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  • Gehwol Nail Softener 15ml
    Gehwol Nail Softener 15ml
    Gehwols Nail Softener quickly and carefully softens corns and calluses. In addition, it alleviates discomfort with ingrown toenails and the painful pressure of the nail bed is eliminated Prevents ingrown toenails and strong corns and calluses. Makes cuticles softer. Brand: Gehwol.
  • Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Cream 15ml
    Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Cream 15ml
    Effectively protects against fungal infections and regains the nails and skins elasticity and beauty. Fragile and brittle nails regain their beauty as the nails obtain a natural, silky shine. Brand: Gehwol.
  • Gehwol Nail Care Oil
    Gehwol Nail Care Oil
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    Contains concentrated amounts of wheat germ oil, vitamin E and chamomile oil. Stimulates nail growth and provides flexibility to broken and torn nails. Active ingredients, bisabolol and undecylenic acid monoethanolamide, support the treatment of fungal infections. By GEHWOL®.
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