod hues of this pillow add vivacity to your already-inviting abode-on-wheels!
  • Age of Primrose Container Set
    Age of Primrose Container Set
    Hark back to efflorescent times by storing your essentials in these two blossom-printed containers! This set of square canisters touts a deep-olive hue decorated by bright lavender, pink, and yellow flowers upon each front, bringing retro flair to your crafting corner or kitchen counter. Each tin comes with its own handle-topped grey lid, making this vintage-inspired duo perfect for stockpiling sugar packets, cotton balls, or miscellaneous DIY supplies.
  • The Pup Stops Here Doorstop
    The Pup Stops Here Doorstop
    No need to worry about training this Boston Terrier - hell sit, stay, and graciously hold the door with ease! Let this obedient, black-and-white pup use his cast metal strength to keep any entryway open. Though you may not see his flattened tail wag, you can be sure that this cute companion is performing his duty with treat-worthy enthusiasm!
  • Groovy Marathon Curtain
    Groovy Marathon Curtain
    Create the perfect atmosphere for a marathon of your favorite retro movies by drawing this floral curtain from Karma Living across your window and settling in with a bowl of popcorn! Crafted from 100% cotton, this vibrant white panel boasts a floral print in swirls of fuchsia, orange, and lime. Catching sight of this cute curtain in between flicks, you cant help but smile at your deftly decorated and far-out flat!
  • Cest Magnifique Statue
    Cest Magnifique Statue
    Your best friends flat already has that charming je ne sais quoi that keeps everyone coming back, so congratulate her winning, welcoming style with this hand-shaped statue! The parfait housewarming gift for the gal who balances her haute style with a bold sense of humor, this statement piece captures the classic a-okay gesture in cream ceramic. Amid her vintage fashion books and flourishing terrariums, this figure is a flawless finishing touch.
  • What's the Fetch? Tray
    What's the Fetch? Tray
    There are no secrets when it comes to this decorative tray - its just as cute as it looks! This lightly distressed accessory boasts a playful pooch, standing on his hind legs, whos ready to keep watch over your car keys, spare change, or collection of rings and trinkets you place in its tray. Set on the side table by the front door or atop your dresser in your bedroom, this darling tray really dresses pup your decor!
  • My Favorite Rings Box
    My Favorite Rings Box
    In keeping with your abodes rustic decor, you use this faux bois storage box by Kikkerland to keep your living space looking chalet chic! This cardboard container arrives flat with simple instructions to construct a sturdy, yet lightweight chest with dark, bark-like sides and a tree-ring top. Stash your seasonal home accents, linens, and other miscellany inside, then snap the magnetic flap closed and youve got a woodblock-esque side table. What a beautiful bungalow!
  • Take a Trip to Dreamland Floor Cushion
    Take a Trip to Dreamland Floor Cushion
    Sojourn in your sleep with this suitcase-inspired floor pillow! Touting a fabric handle and other luggage-like accents, this rectangular cushion easily adds comfortable seating to your favorite space. In your choice of either bright-teal or brown-and-yellow, this home accessory doubles as a delightful little dog bed. Feel like a jetsetter by just moseying into your living room with this - ModCloth exclusive - travel-motif pillow!
  • Plush One Pillow in Pug
    Plush One Pillow in Pug
    Get cozy with this cuddly Pug pillow by Squishable for a darling day of reading and relaxing! Whether you miss your family pet or simply want a sweet accent for your room, this rotund, little canine offers unconditional adorableness every time you walk through the door!
  • From Sphere to There Adjustable Curtain Rod
    From Sphere to There Adjustable Curtain Rod
    Everything from zebra-printed curtains to fluttery sheer drapes have framed the windows of your flat, but no piece looks as sharp without the support of this metal curtain rod! Spherical, cage-like accents adorn each end of this adjustable rod, which arrives with hardware and brackets for mounting. Hang your newest curtain from this black curtain rod, then admire its sleek simplicity as you relax in your reading chair with a new bestseller.
