Whether you’re shopping for the perfect outfit or stocking your closet with the hottest fashion trends, Polyvore has everything you need to move from day to night in style! Find your next favorite look in a range of budgets and styles from gorgeous dresses to designer jeans to mix and match separates. Shop both luxe designers and affordable brands like Michael Kors, Chanel, Kenzo, ASOS, Forever 21, ModCloth and more.

If you’re itching for a new wardrobe, employ a few of these tricks. First, take inventory of what you already have, what works for you and what new styles you want to try. Invest in a few essentials to update your little black dress, black pants, dressy top and a versatile pair of shoes. Choose a couple of on-trend pieces to make your style current. Some trends stick around for years so go for high quality clothes! If you want to inject some boldness into your everyday look, opt for patterned outerwear or bright-colored tote bag. Those are two items that you can shed without affecting the rest of your outfit so there’s a little more room for creativity. Accessories like printed scarves and statement jewelry are also sure bets to liven up your style.
  • Hotel Collection Finest Modal Bath Robe
    Hotel Collection Finest Modal Bath Robe
    Touch & go. Once you lay your hands on this ultra luxurious, ultra plush bath robe, you'll never want to step out of it. Made from a supreme blend of Turkish cotton & modal, this super soft & absorbent robe is a spa-day essential. White. 66% Turkish cotton; 34% modal.
  • Hotel Collection Velour Luxury Bathrobe
    Hotel Collection Velour Luxury Bathrobe
    Bring the luxury of the spa to your home with this ultra-soft bathrobe from Hotel Collection, featuring incredible Turkish cotton texture for over-the-top comfort. In four sophisticated hues. NAVY. Cotton.
  • Martha Stewart Collection Quick Dry Robe
    Martha Stewart Collection Quick Dry Robe
    Whether your getting out of the shower or getting up in the morning, wrap yourself in the cozy warmth of the Quick Dry Robe from Martha Stewart Collection. Light Grey. Cotton.
  • Elf on the Shelf Claus Couture Satin Skirt
    Elf on the Shelf Claus Couture Satin Skirt
    Dress up your girl scout elf with this couture skirt from the Elf on the Shelf Collection. The latest trend at the North Pole, its perfect for any occasion!
  • simplehuman 50 Pack of 35-45 Liter "K" Custom Fit Trash Can Liners
    simplehuman 50 Pack of 35-45 Liter "K" Custom Fit Trash Can Liners
    Take the trash out. of sight! Custom fit liners are tailored to simplehuman trash cans to stay completely hidden when the lid is closed & to prevent messy slipping. NO COLOR.
  • Mikasa Italian Countryside 40 Piece Set
    Mikasa Italian Countryside 40 Piece Set
    A classic casual pattern with a timeless white embossed design give this Mikasa 40-piece dinner set a look perfect for everyday entertaining.
  • Jordan Marsh T Shirt
    Jordan Marsh T Shirt
    The Jordan Marsh logo t-shirt, designed to conjure up the wonderful image of bustling downtown Boston where shoppers flocked to Jordan Marsh for all their needs including a very special treat: sugar-crusted, blueberry muffins baked right in store! Known as the birthplace of the motto, "the customer's always right", Jordan Marsh was always one step of ahead of the times. Cotton.
  • Stern's T-Shirt
    Stern's T-Shirt
    Be a part of the Stern's family with this trademark T-shirt. Born in New York City, Stern's had a homegrown feel with the entire family working throughout the flagship store. Elegant men in top hats opened the doors to a store heralded for having both the latest in Parisian style and the best for the working class. Cotton.
  • Pendleton Bath Robe, Chief Joseph S-m Robe
    Pendleton Bath Robe, Chief Joseph S-m Robe
    Cozy up in plush cotton terry with the Chief Joseph robe from Pendleton. Features rich depth and dimension with a sculpted design. navy. Cotton.
  • Hotel Collection Waffle Bath Robe
    Hotel Collection Waffle Bath Robe
    Embrace spa luxury with Hotel Collection Waffle bath robes. A soothing waffle texture gives way to smooth cotton lining for dreamy, over-the-top comfort. Chamois. Turkish cotton.
  • Hotel Collection Boxed Robe
    Hotel Collection Boxed Robe
    Cozy up after a nice hot bath or shower with this luxe bathrobe from Hotel Collection. Features soft waffle-terry texture in beautiful Turkish cotton for the ultimate indulgence. White. Cotton.
  • Jabara Zebra Stripe Boot Stocking
    Jabara Zebra Stripe Boot Stocking
    Strut your stuffers with a stocking that has a serious wild side. A pointed red toe and sky-high stiletto elevate animal print in bold holiday style.
  • Lazarus T Shirt
    Lazarus T Shirt
    Gobble up this tidbit: executives of Lazarus Department Store successfully lobbied President Franklin Roosevelt to move Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November to gain more shopping days before Christmas. This iconic t-shirt proudly displays the store logo and makes a great gift for anyone who knew and loved the Ohio landmark. Cotton.
