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  • Effortlessly Effervescent Curtain
    Effortlessly Effervescent Curtain
    Your bright personality works its way into every aspect of your life, even your decor, which is accented by this multicolored curtain from Karma Living! This off-white panel is bursting with bubbles in hues of orange, blue, pink, and brown in varying sizes, adding a pop of color to your window. Whether its hung in your bedroom or the bathroom, this window panel brings pretty panache to any room!
  • Modern Wing Curtain
    Modern Wing Curtain
    Make your guest room feel like an artsy abode with this bright, printed curtain - a ModCloth exclusive! With its deconstructed houndstooth pattern, this panel provides a pretty arrangement of lemon-yellow, lime-green, and teal-blue that perfectly contrasts your mod furnishings and spherical chandelier. Hang this brilliant curtain in front of your window and watch it filter light through its beautiful bold style!
  • Film Leader of the Pack Curtain
    Film Leader of the Pack Curtain
    When you awake in the morning, the sun will filter through this film leader curtain to greet you! This ModCloth-exclusive blue and white curtain, featuring the iconic countdown to classic movies, complements your decor of premiere posters and film reel bookends perfectly. Whether youre headed out to see a current blockbuster or watching a old-Hollywood hit at home, this curtain will put you in a movie-admiring mood!
  • Paint Me a Picture Window Curtain
    Paint Me a Picture Window Curtain
    Whether youve got your own ""blue house"" to decorate or you want to brighten up your Art History department office, this printed curtain from Karma Living is as lush as it is impactful. With a colorful jungle-esque print, this 100%-cotton curtain features portraits of famed Frida Kahlo atop its muted-honey background. Keep yourself inspired - surround yourself with greatness!
  • First String Curtain
    First String Curtain
    Youve been contemplating an all-over redesign for your flat, but the one thing that stays the same is this colorful Karma Living curtain! Woven strings in a tie-dye-inspired rainbow of hues dangle from the solid red crown of this curtain, offering a funky flair on which you can always rely to brighten up your space. While it looks striking beside your vintage floor lamp and side table, nothing compares to the sight of its individual strands catching a gust of wind from the open window!
  • No Pose Like Home Curtain
    No Pose Like Home Curtain
    A cover girls abode? Charming, of course! Your room is a model example of glamorous living thanks to this black and white curtain. This 100% cotton single panel is adorned with flowering vines and dazzled with pin-up snapshots. Hanging perfectly next to the fresh flowers on your windowsill, this magnificent shade is just so chic!
  • Groovy Marathon Curtain
    Groovy Marathon Curtain
    Create the perfect atmosphere for a marathon of your favorite retro movies by drawing this floral curtain from Karma Living across your window and settling in with a bowl of popcorn! Crafted from 100% cotton, this vibrant white panel boasts a floral print in swirls of fuchsia, orange, and lime. Catching sight of this cute curtain in between flicks, you cant help but smile at your deftly decorated and far-out flat!
  • Bo-Home Sweet Home Curtain
    Bo-Home Sweet Home Curtain
    Infuse a touch of vintage-inspired verve into your artfully decorated abode with this orange curtain from Karma Living! Spiraling, geometric embroidery in rust, lime, goldenrod, and brown decorates this semi-sheer, all-cotton panel, which arrives with a matching tote and tie-back strap. As you lean back on your quilted bedspread and admire the way this vivid curtain hangs amidst your vintage floor lamp and wooden bookshelf, you cant imagine a better place to spend your free time!
  • Botanical Boudoir Curtain
    Botanical Boudoir Curtain
    Invite the beauty of a freshly picked bouquet into your bedroom by framing your window with this floral curtain from Karma Living! Blanketed with brilliant sketch-like blossoms in hues of lavender, olive, fuchsia, and peach, this 100% cotton panel comes with a matching tie-back strap and reusable tote. Cultivate a room filled with botanical beauty, and drape this curtain amid your antique rocking chair and colorful pillows!
  • Winery Not? Curtain
    Winery Not? Curtain
    Want to relive your Napa winery tour? This printed curtain from Karma Living invokes culture, cork, and cabernet by way of its scrolling branch, leaf, and floral pattern. Atop the vine-green cotton of this panel, hues of rich blue, deep pink, emerald green, and pale yellow wind together to create a cavern of creative flavor, right in your own home!