  • Unicorn-ucopia Wall Decor
    Unicorn-ucopia Wall Decor
    Feeling an abundance of magical feelings? This unique unicorn wall decor may have something to with that! Mounting on a single screw, this stone-hued unicorn head juts its blue-tinged, spiral horn far into your room, imbuing any space - from living room to bedroom to hallway - with the kind of mystical allure only an unbelievable stylist like you could conjure.
  • Archery Champ Journal Set
    Archery Champ Journal Set
    As the most skilled target archer in town, you quickly spotted this arrow-themed journal set with your keen eyes! This trio of mini paperbacks feature distinct designs of colorful feathers and sleek arrows, making them a real bull's-eye find. After your next tournament triumph, fill these recycled notebooks with all of the details of your victory, so that you'll never forget!
  • Sea Captain's Log Notebook Set
    Sea Captain's Log Notebook Set
    Record your daily voyages upon land or sea in these nautical-themed notebooks from Chronicle Books! This trio of lined paperback journals includes three distinct grey prints - anchors, wheels, and skulls and crossbones - on a black background. Fill up each diarys 96 pages with your many adventures and your dreams of those to come!
  • Totally Obvious Memo Board
    Totally Obvious Memo Board
    Your notes never wander far from your desk after you post them conspicuously on this fittingly fashioned memo board! This straightforward displays white metal letters hold photos, invitations, mail, and more in place with the six included magnets. Stick your shopping list, receipts, and phone messages to the black foam backing with one of six white pushpins. Its indisputable how organized youll be with this memo board in your workspace!
  • Traveling To-Dos Sticky Note Set
    Traveling To-Dos Sticky Note Set
    Life is an adventure, and its easy for things to get a bit chaotic as you make your way to and fro. Thats why you, a dutiful list-maker and note-taker, rely on this travel-inspired sticky note set to keep you organized! Arriving in a compact booklet, this set from Chronicle Books includes 50 to-do list templates, 50 patterned sticky notes, and 150 sticky page markers that are sure to keep your days arranged - and totally adorable!
  • Save the Chimps Bank
    Save the Chimps Bank
    This Streamline chimpanzee money bank makes saving up a breeze! With a slot at the back, this resin replica's wide grin is bound to tickle your fancy so fiercely, you may find yourself filling it up often just to spend a little face time with it!
  • Hanging Around Adjustable Curtain Rod
    Hanging Around Adjustable Curtain Rod
    Even your most loved window drapes gets a boost of beauty from this metal curtain rod! Accented on each end by square finials and crystal-clear detailing that catches the sunlight, this adjustable rod arrives with its included hardware, and is sure to make any ordinary window treatment extraordinary!
  • Botanical Boudoir Curtain
    Botanical Boudoir Curtain
    Invite the beauty of a freshly picked bouquet into your bedroom by framing your window with this floral curtain from Karma Living! Blanketed with brilliant sketch-like blossoms in hues of lavender, olive, fuchsia, and peach, this 100% cotton panel comes with a matching tie-back strap and reusable tote. Cultivate a room filled with botanical beauty, and drape this curtain amid your antique rocking chair and colorful pillows!
  • Clear and There Keepsake Box
    Clear and There Keepsake Box
    Your most treasured trinkets were collected from destinations both near and far, but theyve all found a home in this stunning keepsake box! Shiny pebbles from California's shores, beaded jewelry from outdoor markets, and cherished mementos of family and friends stay safe and sound in this glass display case. Place this crystal-clear container on the wooden shelf below your hand-woven tapestry, then rest easy with the knowledge that, as you explore, your adored items will be sitting pretty, awaiting your return!
  • Warm and Welcoming Candle Set
    Warm and Welcoming Candle Set
    Give a colorful welcome to your cherished house guests with this heartwarming candle set! Nestled upon the flower-topped mantle near your front entryway, these two vibrant, glass-cradled candles radiate peace and joy. Let this rainbow-striped pair shine a light on the love and happiness that fills your cheery abode, and they'll illuminate your resplendent personality and equally delightful decor, as well!