  • The Bon Marche T Shirt
    The Bon Marche T Shirt
    Affectionately called "The Bon" by loyal customers, this Seattle-born store was named after the historic Le Bon Marche store in Paris. It can be fondly remembered for its catchy jingles, such as following the tune of "The Banana Boat Song" for a Day-o, One Day Sale. A classic to be remembered with an iconic t-shirt for everyone on your list. Cotton.
  • Filene's T Shirt
    Filene's T Shirt
    Pay tribute to the pioneer of the real deal. Remember Filene's? Home to the greatest bargain basement of all time, housing everything from high-end fashion to housewares. Now you can own a piece of time with this fun, logo t-shirt. Cotton.
  • I. Magnin T-Shirt
    I. Magnin T-Shirt
    Keep the luxury alive. I. Magnin's devotion to European elegance and the newest fashions from France became a trademark in downtown San Francisco, where its flagship store, fondly referred to as the White Marble Palace, had a glamorous following. Remember the way things were with this iconic T-shirt. Cotton.
  • Abraham & Straus T-Shirt
    Abraham & Straus T-Shirt
    Wear a name full of rich history. Family run until 1955, Abraham & Straus' flagship store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York, attracted the masses with its remarkable art deco style and envelope-pushing attractions, such as fashion-forward window displays of "living mannequins" and in-store runway shows. Cotton.
  • Bullocks T-Shirt
    Bullocks T-Shirt
    A fashionable crewneck relives the elegance of this high-end superstore. Bullocks and Bullocks Wilshire became known for incredible opulence. More than just a shopping experience, the ever-growing flagship store was full of glamorous and sophisticated designer wares and included a tearoom, rooftop garden and exquisite architecture that attracted the Hollywood elite. Cotton.
  • Rich's T Shirt
    Rich's T Shirt
    A Rich's logo t-shirt says it all… recall that southern hospitality and unbeatable service, that infamous take-back-anything policy and the ever-running conveyor belt that delivered packages straight to your car! Rich's was truly one of Atlanta's treasures. Cotton.
  • Strawbridge's T Shirt
    Strawbridge's T Shirt
    History repeats itself. This fantastic logo t-shirt displays the famed logo of Strawbridge Department Stores, once located in downtown Philadelphia. A token memory of the store where the large, bronze wild boar stood as a beacon of good luck. Cotton.
  • Robinsons May T-Shirt
    Robinsons May T-Shirt
    Take the past into the future with this T-shirt that remembers a timeless legend. Robinsons-May popped up in Los Angeles in 1883 with a dedication to the art of invention, building landmark stores that put a modern twist on the traditional, boasting spacious, uncluttered floors with merchandise displayed as art. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a California patio, designer boutiques and the renowned Pink Tent restaurant made Robinsons-May future perfect. Cotton.
  • Foley's T-Shirt
    Foley's T-Shirt
    Keep the heart of Houston alive with this commemorative crewneck. A beloved member of the Texas community, Foley's did everything big with lavish holiday windows, show-stopping parades and a devotion to its customer that made it a part of every family. Remember the magic, the sensation and the unpredictable behind the door at Foley's. Cotton.
  • Burdines T Shirt
    Burdines T Shirt
    Pink walls, blue cloud-streaked ceilings, plastic palm trees and an exclusive "Moon over Miami" clothing line made Burdines Department Store a household name. Revive the memory of the Florida resort store with a iconic, logo t-shirt, perfect for making a great escape to the beach. Get 'em while they're hot! Cotton.
  • Sure Fit Stretch Metro 1-Piece Loveseat Slipcover
    Sure Fit Stretch Metro 1-Piece Loveseat Slipcover
    Fashionably modern with a subtle two-toned pattern, the Stretch Metro slipcover from Sure Fit makes updating furniture effortless! Its one-piece construction offers complete coverage that tucks neatly and stays securely in place. Brown. Polyester/spandex.
  • The Broadway T-Shirt
    The Broadway T-Shirt
    A Southern California staple lives on with this fun T-shirt. Known for being ahead of the times, The Broadway always pushed new trends, like women's slacks, into the forefront of fashion. The flagship store served the Los Angeles rich and famous and was synonymous with all the glory of Hollywood. Cotton.
  • Bamberger's T-Shirt
    Bamberger's T-Shirt
    Take a trip back to Bam's with this commemorative T-shirt. Newark's gem, Bamberger's was a lifestyle store where every experience was exquisite and every errand was run. White-gloved elevator operators, a wood-paneled dining room and the Garden State Tea Room made each trip luxurious, while a dry cleaner, pharmacy, travel agency and butcher let you do it all. Cotton.
  • Martha Stewart Collection Luxury Bathrobe
    Martha Stewart Collection Luxury Bathrobe
    It's time to relax and unwind. Martha Stewart Collection brings softness and comfort to your daily routine with this luxurious bathrobe. Pure Turkish cotton gives it an incredibly plush feel that you will sink right into. White. Turkish cotton.
  • Hotel Collection Pique Kimono Bathrobe
    Hotel Collection Pique Kimono Bathrobe
    Relax in the plush luxury of Hotel Collection. This sophisticated bathrobe features superior Turkish cotton construction for softness and comfort. White. Cotton.
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