  • Velvet Verdure Curtain
    Velvet Verdure Curtain
    You want to cultivate a room with luxe style, and this green velvet curtain provide instant dreamy drama! Available exclusively from ModCloth, this sheer panel infuses your days with sage richness and your nights with a soft sheen. Grab this panel, or pair two, and hang them above your mid-century sofa for a pop of texture and tasteful style.
  • Velvety Vibrance Curtain
    Velvety Vibrance Curtain
    Give your abode a 60s-inspired makeover with this velvety psychedelic curtain panel by Karma Living! This dynamite drapery sheens with burnout-style dots in gem hues of carnelian, citrine, padparadscha-pink, ruby, garnet, and cobalt against an olivine backdrop. Fasten its semi-sheer design around your window once this far-out home accessory arrives with its tie-back strap and matching, reusable tote. From where you sit, the scenery is sensational thanks to this cool curtain!
  • Cheer as Folk Curtain
    Cheer as Folk Curtain
    Drape thisKarma Living printed curtain over your window and watch it infuse your room with heartfelt joy. Crafted from 100% cotton, this panel boasts a folksy, floral print in hues of scarlet, tangerine, fern, sky, and safron simply perfect for complementing your patterned duvet and owl lamp!
  • A Vine Art Curtain
    A Vine Art Curtain
    As a light gust of wind drifts in through the open window, this floral curtain panel fromKarma Living flutters from the wall and begins to dance. Adorned with flowering vines in hues of orange, pink, and green, this grey-cotton drape brings a note of nature into your space. Accompanied by a matching, reusable tote and strap for tying back the panel, this semi-sheer design brings as much charm to your already adorable abode as a fresh bouquet from your garden!
  • Berry and Bright Curtain
    Berry and Bright Curtain
    Harvest an exuberant ambiance for your humble abode by hanging this cotton curtain panel byKarma Living in a central spot! A semi-sheer room accessory that looks as vivacious framing a window as it does accenting a wall, this drape boasts colorful berry bushes beneath the strings you neatly tie along a tension rod. Hook the coordinating tie back of this curtain near a plush chair and an antiqued chest, where you keep the matching storage tote to go along with this cute shade!
  • Lively Room Curtain
    Lively Room Curtain
    Cultivate an environment thats as inviting as it is energetic by framing the view with this vibrant floral curtain! Handcrafted in India, this cotton piece fromKarma Living helps your home blossom with its swathe of rich teal fabric set beneath an enchanting floral stripe of bright fuchsia, blue, cranberry, olive, and orange. Arriving with a tie-back loop in a coordinating storage tote, this vivid panel brings that colorful pop of vitality to your den, studio, or dining room that some thought only a fresh bouquet could provide!
  • Bouquet Dokie Curtain
    Bouquet Dokie Curtain
    You're energized to soar from your window seat and flutter about your day, when you awake from your nap to see this brilliant floral curtain flowing in the breeze! Like a vivid dream where you explore every corner of a blooming conservatory, the hand-screened scene printed on this all-cotton panel by Karma Living enchants your imagination with brilliantly detailed blossoms of lime, avocado, amethyst, rose, and tangerine, as well as sky-blue butterflies with emerald wings. Illustrated over a stunning scarlet background, this whimsical design offers a bold frame for your sweeping view of the city and anchors your delightful decor. Arriving in a coordinating storage tote alongside a matching tie-back strap, this captivating curtain leaves you gleefully refreshed with every glance!
  • Fowl Play Curtain
    Fowl Play Curtain
    Theres nothing that brings a smile to your face like a delightfully decorated nest - in fact, you could entertain yourself for hours by admiring every detail of this handmade curtain! Created through anentirely manual screen-printing process, this bold accessory features a flock of birds, butterflies, and the occasional peacock, enjoying the day in a garden of vibrant teal, gold, pink, and green blossoms. Printed on cloud-grey cotton, this charming curtain from Karma Living soars with timeless energetic style, whether its framing the view of the skyline, garden, or your rooftop terrace.
  • Flora and Fauna and Fabulous Curtain in Yellow
    Flora and Fauna and Fabulous Curtain in Yellow
    The hype over your home will be at an all-time high when visitors get a glimpse of this vibrant wilderness print flanking your windows. Hand-screened over a background of chartreuse cotton, this composition of birds and blossoms from Karma Living is blooming with brilliant shades of emerald, pink, eggplant, and persimmon. Remove it from the included coordinating tote, and simply slip it over a rod in your bedroom, kitchen, or by your couch to inspire more attention to the panoramic views with its vibrant color scheme. Just dont be surprised when loyal and long-lost friends swoop by your nest to sneak a peak!
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