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  • Margaret Dabbs Intensive hydrating foot lotion
    Margaret Dabbs Intensive hydrating foot lotion
    Did you know that celebrity foot gurus existed? Well, they do, and Margaret Dabbs is one of the best. In London you can try out her treatments, but less will do the trick, because we're now offering the foot guru's award-winning foot care series so you don't have to worry about showing your feet in public any longer. Use this light, scented - and prizewinning too - foot cream daily, preferable morning and night, and we promise your feet will fell fresh, healthy and soft once again. Contains: Organic emu-oil used by Australian aboriginals for millenia to heal and nurture the skin. Tip: Your feet will carry you through your entire life. Spend five minutes massaging the foot cream and show them a little love and eppreciation.
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