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  • 3LAB Anti-Aging Cream
    3LAB Anti-Aging Cream
    This scientifically enhanced marine-based treatment cream infused with  3LAB’s uniquely formulated Marine Repair™ helps to reduce the signs of aging  including existing wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dryness.  60 ml
  • 3LAB Super Cream-1.7 oz.
    3LAB Super Cream-1.7 oz.
    3LAB Super Cream 1.7 oz. The first of its kind, this super charged cream utilizes breakthrough X50 the core of Intelligent Targeting Device Technology (ITD) to reverse the signs of aging. This "smart" technology effectively delivers collagen and elastin producing peptides directly to damaged cells for maximum efficacy. Combined with 3LAB's signature Nano Claire GY and apple stem cell technology, this cream provides total skin rejuvenation to combat fine lines, wrinkles, and skin imperfections in a matter of days. Made in the USA USA.
  • 3Lab "M" Cream Ultimate Lift, 60ml
    3Lab "M" Cream Ultimate Lift, 60ml
    3LAB believes that any anti-aging regime should be as enjoyable as it is effective. Infused with Happybelle - a plant-derived beta endorphin - and stem cells from the extremely rare Uttweiler Spatlauber Swiss apple, this satiny formula melts into your skin instantly, halting aggressors and imparting a healthy glow that everyone will notice. It's our new favorite way to start the day. Silky, light formula dries in just a few seconds to a matte finish. Osilift gently firms the skin while relaxing muscles for a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Nano-Claire GY™, the world's first bioengineered growth hormone, restores the skin's elasticity and strength for a more youthful look overall.
  • 3LAB WW Cream
    3LAB WW Cream
    Exclusive Promatryx and Hydranox complexes to reduce facial wrinkles, accelerate rhythmic skin cell turnover and brighten skin tone for a youthful complexion. WW Cream leaves skin deeply hydrated, even-toned and luminous. 2 oz.
  • 3LAB Hydrating-Vita Cream
    3LAB Hydrating-Vita Cream
    A multi-vitamin for your skin. This anti-oxidant cream is rich in Vitamins A, C, and E yet light in texture, gives the skin long-lasting hydration. Hydrates the skin while preventing the skin from aging and repairs past skin damage. Leaves skin brighter and more radiant. 2 oz.
  • 3LAB M Cream
    3LAB M Cream
    A luxurious gel-cream that hydrates and brings instant firmness to skin using advanced science and natural ingredients. This hydrating cream brings firmness, radiance and moisturization to parched skin. Cutting edge ingredients help to protect skin cells endsuring the longevity of the skin cells for younger looking skin. 2 oz.
  • 3LAB The Perfect Cream-2 oz.
    3LAB The Perfect Cream-2 oz.
    Like Botox in a Bottle. Your search for the perfect anti aging skin cream is over. This powerful antioxidant cream addresses every single aging concern while toning, hydrating and lifting the skin. Leaves skin smooth, soft, calm and firm. Fights pigmentation and reverses signs of aging. Helps to repair and prevent cellular breakdown. Protects the skin's surface with Vitamin Ester C. Especially Suited For: All skin types, including sensitive skin. Essential Elements: Vitamin Ester C is a proven antioxidant that aids in the protection of the skin's surface. CoQ10, another powerful antioxidant, repairs and prevents cellular breakdown. DMAE acts as a mini Botox treatment to firm and tighten muscles in the skin. It also stimulates circulation in the skin. Seaweed Extract is used for its smoothing and skin softening action. It also protects sensitive skin against irritation. For Best Effect: Apply morning and/or night, after cleansing and toning face, neck and dTcolletT. For daytime use, follow with any 3LAB protective sunscreen.
  • 3LAB Perfect Neck Cream
    3LAB Perfect Neck Cream
    Contains advanced anti-aging, skin contouring and slimming ingredients while potent protectors help to even out skin tone and minimize the signs of environmental damage. 2 oz.
  • 3LAB The Perfect Cream
    3LAB The Perfect Cream
    A most powerful antioxidant cream that addresses all concerns of aging. Tones, firms, hydrates and lifts the skin while discouraging pigmentation. Repairs and reverses the signs of aging within one product. 2 oz.
  • 3LAB The Cream-1.7 oz.
    3LAB The Cream-1.7 oz.
