• Dozi Paper Clip Holder, Black
    Dozi Paper Clip Holder, Black
    This adorable magnetic paper clip holder is a great addition to any home office.
  • Alessi Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
    Alessi Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
    Magnetic paper clip holder in zamak chrome-plated. Designed by Rodrigo Torres. Chrome plated zamak. 3.75" X 4.25" Imported from Italy.
  • Alessi Fingernail's work tray
    Alessi Fingernail's work tray
    This tray marks the beginning of Alessi's collaboration with Sandro Chia, one of the best known Italian artists in the world. Born in Florence in 1946, Chia moved to Rome in 1970 where,after a period of experimentation a long the lines of conceptual art, he gravitated toward the manuality of painting. In 1979, Achille Bonito Oliva identified his work with a new trend at the time called Transavanguardia and invited him to participate in the exhibitions he curated in order to assert the movement internationally. In his paintings, the body's sensuality and the vitality of nature are celebrated in the exuberance of increasingly monumental figures, which then find concrete resolution in bronze. In his work, the dialogue with iconographic themes, motifs and techniques of art history is intensified and re-elaborated with an entirely personal, light-hearted irony. In detail: Type : Tray. Colour : Polished metal. Material : 18/10 stainless steel. Dimensions : 55 x 50 cm x H 4 cm.
  • Alessi Girotondo Pencil-Holder
    Alessi Girotondo Pencil-Holder
    Pencil holder in 18/10 stainless steel with laser cut edge. The cartoon men created by the King-Kong (Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini) team are a symbol and icon of mirror polished design based on the use of "affective codes", so much so that they are one of its most oft-cited examples. Part of the A de Alessi collection. Design by King-Kong Height: 3-1/2″ Length: 3″ Width: 3″
  • Alessi Kastor Pencil Sharpener RT02
    Alessi Kastor Pencil Sharpener RT02
    A great gift for the busy beaver in your life. Pencil sharpener in chrome-plated zamak. Sharpen that pencil and take a bite out of your workload. Makes a great paperweight Design Rodrigo Torres Height: 3-1/4″ Length: 4″ Width: 2″
  • Alessi Trina Pencil Holder
    Alessi Trina Pencil Holder
    Pencil holder in aluminium casting. Hani Rashid was born in Cairo in 1958 and lives in New York, where he founded Studio Asymptote in 1988. He is one of the most interesting exponents of the “Digital Architecture” group of young virtuoso international architects, and designer of Alessi's showroom in New York, has also designed this small series of “desktop architecture”. Designer: Rashid Hani Dimensions: 15 cm x 8 cm. H. 13 cm
  • Alessi - Fierzo Desk Tray/ Partition Wall
    Alessi - Fierzo Desk Tray/ Partition Wall
    Fierzo is a desk tray and a partition wall at the same time. Individual utility especially characterizes the office accessory by Alessy, which is available in two sizes. Designed by Julie Richoz, Fierzo is a versatile usable table tray, which moreover also serves as partition wall or as holder for memory notices and important information. The paper is placed in the double metal frame, which is kept by a basis out of beech wood and which can furthermore be used as container for pens and small objects. The designer’s piece is available in two sizes, whereby the larger edition can serve as partition wall and the smaller one as tray or support for notices. The working place might become more personal and pleasant with these versatile possibilities.
  • Alessi Chip Paper Clip Holder
    Alessi Chip Paper Clip Holder
    Chip, a small bird with clip Magnetic paper clip holder in chrome-plated zamak. Designed by Rodrigo Torres. The internal magnets grasp the clips, and so doing endow them with a plumed look. Despite its elegance, “Chip” is exceptionally solid and can also be used as a desktop Paperweight. Designer: Torres Rodrigo Diameter: 9.5 cm Dimensions: h. 10.5 cm
  • Alessi - Frana Swinging Pen Holder
    Alessi - Frana Swinging Pen Holder
    The Frana pen holder was designed by Christophe Guberan for Alessi. It is an exceptional pen box since it presents its content or hides it according to the situation. It was the aim of the designer to offer the possibility of presenting a clean working surface and to ensure an easy access to needed tools and pens at the same time, without the need of opening toolboxes. Instead, the Frana pen holder is simply tilted to the other side along its longitudinal axis, and the hidden writing tools will appear visibly. Frama is made out of polished stainless steel, partly coated with black, thermoplastic material. The function of the swinging pen holder by Alessi is ensured by a counterweight in the base, which stabilizes the position of the swinging object.
  • Alessi - "Trina" Pen Holder
    Alessi - "Trina" Pen Holder
    The Pen Holder "Trina" is an precious design object for every desk. Its design reminds on natural green crystals and is more like a sculpture than a article of daily use. "Trina" is not only an optical highlight, it is also very practical. Three openings allow the sorting and ordering of pens, pencils, markers etc. In different sizes. The "Trina" Pen Holder helps to clean up and and makes a stylish and elegant atmosphere on every desk and everywhere else.
  • Alessi - Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Chip
    Alessi - Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Chip
    Chip knows what it is supposed to do. It is made of three pieces and its magnetic inside adducts paper clips, which gives it a feathered design. The crossings between the components are part of the design. The solid and heavy Chip can also be used as a paperweight. The rounded form of Chip and a glossy finish furthermore ensure a pleasant touch.
  • Alessi Dozi Paper Clip Holder
    Alessi Dozi Paper Clip Holder
    Design Mika Kim, 2004. Magnetic PMMA. Made by Alessi. Dozi is part of Alessi's line of playful objects for the home. A comedic and fun design which portrays a porcupine who holds your paper clips magnetically to its body. The paper clips thus resemble its quills and Dozi feels naked without them. Very cute and uninhibited approach that is becoming more of the fashion in design for the new century. Available in your choice of three colors. 4.2" L | 2.9" w | 1.9" h.
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