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  • Diamancel Foot Buffer #11 - Medium
    Diamancel Foot Buffer #11 - Medium
    Buff Away Snags and Jags. If you have very active feet, your toenails get a lot of wear and tear. This is the best in class file a professional pedicurist would recommend for someone like you. Enjoy optimal results with less time and effort than a traditional nail file. Encrusted with real diamonds for durable precision. Salon tested, washable, hygienic, safe and effective. Flexible form allows for comfortable, customized shaping. Ideal for feet and toenails that often get roughed up. With Diamancel, filing is easy and fast. Use a light hand, and your superior, smooth edged file will do all the work now and for years to come. Because as you know, diamonds are forever. Especially Suited For: Joggers, athletes and those with very active feet that need extra maintenance. Essential Elements: Diamond encrusted nail file with a fiberglass base That's designed to outlast any other type of file. For Best Effect: Keep your Diamancel file in top condition by cleaning it with soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse under running water. For maximum sanitation, soak in an antibacterial solution.
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