    A Lift from Nature The stem cells of Wild Mountain Ginseng, an ancient remedy and proven healer, provide the foundation of this luxuriously hydrating cream. Along with Phytofix and Oristar ADS, these advanced ingredients promote a youthful complexion and stimulate collagen production for the ultimate lift. Leaves skin looking plump, hydrated and glowing. Helps lock in moisture and prevent the signs of aging. Boosts skin firmness, elasticity and tissue repair. Combines natural ingredients with modern technology. Reduces inflammation, itching and uneven skin tone. Especially Suited For: All skin types. Essential Elements: Korean Ginseng Stem Cell Extract helps scavenge the free radicals and also prevents tyrosinase and lipoxygenase activity to create brighter and younger looking skin. Fermented 7 Complex containing Rice, Barley, Soybean, Pumpkin, Portulacae Herb, Pomegranate, and Grape increases the potency of active ingredients, decreases the size of compounds and increases absorption and efficacy. A synergistic blend of five Oriental herbal medicinal ingredients used to even skin tone, Yin and Yang Extract improves dryness and firmness while maintaining the Yin and Yang balance for healthy skin. Ajidew N50 protects the skin from dryness and promotes elasticity. Sodium Hyaluronate is a moisturizing agent that mimics the natural moisturizers found in the skin. Panthenol, a moisturizing and tissue repairing agent, improves hydration and reduces itching and inflammation of the skin. For Best Effect: Apply to cleansed face daily. Use AM and/or PM.
  • 3LAB 'The Perfect Cream' Anti-Aging Exclusive Complex
    3LAB 'The Perfect Cream' Anti-Aging Exclusive Complex
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    A rich face cream that firms the skin using advanced anti-aging ingredients including Nano-Claire the world's first bio-engineered growth hormone to help replace what is naturally lost with age.Features and Benefits:- Refreshes, renews and repairs the skin.- Firms, lifts, and tones tired skin.- Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.- Moisturizes and gives luminosity to the skin.Key Ingredients:- Nano-Claire GY, the world's first bio-engineered growth hormone.- Matrixyl helps to reduce wrinkle depth and stimulate fibroblast production.- Vitamin Esther C and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) both are potent antioxidants that aid in the protection of the skin's surface.- Rice Bran Extract is high in antioxidants and nutrients that help reduce wrinkles.- Sodium Hyaluronate provides intense moisturization Brand: 3Lab. Style Name: 3LAB 'The Perfect Cream' Anti-Aging Exclusive Complex. Style Number: 270961. Available In Stores. For dry to normal skin; Use AM and/or PM; 2 oz; By 3LAB;
  • 3LAB Hydrating-Vita Cream
    3LAB Hydrating-Vita Cream
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    What it is: A vitamin-rich moisturizing gel that penetrates the skin to provide superior hydration and radiance.What it does: Prevents moisture loss and provides up to 24 hours of hydration while delivering essential nutrients to help plump the skin. Antioxidants like Vitamins A, C & E treat dryness and restore skin to its optimum health with improved clarity, pore refinement and line reduction.Features and Benefits:- Unique technology maintains Vitamin C's stability levels on the skin.- Protects, fortifies and defends the skin against free radical damage.- Clarifies and brightens the skin within minutes of application while defending against UV-damage.- Boosts and firms the skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.Key Ingredients:- Potassium-rich Japanese Red Grass delivers up to 24 hours of moisture to the epidermis.- Vitamins A, C and E defend the skin against free radical scavengers.- Vitamin C protects the skin from UV rays, stimulates collagen production and brightens skin tone.- Hyaluronic acid and barley extract hydrate and plump skin, helping to repair the lipid barrier and lock in moisture.- Oat kernel extract provides an immediate and long-term firming effect on the skin.- Abyssine 657, a micro-organism that lives deep below the sea, protects and soothes even the most sensitive skin while preventing environmental damage.How to use: Apply to cleansed, toned skin morning and/or night after any 3LAB Serum. For daytime use, please follow with any 3LAB sunscreen. Brand: 3Lab. Style Name: 3LAB Hydrating-Vita Cream. Style Number: 324880. Available In Stores. By 3LAB;
  • 3LAB Super Cream
    3LAB Super Cream
    The first of its kind available in the USA!This super charged cream utilizes Intelligent Targeting Device technology (ITD), the newest evolution in effectively delivering collagen and elastin producing peptides to the cells for maximum efficacy and minimal waste. Combined with Nano Claire GY (TM) and PhytoCell Tec Malus Domestica, this cream provides total skin rejuvenation from the bottom layers up. Superb Technology + superb ingredients + superb quality = 3LAB Super Cream X-50 and ITD technology delivers skin rejuvenating peptides right to the cells, dramatically increases elastin and collagen production. Regenerates cells through the use of Phytocell Tec and Nano Claire GY(TM). Provides effective whitening and brightening enhancing the skin's luminosity. Minimizes the appearance of pores. Instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 1.7 oz / 50ml
  • 3LAB 'Perfect' Neck Cream
    3LAB 'Perfect' Neck Cream