  • You've Got It Spade Pillow
    You've Got It Spade Pillow
    Compliments are in the cards for you when you sit this darling spade pillow on your couch! Featuring a patterned outline on its linen case, this black throw pillow your perfect pair for a night of playing cards with friends. Whether your decor is more modern greyscale or classic kitsch, this accent pillow will follow suit!
  • Beautiful Paper Birds
    Beautiful Paper Birds
    Though you may imagine a bluebird on your bedside table or a goldfinch perched amidst your decor as stuff of fairytales, this set of 16 paper birds proves that dreams can come true! Gather with fellow hopeless-romantic friends and make an evening of precisely cutting, gently gluing, and admiring the four types of feathered friends in this kit. Including detailed instructions and glue, this DIY set is soon to have you swoon!
  • Display Date Terrarium
    Display Date Terrarium
    You and your roommate definitely agree on the importance of keeping your decor fresh. Once a month, you meet in the kitchen to decide what youll display under the glass bell of this terrarium. Plants, handmade crafts, and favorite photographs are fair game for showcasing on the ceramic base of this in-home exhibit!
  • Winery Not? Curtain
    Winery Not? Curtain
    Want to relive your Napa winery tour? This printed curtain from Karma Living invokes culture, cork, and cabernet by way of its scrolling branch, leaf, and floral pattern. Atop the vine-green cotton of this panel, hues of rich blue, deep pink, emerald green, and pale yellow wind together to create a cavern of creative flavor, right in your own home!
  • Here Comes the Sunroom Decorative Birdcage
    Here Comes the Sunroom Decorative Birdcage
    Hang this antiqued birdcage in your solarium and let your imagination soar. With what will your creative mind fill this functional, sunny-yellow decor? Whether you opt for a succulent garden or pillar candles, this weathered wire frame adds delicate charm to your morning routine of coffee, scones, and endless sunlight!
  • Owl Along the Mantel Figurine
    Owl Along the Mantel Figurine
    Your mantel has become a shrine to feathered friends of all shapes and sizes, so this petite, white owl statue fits right in! This sweet figurine fits in perfectly your collection's flock, but would add flair to your monochromatic bedroom or your modernist kitchen. When youre lounging fireside, admire this shiny owl and his enchanting eyes!
  • Pendleton Greetings From the Cabin Notecard Set
    Pendleton Greetings From the Cabin Notecard Set
    Getaways are for exploring and sipping, snuggling, and storytelling, so how could you resist sharing a piece of the story with those back home? The perfect medium this set of 16 blank cards are designed by Pendleton, a heritage brand that has been creating eye-catching patterns for over 100 years. Each item in this assortment from Chronicle Books includes an explanation of its prints history and comes with a tan-and-white envelope thats equally intricate. Your recipients will feel as though they were with you all along!
  • Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit
    Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit
    Your decor charms with a rustic-chic aesthetic, so when it comes time to show off your memories, arrange each photo on this hanging set of twine and clips! In addition to 40 tiny clothespins and twine to make rows of your photos, this wall-mounted set arrives with a special offer from Shutterfly for free photo prints. Whether youre hanging photos of pals, pets, or places, this darling display will keep them dancing through your thoughts!
  • Heads or Tails Journal
    Heads or Tails Journal
    Need help making life decisions? Dont flip a coin - write about it in the lined, graph, and blank pages of this journal from Chronicle Books! Every time you glance at this diarys cover, youll feel light-hearted, thanks to the animal magnetism of its school-picture-inspired images. Look closely and youll see that beneath their overalls, vests, and polos, the subjects of this photo-adorned cover are actually adorable animals - from rabbits to raccoons, dogs and cats, this yearbook-esque journal helps you keep your life in perspective and make heads and tails of your daily thoughts.
