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Body Cleansers
  • Body Cleansers
  • ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Escentric 01 Body Wash
    ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Escentric 01 Body Wash
    A body wash made especially to match Escentric Molecules Fragrance 01. Active ingredient Energen contains sapindus mukorossi from the Himalayas and caesalpinia spinosa from the Andes. Escentric 01 boasts a high concentration of the aroma chemical Iso E Super. The woody nature of this note is joined with top notes of pink pepper, lime peel and orris incense to create a moving fragrance intent on taking you right from the opening to the base in one sweeping, dramatic move. The tart lime and zesty pink pepper are a sparkling shot into the dark heart of Escentric 01's moody, soft wood nature, while orris incense adds a dash of smoky incense and turns up the heat. Emotional and dazzling. 200Ml.
  • KAI FRAGRANCE Bathing Bubbles
    KAI FRAGRANCE Bathing Bubbles
    Nourish the skin and indulge the senses with this soothing, luxuriously foaming kai-scented bubble bath. The exclusive formula blends moisturizing vitamin e-rich argan oil with naturally cleansing coconut and sugar derivatives, leaving the skin hydrated, soft, supple and glowing. The Kai motto is simple and clean..... Step inside the world of Kai and experience the "breath, life, flow" of one of todays most-sought after fragrance.
  • KAI FRAGRANCE Body Buffer
    KAI FRAGRANCE Body Buffer
    A light blend of exotic perfumes and natural essences, including palm, coconut and olive oil, infused in a hypo-allergenic sponge to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin. The body buffer comes freshly packaged in a set of two sponges that release Kai scented foaming bubbles when wet. Provides approximately 30 uses in your bath or shower. Each sponge comes individually packaged in a Kai box. Each box includes two buffers.
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