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    A hydrating, firming cream that contains advanced anti-aging ingredients including 3LAB's bio-engineered growth hormone to help fight the signs of aging. It also contains effective skin contouring and slimming ingredients that help to reduce the appearance of neck fat and double chin while potent protectors help to even out skin tone and minimize the signs of past environmental damage.Features and Benefits:- Improves skin firmness.- Helps improve skin slackening in neck and decollete.- Improves skin complexion and texture.- Reduces skin thinning.- Provides essential nutrients and antioxidants for mature skin.- Increases skin hydration.Key Ingredients:- Nano-Claire GY, the world's first bio-engineered growth hormone. Helps to mimic essential hormones that are lost with age for cell renewal and restoration.- Sepitonic M3, active ingredient complex that contains zinc, copper and magnesium for firmer skin.- Abyssine 657, an extract derived from a deep-sea microorganism. Helps to soothe and reduce chemical, mechanical and UVB-induced stress on skin.- Essenskin, a complementary source of calcium and essential amino acids that helps to restore the cell functions necessary for differentiation, proliferation, protein and lipid synthesis.- Osilift, derived from natural oat polysaccharides, provides instant and long-term firmness to the skin.- Ovaliss, helps to minimize the thickness and volume of "the double chin fat".- Lumiskin, helps to even tone and brighten skin. Stabilizes inactive tyrosinase which limits the production of melanin.- Sedaplant Richter, a polyvalent herbal extract plus anti-irritant solution.Use AM and/or PM. Brand: 3Lab. Style Name: 3LAB 'Perfect' Neck Cream. Style Number: 281955. Available In Stores. For all skin types; 2 oz; By 3LAB;
  • 3LAB 'M' Ultimate Lift Cream
    3LAB 'M' Ultimate Lift Cream
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    "M"iraculous, "m"arvelous, "m"agnificent and works in a "m"inute! A luxury skin de-stressing cream that works to increase resiliency and cellular turnover while giving the skin a naturally radiant glow from the inside out.Features and Benefits:- Provides the skin with vital stress-relieving nutrients.- Immediately firms the skin and gives a radiant, youthful glow.- Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines over time.- Relaxes facial muscles and reduces wrinkles.- Unique gel-cream formula provides extra hydration and it is lightweight for all skin types.Key Ingredients:- Nano-Claire GY, a bioengineered growth hormone-like protein that works as a "hormone replacement therapy" for the skin.- PhytoCellTec Malus Domesitica, plant-based stem cells from a rare Swiss Apple that have been proven to protect the life of skin cells for younger-looking skin.- Happybelle, a phyto-endorphin extract that comes from Monk's Pepper combined with antioxidant and moisturizing factors to help revitalize the skin and give it a radiant glow.- ACS (Anti-Cyto Stressor) to promote an overall bioregulation that follows and respects the cutaneous physiological mechanisms by hindering the alterations caused by stress hormone.- Osilift, a 100% Natural sugar tensor purified fraction of oat polysaccharides that gives immediate tensor and long term anti-wrinkle effect to the skin.Use AM and/or PM. Brand: 3Lab. Style Name: 3LAB 'M' Ultimate Lift Cream. Style Number: 270963. Available In Stores. For all skin types; 2 oz; By 3LAB;
  • 3LAB 'WW' Anti Wrinkle Cream with Brightening Complex
    3LAB 'WW' Anti Wrinkle Cream with Brightening Complex
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    This luxurious treatment effectively combats facial lines, wrinkles, sagging, uneven skin tone, and dryness that leads to dullness. It accelerates rhythmic cellular turnover and brightens while using rare natural ingredients blended in our lab to achieve in-office like results.Features and Benefits:- Treats wrinkles by re-filling the voids created by skin lines.- Improves skin’s tensile strength, turgidity, and luminosity by enhancing the skin’s synthesis of dermal proteins.- Reduces UV-induced skin degradation by eliminating free radical, non radical and iron-induced oxidative damage to the skin.- Improves tired looking and dull skin by accelerating cell turnover through intensive keratoplastic activity.- Targets localized hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and freckles through combinations of skin brighteners.- Boosts skin hydration through skin lipid mimetic emollients derived from natural plants and carefully chosen glycerides.Key Ingredients:- Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract (Emblica) is a medicinal plant grown and harvested only once a year in India. It has been used since ancient times as a defense against disease, arresting the aging process and revitalizing the body.- Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract (Belides) is a natural skin brightening ingredient that effectively blocks melanin production to reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots.- Licorice Extract works synergistically with Emblica for a natural, brightening effect. Also works as an anti-irritant.- Ginko Biloba and Green Tea are two anti-oxidants that help to promote healthy skin.- Promatryx is a scientifically blended complex of targeted Oligopeptides designed to support the structure of the extracellular matrix.- Matriyxl 3000 – stimulates f... Style Name: 3LAB 'WW' Anti Wrinkle Cream with Brightening Complex. Style Number: 270964. Available In Stores. How to use: Use AM and/or PM For Dry/Normal Skin; 2 oz; By 3LAB;
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