  • Alma Otter Tape Dispenser
    Alma Otter Tape Dispenser
    Your colleagues often stop to swoon over your oh-so adorable otter-shaped tape dispenser by Streamline! Lying back as if its floating in the ocean, this brown ceramic sea otter holds the adhesive roll between its clawed paws while the metal tape-cutter sits at the end of its long muscular tail. We promise, office supplies don't get any cuter than this semi-aquatic critter!
  • CTRLS Container
    CTRLS Container
    You back up your digital data with a few simple keystrokes, so do the same for incoming hard copies with this save-button-shaped container! This keyboard-grey tin canister wields techie attitude with its flared computer-key-inspired design, minimalist text that reads Save, and a slightly recessed lid. The perfect shortcut for storing anything from paper documents, office supplies, or even home-baked treats, this tin will become a key element in your operating system!
  • Twine Goes By Photo Frame
    Twine Goes By Photo Frame
    When youre feeling nostalgic for the more memorable moments from your past, just look to this shadow box photo frame! Containing a string of twine and five tiny clothespins, this rectangular white box can be hung horizontally or vertically on your wall to showcase your priceless photos. A special offer from Shutterfly for free photo prints comes in conjunction with this rustic display. This frame will provide a precious home for your priceless photos no matter where you hang it!
  • All Out Of Notepad
    All Out Of Notepad
    Walking to the grocery store can be a sensational way to spend the afternoon - new cooking ideas come to mind, delicious samples are around every corner, and the occasional bump of ones cart is a delightful surprise. But what is a determined gal to do without her shopping list? Track your most important epicurean essentials as you enjoy the last bite with this effortless and simple notepad from Knock Knock. Mark not what you want, but what youve used since your last trip, and ensure that your inventory of tasty ingredients will always be intact. Now, all youll need in order to complete your grocery list is to keep eating - check!
  • Pals and Petals Frame
    Pals and Petals Frame
    Your life is a garden - each friend, just like a flower, is unique and precious in their very own way. Display the love you have for your priceless pals with this white ceramic-like frame, which is adorned with floral carvings. Use its convenient easel back to display this lovely frame on your nightstand or on your office desk. That way, you'll always be reminded of the invaluable confidants who are always by your side!
  • Memories Bloom Photo Frame
    Memories Bloom Photo Frame
    Fond memories flourish in your imagination as you gaze across your desk to discover this enchanting photo frame! Glossy, white petals surround an oval view of your favorite 4x6-inch image, perfecting this dreamy lotus-like piece. Planted amid your fresh-picked flowers and bouquets of office supplies, this bright accessory keeps the smiles springing up, hour after hour!
  • Mean the Swirl to Me Card Holder
    Mean the Swirl to Me Card Holder
    For those postcards, loose photos, and notes you just cant bring yourself to tuck away, turn to this metal picture frame. This rustic, swirling wire holder was created with a twisted stand and four loops in which to slide the cards youd like to display. When your pen pals come by for a visit, theyll see how meaningful their messages really are to you!
  • Quadruple the Kitties Pillow
    Quadruple the Kitties Pillow
    Bring four times the fun to your living room by placing this cat-themed accent pillow upon your sofa! This cream cushions linen cover features the red line-drawn illustrations of four facing kitty-cat countenances upon each corner. Increase the cute factor of your feline-loving abode fourfold with this whiskered home accessory!
  • Feathered Finery Jewelry Dish
    Feathered Finery Jewelry Dish
    At the start of each day, you select your signature pieces from this painted jewelry dish by Karma Living! The tiny bird and flowers adorning this black dish pair perfectly with the flora and fauna theme of your bedroom. When you return at the end of the evening, this fine feathered friend will store your shiny statement pieces for safekeeping!
  • Tabby Together Pillow
    Tabby Together Pillow
    Theres nothing better than curling up with your pet on a cloudy day, and catching up on with a book or the weeks TV - that is, unless your furry companion is purr-fectly independent! When your kitty would rather snooze on the windowsill or chase the dotted reflections from the wind chimes, this cuddly cat pillow is the perfect stand-in. Flaunting a tapestry face in tones of walnut, honey, steel-blue, and black, this homespun feline throw keeps you in comfrotable company until that little furball leaps back onto your lap!
