FragranceSets & Kits
  • Bamford Botanic Lip Balm
    Bamford Botanic Lip Balm
    Pamper yourself with this Botanic Lip Balm from Bamford. A soothing and protective blend, it’s enhanced with arnica & grapefruit for a deliciously refreshing burst. Delicately fragranced with notes of cooling peppermint & rose, it’s made with 100% organic ingredients & keeps your lips wonderfully soft.Key features: * Fragrance: geranium, lavender, peppermint * Size: 15ml * Soothing & protective blend boosted with arnica * Made from 100% organic ingredients * Certified by the Soil Association * More skin & hair products available from Bamford
  • Blend Collective Enlivening Lip Balm - 10ml
    Blend Collective Enlivening Lip Balm - 10ml
    Treat yourself to this Enlivening lip balm from Blend Collective. Made from 100% pure essential oils, this energising lip balm has zesty fragrance notes of Sicilian lemon, may chang, myrtle & lime. All Blend Collective skincare products are at least 99% natural, contain organic ingredients wherever possible and are free from potentially harmful chemical ingredients. All containers are recyclable and any packaging or print materials used are made from FSC certified paper. A range of sumptuous skincare and grooming products are available from Blend Collective, the -truly natural label’.Key features: * Fragrance notes: Sicilian lemon, may chang, myrtle & lime * Capacity: 10g * Natural energising lip balm * 100% pure essential oils * No harmful chemical ingredients * Recyclable & environmentally friendly packaging * More sumptuous skincare available from Blend Collective
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