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  • Mason Pearson Rake comb
    Mason Pearson Rake comb
    Handmade Mason Pearson wide-toothed Rake Comb by English brand and hairbrush specialist Mason Pearson. The comb is of high quality and a good tool to comb especially curly or frizzy hair and extremely useful to comb the hair through during conditioner, cure or oil treatments. Without a doubt indispensable in every woman's handbag. Hair stylists, hair dressers and celebrities swear all of the brand. Colour: Dark Brown. Measurement: 17 cm x 7 cm. Details: Handmade, wide teeth, pocket size
  • Mason Pearson Popular Hairbrush
    Mason Pearson Popular Hairbrush
    So much more than a hairbrush. This cult Popular Bristle & Nylon BN1 brush from Mason Pearson gives you a great head massage to increases blood circulation thereby strengthening your hair at the root and promoting healthy hair growth. The hairbrush is a favourite among hair stylists and hair experts who call it the best hairbrush in the world. It is also handmade so if you treat and clean it right it will last you many many years. Tip: Bend your head forwards and brush your hair and scalp with 100 strokes. It cleanses your hair and adds extra shine. Farve: Choose between black and ebony/cream.
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