  • Plush One Pillow in Corgi
    Plush One Pillow in Corgi
    Get cozy with this cuddly Corgi pillow bySquishable for a darling day of reading and relaxing! Whether you miss your family pet or simply want a sweet accent for your room, this rotund, little canine offers unconditional adorableness every time you walk through the door!
  • Object dArtifact Keepsake Box
    Object dArtifact Keepsake Box
    Keep your most prized discoveries in jaw-dropping condition by storing them safely in this dino-clad keepsake box! Etched with the fossil-inspired silhouette of a stegosaurus, this cognac-colored wooden box is the perfect home for your glittering, geological finds and ageless heirloom jewelry. For classic decor that any clever geek is bound to dig, catalog your collection behind the weathered metallic clasp of this petite chest!
  • Home Sweet Houseboat Wall Hook
    Home Sweet Houseboat Wall Hook
    Want to make every day feel like a summery sailing adventure? Affix this weathered, metal hook to your wall and get your house into ship-shape! With two points, this anchor provides ample space to hang two pea coats by your door. Even if you and your ever-busy roomie are like ships passing in the night, this hook can anchor your home in style!
  • Velvet Verdure Curtain
    Velvet Verdure Curtain
    You want to cultivate a room with luxe style, and this green velvet curtain provide instant dreamy drama! Available exclusively from ModCloth, this sheer panel infuses your days with sage richness and your nights with a soft sheen. Grab this panel, or pair two, and hang them above your mid-century sofa for a pop of texture and tasteful style.
  • Little Miscellany Sunshine Container
    Little Miscellany Sunshine Container
    Assemble this helpful box and watch with awe as your odds and ends find a permanent home. From Knock Knock comes this clever cube that you can stash anywhere you need a bit of extra storage. Printed with a to-the-point message, this cardboard box is perfect for the clutterbug in you!
  • Snack Preview Pillow
    Snack Preview Pillow
    Its no surprise what you're nibbling on throughout movie night - this puffy popcorn pillow from Decor Craft Inc. reveals your favorite treat! Theater's most esteemed snack truly pops upon this cute, oversized cushion, which depicts a classic red-and-white striped bag overflowing with fresh popping corn. For the next film screening in your home theater, cozy up with these kernels, plus a bowl of real puffs, and enjoy a satisfying, cinematic evening!
  • Frame of Deference Wall Decal Set in Brights
    Frame of Deference Wall Decal Set in Brights
    Create an impromptu gallery of your most cherished snapshots, favorite prints, and dear details by decorating your apartment with these adorable stick-on frames! Installed without a single hammer or hook, this colorful series features eight classic borders of several standard proportions, accompanied by four dry erase boards for messages, mini lists, to-dos, and more miscellaneous notes. This fun and fancy kit also arrives with a ruler decal and a room template, which make it downright simple to realize and rearrange your personalized display. Whether youre an art-loving dorm-dweller or a keen curator who is always collecting, this bright set is bound to suit your truly lovely taste!
  • Its Eclectic! Candlestick
    Its Eclectic! Candlestick
    The power is out across town, but that wont put a damper on your dinner party! Trusting your memory to guide you through your flat, you make your way to the mantle for these bright candlesticks by Karma Living. Crafted from ombre glass with a rounded metal ring to cradle each candle, these alluring accessories give your dining room table a colorful glow that anyone can celebrate. Whether you choose jewel blue, fresh persimmon, deep olive, or vivid violet to complement your decorating scheme, these candlesticks will spark some conversation at your elegantly ambient affair!
  • Feline Cozy Pillow
    Feline Cozy Pillow
    Transform your space into a comfy oasis with this cute cat-themed pillow from Karma Living! White stitched whiskers and heart-shaped nose adorn this cushions dark brown cotton cover, lending irresistibly adorable texture to your inviting living room. Touting two pointy ears on top, this round throw pillow makes your pad cat-nap ready!
  • Leave a Message Tray
    Leave a Message Tray
    Enlist the help of this decorative dish to keep you organized! An on-the-go gal like you is familiar with the print that decorates this pink ceramic dish, as its while you were out template often fills your desk at the office. Keep this petite dish in the foyer to eliminate the daily search for your car keys so you can focus on getting to happy hour with your colleagues, an early-morning conference, or movie night with your bestie!
  • Purr Ingredients Wall Hooks
    Purr Ingredients Wall Hooks
    Feline fanatics and francophiles alike will find something to love in this vintage-inspired wall hook! This metallic sign pays playful tribute to a centuries-old method of natural soap making that originated in Marseille, Frances second-largest city. Depicting whiskered kitties with filigreed flourish, this retro placards three petite gold hooks are ideal for displaying necklaces and scarves in the boudoir, cute ladles in the kitchen, or fresh hand towels in the loo!
  • Grand Old Timey 2014 Wall Calendar in International
    Grand Old Timey 2014 Wall Calendar in International
    Crossing off the days until your departure is even more exciting with this charming vintage-inspired calendar byCavallini Co. on your wall! While you admire each vibrant illustration recycled from retro travel ads, your mind wanders to each exotic destination - complete with dreams of dramatic vistas, scenic adventures, and darling accents! With views from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, this spiral-bound 2014 calendar brings a suitcase full of charm to any space!
  • Cat-alyst for Change Wall Hooks
    Cat-alyst for Change Wall Hooks
    Youre determined to get organized, and this metal wall hooks helpful kitties are here to save the day! Hung by your front door, this mountable metal fixture features a series of sweet cats sitting pretty on a rust-hued branch. Their tails will purr-fectly hold your keys, umbrella, scarf, reusable tote bags, dog leash - anything you need to keep in plain sight, and easily accessible so that you can stick to your organization overhaul, coming and going through your busy life without missing a beat!
  • Owl Lights Out Switch Plate Cover
    Owl Lights Out Switch Plate Cover
    Remember the joy, when, as a little kid, your folks would turn out the lights and youd read by flashlight under the covers? This charming owl light switch cover invites you to flip pages under the nocturnal gaze of its weathered, white metal owl. Affixed to your wall, it's a rustic reminder to look out at the trees for a moment longer before shutting your eyes.
  • Oh, What a World Trash Can
    Oh, What a World Trash Can
    Theres no place quite like your home, especially now that you have this Wizard of Oz trash can! This 10-inch-tall metallic waste bin features a silver inside and the cinematic masterpieces beloved characters on the outside. Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion stick close together as the majestic Emerald City twinkles in the sky-blue background. No need to click your ruby heels - your dreams have already come true with help from this bit of home decor!
  • Horn Is Where the Heart Is Wall Hooks
    Horn Is Where the Heart Is Wall Hooks
    Herd you were looking to spruce up your living space. Add these handsome hooks to your mini fridge or wall for an instant boost of animal magnetism. Sturdy, black, and strong, these hooks can act as either magnets or in-wall decor and are perfect for holding keys or jewelry. Lend a bit of natural beauty to your home on the range by choosing from a charming bull, antelope, or stag, and turn your room from good to graze, instantly!
  • Point of You Shelf
    Point of You Shelf
    Guests are always curious about the directions life has taken you, so you invite them to take a peek at all of the travel souvenirs youve collected on this arrow-shaped shelf! Touting three distinct cubbies with a mesh backing, as well as space on top to display knickknacks and art, this bright red piece is a bold reminder that a slight change in plans can have surprisingly brilliant consequences. Whether photos albums, porcelain figurines, or retro glasses fill this classic, eye-catching design, it ensures your flat is always on-point and perfectly personal!
  • Every Wish Way Wall Hook
    Every Wish Way Wall Hook
    Whether youre looking to go chic with a bold wool cape or rustic with a cozy plaid coat, your in luck as you depart past this wishbone wall hook! Crafted from cool white porcelain, this functional furcula by IMM Living offers three rounded points for all of your fly-out-the-door essentials. Simply nestle it on your wall with a single screw to see all of your decorating dreams come true!
  • Complete Brilliance Sticky Note Set
    Complete Brilliance Sticky Note Set
    When in need of a reminder to water your shrubberies or restock on cheese, scribble a memo with this three-booklet set of Monty Python-themed sticky pads! Including varying sizes of notes with designs like an open mind, some televised toes, and a finger pointed unmistakably at you, this collection saves your brain from hurting as it fills with noteworthy ideas.
  • Antler Me This Wall Decor
    Antler Me This Wall Decor
    Have you been searching for a fabulous home accent to amp up your already glam decor? Look no further, for this golden deer bust is just the piece you seek! Showcasing detailed, lifelike carvings and a stunning metallic finish, this wild wall hanging is unquestionably chic. Mount this antlered buck above your retro chaise and cozy hearth, then watch as guests fawn over your pads posh atmosphere!
  • Year of the Critter 2014 Calendar in Puppy
    Year of the Critter 2014 Calendar in Puppy
    As long as this cute calendar is trained to sit at the edge of your desk, youll celebrate the passage of time with a smile! Constructed from a series of stacked silhouettes, this petite collection of playful puppies stands upright in the notch of its rounded base. Bred to brighten the first of each month, each furry friend boasts a distinctly colored coat, collar, and cute expression. So sniff out the perfect spot in your space, and let these pups inspire a wild and wonderful year!
  • Days Gone By Clock
    Days Gone By Clock
    Black and white movies, vintage fashion trends, Grandma's knickknacks you've always been intrigued by the past, so you welcome this classic wall clock into your decor! Boasting an antiqued, ivory face with French typeface and a distressed metal frame, this battery-operated timepiece hangs from a long, linked chain. Mount this clock among the sepia-toned photos in your boudoir for a uniquely retro look!
  • Make Your Case Shelf
    Make Your Case Shelf
    Struggling with limited storage? Reminiscing about childhood days spent fixing bikes in the garage? This well-weathered metal case mounts to your wall, instantly welding its rustic-chic form and function into your decor. Open the two toggle latches to discover a cool cavern wherein you can stow books, music accessories, tools - you name it! Just like when you build something from scratch, the creative possibilities are endless with this case-inspired shelf in tow. For an upscale evening, tuck away unwanted clutter, and set votive candles on the the taupe tin top of this piece!
  • All Wise on Me Mirror
    All Wise on Me Mirror
    Whether youre feathering your fringe or primping with a peck of makeup, you can always rely on the petite owl perched on this vintage-inspired vanity mirror to compliment you when your head-turning look is complete! Boasting a steel-grey metal frame with elegantly curved accents and a petite storage tray, this handy, hinged mirror is a dreamy addition to your dressing table. Take any haute ensemble to hoot-iful new heights with this thoughtful creature by your side!
  • Wooden It Be Lovely Desk Organizer
    Wooden It Be Lovely Desk Organizer
    Keep your work space orderly and homey with this wooden desk organizer! This hinged wooden box wields rustic-chic flair with its grey-tinged distressed finish. A triangular front flips open and sits atop the base, revealing interior compartments, slots, and two drawers with aged metal handles. Perfect for storing notes, mail, and small office supplies, this boho container boasts major charm!
  • Everything is Illumination Lantern
    Everything is Illumination Lantern
    Illuminate a tealight within the glass votive of this hanging lantern and bask in the warm glow of this gorgeous piece! Beneath the crystal garlands that skirt this lanterns dark metal frame, you lie atop an eclectic array of patterned pillows and quilts, reading your favorite novel. Hanging out with pals or enjoying a moment of sweet solitude, you love the delicate dreams this hanging decor inspires!